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Today’s story is from Bad Peanut! Hear how they went from asset creator to professional 3D artist at Colossal Order!


Hey guys, I’m Bad Peanut and, as mentioned in the PDXCON Remixed announcement show, I now work for Colossal Order as a 3D artist, which is pretty cool!

How did you get into Cities: Skylines and modding?​

I got into Cities: Skylines way back in 2015 at launch, although I was super hyped when the developer videos dropped late 2014. At the time, I was halfway through my bachelor of architecture studies, and it was a great procrastination activity during the semester. Having some background knowledge in design and 3D modelling software made it easy for me to get into asset creation.

What is your favorite asset? Why is that special to you?​

I made my first asset based on a local train station in my area - and it was great seeing something I made being enjoyed by so many other people. I feel asset creation is a continuous process of getting better, though. What I made back then is nothing compared to what I can do these days, and I love to try and outdo myself. I think my favourite asset to date would be the AFL stadium, though all of the stations I’ve made are pretty special to me.

I do love to try to make assets that other people haven’t attempted yet, or figure out new ways to make assets work that other people haven’t figured out yet. I love to see what the new features and limitations are in each new DLC and look at how I can manipulate them into something unique and fun. I also love to make holistic packages for things, for example my circus asset pack was really fun to design the full circus experience, oh and choosing silly names for the assets is also fun, like Cirque de la Ville! Or Bouteiller Station!


Check out Bad Peanut's workshop for all their assets

How did you end up applying for a job at Colossal Order?​

2 days before leaving for the Modder Meetup in 2019, I was laid off by the architectural firm I worked at (a downturn at the time). So when I was in Tampere, I basically just said “hey hire me please”, and the rest is history!

What is it like working at Colossal Order?​

Coming to work at Colossal Order has been both fantastic and one hell of an experience, too. Moving to the other side of the globe during an ongoing pandemic was a big hurdle and made a lot of things more difficult than they would have otherwise been, but at least I made it! Now I get to be around awesome co-workers and in such a beautiful part of the world, albeit a much colder place than I am used to!

How do you spend your free time now?​

I still occasionally work on my assets in my free time, and I love to support other creators, so there are plenty of regular content creators I have contact with and make things with, even if it’s just some behind-the-scenes stuff. Like I said, I love to make unique things and if someone else needs help making something new that I haven’t thought of or made yet, I love to figure it out together with them.

That’s it for my post, thanks for reading! Thanks to everyone for their support over the years too!