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It's Friday already :O Where did the week go? Last week we shared some details about Natural Disasters and will continue with the dev diaries next week. However this week it's back to the regular update in the form of COWotW. It has been crazy busy as we are finally getting the scenario editor in a shape we can soon start talking about it in more detail. We also can't wait to hand it over to the modding beta to test it out and give us feedback on it.

Last week I visited Barcelona and Responsive City Symposium organized by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. First of all I absolutely fell in love with the city! Amazing food, cheap wine, beautiful buildings and friendly people, what more could you ask for? SUN! Yes, it was great! Unfortunately I wasn't there on holiday, but it didn't matter as the symposium was very inspiring! I held a keynote there to talk about how Cities: Skylines has been used to involve citizens in the development of urban areas in Hämeenlinna and Stockholm and how we feel the game could and should be used to gaining the best benefits of such cooperation. I also believe there's room to develop more suitable games and programs to help in the communication between the urban planners and citizens. Citizens are afterall the ones with the best knowledge of the area they live in and should have a voice when making decisions affecting them. The keynote sparked many conversations and much interested toward the game.

What I found most inspiring was hearing all the cool plans the urban planners from all over the world have for the future. The discussions varied from how to reduce traffic in the cities to how could the social standing of different groups be improved in a city. Also I was super impressed by the Jade Eco Park Project that is planned to offer different kind of climates to certain activities based on how the area naturally behaves and enhancing the effects with structures and design. If you are interested check more information about the project here: http://www.philipperahm.com/data/projects/taiwan/index.html

There was a lot of information and ideas as the organizers wanted the event to be brainstorming session about future cities. So I came back to the office with a lot of cool ideas we could have in a city building game in the future ;)



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Congratulations, Mariina! I'm sure your presentation was a success.
It's that sort of exchange of ideas and experiences that really drives the world forward, and I am sure every C:S gamer is proud to be just a little part of it, through CO and, in a way through yourself.
Thank you for sharing and enjoy the weekend! We'll be here, (im)patiently awaiting further developments.


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Barcelona is indeed a fine city. I've spent loads of time there it's my favourite city (after New York). Encouraging to hear of your personal inspiration by "future plans" of architects planners and urban designers- hope it might be the spark that ignites a (not too distant) futuristic eco/techno city DLC.


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