CK3 Dev Diary #80 - Is That a Dagger in Your Pocket…?

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Jul 21, 2020

Is that a dagger in your pocket…?​


Inventory System/Commission Artifact:​

Howdy all,

Your Friendly Local Community Manager here to introduce this week's Developer Diary! While it was not my article, it was written by our ever mysterious Content Designer, CC! So sit back, relax, and enjoy some neat new features from the team and we can't wait to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Without further ado:


Let’s talk about artifacts and the systems surrounding it.

Artifacts can be divided into two categories, inventory and court, which is also where the items are stored. This dev diary will focus on the former one, so the inventory.

Inventory system​

Feast thine eyes on the inventory screen! Instead of putting all of the goodies into a big pile, we’ve made an inventory window showing what’s currently equipped and how many of each category you can “wear”.


[image of inventory screen]

Equipable artifacts fall into the following categories; crown, regalia, weapon, armor, and lastly, trinkets. Most of these categories speak for themselves but trinkets, so what are they you may ask? The answer is a myriad of things; they can be brooches, dried flowers, even a worm on a string.

You can also sort after these categories, making it easy to find what you’re looking for when you want to equip, repair, or just browse your inventory.


[image of inventory screen: artifact section]

In the Artifact Details, you can read the artifact’s history, as well as see what people are claimants. Watch out - some of these people may be looking to steal the artifact away from you…

[image showing artifact details: history tab]

Of course, it goes both ways! Did your stupid brother inherit the family heirloom? You can duel, declare war, or steal it — as long as you have a claim.



[image showing artifact details: claimants tab]

Artifacts wear down when on your person versus when they are on display in the court. So keep that in mind as it can be costly in the long run to equip everything for the bonuses if you're not making full use of them.

Since the Antiquarian is such a vital figure in maintaining and making full use of your artifacts, there’s a shortcut to recruiting or just looking at who has that position in your court.


[image showing the Antiquarian court position info]

As shown in the image, the Antiquarian unlocks the ability to Reforge and Repair, as well as Commissioning Artifacts.


[image showing the Reforge Artifact interaction]

Commission Artifacts​

Inspirations are fickle like creativity, so if you have the gold and you want something commissioned, you can get in touch with local artisans through the Commission Artifact decision.

An additional benefit of commissioning an artifact is that you get to decide what’s being made.


[image showing the commission artifact decision; artifact selection]

Now you might wonder, “why would I ever subject myself to the whims and possible long time for a person to become inspired if I can just go to the local artisans and get what I want?”
You see, even if inspirations appear as fickle as love during springtime, it’s that little extra spice — a creator’s passion — that permeates through the final product. It’s that warm feeling of love for the craft that the beholder can feel just by looking at it, it’s something that’s not always present in a commissioned piece.

Ah, my apologies, I appeared to have been carried away there for a brief moment by my muse.

What I meant to say is that in gameplay terms, that means that inspired people can create artifacts of higher quality while the commission artisans will do the bare minimum and therefore be of the lowest quality.


[image showing the inspiration progress]

Whether a passion project or not, creating something takes time. We ask for your understanding and hope that you continue to enjoy Crusader Kings 3!

This Dev Diary was ghostwritten by the mysterious CC.
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Jan 18, 2013
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How do you earn claims on artifacts?
When someone dies, their Artifacts get inherited by their Heir. However, the Heir's siblings get personal Claims on those Artifacts. Also, if someone takes an Artifact from you (in a Siege for example), you also get a claim on it.

If you hold an Artifact for long enough, your House also gets a claim on it. This works similarly to a personal claim, except that anyone in your House can take action in an attempt to take it back.

Reminds me of HOMM interface. Now I need to collect just a couple more artifacts and I'm ready to collect my OP knights skeleton stack

Inventory screen with the silhouette of a character as a backdrop? Now that's an old-school look.

This was an important part of Game Direction, that it should look like HoMM :D

Will there be mythological artifacts like Thor s hammer or ark of covenant etc.. ?
Yes! They aren't magical though, and who knows how "genuine" they are...

And yet the Reichskrone seems to lack a durability timer, despite being equipped. Does that mean that certain items can be used indefinitely?
Some Artifacts do not decay over time, but can still get damaged in events, due to sieges and so on.

Is history of Artifact moddable?
The history of an Artifact that appears at the start of the game is moddable. Once the game starts of course, the history reflects what has happened to the Artifact during gameplay.

Are equipped items represented graphically in the Character and/or Court? Like wearing a certain Crown would make the Character wear it in the Portrait
Only weapons have a 3D representation, but if you have a Crown displayed on a pedestal on your Court it will be visible in 3D.

I have a question!
Can non king/emperor characters use this system and commission tools for personal use? I would love to role play with the system and not need to be a king or emperor to use it.
Characters without a Royal Court (so Dukes for example) still have an inventory and can these kinds of Artifacts through commissioning them. They don't have access to the same quality of artisans though so they may not be as good quality in the end.

Looks very promising, but one thing seems to be of concern:

Item deterioration in games is annoying in general, but here we will be forced to often equip and unequip items, like equip The Ring of Master Builder +7, pay for single building, unequip again. Micromanagement worse even than teleporting generals between battles in EU4. I'd very like to ask you to reconsider the system, or at least add some cooldowns and automation.
A bit of clarification: As an Artifact you carry on your person gets worn out, it can be put on display in your Court. (Most) Inventory Artifacts deteriorate over time, but the Artifacts in your Court do not. However, you need to actually convert them into a Court Artifact, so you cannot swap them back and forth (so no micromanagement in this sense).

Nice DD!

What does happen if an artifact loses their whole durability?
It is destroyed and removed from the game.

useful for the antiquarian? Learning and stewardship for forging and looking after artefacts are the obvious ones, but if they are also now protecting artefacts during a siege that suggests the need for either martial or espionage skills. Is this going to be a job that actually has multiple skill boons and you have to decide if you want a knowledgeable but frail antiquarian to look after your treasures but not protect them in times of war, or a strong but stupid antiquarian who might break the cross off of your crown but would die before letting a
Antiquarians are Court Positions so they can have multiple factors affecting how well they perform. As for antiquarians, it is primarily about their Learning Skill, but having made Artifacts themselves, or having certain traits like Administrator also helps.

I'm looking forward to playing it like a child waiting for Santa Claus.

I have a few questions.
Are there any artifacts that can't be handled under certain conditions?
For example, the armor that I, a giant, had made can only be equipped by giants. Or a large sword is too big for a dwarf to equip, etc.
There is support for limiting an Artifact depending on any kind of conditions. I don't know of that many examples (since its not always fun to block you from using stuff), but for example, I think the Essen Crown is only wearable if you are a child.

EDIT: Messed up a quote formatting
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Jan 18, 2013
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Are artifacts partitioned, or do they all go to the primary heir?

Does a House claim rely on a single character possessing it for a long time, or can it be spread out over multiple characters of the same House? And if we lose the artifact for a brief period time, does that reset the clock
Artifacts go to the Primary Heir on succession.

House Claims are still gained as long as they are held by the same character. I think it does not reset instantly if it is lost.

And if I steal an artifact during a siege, but lose the war, do I keep the artifact, or have to give it back as part of the peace deal like the way prisoners are released?
You keep the Artifact.
Can you demand artifacts you have a claim to from your vassals, similarly to how you can revoke titles you have a claim to?
Yes, you can demand artifacts you have a claim on, it is just not very likely they will just give it away.
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