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Hello everyone!

I know you are all eager to learn more about the Royal Court, but as we announced last week, we will go into more details once the Azure patch is released. If everything goes according to plan, and there are no unexpected events, we aim to release Azure next week! But let’s focus on today's small dev diary for now!

During the development of Crusader Kings III, we organized a community challenge where you could unlock unique cosmetics for the game, which we dubbed the Monarch’s Journey. With the 1.4.0 Azure patch, we’ve decided to make these cosmetics available for everyone!

It includes:
  • Headgear:
    • Hennin
    • Chaperon
    • Jester's Hat
  • Haircuts:
    • Miller
    • Miller Highlights
    • Jeanne d'Arc
    • Pageboy
    • Mullet
  • And the Wizard's Beard!
In order to celebrate this, we’ve also hooked some of these assets in to be used by random characters. For instance, Scots will be able to randomly use the Mullet haircut, while Frankish women will be able to use the Jeanne d’Arc haircut.


[A classy French woman with a Jeanne d’Arc haircut]


[A charming Scot with a Mullet]

And because fashion changed over time, the Chaperon and Hennin will be available in the western world only after 1300.


[A wonderful Chaperon]


[A magnificent Hennin]

In addition to that, we fixed several visual bugs highlighted by you:
  • Spouses of rulers will now once again wear clothes based on their spouse's culture
  • Arabic High Nobility will now use the Scholar's Turban and Caliphs will use the Caliphal Robes
  • The 'Spindly' Trait will not make people's limbs too thin anymore

On the AI side, we reworked how vassals handle holy war and added constraints on Feudal and Clans rulers to limit their aggression of Tribal rulers. These modifications still allow the Byzantine empire to expand but in a more elegant way. Let’s have a look at a few results from Observe mode!




And this is it for today! As mentioned at the beginning of this dev diary, we should be back next week with the changelog for the patch if everything goes well!

Until then, I wish you the best and, hopefully, have fun!


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Disgusting. I worked hard to get those Monarch Journey points. And now the lazy casuals get them too? Feel betrayed. Never buying a Paradox game again etc.

Only joking : D

Excited for Azure!
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Thank god the monarch cosmetics are actually used in the game now. I had fun with unlocking them but felt cheap when they wouldn't appear naturally in-game. Looking forward to the patch. Hopefully the faction tweaks makes the midgame and lategame more challenging!
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We reworked how vassals handle holy war and added constraints on Feudal and Clans rulers to limit their aggression of Tribal rulers.
Can you expand on this ? What sort of constraints did you add ?

Will this result in feudal/clan vassals being less likely to expand into the steppes ?
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Good decision to unluck them for everyone and adding some time appropriate triggers for the later gear. Well done.

But it would be good if the Henin and Chaperon would follow the same colour pattern of the other western clothing. That base colour is too basic.
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Good to know, thanks Paradox.
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Cool. Which types of Characters will automatically use Chaperons and Hennins? I hope they are not restricted to unlanded Characters and the High Nobility (Princes and Pricesses, Dukes) of Western Europe wear them.
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I hope for an eventual option in the Barbershop to change the colours of the character's dresses and robes... But well, a patch next week means great news anyways!
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Appreciate this thanks; not had many opportunities to see proper combined holy wars as there's been no pope in either of my longer playthroughs, but looking forward to my next chance now!

In a matrilineal marriage, will the clothing be based on the male or female character's culture?
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