CK3 Dev Diary #81 - A tour of your Royal Court (Interface)

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When in the court screen dealing with court events, I assume the game is paused (it looks like it in the screenshots) but how would it work in a multiplayer ? Would we have to pause for everybody or do we deal with he court events while the rest of the players do their thing ?
The game will pause in single player when you open the royal court view, but continue while in MP.

Court mechanics will not be available for tribal kingdoms?
The Royal Court is only available for clan and feudal kingdoms and empires.
Can the court types be added by mods? Also, how customizable is it?
Court types are moddable, and they have their own script files for you to peruse and change.
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Some of these are tied to the court type, others are just tied to grandeur.
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Hello, thanks for your interest! It is moving day today for most of Paradox in Stockholm (down to a new floor!) so it has been a somewhat chaotic day! So I will reply to as much as I know here, and hopefully I can come back with some more answers later.

Cool! I really like the diplo court, and the benefits seem strong and worthwhile.

Could we see some of the benefits of going over court grandeur expectations?

When you die, is your current court grandeur preserved? Or does your heir have to build it up again?

Here is an example of when going above expectations:

Mind you, I got this with debug commands so the values are probably unrealistic. But the types of bonuses are true.

On succession, you will lose some Grandeur, but you will not lose everything.

Would it be possible to place the same object on multiple locations?
Many Court Artifacts have multiple slots of their type. For example, there are 4 Pedestals, and you can choose where to place your Pedestal Item. Of course, the same Artifact cannot be in multiple slots at the same time, unless you hired Schrödinger in your Court. :)

Looks good. Some questions:

-> Will the renown penalty from not fulfilling grandeur expectations also be relevant for characters other than the dynasty head?
-> There seem to be 7 slots for court artifacts. Is this a flat limit, or can that be increased somehow?
- No, it only affects you if you are the Dynasty Head
- There are a few more than 7 Slots (around 15), the 7 you can see are only those you have Artifacts for (you can see more slots in the image, but these are not shown as prominently since you don't have anything that fits in that slot)

I see "inherited along with the kingdom of Pomerania" on that goblet, does that mean that artifact inheritance can be tied to inheritance of a specific title? or is it strictly related to being put on display in the court?
Yes, some Artifacts can be inherited along with a Title.

Can your unlanded hair get a courtier trait if he stays unladed in your court for 5 years? And if you place an unlanded courtier as Marshal or Steward he can still get the courtier trait right?
Yes to both.

2)Are Courtier Traits mutually exclusive?
2) No, you can have multiple types of Court Traits.

My question would be how many diffrent visual styles there are. I mean not martial, diplomatic but rather cultural. In the images are two. A more european and a more african, arabian one. Do we get something special for the vikings?
There are 4 main styles: Western, Mediterranean, Middle East, and Indian.

Although the features are really cool (even if they can become quite repetitive, especially Holding Court, but okay, modders will easily fix that eventually), I think the Royal Court is not that impressive. Especially the change from CG level 0 to 10, it adds a few bits (as somebody else already pointed out), and this is actually disappointing: it doesn't feel a Royal Court, but more a storage closet in some details (this wants to be a constructive criticism, not a provocation).
However, looking forward to release, artifacts and court grandeur seem to be very gamechanging!
It is worth noting that if you have Grandeur Level 10, you probably have lots of Court Artifacts as well. Comparing 0 and 10 without also adding the extra Artifacts is actually a bit misleading, sorry about that.

A practical question - if all these 3D courts destroy performance on older PCs, can we disable them without disabling the DLC itself? Are they a fundamental aspect of the game or just visual fluff? Will the artefact system work without everything having to be shown in 3D in every court? (Realistically, I'm assuming some of these questions relate to the performance issues that have caused the delay).
For the older computer, you can disable the animation of the Court Scene. This means that the game only renders one picture for a certain camera angle, which is then basically a still image. So you are really only sacrificing the animation of the character and props and the movement of the camera.

When I click the button to go to my royal court, how long is the loading delay?
It is instant (or near instant)
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So what exactly decides the expected court level?
It is based on your Realm Size and if you are an Emperor or a King.

Thanks for this. Would you consider subsequently adding new visual styles with future flavour packs and expansions (e.g. a Moorish court visual style for Andalusian culture rulers included with any Andalusian flavour pack, or a special unique Byzantine imperial court room tied solely to the Byzantine Emperor title included with any Byzantine DLC)?
We spent a fair bit of time on showing Characters in 3D scenes, so I would expect we would try to come up with even more ways in the future. Not sure about adding it to a Byzantine DLC since then you need 2 DLCs to access the feature and I don't know how we want to handle that.

It's a really minor thing, but gathering from the pictures, it seems like you need to confirm you didn't accidentally click the hold court button which seems like unnecessary work to me.
I'm sure most people have good enough aim to klick the button intentionally more often than not - and you could always have an escape option as a cop-out if you wanted. :D
Backing out here actually means you have called everyone to Hold Court, and then choose to ignore all your petitioners because you "don't feel like it" that day.

Another question, but I think I’m too late: does the cost of court amenities scale with the number of courtiers (and maybe other factors)? This should prevent partially the end-game easiness.
It scales with Realm Size and if you are a King or Emperor, and also what Era you have reached.

Will Ai rulers summon players to their royal court?
No, if you want to interact with your Liege you do it yourself via Petition Liege.
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