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Wow, time flies and the first month of 2018 is almost over! I have been meaning to write an update what is happening at Colossal Order but have been too busy to get to it [add lame excuses here]... After receiving concerned feedback from fans if we are even alive I decided to take the time to write how 2018 started for us and how the year looks! As usual our publisher will kill me if I reveal anything I shouldn't so you will just have to wait for them to announce stuff when they are ready for it ;)

The Christmas break ended for us on the 2nd of January and everyone got back to the office well rested and eager to continue the work on Cities: Skylines. Last autumn was quite rough with the office move and staying on top of the development of Cities: Skylines at the same time. But it definitely was worth the trouble as the team has been really happy with the new office environment!

To get inspired for future development we have been collecting a lot of feedback from the forums, social media and the closed modding beta. I'm really hoping you will like the next thing we are working on for the game! As usual that's pretty much all I can say at this point. However please keep the feedback and suggestions coming as 2018 will still be all about Cities: Skylines over here at Colossal!

We want to continue delivering content and features you desire so we have hired new personnel to the team to do so. A new animator joined the art team and two new game testers will make sure we can have better quality content delivered. They will also read bug reports and feedback from the forums and log it into our internal bugtracking system. As the company grows bigger we also are getting help from a new 2D artist/office manager. Her job is to make sure our team is well hydrated and gets to eat cake often enough <3 She is also going to produce a ton of Chirper images, I hope :D

This means Colossal Order is now 23 people strong. Do you remember that when Cities: Skylines was released we were only 13 people? It was almost three years ago! We have now new offices, new team members, but same Colossal spirit. It's also truly amazing to see how invested you fans of the game are and we are super motivated to keep working on Cities: Skylines. So big thanks to everyone from the team and I :)
And Happy New Year everyone <3

Good to hear you are all alive and well... and working on something new. Yay! :)
Hoping for "seasons" and better traffic AI :)
keep on hoping. they've said time and time again that neither is going to happen.
Very excited to hear you added an animator to your team. Animations are lacking in the game and more of them would be welcomed.
You do know that anything is possible? Just like SimCity said "offline" play could "never" be done, and then did it anyway - albeit it took a while.
like i said, keep hoping. i'm just telling you it will never happen. Snowfall was supposed to be a seasons DLC but it was not possible so they released snow only maps. the traffic AI works as intended so doesn't need changing.
Very nice! Congrats! I hope driving cars etc DLC to come out asap ! :D
& I hope better view on Economy, and fixed AD time/cycle bugs soon