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Sep 28, 2009
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Big day today. We’re planning on putting the patch live in a couple of hours and then proceed to release Conclave.
To ease the pain of waiting, here are the new achievements:

The Yes Men - Have a council full of Loyalists.

You Owe Me - Have someone owe you a Favor.

Shadow Prince - Sit on the council and have every other council member as well as the ruler owing you a favor.

Pay to Win - Win a war using Mercenaries.

Mercotransaction - Create a mercenary band and have them bring in money for you.

One is not Amused - As a ruler have a council that is not content.

Follow Me - Successfully intervene in a youth's development to force one of your own traits onto them.

Prodigious Five - Have at least one child with each of the five level four education traits.

I am the Law - As a vassal use a favor to change a law. (this achievement icon is so badass)

Peace in Our Time - Enforce peace for 6 or more vassals.

Previously we’ve talked about the new Viking Metal music dlc and how awesome it is and today I’m proud to give you the epic cover art made by @Sideburnout in all it’s glory.


Finally here’s the change log for 2.5
2016-01-13 v2.5.0 Conclave
- Marriages creates non-aggression pacts that can be renegotiated if the arranger of the marriage dies
- Alliances are explicitly formed and require an existing non-aggression pact
- Levies reinforce in friendly territory
- Units retreat several provinces in a "shattered" state
- Tweaks to many opinion modifiers to make it more difficult to keep good relations with your vassals
- During non-elective succession primary successor inherits 50% of temporary opinion modifiers from subjects of previous holder
- Death sounds differ depending on age, gender and violency of reason for death
- new ambient sound for the tech view
- History is no longer executed if the player loads a savegame.
- Added a "continue button" to be able to load the latest savegame without going through the lobby.
- Fixed problem in combat casulties calculation that could result in overflow of the numbers giving you casulties of -2 millions
- Added Infamy system.
- Coalitions can be formed against high infamy realms
- When faction is destroyed while looking at the faction view it shouldn't crash anymore.

- add_spouse effect can no longer marry the null character to someone
- Holy orders titles are no longer transfered to the liege if there are no valid heirs and the grandmaster holds higher titles
- Players without Horse Lords now properly gain moral authority from building temples
- Rivals can now be properly removed as intended in an event if they are below your status
- Patrician designated heirs cannot be incapable
- Raised monthly prestige value of marshal_highway_robbers modifier
- Mercenary captains can now improve themselves even if their creators have died
- Monks and eunuchs can no longer be assigned as designated heir
- Young province lords can no longer request Prima Noctae rights
- Muslims can no longer get the start of faqih event chain if they already have the trait
- Children no longer request hunting rights
- Children will no longer be visited by Hedge Knights
- Monks can no longer be Mercenary Captains
- Rulers can no longer send legates to themselves to complain
- Discovered murderers of close kin can now be executed without opinion penalty
- Seize trade post cb now gets ticking war score five times faster
- fixed bug in ai selection of seduction targets
- fixed OOS from seize_trade_post_plot
- Go to location tooltip now shows where the character is and what it's doing.
- Hostage tooltip for war declarations now list the hostage characters
- opinion modifiers can be set to decay linearly
- default laws can now be scripted using mtth triggers, picking the highest scoring
- inheritance of dwarfism more properly implemented
- Fixed bug where some emperors wouldn't get their monthly budget update on some months.
- Indians use the correct focus window
- Land battles now correctly play the land battle background sound.
- Nomad Clan members unable to hold a title no longer get negative clan sentiment for not having a job
- Fixed wasteland shown as water in government map modes map saving
- Fixed the Character Selection View for office not having tooltips
- Whole lotta fixes on major revolts
- Fired councilors cannot be hired again for two years
- Added Military information to province tooltips when an army is selected
- You can't declare war on someone your liege is at war with anymore.
- Fixed AI never using matrilinear marriage
- added the powerful vassal icon to the council positions tab
- added "has_position" trigger to check voting attitude of a character, or compare it to the voting attitude of another character
- added "in_coalition_against" trigger
- added "on law_vote_passed" and "on_law_vote_failed" events
- root scope is the title holder that had a law pass, and the token for the law
- from scope is the character who started the vote
- fromfrom scope is the title itself
- added "on_enforce_peace" on_action event, which triggers when the enforce peace is started, and "on_enforce_peace_start", which triggers when the peace enforcing actually starts
- root is the title enforcing the peace
- added "owns_mercenary_units" trigger. Returns true if the character in the ROOT scope owns mercenary units and false otherwise
- patricians no longer lose their holdings when the doge is killed via plot events
- fixed: when a merchant republic conquers the capital county of another one, the patricians from the defeated republic are no longer added to the winning republic
- Made "invite to court" generally easier
- Holy Orders of your own character's religion can no longer be made tributaries
- Allowed three CB's to be used on expelled holy orders
- Eunuchs can no longer use seduction focus
- Attempting to imprison your guru through an event will no longer imprison yourself
- An event to clear meaningless rivalry now shows the correct target
- Generated characters now gain education traits as intended
- Blind chancellors should no longer look inappropriately at your spouse
- Building 'Militia Training Grounds IV' should now display correct requirements
- 'Inform Liege' option is no longer available if dirt is discovered on your Liege
- Spy targets are now properly cleared upon death
- Speeded up some of the interface animations.
- Right-click on a province will now bring up the dynastic view for the owner of that province.
- Added console command "reloadloc" to reload localisation from ingame.
- Fixed bug where the wrong number of days until a response for an interaction was expected.
- In MP, event windows now show how many days are left until an option automaticly are chosen. (if lesser than 30 days left)
- Being pregnant now gives a -2 personal combat skill modifier.
- Grandchildren of player characters now get the same bonus for inheriting Wolf's Blood as their children do.
- Made it a little easier for the AI to found the HRE (AI now ignores the pope relation requirement and is allowed to go into gold deficit on the coronation).
- Straightened-up decadent characters will now stay straight for at least ten years in most circumstances.
- Clan chiefs using the "Adopt Religion" decision now also convert close kin courtiers of same dynasty (unless they are zealous adults).
- The Become King ambition now provides more interesting opportunities for non-Pagan rulers.
- Lowered success reward for the Become King ambition to 500 prestige.
- Added new Acquire Title ambition for vassals to nag their liege about getting more land.
- "Soft" is now correctly treated as an adjective in insults.
- Increased the monthly prestige gain for minor titles.
- Kali Maaa! achievement should now be possible to attain again.
- The few Christian holy orders that went missing have now been found and will appear again.
- People will now remember the deeds of the Greatest Khan for a lifetime instead of forgetting about it after the end of the month.
- Added any_de_jure_vassal_title scope for triggers. This scope can be accessed from a landed title scope.
- Changed trigger variable naming num_culture_realm_provs, num_title_realm_provs and num_religion_realm_provs now use value as their member variable.
Example usage:
num_culture_realm_provs = {
culture = danish
value = 12
- Highway robber band now also decrease tribal levy size.
- Your eunuch sons will no longer get the serving maids pregnant.
- The history command add_matrilineal_spouse now properly sets the marriage as matrilineal if the characters are alive at game start.
- Straightened up family members will now restrain themselves from becoming decadent again within 5-years.
- Assassins are no longer fooled by the bait-and-switch tactic for their intended assassination target.
- Some Celtish titles now properly start with Tanistry Succession law when they are scripted to start with it.
- Elective succession faction no longer requires Autonomous Vassals Crown Authority to be available for vassals.
- Interaction requirement tooltips are now more consistent.
- Merged the two republic mapmodes into an enhanced mapmode.
- Enhanced the Dynasty and the Government mapmodes.
- Tweaked morale and defence to make units more likely to flee before they die.
- Pursuing units will no longer get flanking bonuses and will properly get a new tactic instead of starting with the last one.
- Deaths in combat will now affect the morale of that subunit.
- Shift + Right-click on a province will now bring up the dynastic view for the top owner of that province.
- Alt + Right-click on a province will now bring up the diplomatic view for the owner of that province.
- Shift + Alt + Right-click on a province will now bring up the diplomatic view for the top owner of that province.
- Rebels units will now be wiped after being defeated once.
- Units will no longer retreat from a siege after a failed assault.
- Fixed bug where the unit player icon was only shown if the player was leadning a subunit, not if the player was leading a flank.
- Units killed in less than 8 days will now be wiped.
- Nomads will no longer be created when landing courtiers in nomad realms.
- Fixed bug where manually stopping an assault increased defender morale.
- Increased length of tyranny modifier.
- The AI is now capable of communicating and coordinating themselves and share the same data when doing decisions.
- AI now capable of properly recognize when to be on the defense or not.
- AI now only want to hand out titles to raiding adventurers if they are actually being raided by raiding adventurers.
- Increased nomad maintenance cost.
- Tweaked population/manpower defines, should start as strong as before but growth yields less result.
- Lowered amount of income from nomadic taxes.
- Increased base cost of prestige horde units.
- Nerfed amount of tech points from pillage.
- Added terrain block to altaic tactic.
- Tweaked swarm and harass tactics
- Added disorganised swarm and harass tactics that has lower bonuses.
- Prestige based CB's for nomads no longer give the attacker prestige.
- Added nomad humiliate CB that gives prestige and steals population.
- Gave back the Mongols their balls.
- Tweaked defense values based on the new changes to fix the casulties calculation change.
- Temujin now starts with some prestige.
- AI is more likely to do nomad invasion if he cans now.
- Mighty Mongol AI don't care that they are getting old anymore.
- Increased aggressiveness of Mongol AI with four.
- Fix that should stop the humans giving birth to horses.
- No longer blocks female horses from being on the council.
- Fixed bug where raiders got free ships.
- Fixed betrothal being canceled issue because the AI thought it was trying to marry someone else and not the one he was betrothed to.
- Can no longer customize your ruler when you have pressed ready in MP.
- Can now click on links again on Linux!
- Increased amount of prestige Temujin spanws with to 5000.
- The presence of the Genghis Khan from the Mongol Invasion event now make his subjects engage in a lot more skoodilypooping.
- Made the mongols focus on their destiny to rule the world and ignore alliances and helping co-religionists.

- Added can_be_chancellor_trigger scripted trigger to check for job eligibility
- Added can_be_marshal_trigger scripted trigger to check for job eligibility
- Added can_be_treasurer_trigger scripted trigger to check for job eligibility
- Added can_be_spymaster_trigger scripted trigger to check for job eligibility
- Added can_be_spiritual_trigger scripted trigger to check for job eligibility
- Added ticking_war_score_multiplier to CB types that changes the speed of ticking war score
- among_most_powerful_vassals = x trigger which compares the characters powerbase with that of all other direct vassals to it's liege
- send gift opinon bonus is controlled by defines
- morale effect now works with flank commanders
- reinforce effect now works with flank commanders
- in battle, in siege and looting triggers now work with flank commanders
- CB:s have a quick trigger for blocking tributaries and suzerains from using them
- long reign opinion modifier can be scripted from defines
- short reign opinion modifier can use decimals
- Possible to append or overwrite info in bookmarks from several files
- Now possible to mod the pick era interface
- Added ai_will_do to minor titles
- Added ai_will_do to religious titles
- Added any_character trigger scope
- Added any_province trigger scope
- Added any_landed_title trigger scope
- Added any_character effect scope
- Added any_province effect scope
- Added any_landed_title effect scope
- Added random_character effect scope
- Added random_province effect scope
- Added random_landed_title effect scope
- Fixed mismatch between character(s) on event button and event effect/tooltip
- Added friend filter to targeted decisions
- Added remove_guardian effect
- opinion_nephew and opinion_niece now works correctly
- Added support for dynamic script flags
- any_playable_ruler now includes major revolters
- Uncle opinion modifier now works correct
- Added opinion_mother_of_child and opinion_father_child
- Decisions no longer executed for characters that dies during the same tick
- Fixed tooltip for scripted_effects not working
- Mercenaries and event-spawned units will no longer reinforce unless specifically set to
- Removed unnecessary error logging from global event targets
- Setting number of wards to a higher number in defines now works properly
- Scopes are now correctly set for ai_will_do in cb_types
- Effect create_character now gives proper random name if used outside of character scope
- Fixed unknown triggers not being reported to the error log
- Title localization for custom government type now works
- Possible to construct buildings in forts
- Fixed initializing errors in scripted triggers/effects
- Bookmarks are now sorted in chronological order
- Fixed missing space in localization of special titles
- Morale effect now works in unit & character scope
- Troops effect now works in unit & character scope
- Now possible to switch to owner scope from unit scope
- Now possible to switch to leader scope from unit scope
- Now possible to switch to location scope from unit Scope
- Added missing localization for leader event target
- The trigger: can_hold_title, will now properly evaluate for landed characters.
- Added effect add_random_education_trait = yes/diplomacy/intrigue/martial/stewardship/learning/1/2/3/4.
- The give_minor_title effect now supports granting commander titles.
- Added set_job_action effect.
- Added can_grant_title trigger.
- Added triggers has_non_aggression_pact_with and any_non_aggression_pact_character.
- Added triggers relative_income and relative_income to liege.
- Fixed bug where relative_power_to_liege compared your double power.
- Added is_valid_romance_trigger, checking that both characters are adults, not incapable, either homosexual or of different sex and that they are of divine blood religions or not close kin.
- Added is_voter flag for titles.
- Added is_voter and any_voter triggers.
- You can now specify compositions for dynamic mercenaries using the create_title effect, with the army_template [= knights_hospitaler_composition] flag.
- Added any_voter and random_voter effects.
- MTTH can now be scripted with addititive modifiers, using "additive_modifier = { value = x }" instead of "modifier = { factor = x }". For clarity, "mult_modifier" is recommended to use instead of "modifier".
Additive modifiers are ALWAYS calculated before multiplicative modifiers.
- Added MTTH modifiers additive_opinion_modifier and additive_power_diff_modifier ("additive_opinion_modifier = { who = X factor = X [trigger] }"). These modifier will add the opinion of character "who" multiplied with "factor".
- Added triggers relative_power_including_allies_attacker and relative_power_including_allies_defender.
- Added triggers has_cb and reverse_has_cb.
- Added effect "add_alliance = { who = x months/years/days = x }."
- Fixed bug in war_score trigger where it required war and character to be set in same scope, now only need war.
- Added steal population effect.
- Added flag to traits to block someone from owning titles.
- Added define ALWAYS_GENERATE_NOMADS which will force generation of nomads even if you don't own the DLC, will still be unplayable however.

Me and the team are super excited and hope that you’ll enjoy the expansion as much as we do!

EDIT: And of course the Expansion is also accompanied by a Content Pack that you can read more about here!
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Again, any chance of more details? (on major revolts)
A lot of things like
- people keeping the major revolt after a revolt was invalidated,
- major revolt turning vassals loose when failing instead of giving them back to their original liege.
- major revolters becoming independant when they lose a province in another war
- or worse: the liege becoming a major revolter against one of his vassal when he's trying to revoke a title.
- issues with inheritance of the major revolt titles
There are probably more, as we have fixed a lot of these weird issues with major revolts.

Any uodates to the converter? I have no specific wishes, just curious.
Groogy has worked on the converter, as he's said in other threads. Perhaps he'll want to be more specific.

EDIT: Any details on how the AI uses it? Will they refuse to use anything else for those in directly line of succession if they have some form of Enatic law or Absolute Cognatic?
The AI will always try to use it if their only (or primary) heir is female, or if they're titled themselves. The AI will always want a matrilinear marriage when marrying a commoner. They're also more likely to ask for a matrilinear marriage if the bride-to-be is second on the succession list, as we all know primary heirs tend to be accident-prone.
This does not mean there'll be a tsunami of matrilinear marriages all over, but the AI should be better at trying to get them overall.
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Skoodilypooping is the term used by John Green, the host of Crash Course History, in order to refer to activities of reproductive nature. He also mentions the Mongols a lot.

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Any uodates to the converter? I have no specific wishes, just curious.

I think groogy made those for the 2.5.1 patch and not the 2.5 Conclave. You'll get those patchnotes in due time.

Awesome changes !

Surprisingly enough, this one is probably the one I'm the most excited about. It will add to de immersion.
But... Does that mean that you actually recorded screams of dying babies ? I know it's CK2, but... :)

Still, unless I'm mistaken, I don't see a simple addition that I (and others) have been advocating for years, a button to scroll through the cultural first names in the "name your child" event window, much like you can when creating a character in the ruler designer.
Will we ever get this ? I like to give culture-relevant names to my children, again for immersion pruposes, and it's annoying to have to use the "find charater" window in search for a good name.

You do know that we haven't recorded someone ACTUALLY dying for the death sounds of adult characters, or did you feel that that was an ok loss of human lives? ;)

The name suggestion isn't bad, I'll put in our suggestion list and we'll see what happens in the future.

Someone wrote asking about ai seduction. There was script that was supposed to reduce how often the ai would pick the player's spouse or concubine, but it never fired since it had to be both spouse and concubine at the same time.
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Are there scripting commands for adding or removing Infamy? These are the only times the word Infamy appears in the changelog:

This is rather important to being able to mod the infamy system, I'd think.

There's an effect called change_infamy, it won't be in the game until 2.5.2 though. Infamy gain and thresholds are controlled from defines though, so there's some control in 2.5.1
2.5.2 also features infamy scaling based on the cb used.
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