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It is almost Christmas and I’m loving it. Did you notice the Carols, Candles and Candy DLC which you can download for free on Steam? It plays Christmas songs randomly across the existing radio stations during December.

Song list:

1. Houston River Jazz Collective - "Silent Night"
2. Jazz in-clave - "Holy Night"
3. Martin Carlberg - "The First Noel"
4. Lily La Roux - "Jolly Old St Nicholas"
5. Elijha MotI - "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day"

We also did not forget about the Chirpy! Do you like the reindeer ribbon?

For Jazz lovers there is also new radio station available, more information here: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/foru...ilable-jazz-boatman-is-back-swinging.1058984/

We released some bug fixes at the same time:

Budget Panel - Money Spent by Tourists

You gave feedback that with our budget panel overhaul the money used by tourists is not shown anymore. So with the Christmas patch we added a new tab called “Income from Money Spent by Tourists”.


The panel shows how much tourists spend money on Commercial Zones and Public Transportation as well as what percentage of the total income comes from tourism. The public transportation usage by tourists was not actually shown before, but we figured you might like the addition!

I’m sorry the tab has not been yet translated, but we did not want to keep the tab from you guys even if it is only in English at the moment.

Other patch notes:

Cities Skylines base game
  • Pollution infoview color tweaks
  • Watertower LOD fix
  • Fixed animated billboard props glitching in Asset Editor
  • Fixed bug where switching between canals and quay tool would always set the tool mode to straight lines
  • Fixed asset editor forgetting the last entered description for roads
  • Unlimited camera tilting in theme editor
  • Fixed misleading tree thumbnails
  • Fixed: Sub buildings are not illuminated at night time in asset editor
  • Fixed: Missing Road Properties in Asset Editor when creating new road one after another
  • Dams and power lines editable in Road Editor
  • Road editor feature to import models from other roads/nets
  • Citizen color variations editable in Asset Editor
  • Updated Unity to 5.6.4p2, (Fixes some compatibility issues with MacOS 10.13 High Sierra)
  • Fixed minor memory leaks when loading a game after another during same session
Green Cities expansion
  • Fixed building despawn loop when using self-sufficient specialization together with highrise ban policy
Natural Disasters expansion
  • Fixed astrologists to astronomers
Mass Transit expansion
  • Fixed wrong car spawn / taxi wait position for over road monorail station
  • Asymmetrical Three-Lane Road slope LOD fix
  • Monorail line tool is not unlocked after building Monorail Tracks on Two-Lane Road
  • Texture glitch noticeable on intersection of 'Monorail Track and Road' and standalone Monorail Tracks
  • It is possible to create sharp angle intersections with Monorail Station with Road

Thanks for the great year 2017, Merry Christmas and


See ya next year!



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It plays Christmas songs randomly across the existing radio stations during December.

Could this be expanded to work outside of december? PDS games that have this, like CK2, enable this(and other stuff) by having "context music" setting. When context music is disabled, you get christmas songs in july, and viking themed songs when playing in greece.