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CK2 Dev Diary #74 - Patch Notes & Achievements


For today's DevDiary I’d like to share two things with you - the full Changelog and the Achievements!

With the release of Jade Dragon there will be ten new achievements, ranging from easy to very hard. Here they are, listed by approximate difficulty:

Snipped off to China - Send a Eunuch to the Chinese Emperor.

Child of the Dragon - Request an Imperial Marriage from China.

Bön Appétit! - Eat a character of the Bön religion.

A Curious Trinket - Send an invaluable artifact (Quality: 4 or 5) to the Emperor of China.

Sakya Trizin - Starting as the Count of Sakya in 1066, rule as an independent Buddhist King or Emperor and control all Buddhist Holy Sites.

White Hun - Starting as the last remnant of the White Huns (the Count of Mohadavasaka in 769) rule as an independent King or Emperor and completely control the Kingdoms of Rajputana, Delhi, Punjab, Kashmir, Transoxiania, Kabulistan and Khotan.

The Conqueror - Starting as a Norse character, rule the Kingdom of England (or the Empire of Britannia) as an English cultured character of a Christian religion.

Aladdin - Starting and staying as a Han Chinese character, be an independent King or Emperor and rule all of North Africa (the Maghreb region).

Ten Thrones - Have your dynasty rule 10 independent Feudal/Iqta/Monastic Feudal Kingdoms or Empires with at least 25 realm size each. You must be one of them.

A Servant No More - As Mu’nis al-Muzaffar of Galilee in 867, become an Emperor and have at least 100 realm size.

And now for the Changelog - the biggest one in the history of CK2. As this picture shows (courtesy of Meneth) the changelog measures two QA, one Project Lead, one Content Designer, one Programmer and half a Groogy.


And here’s the Changelog in all its glory, some of it you’ve already seen (Modding and AI) but most you’ve not seen yet!

Full Changelog:
########################## 2.8.0 ###########################

# Expansion Features
- The Chinese Empire:
- China Screen:
- China is now present as an off-map power, accessible through a new button near the minimap
- The Status and Policy of China affects their behavior and how you can interact with them, beware an Expansionist China!
- Chinese Dynasties and History present throughout all bookmarks
- Tribute & Boons:
- Send the Emperor tribute in the form of Eunuchs, Concubines and much more in order to gain his Grace
- Spend Grace to receive powerful boons, such as Siege Engineers, Scholar-Bureaucrats, Chinese Artifacts, Imperial Marriages and MUCH more!
- Flavor & Immersion:
- While playing in the East you will feel the presence of China though new flavor events and interactions
- Beware ambitious adventurers spilling out of the east, such as Rebel Generals, Displaced Imperial Princes and Jurchen Raiders
- Numerous new China-themed Artifacts to add to your collection; The Art of War, Classics of Poetry, Serpent Spears, Ceremonial Silk Gowns, to name just a few!
- Hostile Actions:
- Disregard the Emperor's opinion and raid China for instant rewards
- Invade China and put your dynasty on the Dragon Throne

- Revised Silk Road:
- Many more Silk Road paths, it now branches through all of India, Tarim, Tibet and reaches as far away as Jerusalem
- Fight to claim Counties containing Silk Road Trade Posts to reap massive monetary benefits
- Construct new Silk Road buildings to reap other benefits than purely monetary ones

- New Playable Religions:
- Bön Pagan; the ancient religion of the Tibetan plateau, a fusion between unreformed and reformed pagans, this religion offers unique possibilities
- Taoist; a collection of ancient traditions from China, with many administrative advantages this religion is perfect for players who enjoy playing tall

- Casus Belli Expansion:
- Revised Tributary system, with new permanent Tributary States that also provide you with soldiers in addition to golden
- Many new CB's specifically tailored for the early game, such as Border Dispute, Ducal Conquest and Force Vassalization
- Additional CB's for larger nations without many options, such as Great Conquest and De Jure Duchy claims

- Rally Points:
- Rally points can now be placed to allow for easy management of your levies in wartime, your troops will automatically move to and merge at destinations you define
- Set rally points for navies, which work much like the ones for levies

- New Artifacts & Ways to Get Them
- Compose a Book; set your scribes to work writing a new work of literary wonder, based entirely on the personality of your character of course!
- Search for a Smith; send word for a smith to forge you new sets of weapons, armor and jewelry

# Free Features
- Added Tibet as a new playable region
- Filled in the 'Tibetan Plateau' wasteland with new provinces and mountain passes
- Added the Empire of Tibet title, which consists of 4 new Kingdoms
- Full history for the 769, 867 and 1066-1337 bookmarks for the region
- Added new Sogdian Zoroastrian heresy 'Khurmazta'
- Added Game Rule controlling Siege Assaults
- Added Game Rule for Siege Events (On, Off, Defenders only)
- Added Game Rule for Multiplayer Assassinations
- Added Game Rule for Multiplayer Invasion CBs
- Added Game Rule for Multiplayer 3rd Party Claims
- Added Decisions to form the Knights of St. Anthony and the Knights of St. Addai
- Added Assyrian culture and some historical Assyrian characters
- Tweaked the Nestorian Holy Sites
- Added Manichean Holy Sites
- Added a "Bema" festival for Manichaeans
- Added a "Sadeh" festival for Zoroastrians and Khurmazta
- Added Holy Order for Manicheans
- Added a Manichean Head of Religion
- Artifacts can now be destroyed from the Treasury screen
- You now receive a notification when receiving a new artifact, or when an artifact you should have received was destroyed because you already had one (if it is non stackable)
- Added a special Honorary Title called Teacher. Teachers become the default Educators of children.
- Armies now use whichever flank leader has the best siege modifier for determining the leader bonus to sieges, and the best movement speed flank leader for determining movement speed
- Increased the number of Counties and Baronies in the Tarim Basin area from 17 to 32, which should make it more interesting to play there
- Increased the amount of overall Holding Slots in the Tarim Basin area
- Non-Jain/Buddhist Monastic Orders get a new rank 1 power which gives a chance for their wards to gain attribute points during their education and upon reaching adulthood a chance to remove a wicked trait or gain a pious one
- The target of a tributary war now receives an event where they can offer peace right at the beginning of the war, only weak realms are likely to do this
- There are now three tiers of Kinslaying based on how close to you the person you killed was. The closer the relation the bigger the punishment:
1) Kinslayer - Siblings, parents, children any direct ancestor or descendant.
2) Familial Kinslayer - Blood aunts/uncles, cousins, nieces/nephews.
3) Dynastic Kinslayer - Any other dynasty member.
Muslims are exempt from gaining Kinslayer traits and you will only get the traits if the death is public knowledge.
- Unlocked the Charlemagne culture conversion events as those cultures are also present in the Old Gods start date.
- The golden hand, iron hand and prosthetic leg modifiers are now artifacts. They can not be gifted or inherited.
- Map Update of the Middle East
- Added the kingdom of Daylam
- Added the kingdom of Khorasan
- Added the kingdom of Yemen
- Added the kingdom of Iraq
- Also added a few new duchies to go along with the new kingdoms
- The Syrian desert now exists to restrict county placement and army movement
- Moved and reshaped most provinces in the Middle East, including the Arabian Peninsula all to way to the Indian border
- Added 18 new counties
- Renamed several counties, duchies and kingdoms to better represent the updated layout
- The "equip" button is no longer disabled if a slot is filled; instead clicking it will replace whatever is in that slot (the first item it finds if the slot holds more than one item). E.G., the Equip button for "Golden Bracelets" will cause those to be equipped in place of your equipped "Silver Bracelets"
- When dying, the game will now ensure that your heir has the same items equipped as you did if at all possible
- Equipped artifacts no longer have any chance of being destroyed on succession, except if there is no dynastic heir
- The "has guardian" icon on a character now takes you to the guardian's character page if clicked
- The "leading troops" icon on a character now pans to the unit they're leading, and selects it if it is yours
- The "council action" icon on a character now pans to the province they're taking the action in
- When a landed character is selected, their realm will now be highlighted on the map, similar to how CB targets are highlighted
- If you click the currently selected character again, the game will now pan to their location
- When assigning "Proselytize" job action, the map coloring will be different if the province is of the wrong religion, or if the target is an independent ruler rather than one of your provinces
- You can now arrange marriage on behalf of your landed children and grandchildren, not just those in your court. They will now also always accept your marriage proposals. Both of these features are only usable if they are your vassals or below, and have been rulers for at most 10 years
- Your children and grandchildren now have a checkbox on their character page that can be used to prevent them from getting married by the AI, though they may still get married by event and similar. Useful for ensuring your landed relatives don't get into bad marriages. Like arranging marriage on their behalf, this can only be used if they are your vassals or below, and have been rulers for at most 10 years
- New artifact pictures for the Gjallarhorn, Image of Edessa, Weeping Statue, Sampo, Saintly Skull, David's Sling, Handgun, Compass, Saintly Tongue and Yada Tashy
- Added an option to switch between grey wastelands and wastelands showing terrain
- Added an option to have wastelands be colored by neighboring realm if a single realm controls more than 2/3 of bordering provinces

# Balance
- Looter armies now only cost 10% maintenance if you are at peace
- No longer possible to turn an army into a Looter if you are at war
- Greatly increased how fast the Attacker's Warscore ticks while the target area is fully controlled
- Increased the effect of Fort Level on defender morale in sieges
- Sieges: Defensive Pagans get a morale boost while besieged in their homelands
- Slightly increased the base morale loss of defenders during sieges
- Increased the morale loss from being outnumbered during sieges
- Buddhists can now use the normal Holy War CB for a cost of 250 Piety
- Indian Holy Orders no longer exists at game start:
- They can be created through a decision if you hold all of your holy sites, along with 1000 piety, or simply by having 200 piety if the year is 1100 or later
- They may be created defensively if several important counties in India fall to another non-Indian religion
- Reduced the strength of Indian Holy Orders by about 25%
- Indian Holy Orders now have a small amount of War Elephants among their troops
- The AI will now be less inclined to use 'Major' CB's (Invasions, Nomad Subjugation) if they wouldn't gain much from doing so
- The Nomad Liberation CB can no longer be used on completely empty duchies (no Castle, City or Tribe) in the Steppe region
- Nomads can now always choose to convert to the attackers religion through the decision
- Silk Road trade posts are no longer destroyed when the county changes hands outside succession
- Silk Road trade posts can now be built in your vassals' lands, though the vassal will end up its owner
- The Silk Road no longer gets cut off by sieges and occupation, but instead has its value decreased downstream
- Added an opinion bonus for turning a blind eye in events ZE.4120, ZE.4100 and ZE.2030
- Trade post wars no longer cause counties to be considered "contested", which would prevent the county from being given away and similar
- Barons will no longer consider themselves almost as powerful as kings and emperors
- Vassals who don't have at least 5% of the demesne size of their liege will no longer be considered powerful vassal either
- You can no longer ask someone you're in a defensive pact against to embargo someone, as this would result in you ending up at war against yourself
- The 'All' Gender Equality rule no longer prohibits Achievements, though you will not be able to gain the 'Empressive' achievement while the rule is enabled
- Unlanded characters will no longer take the "become council member" ambition
- You now get double warscore from winning battles against characters that have no land
- Rebalanced the Jain and Buddhist Monastic Order rank up requirements and increased the chance of losing a bad trait or gaining a good one upon completing a mission.
New conditions are:
1->2 NOT Cruel, one Virtue
2->3 NOT Cruel or Cynical, two Virtues
3->4 NOT Cruel or Cynical or any Vice, three Virtues
- When falsely confessing your religion, your non-zealous courtiers have a chance of joining you in falsely converting
- Tribal rulers in 867 now start out with some tribal buildings already built
- You can no longer use the Split Clan interaction on a province that's currently the target of a war
- Gifting artifacts to greedy rulers no longer gives ludicrous amounts of opinion
- If you defeat someone in war, they will now get a -10 opinion modifier with you for 10 years
- The Visigothic and Suebi culture break up can now only trigger after the year 850.
- Muslim Holy Wars now subjugate rulers in the target area, similar to how Muslim Invasions work, with the exception if they are of another Muslim sect where it works like before
- Reduced the opinion effects of several Muslim-only traits to avoid opinion inflation
- Councillors now have a very slight bias towards "yes" if they have no opinion on the topic. Main area where this has an effect is in regencies where no one has a strong opinion, and thus would always vote "no"
- Reduced the revolt risk and general opinion from crushing a rebellion whilst in seclusion and added a timer so it only lasts for two years
- Defenders against great holy wars (Crusades, Jihads, reformed pagan great holy wars) will now be capped at 85% occupation warscore to avoid 'Omnes viae Romam ducunt' blitzing.
- Only Independent Characters can now have Tributaries, with the exception of Nomads.
- The Intrigue focus now provides a passive 5% plot power increase.
- Non-Shia characters can join the Assassins and will be given the opportunity to secretly convert if they are any other Muslim or a non-zealous player.
- AI William the Conqueror will now usurp more of England if he wins the invasion, to help him not get overthrown so often.
- Nomads can now use a Title Decision to usurp Counties in their subrealms that have Nomad Agitation, in addition to granting you the County this will also remove the agitation
- Characters who have been convinced to Straighten Up once will no longer become Decadent again
- The default Decadence gain has been made uniform between Tiers, it's now only Realm Size that affects it
- Decadence gain has been heavily reduced, but the frequency of the decadent trait has been increased for very large realms - this means that it's no longer a catastrophe to have one uncle that happens to drink on weekends
- Decadence effect on positive morale has been slashed in half
- The Decadence reduction from title grants has been significantly increased
- Only characters in the same realm as the biggest realm size relative can become decadent
- Improved caste inheritance so that you're far less likely to lose the correct caste for your government
- Heretic/Religious rebels now target the Duchy they spawn in when declaring war, this means that they can get ticking warscore for fully occupying the title, similar to all other rebel types
- When running with a non-default Provincial Revolt Strength game rule setting, the rebel stacks will now be attrition-free
- The 'Burgher offers to buy land' event now has a cooldown of 5 years
- The government of the vassal in whose land you want to build a holding no longer matters. E.G., you can now build a castle in the county of a tribal vassal
- The artifact smith events are now launched via a decision to find a smith. More events now happen in between finding the smith and getting the item. The Smith's stewardship and traits will determine the outcome of the event chain.
- Owners of either Monks and Mystics or Jade Dragon have access to smith events and new decision.

# AI Improvements
- Fixed one way AI characters that should have AI could end up with no AI
- The AI now actually considers the idea of sending its army to a province if its friends are there or adjacent, even if the province is otherwise a bit boring
- The AI now actually realizes that friendly armies standing near a potential target is a good thing even if it doesn't personally own those armies
- Once the AI gets to its allies it won't decide that if it can't attach due to supply, it is better for everyone if it just packs its bags and goes home. Instead it will now try to stick close
- The AI is now vaguely aware of the existence of tribal vassals when evaluating whether a faction has a real chance of succeeding
- The AI now checks to see exactly how many liege levies it'll deny its liege by revolting, rather than going "eh, half my levies I guess?"
- The AI now takes tribal vassals into account in most decisions where it considers how strong a potential enemy or ally is, rather than simply pretending they don't exist
- Fixed aggression from ambitions having 20 times as big an effect as intended
- AI will now also call allies to arms if the estimated answer is a "maybe," to force them into making a decision.
- Raiding adventurers now realize once they've been settled that maybe, just maybe, they should consider their new realm their base of army operations, and return armies there when they're not up to anything
- AI: Should be snappier to evaluate settlement decisions when needed
- If defensive pacts are disabled, the AI will no longer think no one could possibly be a threat to it
- AI: Made the Pope less reluctant to accept requests for excommunication
- AI (Conclave): Will never pick Heritage or Faith Focuses for children of the right culture and religion
- Tributaries are now always aware that their tributary relationship benefits their suzerain more than them, and that they could potentially break free
- The AI no longer gets increasingly reckless the more "rational" it is; being enlightened by your intelligence turns out not to make your troops any better
- The army AI no longer thinks that just because two destinations are pretty much equally good, it should switch back and forth between the two and thus never get anywhere
- The army AI now understands that if it has bothered to start a siege, maybe there was a good reason to do so, so we shouldn't just run off right after just because another destination looks very slightly better
- Taught the AI that more loot means a province is a better target for looting
- The army looter AI now actually realizes that if all the loot in a province is protected by holdings and the army isn't big enough to siege them, it isn't actually a good loot target
- The AI now considers any strong realm nearby a potential threat
- Taught vassals how to send alliance offers to other vassals
- Informed the AI that we changed how decadence works years ago and it shouldn't give titles to its family members just for the hell of it
- Told the AI that if it is the attacker in a war, it *might* be a good idea to actually go attack the defender even if you're targeting their whole realm rather than a specific title within it, and it is a bit of a long walk
- The AI has learned how to spell, and no longer look for "soceities" missions when they're actually called "societies" missions. With this newfound ability to spell, the AI is better at identifying mission targets
- Taught nomads that if they rise in revolt in response to an attempt to split their clan, maybe they should accept it next time rather than rise again and again
- The AI is no longer deathly afraid of going overseas to help its allies just because the enemy is a bit far away
- The AI no longer thinks that just because a province is *someone*'s capital, it's a good target; it is now more discerning and only cares if it is the capital of an enemy
- The AI is now a bit more aware of just how superior heavy cavalry is to light infantry
- The AI now no longer thinks that enemy armies adjacent to other enemy armies are just on vacation, and won't help out if it were to attack
- Gave the AI a crash course in how to hand out titles
- Gave the AI a crash course in how to transfer vassals in a way that won't make you want to claw your eyes out
- The AI now realizes that just because it has occupied everything it borders, it shouldn't skip out on occupying the non-bordering stuff
- Taught the AI a few things about how supply works, and why a doomstack isn't always the best way to deal with it while travelling to its destination. The AI is hard of hearing, so it only partially understood this lesson, but partial understanding beats no understanding, right?
- Taught the Pope Geography 101, with an emphasis on what "distance from Catholicism" and "size of kingdom" means in the context of Crusades, and why this means that invading India when Egypt is right there might be a bad idea
- Informed the AI that just because their ideal commander can't lead troops right now, doesn't mean they should just skip assigning a commander to the flank they wanted to assign that commander to
- The AI now realizes that once it is landed, it should base its army in its capital rather than have it stand in the middle of nowhere, taking attrition, just because it happened to spawn in the middle of nowhere many years ago
- Betrothed men no longer go "nah, can't fulfill this betrothal" after sending a marriage offer which you accidentally reject. They will also no longer decide to not bother to resend the offer while mumbling "let's see how *they* like being ignored"
- Told just-spawned raiding adventurers "hey, your fleet is right over there" so that they wouldn't disband instantly when spawning on an island with no good raid targets, due to thinking that getting across the sea is simply impossible
- Members of small reformed religions are now a bit more fond of joining Great Holy Wars and the like
- The AI has finally come to the realization that it is allowed to invite its own vassals and courtiers to plots, not just the vassals and courtiers of the target

# Interface
- Wasteland provinces are now always shown in "Terrain" map mode
- Guardians can now be assigned from birth (though there are no effects until age 6.)
- The spouse selection view now has an "Only adults" box
- Fixed the Ruler Designer not always showing the correct portrait culture
- More explicit call to arms! They now tell you if you're going to lose allies or tributaries, and why.
- Silk Road trade-zones held by non-patricians now show the name of their primary title rather than their dynasty
- Reworked how the Silk Road is colored
- There are now icons on the Silk Road in the Trade Zones map mode that shows where trade posts can be built, and where blockages are happening
- The trade post graphics are now significantly bigger for inland trade posts
- Eliminated excessive levels of precision for some of the numbers on the character sheet
- The end of combat dialog now shows the correct special units rather than always showing Horse Archers
- All conditions for using a CB are now shown even if you fulfill them
- You will now get an alert if your heir is of a religion you're not allowed to play
- If a tribal building series upgrades to a higher level building, it will no longer list every level of that building, but instead just the highest achieved
- Fixed raised fleets not counting towards your max demesne fleet size
- Ransom Character now always defaults to the target character if they can be ransomed
- Improved the attrition tooltip
- Allied Order View: Added strength indicator text to allied army entries
- Allies Order View: Added missing CoA tooltip
- Added proper tooltips for the Loot Bar and settlement tax effect from a looted County
- Corrected text when assigning Guardians with Conclave warning of religion or cultural conversion
- The demesne size tooltip on the character screen now also shows realm size and number of counties in the character's realm
- Fixed changed title flags sometimes persisting after resigning a game (E.G., resulting in the HRE having the French flag when starting in 1066)
- Keeping the vassal/court list open while unpaused is no longer horrifically laggy
- No longer possible to enter the multiplayer screen after exiting it without restarting the game first, as this would cause an instant OOS
- No longer possible to select a bookmark or another save after loading a save while hosting a multiplayer game, as this would cause an instant OOS
- Ensured it is clear when occupation warscore is less than 1%, not not 0, since this could sometimes result in 100% warscore from battles, "-0%" warscore from occupation, and 99% overall warscore
- The marriage finder can now include characters in other religious groups if they make sense to marry
- Title flags now hover a bit further above the ground so as to not intersect with it as often
- Fixed clicking the area under the diplomatic interaction list not closing the list
- Fixed there sometimes being empty space at the end of the diplomatic interaction list
- On-map Armies: Added missing tooltip about reinforcement in friendly territory
- Fixed the "select plot" button in the "My Plots" tab flashing grey when unpaused
- Fixed the name of a known plotter sometimes overlapping with the name of their target
- When asking for your excommunication to be listed, the Pope no longer lists his opinion of you twice in the breakdown of why he will or will not accept
- The society member list now includes a member count. Hovering over it will give you a breakdown of how many members hold each rank
- Triggers checking for timed modifiers or the lack thereof will now state the expiry of the timed modifier if it is present
- The levy tooltip in the province view now gives a breakdown of how the reinforcement rate is determined
- The income overview when having clicked a title will now never show entries that provide no income, except potentially your demesne income
- Being assigned to a subunit that is participating in a siege no longer stops commanders from being assigned to a flank
- Fixed Satanist merchant republics getting a inverted cross icon with the wrong background color
- The holy site icon for heresies are now shown in the holding view if their parent religion does not have the same holy sites (E.G., Ibadi and Manichean holy sites)
- Fixed holy sites disappearing from the holding view when the religion is reformed
- Changed part of the succession law change tooltip to "No vassal of this title count or above has a negative opinion of you" to more accurately reflect what it actually means
- Added trade value to the trade post tooltip, and made the trade value tooltip for trade zones list what provinces provide how much value
- Fixed there being no tooltip on your current succession law
- Fixed ruler designed characters looking like children after saving if they were historically children
- Fixed trade post income on the trade posts not matching the number for the realm view
- Made it clearer that the tax income bonus from Stewardship is multiplied together with the income after all other modifiers are applied, rather than added to them
- Fixed main menu prompt to buy the Game Book going out of UI bounds in Spanish
- Horsed around a little
- The tooltip for sacrificing a character as a Devil Worshiper now says how much society currency you will gain and if you will complete a mission
- The Grant Title and Grant Viceroyalty actions now have the list of titles sorted by first tier, then name, rather than seemingly at random
- Fixed it not being possible to click on the army shields when two units are in combat, and the shields having no tooltip
- Fixed the "Modifier From Artifacts" icon showing up even if none of the artifacts you own provide a modifier (E.G., reagents)
- Fixed the retinue screen showing the Horse Archer icon even if your retinues are composed of another special unit
- Fixed customized dynastic coats of arms persisting past resign
- Fixed missing text in some cases for alerts about the council voting on issues
- Fixed councillors in seclusion lifting the fog of war in the province they're assigned to
- Fixed the holding view not updating correctly if you upgraded a tribal holding to a castle or similar; instead continuing to show tribal buildings until you reopened the holding view
- Fixed merging any units causing all "attach to army" ally orders to reset to the resulting unit. Now it only affects orders targeting the units involved in the merge
- Fixed hints not working on the religion screen for Indians, Jews, and Zoroastrians in all languages, and a few other groups in non-English languages
- Fixed army and on-map title icons in some cases not updating when changed, for example due to customizing one's dynasty's CoA
- You now only get alerted that an anti-Papacy has ended or started if you're in the same religion group
- Fixed piety in triggers not getting localised based on religion (E.G., still saying Piety when it should say Karma)
- Allied armies are now always included in the count for how many troops are in a province, unless you've got some of your own units in the stack selected
- Fixed most war tooltips not including the scaled prestige/piety you or the defender would gain until the war has actually started
- Fixed some cases where event options could display a trait that wouldn't actually be added or removed
- Fixed some triggers referring to provinces as "publicly following a religion"
- Society rank effects are now always shown in the rank tooltip, rather than only shown if you hold that rank
- Artifacts are now sorted by type and quality, rather than by acquisition date
- Fixed old Byzantine women's hair being unable to change color
- The trade post cost tooltip will no longer mention your opinion of yourself if the province is in your realm, but instead simply state that you own the province
- Fixed the "clan becomes extinct" alert showing the clan leader as count-level rather than king-level
- Fixed it being possible for dead characters to end up with their holdings in the wrong order
- When you have a unit selected and are hovering over a province it can't move to, the game will now try to explain why you can't move there
- Fixed imprisoning someone resulting in two opinion effects named "Imprisoned". Now the one that disappears on release/ransom is named "In Prison" instead
- Fixed "no text for key county" when being alerted about a councillor being sent on a realm-wide job action
- Fixed the "is liege or above" trigger tooltip referring to the wrong person as liege
- Fixed "NOT_DIRECT_DJ_VASSAL_TITLE_STARTS" sometimes being shown, and "De Jure Vassal Title" being shown rather than "Any De Jure Vassal Title"
- There is now an indicator in the in-game lobby showing which players are done loading
- Fixed Digambara Jain women in the Jain monastic order wearing the wrong clothes
- Fixed an event referencing the "soup kitchen in Location" rather than using the actual name of the province
- The society currency tooltip now includes the total gain
- Fixed some historical characters having the wrong beard and/or hair
- Fixed the trade post entries on the Republic screen having an odd empty spot on the right when there's no scrollbar
- If you can't resign someone from a minor title, the game will now tell you why
- Fixed the "resign" button not being greyed out when you can't revoke a minor title
- Fixed some cases where numbers would always get rounded down even when they should've been rounded up
- Fixed "missing UI text" in the outliner if you have a lot of holdings
- Fixed people you invite to court in rare cases saying "no" to come because they're already at your court
- Fixed holding modifiers having no tooltip if the holding is maintaining more than one mercenary band
- Title/Realm View: The Line of Succession is now shown
- Made the technology tooltip in the province view less incomprehensible
- Fixed the "award honorary title" selection view sometimes including imprisoned characters (who can't actually hold honorary titles)
- Fixed the "grant title" interface sometimes having a tooltip complaining about "wrong caste" even in cases where caste isn't checked
- Fixed it in rare cases being possible for armies that are hostile due to conflicting wars not being red on the map
- Governments that ban receiving and/or granting kingdoms and empires to other governments now list that in their feature list
- Fixed trade posts not being visible on the map in empty provinces
- The demesne income tooltip on the title view now shows more clearly the source of income modifiers rather than lumping it all under "Stewardship". The same goes when inspecting individual holdings
- Fixed the notification for artifacts destroyed on succession sometimes saying things like [From.Something.Something] rather than the artifact's actual name
- Fixed command modifiers not showing up when hovering over the "From Treasury" modifier entry
- Nomadic realms now have history at game start if known, rather than appearing to spring from nothing at game start
- The "population" indicator in the character view of nomads will now also show manpower in its tooltip
- Made the building tooltip while a building is under construction slightly easier to understand
- Fixed some graphical artifacts in Norse beards
- Fixed provinces stating that they're in a given region several times if you resign the game and then start playing again without restarting
- Fixed right-clicking a potential spouse from the marriage selection view occasionally not selecting that potential spouse
- Fixed selecting a different character after opening the marriage selection view, then clicking their Arrange Marriage button, sometimes resulting in the previous character still being used as the person to marry off
- Fixed the "Liege Council" view becoming completely empty if your liege dies while you have it open
- Got in touch with the animal buried within me
- Retinues now show what combat bonuses they have
- Fixed the game with Conclave enabled falsely saying some governments change laws using piety/prestige instead of voting. Now correctly says that law changes cost piety/prestige if the council is abolished
- Ensured plot power can never be negative
- Tributaries of tributaries now use their own name on the map rather than the name of their suzerain
- The alert that you can shut the gates now only shows up if you *really* can shut the gates
- Ensured the "Unmarried ruler/heir" alerts don't show up if you/your heir can't marry (E.G., due to traits preventing marriage, or being in prison)
- Dynastically named titles now use "the" when appropriate
- Fixed the "Offer Concubine" action being visible when right-clicking yourself, despite never being possible to use on yourself
- Improved the tooltip of minor title grants somewhat
- Fixed the realm size multiplier to decadence showing as a percentage
- The Execute Imprisoned interaction now warns you if you'd be considered a (worse) Kinslayer after going through with the execution
- Made the Holding income tooltip slighly easier to understand
- Fixed the income from a newly build tradepost being 0 for a single day
- Made the supply limit tooltip somewhat easier to understand
- The unit type tooltip on selected units now show morale as well
- Fixed the quick Arrange Marriage action on the character screen occasionally including people that can't actually be married in cases where there's very few good targets
- Fixed anyone being able to see the "Desecrated Temple" holding modifier, rather than just devil worshippers
- The other main menu buttons are now disabled while the "Load Save" menu is open
- Fixed the game rule filter list showing DLCs that are not enabled, resulting in a completely empty group when clicked
- Changed the decadence gain tooltips and entries to use 3 decimals
- Removed a wayward % sign in the decandence gain tooltip for dynasty members
- Persian castles will now have correct graphics
- The alert that someone has started raiding your lands now includes the raider's portrait, rather than showing your own portrait twice
- Fixed wastelands sometimes being listed when hovering over the "adjacent rivers" icon
- Fixed the "completely controls" tooltip (E.G., in the Reform Roman Empire decision) having the line split in the wrong place in German and French
- The destroy_artifact effect once more includes the name of the artifact. The scope change will be suppressed if "= yes" is used so that you don't get "ArtifactName: ArtifactName is destroyed..."
- Fixed the plot/ambition/focus selection windows sometimes having out of bounds text
- Fixed the trait names in the Ruler Designer going slightly out of bounds in some cases in German and Spanish
- Fixed secret religions' tooltip showing the religious head for the character's public religion rather than secret religion
- Fixed the "heir of wrong religion" alert saying "NO_TEXT_FOR_KEY" rather than the name of your heir
- Fixed the "Appoint" button not telling you why you can't replace a character, if the reason was that they used a favor to get appointed
- Fixed titles named after dynasties starting with "of" showing as "Kingdom of of Blah" and similar
- Fixed characters "rejecting" your marriage offer (despite the marriage persisting) if you accept the same marriage offer from them after sending one
- Fixed calling people into war using the "Call Allies" alert changing your position in the alert's list
- Names on the map can now cross impassable terrain
- Added events telling you why you're at war after refusing title revocation, vassal retraction, clan absorbtion, or clan splitting
- Fixed the dynasty tree in some cases flashing briefly when opened
- The character screen now updates if the character being viewed gains or loses a spouse or betrothal
- Fixed it being possible to select another era right after selecting an era, causing the era picture to be partially faded out
- The revolt risk tooltip is now clearer about what characters are causing the revolt risk modifiers
- Fixed some languages in some cases having superfluous spaces in title names
- The tooltip for building hospitals, forts, and trade posts now tell you how long it would take to build
- Made it clearer in the opinion tooltip why specific things are giving the opinion they do. E.G., for Kinslayer it will now say "Kinslayer (same dynasty): -25" for the dynasty-specific opinion, while the general opinion wil just say "Kinslayer: -10"
- Fixed call to arms that won't result in prestige cost and/or "alliance breaker" if you decline in some cases claiming they will
- Fixed hiring fleet mercs in a province you don't have visibility on not raising the fog of war until the next day
- Fixed the job action button still appearing selected after clicking somewhere the action can't be performed

# User modding
- Added an offmap_powers system
- You can scope to any offmap power by using its name. E.G., "china = { }"
- Added governor_title and governor scopes, which can be used within an offmap power scope
- Added offmap_power scope, which can be used while within the scope of the governor or governor title to scope to the offmap power they represent
- Added triggers has_status, prev_status, has_status_flag, prev_status flag, has_policy, prev_policy, has_policy_flag, and prev_policy_flag
- Added effects set_status and set_policy
- Added on_actions on_offmap_policy_changed and on_offmap_status_changed
- Added on_actions on_offmap_governor_changed and on_offmap_ruler_changed
- Added on_actions on_offmap_monthly_pulse and on_offmap_yearly_pulse
- You can now get the offmap power from the holder (ie emperor)
- You can now add and clear flags from an offmap power (add_offmap_tmp_flag and clr_offmap_tmp_flag)
- You can now check if an offmap power has a flag
- either if the flag was added to it ( has_offmap_tmp_flag )
- or if the flag was added, as well as if the current status or policy has the flag (has_offmap_flag)
- Added loc commands for offmaps: Offmap, Ruler, PrevRuler, Governor, PrevGovernor, GovernorTitle, GetName, GetPolicy, GetPrevPolicy, GetStatus, GetPrevStatus, and GetCurrency
- Added set_offmap_holder and set_offmap_name effects
- Added has_offmap_name and has_had_offmap_name triggers
- Added an "offmap" pre-trigger. Takes "allow" or "only". Any event without this set cannot trigger for offmap rulers
- Added an offmap_powers history folder
- Added is_offmap_ruler and is_offmap_governor triggers
- The trigger is_within_diplomatic_range now works with offmap powers. This is equivalent to testing it against the governor. The same behavior will be used if the governor title or offmap ruler is scoped to
- Added trigger has_offmap_currency and effect add_offmap_currency
- The "tier" triggers can now take an offmap as the left-hand-side
- Added offmap_decision type that are only shown on the offmap screen
- Added is_offmap_tag trigger that checks if the current scope represents the given offmap
- Added offmap_ruler scope
- Added has_offmap_news_enabled trigger
- Added console commands add_offmap_currency, set_offmap_status, set_offmap_policy, kill_offmap_ruler, and kill_offmap_dynasty
- Offmaps can be scoped to in loc by using their name. E.G. [offmap_china.GetName]
- Added portrait_offmap trigger, for checking what offmap power a character rules for portrait purposes

- Split the 'ticking_war_score_multiplier' in Casus Belli scripts into 'att_ticking_war_score_multiplier' and 'def_ticking_war_score_multiplier'
- Added a new define for the effect of Fort Level on defender morale in sieges: FORT_LEVEL_MORALE_LOSS_REDUCTION_MULT
- Fixed a number of scopes not getting localised as effects, only as triggers
- error.log will now usually tell you if you've saved a map file in the wrong format
- The game will now crash slightly earlier if the province map is the wrong size (not a multiple of 64), making the issue easier to identify
- Cultures can now have "dynasty_name_first = yes" which puts the dynasty name before the personal name
- Added a "holding_types" folder in common. This can be used to define additional triggers for building each holding type
- The scaled_wealth trigger now supports "min" and "max" just like the scaled_wealth effect
- Fixed "effect" in history not being seeded, meaning that all effects with a random component would always produce the exact same result. Now the result will be properly randomized
- Build cost and build time modifiers now apply to forts, trade posts, and hospitals too. Note that there are still no type-specific modifiers for these three holdings
- on_heresy_takeover no longer creates a dummy character for the religion scope, but instead uses an actual religion scope
- "Religion" in loc while already in a religion will just return the same religion, to ensure that any loc written based on some on-actions using characters as makeshift religion scopes continue to work. The same has been done for "Culture" in culture scopes
- Most effects and triggers that take a number can now take a variable name instead, and will grab the variable from the current scope. E.G., "wealth = test_variable"
- gain_effect now fires in all cases (except history and death) for job titles and minor titles, including when added through script
- lose_effect or retire_effect now fires in all cases (except history and death) for job titles and minor titles. Being given a new job title will fire retire_effect on the old title, and gain_effect on the new title
- Fixed resigning as a commander firing lose_effect rather than retire_effect
- Added death_effect for job titles and minor titles, which fires when a character dies while holding the job/minor title
- Made the following console commands that before were only available to devs and beta testers available to everyone: guibounds, noai, join_society, leave_society, society_rank_up/down, society_currency, set_society_grandmaster, get_all_artifacts, activate_artifacts
- Added the console command "province_religion" or ("prov_rel") to change the religion of a province. Syntax is: "province_religion <province> <religion>"
- Targeted decisions now support having a 3rd party character or artifact
- Now possible to store variables in the same manner as event targets; any variable starting with "local_" will work this way, meaning it'll persist as long as the event chain does, but not be accessible outside it
- Uploading mods to Steam is no longer limited to 50MB
- Added the following targeted decision filters: court_including_me, home_court_including_me, dynasty_including_me, all_including_me, society_including_me, realm_including_me, sub_realm_including_me
- The regular versions of the above now consistently exclude the character themselves; in some cases before this restriction only applied if the AI was taking the decision
- Added max_defender_occupation_score and max_attacker_occupation_score modifiers for casus belli types
- Added documentation for the "aggression" parameter for governments
- Added a become_secret_heretic effect
- Made the tributary system moddable and modular. You can now add new tributary types defining:
- when and if the tributary relation breaks
- what CBs the tributaries can use against their suzerain
- The allowed_to_target_suzerains CB parameter no longer has any effect, as the above replaces it
- if tributaries can unite together against their suzerain
- if tributaries can fight against each other
- if the suzerain can call their tributaries to arms, and if the tributaries are forced to join
- if the tributaries can call their suzerain to their defense, and if the suzerain is forced to join
- how much of what is paid by the tributary to the suzerain
- What icon to use for the diplomatic relation
- What modifiers to give the tributary
- The tributary system now functions even if Horse Lords isn't enabled, though the CBs and the like are still limited by DLC; this means you can now make your own tributary systems even without your mod's users having HL
- You can now use the is_tributary trigger to check for a specific type, and a specific suzerain
- You can now use custom loc in the is_tributary trigger
- The set_tribute_suzerain now takes a "type" parameter, specifying the type. If none is specified, "default" is used
- Added set_trade_route_base_value and set_trade_route_value_multiplier effects
- Provinces with several trade routes will now show the presence and effect of all of them in their tooltip
- Effect and trigger scope changes now have an optional "show_scope_change" parameter. If set to "no", the scope change won't be shown in the tooltip. It'll be shown as just "effect description" rather than "scope change: effect description". This functionality isn't supported by any/random scopes.
- Added hostages_block_cb parameter for CBs
- Variables that haven't been set yet now work in localisation; they'll show "0" rather than simply being blank. "GetName" works as well. So [global_test.GetName] will return 0 for GetValue, and the "global_test" localisation for GetName
- Fixed the is_interested_in_society trigger not localising properly if negated, and not ending with a linebreak
- Added interested_in_society_of_character trigger
- Fixed empty "OR" triggers in some cases crashing the game on launch
- show_as_title = yes for minor titles now works even if the character has no titles
- Fixed a crash that could happen when a selectable object overlapped with an impassable province
- Fixed setting someone's employer on the same date that employer becomes landed not working properly
- Fixed capital changes in some cases failing if the county holder became holder on the same day as the capital change
- Added as_if_allied_to parameter for gain_settlements_under_title, vassalize_or_take_under_title, subjugate_or_take_under_title, and vassalize_or_take_under_title_destroy_duchies. This ensures that land occupied by people in that character's war against the title's holder can be taken
- Castes can now be enabled for individual religions rather than being hardcoded to the Indian group. This is done using the "castes" parameter
- Removed various hardcoding associated with the Hindu religion. This is now connected to the "caste_opinions" parameter instead
- The subjugation opinion is no longer applied when using vassalize_or_take_under_title, just subjugate_or_take_under_title
- Added event pretrigger for Game Book
- Decisions can now have a "_desc_extra" localisation key defined. This will be shown after the Requirements section in its tooltip
- Added "conditional_tooltip"; defines when a given piece of trigger script should be displayed. Its contents are only evaluated if it is displayed
- Added government parameters gets_religion_opinion_penalties, gives_religion_opinion_penalties, and vassal_government_opinion_penalties. See _governments.info for documentation
- Added title parameters can_be_claimed and can_be_usurped. See 00_landed_titles.info for documentation
- Added "offmap_power" government parameters, which is used for the new succ_offmap_succession law
- You can now use "extended" (bracket-based) localization in Artifact scopes:
- [GetName] will display the name
- [Owner] will rescope to the current owner of the artifact
- [OriginalOwner] will rescope to the original owner of the artifact
- There is now an AI exclusion pretrigger in decision "ai = no" that can be used to avoid decisions being considered by the AI at all
- Removed the "coalition_threat" CB parameter as it had nothing to do with coalitions
- Fixed rulers in some cases being considered to have no primary holding on the day of their death when going backwards in history
- Added console commands "print_global_flags" (aka "pgf") and "print_global_variables" (aka "print_global_vars" and "pgv"). They print whatever they're named after
- "character_info" aliased to "debug_mode" since it is used by more than just character to display debug info
- The Offmap Powers view will now display flags and variables that are set for offmap powers, including those of the title holders
- Added "attrition" character modifier. This will reduce/increase the attrition suffered by the army they command. It is capped at -99%
- Added "army_reinforce_rate" character modifier. This will make the army the character commands reinforce faster. Affects retinues and horde units as well, not just levies. Does not affect the reinforcement of the settlement itself. Cannot go below 0
- Added "days_of_supply" character modifier. This modifies the number of days of supply of the army the character commands by an absolute number of days. Days of supply cannot go below 1
- Added command modifiers phase_skirmish_attack, phase_pursue_attack, phase_melee_attack, phase_skirmish_defense, phase_pursue_defense, and phase_melee_defense
- Added scopes any_neighbor_independent_ruler and random_neighbor_independent_ruler. A "neighbor independent ruler" is a ruler that neighbors the realm you're in (E.G., the HRE if you're a count in the HRE)
- Added "demesne_size_compared_to_limit" trigger. For example, "demesne_size_compared_to_limit < 0.5" will check if someone is below 50% of their demesne limit
- Added "multiplicative_trade_post_income_modifier" holding modifier
- Added "can_create_empires" government parameter (can_create_kingdoms already exists)
- Added "extra_ai_eval_troops" title parameter. See 00_landed_titles.info for documentation
- Added "relative_realm_size" trigger. For example, relative_realm_size = { who = liege size > 0.2 } checks that your realm size is at least 20% of your liege's
- Strings that are too long (above 1023 characters) will no longer crash the game, though they should still be avoided as they simply don't work beyond 1023 characters. This should also solve crashes involving mismatched quote signs
- Strings that are too long now get logged in error.log
- The game will no longer crash if more than 32767 flags (E.G., set_character_flag) are used. New limit is 2^32, which you will run out of memory long before reaching
- Using export_to_variable on a dead character will no longer crash the game
- has_coa_on_barony_only can now be set to yes/no on individual religions rather than just groups. This will override whatever has been set for the group
- The "give_title" console command now gives more feedback if something is wrong with the parameters
- Absolutely all tooltips now support custom loc. Generally, "Root" will be the player
- Most text directly related to religion (E.G., religion name, description, holy war name) now provide the religion itself for custom loc purposes
- Added a "RelHead" promotion for religion loc, meaning you can now for example name a religion "Cult of [RelHead.GetFirstName]"
- Added optional generate_tooltip parameter for hidden effects. If set to "no", the game won't generate the tooltip at all. Note that if event targets are set in the hidden effect, this will break them in tooltips. It may also break randomization, so only ever use it if you have a really compelling reason to do so
- Added 'add_modifier' and 'remove_modifier' console commands (for Character Modifiers.)
- Added 'decision' console command, which ignores the trigger conditions
- Stewardship no longer applies a debuff when below 5; 0 is its baseline now like all the other stats
- Added 'realm_levies_plus_allies' as an exportable value for the 'export_to_variable' effect.
- Added a Define for Looter army maintenance cost (LOOTER_ARMY_MAINT_MULT)
- random_list chances below 1% but above 0% will now use 2 decimals rather than 0
- The game will now log invalid tributary relationships in history (E.G., someone being a tributary of a title with no holder)
- Fixed looting for raiding adventurers not of a religion/culture/government that allows raiding not working
- If the flag "always_show_in_marriage_selection" is set on a character, they will bypass most conditions to be shown in the marriage selection view. Note that this does *not* allow otherwise illegal marriages, just ensures they show up in the listing
- Fixed observing unplayable characters instantly booting you back to regular observe mode
- headgear_that_hides_hair now bases itself on the portraitType of the headgear rather than the character. This means that if someone changes culture and thus gets headgear that should hide their hair, it actually will
- OR and AND triggers now don't show "all/one of the following..." if there's only a single trigger within them
- Fixed it being possible for landed title adjectives in some edge cases ending up empty
- Added the old religion to FROM scope 'in on_county_religion_change'
- Added trigger 'had_artifact_flag'
- Added trigger 'artifact' (to compare two artifact scopes)
- Added trigger 'climate'
- Fixed the "completely_controls" trigger not considering empty non-wasteland provinces
- Fixed scoping to event targets in effects not being properly localised, thus showing just a colon with no name before it
- Added "ai_check_interval" parameter for decisions. This determines how rarely the AI checks a given decision, and can be useful for performance-heavy decisions that don't need to be checked often. See 00_decisions.info for documentation
- Added a "shares_realm_border_with" trigger. Checks if any province in your realm (everything under your titles) borders any province in their realm
- Added COALITION_THREAT_MAX_DISTANCE define. Independent AIs will consider independent rulers within this range to be threats if they're strong enough (COALITION_SCARY_TROOP_STRENGTH_THREAT_RATIO)
- "Added COURTIER_EVENT_PROCESS_OFFSET define, which determines how often courtiers check MTTH events. Set to 50, as compared to 20 for rulers". This changelog entry from 2.7 now actually has an effect
- Added num_of_society_members trigger. Scope must be a character or society. Returns true if the society has at least this many members. Also supports <, <=, ==, and >=
- A lot of error messages that previously only showed in the internal beta .exe now get logged at all times
- Added "hire_range" parameter for mercenary titles. If set, this overrides the MERCENARY_HIRE_DISTANCE_THRESHOLD define for that specific mercenary
- Added "can_demand_religious_conversion" government parameter. Decides whether people with the government can use the Demand Religious Conversion interaction. Defaults to yes
- create_character now supports "dynasty = actually_culture" which picks a random dynasty name from the culture if there's no unused static dynasty to use, rather than just resorting to a random holding in the world (what "dynasty = culture" does)
- Now possible to scope to timed modifiers in localisation. For example, if ROOT is a character, [Root.modifier_name.GetExpiryDate] would show the expiry date of the modifier. If no such modifier is present, nothing gets shown. Also supports "GetName"
- random_direct_de_jure_vassal_title now exists. Works like any_direct_de_jure_vassal_title, except picks one at random
- Fixed start_date and current_date checking that the days are equal rather than equal or greater
- All numerical triggers now support comparison operators (>=, <=, <, >, and ==) with a few exceptions: tier triggers, among_most_powerful_vassals. These exceptions are due to operation triggers breaking existing behavior (E.G., "tier = duke" isn't equivalent to "tier >= duke", which the comparison operators assume)
- Added "unsafe_destroy_artifact" effect, which can destroy indestructible artifacts
- Artifact localisation (E.G., name and desc) now provides the artifact as From
- The artifact activation and gift triggers now provide the artifact as From
- Added support for "else_if" and "else". If one of these is placed after an "if" or "else_if", it will be executed if the "if"/"else_if" limit returns false. Example:
if = { limit = { something = yes } do_something = yes }
else_if = { limit = { something_else = yes } do_something_else = yes }
else = { do_another_thing = yes }
- Added trigger "artifact_can_be_gifted_to = ROOT", which checks if the artifact currently scoped to can be gifted to the target character
- Now possible to specify "sound = no" for death reasons, which will prevent killing someone with that reason causing a death sound
- Fixed FROMFROM (the holding title) not always being available in the building trigger
- Fixed whatever character is FROM getting included in event option portrait lists if you scope to something that isn't a character
- Improved the error messages for the reload_texture command, and made it more forgiving when it comes to "/" vs. "\\" and ".dds" vs. ".tga". Also fixed it in some cases crashing. Generally, simply copying the path specified in the .gfx file should work
- Added COST_COMBAT_RATING define for specifying the cost of combat rating in the ruler designer
- Added unsafe_impregnate and unsafe_impregnate_cuckoo effects. These can impregnate someone who is already pregnant, while the two old effects are no longer able to do so
- Added a fail_trigger_effect field for events. This effect is triggered if script attempts to trigger an event, but the trigger isn't fulfilled. Useful for handling things like one character in a chain dying for unrelated reasons partway through the chain
- Fixed not all parts of the society rank tooltip having the appropriate scopes set
- spawn_unit can now take "province = closest_to_capital", which will spawn as close to the character's capital as possible
- The "debug_mode" console command (AKA "charinfo") will now also show extra information about titles
- The hardcoded opinion penalty for being imprisoned now references "opinion_imprisoned" rather than "opinion_arrest_attempt"
- The "damage_unit" effect can now take negative numbers in order to heal units instead
- Added "is_artifact_equipped" trigger, which can be used in an artifact scope
- Insults and compliments now provide the giver and receiver in localisation. The giver is FROM, while the receiver is ROOT
- The game will now log titles and provinces for which no localisation exists
- The "set_name" effect now works on artifacts (before only worked on characters, titles, and provinces)
- The "set_name" effect can now take a scope of the same type as the thing being renamed. E.G., if you're renaming a character, "set_name = ROOT" will work if ROOT is also a character, and take their name. Note that for artifacts this will use the name *after* processing localisation, so all custom loc will become static upon doing so
- Custom loc is now resolved when using the "set_name" effect, so something like 'set_name = "[This.Religion.GetRandomEvilGodName]"' will work
- Fixed resetting title names with "set_name" not causing it to take its cultural name
- The "create_title" effect can now take "short_name = yes". This will suppress "Empire of" and similar from the name of the title, just like it does when defining a static landed title
- If you set the character flag "no_court_invites" on someone, they now become impossible to invite to court. Useful for characters you want to ensure stay in a specific court
- Added on actions on_eu4_conversion_start and on_eu4_conversion_done. Can be used to prepare the gamestate for EU4 conversion, then restore the original state
- Added on_tyranny_gained and on_tyranny_gained_tyrant_only on-actions
- When debug_mode (AKA charinfo) is active, hovering over an event will now provide a list of all event targets set, and what each scope corresponds to
- Added "log_scopes" effect, which records the above information in game.log. Like the "log" effect, only logs if the game is started with the "-scriptlog" parameter
- Added "GetScopes" property for scopes in loc. This will show the same info as "log_scopes". Note that it only works in scopes; once you've promoted to a specific entity (E.G., a character), scope properties are unavailable
- Fixed the war scope not always being available in CB script when you'd expect it to be (E.G., after scoping to "ROOT")
- Fixed negative society currency gains not showing up in the gain tooltip
- Added the following relation triggers:
is_parent_of = ROOT
is_cousin_of = ROOT
is_aunt_uncle_of = ROOT
is_nibling_of = ROOT - Checks niece/nephew
is_grandparent_of = ROOT
is_grandchild_of = ROOT
is_descendant_of = ROOT - Checks if the scoped character descends from the ROOT. No limit on how far removed. Expensive, so use with care. Limited to 16 generations of removal for performance reasons
is_ancestor_of = ROOT - Checks if ROOT descends from the scoped character. No limit on how far removed. Expensive, so use with care. Limited to 16 generations of removal for performance reasons
- set_preferred_capital now works on static titles as well, not just dynamic ones
- Added "capital" title history effect, which sets the preferred capital of the title
- "show_portrait" can now take a scope or similar. E.G., "show_portrait = ROOT" will show ROOT, while "show_portrait = offmap_china" will show the emperor of China. The right-hand-side can be a scope, a title, or an offmap power
- Added a "portrait" parameter to events, which determines which character is shown in the upper-right corner. For example "portrait = offmap_china" will cause the Chinese Emperor to be shown
- Added trade_route_control trigger. Example:
trade_route_control = {
trade_route = silk_road # What trade route to check against
value > 0.1 # What percentage needs to be owned. Takes comparison operators
type = trade_post_locations # What to compare. Takes wealth, provinces, trade_posts, and trade_post_locations. The latter two are restricted by the trade post trigger in the trade route definition. Defaults to wealth if not set
indirectly_owned = no # Whether to include provinces in one's sub-realm that are owned by vassals. Defaults to yes if not set
- Added alias for vassal_or_below trigger called liege_or_above_of.
- Added alias for liege_or_above trigger called vassal_or_below_of.
- Added decision filters independent_rulers and independent_rulers_including_me
- Added decision filter close_relatives. Includes children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, and niblings
- The "female" paramenter in create_character can now take "random" or a number between 0 and 100 in order to get a random chance of the person being a woman. E.G., "female = 42"
- Added any_pupil and random_pupil scopes. Scopes to characters you're educating
- monthly_character_prestige and liege_prestige (and the piety versions) now work for forts and trade posts as well
- Forts and trade posts can now give tech spread bonuses
- pdx_tooltip and pdx_tooltip_delayed now work in far more places than before
- Fixed religious names not checking the cultural base name in create_character, unlike character birth
- Fixed the spouses of characters who don't get their title (E.G., "Count") in their name getting the title in their name
- Virtually anything that works as a scope on the left-hand-side (E.G., "educator = {") now works as a scope on the right-hand-side (E.G., "= educator") for triggers and effects that support more than just relative scoping (ROOT, FROM, etc. and event targets)
- Now possible to scope to religions, cultures, and their groups. E.G., "norse = {". Note that for the groups, this simply scopes to the first culture/religion in the group, not the actual group itself
- Added "can_use_cb" trigger, which checks everything in the CB itself, plus the extra hardcoded restrictions on regular war declarations. Basically, checks if the war would show up and be usable from the UI. Example:
can_use_cb = {
target = d_mecklemburg # What character to target. Can also take titles
casus_belli = religious # What CB to use
thirdparty_title = d_mecklemburg # What title to target, if relevant
#thirdparty = FROM # What character to declare on the behalf of, if relevant
- Ensured that effects work even if some of the systems they rely on haven't loaded yet when they're first read. This was already the case for triggers
- Added is_or_was_offmap_power_ruler trigger
- Fixed a bunch of decision related triggers having their tooltip logic inverted (E.G., saying "Can NOT take decision" when it should say "Can take decision")
- Added parameters attacker_unoccupied_warscore and defender_unoccupied_warscore. See 00_cb_types.txt for documentation
- Fixed plot start date not being saved, meaning that the "plot_months" trigger would be wrong after saving and loading
- Fixed the destroy_artifact effect causing the game to crash on launch if used somewhere where the artifact database has yet to be initialized
- Diplomatic interaction on-action events now provide the starting scope (normally, the actor) as FROMFROM so that you have a way to get back to the actor after scoping to someone else
- The "while" effect now supports the "count" parameter, which determines how many times it loops. E.G., "count = 10" means it will loop until the limit is no longer met, or it has been executed 10 times, whichever happens first
- Fixed scope changes sometimes resulting in improper seeding. E.G., if you scoped to FROM inside any_realm_title, any randomness would be identical
- Fixed casus belli effect execution not being seeded, so the same randomness would always occur if conditions were similar enough
- Fixed the "is_lowborn" trigger checking the opposite of what it should; "is_lowborn = yes" used to check that you're part of a dynasty rather than not part of one
- Added any_tributary and random_tributary scopes
- Added player_heir scope, which scopes to the character shown on your character sheet rather than whoever is heir to your primary title
- The on_war_ended on-actions now provide the war in question, meaing that war triggers and effects like "using_cb" and "any_attacker" will work, similarly to how they work in CBs
- create_title will now pick a color at random if there's no base title, rather than always making the map color white
- Added set_description effect, which changes the description of an artifact to the given string/loc key
- Added can_inherit government parameter. Defaults to yes. If set to no, characters with this government cannot inherit titles
- The following opinion modifiers now work in all modifiers: rel_head_opinion, child_opinion, dynasty_opinion, female_dynasty_opinion, male_dynasty_opinion
- In effect fields custom_tooltip will now always properly hide the tooltip of nested effects.
- Added "window" attribute for events, which specifies the name of a GUI window to use, meaning an event can be given virtually any look. Specifying the "background" parameter will also apply that GFX name + "_option" to the option buttons if GFX by that name exists
- Fixed clear_delayed_event not working on provinces if the event in question is a narrative_event or similar rather than explicitly a province event
- Having fewer than 7 baronies defined for a county should no longer risk crashing the game
- Added max_attacker_battle_score and max_defender_battle_score CB parameters, which override the relevant define if set
- The "government" trigger can now also take a scope as its right-hand-side. E.G., "government = ROOT" or "government = k_norway". It will compare to the government of the character the scope corresponds to
- Added capturing_defender_is_complete_victory and capturing_attacker_is_complete_victory CB parameters. Default to "yes". If set to "no", capturing the defender/attacker is not automatic victory, but instead gives CAPTURED_HEIR_WAR_SCORE warscore
- Added "display_on_map" parameter to job actions, which can be used to override the color of the job action when assigning it, and providing a tooltip, based on a trigger. As many such sections can be added as desired; the first that evaluates to true will be used. If none are defined, or if none evaluate true, the default green color is used. The special colors are only used if the job action itself can be used. The tooltip will be run through custom loc with the same scopes as the trigger. Example:
display_on_map = {
tooltip = JOB_PROSELYTIZE_DIFFERENT_RELIGION # Key of the loc to add to the tooltip
trigger = { # Trigger for when this should happen. Same scopes as the allow/potential for the job action itself
NOT = { religion = FROM }
color = { 255 0 0 } # What color to use on the map
- Added logging at game start if there are living characters who lack a culture or religion
- Fixed not all event targets working with custom loc (E.G., artifacts)
- All notifications now have custom loc scope available. Those that didn't use to now have FROM as the "sender" of the notification, and ROOT as the player
- Added government parameters can_grant_kingdoms_and_empires_to_other_government_group and can_be_granted_kingdoms_and_empires_by_other_government_group for governments. Changed the defaults so that by default governments can grant within a group, and receive from anyone
- Added AI flags "ai_flag_refuse_marriage" and "ai_flag_refuse_concubinage". If set, the AI will never marry the character off or accept them being made into a concubine, except if they're the person the character is getting married to/made consort of
- Added logging for buildings that are built while their pre-requisites or the building they upgrade from is missing
- Added artifact_age and has_known_creation_date triggers
- Added set_looter_hostility_days effect, which can be used to force a specific time of looter hostility, including 0 in order to remove looter hostility
- Added "debug_events" console command. After running this, the game will keep track of how many times each event has fired. This can be printed to the game folder (wherever the CK2 .exe is) using "debug_dumpevents"
- Fixed scoping in custom loc working very inconsistently with script scoping at times. Most importantly, this means that "Root" will no longer be undefined after scoping to something else, so something like "From.GetRootRelation" should now always work
- Fixed indentation in random_list tooltips not working properly if there's more than one effect within a single entry
- Fixed provinces getting duplicate or no names in cases where "external" provinces are defined in any spot other than dead last in the province list
- If you disable the prestige hit from unlanded sons for a tier, that tier will no longer get the unlanded sons alert
- Fixed scoping to job titles looking really ugly in tooltips
- Made the error messages when wrong names are used for a number of effects and triggers easier to understand
- Fixed it being possible to accidentally make everyone in the world allied when using add_alliance
- Added logging when you in history put a date entry within another date entry, since this is invalid and won't work. Can also help detect malformed script in some cases
- Fixed portraits not showing up in trigger switches
- Ensured that a fake war exists for tooltip purposes before declaring a war, so you can scope to the attacker and defender in the tooltips
- Fixed the graphical_culture trigger crashing the game if an invalid graphical culture was used
- Added effect_even_if_dead history effect for characters. Will be run even after the character's death, unlike "effect"
- Fixed the "new_character" scope in some cases not persisting when saving and reloading
- Fixed missing newline at end of destroy_tradepost, destroy_fort, and destroy_hospital effect
- random_list entries below 0 due to modifiers are now simply counted as 0 rather than a negative number
- Fixed it being possible for the artifact name in the "Gift Artifact" interaction to go out of bounds for very long artifact names
- Including a mesh that doesn't exist in a .GFX file should no longer crash the game. Means that for example reapers_due_dlc.gfx can be modded without crashing the game for users without The Reaper's Due
- The opening text for diplomatic events now supports custom loc, with Root being the receiver and From being the sender
- Ensured no longer possible governments cannot persist for more than a month after invalidation (E.G., due to changed culture)
- set_government_type now forces immediate government validation after setting the government. This essentially means the character must meet the potential for the government you set
- Tech point bonuses now work in all holding types, not just normal holdings and hospitals
- The "is_married" pre-trigger now only returns true if the character has a living spouse. Before also returned true if spouse was dead
- The game will no longer log errors about missing images or sounds for events disabled due to lack of DLC
- Your designated regent is no longer reset upon a regency starting. For example, this means you no longer have to reassign your regent after going on Hajj
- Fixed the "trade_route" trigger having no localisation
- Added "assassination_interaction_trigger" scripted trigger for the Assassinate diplomatic action
- Fixed diplomatic responses in some cases showing you rather than the person responding to you
- Made it clear that rulers without a scripted dynasty will get one generated at gamestart. Now has "Unknown" dynasty rather than "Lowborn" on the campaign startup screen
- Fixed income from tributaries not counting towards "yearly_income" triggers and similar
- Fixed using export_to_variable not working on global and local variables
- The "capital" character history effect now actually works to set a character's capital. Before it had no effect
- Fixed the on-start capital validation overriding the current capital for people who don't have a preferred capital
- Fixed force_host normally resulting in the host simply resetting to one's liege/own court a day later
- The secret_religious_cult scope now works even if the character does not have a secret religion; it'll now always refer to their true religion instead (secret religion if they have one, otherwise public religion)
- Added could_be_parent_of trigger, which checks if the scoped character is in the right age range to be the parent of the target character. This means that they're at least AGE_OF_MARRIAGE_MALE years older, and at most MAX_CHILD_BIRTH_AGE years older if female (for immortal characters, as long as they became immortal before this age they bypass the check). It also checks that they didn't die before the birth date of the target
- Fixed a number of scopes (one example: the target of factions) being unlocalized
- Fixed a missing linebreak in the betrothal and marriage interaction tooltips
- Fixed broken betrothals appearing as marriages on the character screen until the screen is refreshed. Now the character listing disappears entirely
- Fixed new campaigns in rare cases starting with alerts about council job assignments
- Fixed matrilineal betrothals and marriages saying they're disallowed by at least one party even when they're not
- Fixed nomad titles that should be dynastically named not being so on the character selection screen, instead changing names once the campaign starts
- Ensured custom loc referenced from hardcoded loc properties (E.G., GetPlayerRelation) get processed
- Ensured custom loc works in the tooltip for dead characters
- Added on-actions on_revoke_attempted_started_war, on_retract_vassal_attempted_started_war, on_absorb_clan_attempted_started_war, and on_split_clan_attempted_started_war
- Added join_crusade_if_bordering_hostile parameter for religions. If set to yes, the AI won't refrain from joining a crusade simply because it borders a heathen/heretic realm

# Database
- Fixed Vladimir and Rastate Balgarsko being separate characters and made the new one Tengri Pagan
- Moved the Cloak Of Mohammad spawn from Bost to Bukhara
- Updated Fraticelli Papal Names to be consistent with the Catholic Papal Names
- Castille now has Toledo as its dejure capital in 1066
- Fixed a few holdings having the wrong level of a building
- Fixed some holdings missing a pre-requisite for some buildings

# Bugfixes
- You no longer get the alerts for commander titles if you have "auto assign commanders" enabled
- Fixed a bug with females being able to rule Theocracies despite the religion forbidding it
- Fixed resigning the game causing some triggers and effects in history to stop working or even outright crash the game in mods
- History execution is now strictly sequential in order, eliminating a number of issues that could occur when changing the date
- Fixed an issue where in some rare cases if you died while in revolt, one character would inherit just the revolt, and another everything else, leaving you playing the revolter with no land
- Fixed a crash in construction of trade posts when the builder died between when he issued the command and when it was carried out
- Fixed a rare crash when characters were trying to target their dead dynasty members in a new plot
- Fixed the end date given for settlements in the settlement construction confirmation window not always matching the actual end date even if all build time modifiers remained the same throughout construction
- Fixed holding construction in rare cases resulting in rulers unlanding themselves
- "Auto Assign Commanders," Interactions under council's consideration and Ally Orders are now preserved when the player's character die.
- Fixed a crash that could happen when a barony somehow ended up not being a part of any county
- The is_tributary trigger now has proper tooltips
- Releasing a Tributary now detracts prestige from the correct character
- Fixed incorrect liege of Västerbotten in 1066
- Removed incorrect limit on 'decision_break_free', you can now rescue dynasty members from having been captured as concubines
- You will no longer end up with two lifestyle traits if you have an event that would give you a lifestyle trait open and use the Hermetic decision "Choose Hermetic Art" before clicking the event to receive the trait
- Fixed patricians sometimes deciding they'd rather be a regular republic due to their liege dying, thus abandoning all their trade posts
- Fixed a crash where a character preparing an invasion would decide to copy all information about their life, then delete it
- Fixed wrong scope being used in event 63100
- Fixed raiding adventurers sometimes being stuck as raiders after getting settled
- Fixed nomads in some cases ending up with no capital after their existing capital is destroyed
- Fixed it in some cases being possible to be allied to oneself
- Fixed a rare crash on resign
- Fixed characters in some cases becoming courtiers of characters that don't hold any land
- Fixed a crash that could result from courtiers with a host that doesn't actually have a court
- Fixed incorrect scoping in weights for RIP.11701, prosperity gain should now be properly reduced while at war
- Fixed lowborn characters in old saves sometimes causing a crash
- Fixed landing someone causing them to cease being a councilor, losing all minor titles, and losing all wards
- Immortal women's real age will no longer be guessed by the people they're trying to marry
- The "child has finished education" alert now actually obeys the message settings instead of trying to read your mind you figure out if you *really* want to hear about it
- Temporary titles are no longer handed out to gavelkind heirs as if they were real titles.
- Fixed an unlikely infinite loop when the adultery of dead people is discovered
- AI should no longer pine for a matrilineal marriage if they have been turned off by game rules
- Fixed a bug with the attrition icon flicking on and off on the unit widget on the map
- "Kingdom Adjudication" (division of kingdoms between different heirs) should now work properly again
- Fixed a crash in some saves when selecting specific characters
- Possibly fixed a crash that could happen if someone was heir to a title that no longer exists
- Fixed a crash involving baronies with no settlement
- Fixed the game crashing if the "siege provinces" ally order was used against a patrician
- Fixed a rounding bug where 'random_list' effects and 'random_events' in on_actions would never happen if the fractional modified chance was too small
- Fixed using mass execution on 10+ people causing an OOS in multiplayer
- Fixed one way the game could go OOS as a result of characters being inconsistently calculated as powerful vassals
- Brew happiness potion should now be available on all direct vassals.
- Fixed supply status being reset when loading the game
- Fixed armies using up root at a slower and slower rate the less there is left when they're foraging rather than looting. This means it no longer takes nearly forever to run out of supplies
- Fixed landless characters not getting a siege tech bonus
- Fixed a bug where armies would count enemy occupied provinces as friendly territory (and thus reinforce there)
- Fixed you sometimes getting kicked out of a faction for no apparent reason
- Fixed it in some cases being possible to rename the dynasty of other players
- Fixed the age buttons in the Ruler Designer having no actual effect once you got in-game. Now they set the minimum age (to 16/30/50)
- Fixed a crash that could occur if someone on the list of people to invite to a plot died while the list is open
- Fixed piety giving an opinion bonus with anyone who can hold temples, not just theocratic governments
- Fixed creating a custom empire not copying your tansistry or elective succession law
- Fixed ticking warscore in independence wars not working properly (meant to tick if the independence seeker holds all their holdings)
- Fixed a CTD where someone would be part of a coalition that no longer exists
- Ensured that if you end up holding a province with a nomad capital as a non-nomad, when a regular holding becomes capital instead you end up owning it rather than the baron becoming count
- Fixed "Gift Artifact" not requiring that you select an artifact
- Fixed removed opinion modifiers in some cases reappearing if you saved on the day of their removal and then reloaded. This would for example cause Prepared Invasions to fail if you saved the day you started them
- Fixed using council consideration letting you bypass the need for a favor on your liege
- Fixed council consideration not working for secondary titles; they instead got applied to the primary title
- Now possible to gain a new favor while another one is active (council support)
- Fixed independent muslims getting the bonus from having a sibling as their liege
- Fixed stewardship not actually affecting trade post income, even though the trade post income tooltip would claim it did
- If your relic hunter is fired or retires as a councilor their search ends
- Fixed the Secret Ceremony event not always selecting society members in the same realm if possible
- Fixed having the Conscientous trait preventing the Fussy events from firing
- Fixed event 20271 never ending or informing you if your Priest converted to your secret religion
- Fixed getting Society missions and events when you are incapable
- Fixed killing random prisoners in the Devil Worshiper "Songs of Anguish" event
- Removed duplicate has_top_tier_education_trait_trigger scripted trigger
- Blocked getting Beyond the Indus achievement for your dynasty if you meet the conditions for getting it on start up
- Fixed Vassals being allowed to declare war for family members claimants even when laws do not allow it
- Fixed feast flags sometimes not being cleared on vassals if the event chain gets broken
- Fixed the localisation for event 3200 not displaying the name of the person judging your advice
- Fixed being able to interact with a character being sacrificed by a Devil Worshiper
- Fixed Nagyszombat being spelt Nagyzombat
- Fixed Religion Feature tooltip for Reformed Pagan religions saying they cannot use Holy Wars and are inferior at conversion
- Fixed some outliner categories (most notably Armies) having a significant performance impact
- Fixed the launcher not being able to use passwords beyond 81 characters
- Unlanded characters no longer sometimes feel compelled to will all their money to themselves upon dying
- Unlanded characters no longer prefer to will their money to their liege rather than a sibling or their mother just because their father is dead
- Concubines of other people can now be taken as concubines if you imprison them
- The EU4 Converter will now properly convert Mongolia to EU4 Mongolia
- Fixed the tooltip for raiders stealing an artifact saying the artifact was transferred to No Character
- Fixed Mór being spelt Mör
- Fixed WoL catching seduction event targeting the revealer of the seduction to be a spouse causing infinite opinion loss
- Fixed designated regents not staying your regent if they're not in your court
- Fixed is_murder_quest_target_of_prev_trigger not always targeting the correct person
- Fixed characters in rare cases giving birth to two different children less than nine months apart
- Fixed dynamic flags not being cleared upon preparing grounds as a secret religion
- Fixed event 63100 not applying the opinion modifiers to your liege correctly
- Fixed the Assassins recruitment chain getting stuck if your inductor died
- Characters currently in hiding or prison can no longer impregnate women, who were already excluded from impregnation if *they* were in hiding or prison
- Fixed Hermetic infiltrate laboratory mission not failing if your companion died
- Fixed your spouse getting upset with you for studying the stars even though they are the one who wanted you to
- Fixed it not being possible to invite either party of a matrilineal marriage to your court
- Fixed being able to continue your hunt for hermetic ingredients with your apprentice's corpse
- Fixed wars that should vassalize the target sometimes taking their land instead as a result of them being the leader of a revolt
- Fixed the leader of the Hermetic society writing about how good it is you are joining them from their jail cell
- Fixed the removal of stressed/paranoid and flags not being cleared in secret cult member showing doubt event
- Fixed indirect vassals being upset that you're a woman even if you've got Full Status of Women
- Fixed translation for Bengal and Deccan Empire in German and Spanish
- Fixed your liege's Chancellor improving relations with you implying that they have a different liege
- Fixed duplicate modifiers in Tournament and Furusiyyah gaining brave event
- Fixed bastard child not being generated for unwed daughter if your spymaster lets them live and you pardon everyone
- If you secretly practice a religion and falsely confess your religion again you keep the secret religion you already had and it costs reduced piety
- Fixed being told by yourself that you were being kicked out of your secret religious cult if you abandoned your secret religion
- Fixed typo in Court Jester description saying know as a fool instead of known as a fool
- Fixed being able to eat your family members whilst in seclusion and not getting the kinslayer trait
- Fixed a number of issues that'd happen on the very first day after dying, such as being able to usurp titles you have no claim to
- Fixed being able to continue with your recruitment into the Devil Worshipers from the confines of your prison cell
- Fixed being given quests targeting your fellow Devil Worshipers
- Fixed the anachronistic word Clown being used for insults instead of Jester
- Fixed the children of ruler designed characters not getting any traits even if they're old enough that they should have traits
- Fixed the duchies of counties not being removed when forming Hungary with the pre Horse Lords decision
- Prepared invasion fleets now spawn as close to your capital as possible, rather than as close to your physical location as possible
- Fixed two females impregnating each other via the WoL maidservant lover event
- Fixed unholy impregnation decision failing to reference the Devil when targeting a non-Devil Worshiper
- Fixed restoring the Catholic Pope referring to him as being Fraticelli
- Fixed not being informed about the ability to abduct people if a member of the Assassins or a Devil Worshiper
- Fixed it being possible to be given a mission to Corrupt someone yet be given no target
- Fixed Assassins kill target event being less likely to fire at higher ranks
- Fixed Zoroastrian pets being inconsistent with other pets, they are now modifiers and can die in time
- Fixed the tooltip for the Renounce Iconoclasm decision causing a mini-freeze when generating the tooltip
- Fixed it being possible to gift cursed diamonds and crowns
- Fixed being able to found a Holy Order as a heresy that has become the orthodoxy but not be able to raise the Holy Order
- Fixed it being possible to ruler design a character you're not allowed to play, which would lead to an instant game over
- Fixed it in some cases being possible to call the vassals of someone you're at war with into unrelated wars, thus ending up both allied and hostile to them
- Fixed an issue with targeted decisions vassal target filter allowing courtiers to use their employers vassals as valid targets.
- Taught the Pope that lifting his own excommunication when he becomes the Pope makes him a better role model for other Catholics
- Fixed missing localisation command in ZE.1012 daughter not marrying the spurned spouse event
- Fixed the game at campaign start generating dynasties even for a lot of characters who have no need for one, such as unlanded characters and non-feudal barons
- Fixed cultural tech points resetting on loading a save if you have 0 economic tech points
- Fixed that you'd get the "alliance breaker" penalty even if the reason you "declined" the call to arms was that it was no longer valid (E.G., due to you joining the war)
- Fixed the "Open Chronicle" button being available even if you had no chronicle, resulting in a crash. Could generally only happen in multiplayer
- Fixed infinite cuckolding, your cuckolding victim will now only slightly hate you and not infinitely hate you
- Fixed merging units sometimes leading to you losing control over a siege
- Fixed changing flank leader sometimes leading to you losing control over a siege
- Fixed being able to get the Berseker event even if you did not meet the conditions of being a Germanic religion to retain the trait.
- Fixed crash that could happen due to dying during your daily update
- Seljuk will no longer have the possibility to spawn in unlanded courts. Mercenaries and raiders had a bad influence on Seljuk's development.
- Fixed pound signs in localisation crashing the game in some cases
- Fixed being able to get a special option for having the just trait and the other option giving the just trait in the boar kills pigs event.
- Fixed the CK2 Germanic group Lombard culture being converted into the EU4 Latin group Lombard culture. It now converts into the EU4 Germanic group.
- Fixed your prisoner not caring if you refused them better accommodations or put them into the Oubliette when they ask to go to house arrest.
- Fixed non-existent death reason being referenced in suicide death scripted trigger.
- Fixed various Charlemagne convert to culture decisions not correctly converting your family with you.
- Fixed being able to fire your court physician whilst they were still treating you.
- Fixed Marshal being accused of beating a subjects daughter not taking into account the Marshal's gender.
- Fixed it being possible for nomad max manpower to go negative if it got too high
- Fixed the notification for your relic hunter not being an actual notification but a pop up event. It now only pops up when the hunter is nearing completion.
- Fixed some cases where your heir being a different government would cause you to change government on succession
- Fixed an issue where dead characters could be targeted by Pagan minor deity worship events if they had been the target of one before they died.
- Fixed not being able to legitimize your bastard children if they were of a different dynasty but still a bastard.
- Fixed inverted ai logic in the chance of joining the Assassins being more likely if cynical/craven/content.
- Fixed one way characters could remain in the court of dead characters, or not go to their own court once they have land
- Fixed Hajj sometimes never ending
- Fixed vassal counts getting a 25% bonus to levies in their capital, instead of vassal dukes and above
- Fixed the game sometimes telling you you'd lost voters that were never even on your council when you inherit someone's lands
- Fixed being able to steal artifacts from non-capital provinces.
- Fixed who raided who not being inherited when raid hostility is inherited, leading to the modifier never expiring until someone conducted another raid
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to have the wrong portrait displayed when doing penance and asking a priest for help.
- Fixed revolting Norse rulers not getting the free shipyards when the Viking Age starts.
- Reduced how long the game could freeze on the first yearly tick after a reload
- Fixed the viking compliment not having a separate adjective for translation purposes.
- Fixed frigid, unmanly and virtuous being listed as insult/compliment nouns and not adjectives.
- Fixed duplicate definition of survived_assassination modifier.
- Fixed nomad titles in rare cases not being properly deleted, and thus sticking around after the actual nomad is gone
- Fixed Diwali Feast referring to the wrong gender of your lover and spouse in some cases.
- The military tab no longer stutters so badly if you have a ludicrous number of vassals while having the vassal limit disabled
- Fixed being able to game over if your heir has a religion you do not own the DLC for, now they convert to the religion your last character had so play can continue.
- Fixed dismissing ships in home port sometimes not actually returning those fleets to their holdings
- Fixed it sometimes taking quite a long time for the stats of family palaces to update
- Fixed it in some cases being possible to invite the spouse of a landed character to your court
- Now only the host in multiplayer is able to use the EU4 Converter
- Fixed scrying events when you get a diseases referring to your character as "my brother".
- has_raised_levies trigger should now work as intended again.
- Fixed viceroyalties in some cases changing succession law upon being granted; now their succession form is not validated until the title ceases to be a viceroyalty
- It should no longer be possible for trade posts to persist after a person ceases to be a patrician; either they'll be handed to other patricians, or they'll be destroyed
- Fixed tech points from province modifiers having no actual effect beyond being shown in tooltips
- Fixed protected realm inheritance combined with gavelkind sometimes preventing someone who would've otherwise been your primary heir from inheriting if they stand to inherit any titles not held by you
- Fixed non-aggression pacts sometimes not breaking when the marriage/bethrothal underpinning it ends
- Fixed it not being possible to resupply your army by looting a province even if you're hostile to the province, if you're not hostile to the province's top liege
- Fixed a crash that could happen if a barony has an invalid settlement associated with it
- Fixed some issues where you wouldn't receive artifacts when you should while stealing from your Monastic Order
- Fixed incorrect punctuation in smith event.
- Fixed getting the fulfilled marriage opinion towards your liege even if they are not the one who arranged the marriage.
- Dharmic religions now forge Scimitars instead of normal swords.
- Fixed not being notified when your suzerain died and you were free from your status as a tributary.
- Fixed it being possible for your unlanded wife to imprison you.
- Fixed RIP.4501 referring to the location of your hospital as literally "location" instead of getting its name.
- Fixed it being possible to settle an adventurer in a kingdom. Now restricted to only counties and duchies as before
- Fixed the game going OOS in MP if someone gave someone else an artifact they already had a copy of, resulting in the artifact's destruction
- Fixed troops that are only supposed to disband on peace sometimes disbanding when their owner died instead, even if their heir inherited their war(s)
- Fixed using the Ruler Designer preventing you from getting achievements even if you discarded the ruler designed character afterwards (either by hitting "Cancel", or by changing the date or resigning)
- Fixed discarding a ruler designed character by opening the ruler designer again and hitting "Cancel" not causing their portrait to update until you'd deselected and reselected them
- Nomad holdings can no longer cause provinces to be considered too full for the purposes of clans wanting more land
- Fixed the auto-generation of buildings at game start in some cases generating buildings that don't have all their pre-requisites
- The hint window for the countryviews will no longer reappear when the game ticks if you close it without closing the countryview.
- Fixed an issue where legitimizing a bastard could modify opinion with 'No Character'.
- Fixed religious heads being able to use all CBs outside diplomatic range, rather than just the Crusade-type CBs
- Fixed it in some cases being possible for imprisoned vassals to join a revolt against your tyranny
- Fixed saving and reloading invalidating invasion CBs given to you by the Pope that you've yet to act on
- Fixed retinues draining money but not reinforcing if you end up in the negatives as a result of your monthly expenses. Now all retinues that end up draining money will receive reinforcements
- Fixed a number of console commands crashing the game if you typed a character ID that doesn't exist
- Using "Connect to ID" to a password protected server without typing a password will now give you a "denied" responce instead of just waiting endlessly
- Fixed saving and reloading the game sometimes resulting in titles named things like "k_dyn_12345" existing, and sometimes being creatable. Will not fix saves that already have this issue
- Fixed Genghis Khan not being named Genghis Khan if you start from a date after his death
- Build cost reduction is now capped to 90% for buildings and new holdings.
- Fixed holy sites in some cases in saves ending up being assigned to the county while there's a valid temple holding within the county
- Enabling automatic plot invites will no longer invite other players in multiplayer, tipping them off about your plot
- Automatic plot invites should now invite everyone possible. Most notably, this includes society members not in your realm, in the case of assassination missions for The Assassins
- Ensured a character can never appear twice in a line of succession
- Using "get_all_artifacts" while having the artifact window open should no longer horrifically lag the game (or outright crash). Also eliminated massive lag when inheriting a large treasury with the treasury open
- Jain characters can no longer hold or grant the minor title "Master of the Hunt"
- Fixed a CTD that could result from ally orders not being fully cleared out when a unit is deleted (E.G., due to being wiped out in battle, or disbanding)
- Fixed Jihads in some cases resulting in Feudal Muslim rulers
- Fixed it in some cases being possible to get the character bonuses from a religion twice for a short amount of time. E.G., if it gave +2 Stewardship, you'd be getting +4
- Fixed it not being possible to join your liege's wars if they're a different religion
- Fixed it being possible to cancel plots that are in motion by replacing them with a murder plot or similar via the character right-click menu
- Fixed levy numbers being somewhat wrong on day 0 of a campaign, changing on the very next day
- The Assassinate diplomatic action (if enabled by game rules) now obeys the player assassination multiplayer game rules
- Added missing rivers in Persia, Tarim Basin, and some other places.
- Fixed the short reign opinion penalty never being applied
- Fixed the long reign opinion bonus being roughly twice as powerful as intended
- Fixed dead rulers with no scripted dynasty not getting one generated
- Fixed a historical king of Poland wearing theocratic clothing
- Fixed options in the 'Plague Approaches' events sometimes showing the wrong text
- Fixed an issue where you could be asked to approve a plot against yourself
- Fixed an issue where you enter a state where you were permanently unable to use murder plots
- Fixed some issues surrounding the Cursed Diamond events
- Fixed unlanding someone in some cases causing you to very temporarily inherit wars you shouldn't, making your liege consider you a traitor
- Fixed a number of cases where people got unlanded when there was no reason to do so
- Fixed the game crashing if you ran a province event via console on a non-existent province
- Fixed an issue where being kicked out of or leaving a society would always claim that you were of the Shia religion
- Fixed an issue with dead character's portrait appearing in an old Way of Life business event
- Fixed an issue with a trait icon appearing in an option (in a Conclave stewardship event) for seemingly no reason
- Fixed an issue with text overflow in the option of mutilating a prisoner
- Fixed issue where you'd be unable to leave certain societies if you no longer fulfill the demands for joining that society
- Eliminated side-effects of character selection in the lobby, eliminating one OOS
Some fun new achievements there, and great pic!
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And now for the Changelog - the biggest one in the history of CK2. As this picture shows (courtesy of Meneth) the changelog measures two QA, one Project Lead, one Content Designer, one Programmer and half a Groogy.

View attachment 311928

Apparently this is what I do for a living...
- The holy site icon for heresies are now shown in the holding view if their parent religion does not have the same holy sites (E.G., Ibadi and Manichean holy sites)
You might want to change Ibadi to Yazidi since Ibadi has not been an heresy in a while and Yazidi is now the sunni heresy with it's own holy sites
The golden hand, iron hand and prosthetic leg modifiers are now artifacts. They can not be gifted or inherited.
But what happens if you want to give someone a hand? :(

... I'll see myself out. Excited for some of these changes.
Cheers for the DD Rageair :D. Some nice achievements there - Bon appetit is a highlight in terms of punnage, and snipped off to China is quality :cool:. Looking forward to getting stomped on by some angry Chinese emperor on release :).

Apparently this is what I do for a living...

You won't be happy until all changelogs are measured in terms of 'Standard Groogys'? :). Just think, in fifty years time, when PDS finally release Rome 2 and they're talking about a new patch, they'll be bragging about how many Groogys of pages the patch was!
Added the Empire of Tibet title, which consists of 4 new Kingdoms
Wait... Dege, Yarlung, Guge, Kashmir and Nepal are 5 kingdoms. Or?
Buddhists can now use the normal Holy War CB for a cost of 250 Piety
What is a "normal" holy war? Is it a war for a whole duchy?
Muslim Holy Wars now subjugate rulers in the target area, similar to how Muslim Invasions work, with the exception if they are of another Muslim sect where it works like before
So, from a QoL perspective, does it mean I have to revoke all the holdings individually from the previous owners after a won holy war?
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- Non-Shia characters can join the Assassins and will be given the opportunity to secretly convert if they are any other Muslim or a non-zealous player.
I'm now officially suffering from "Player's Block": until this beauty isn't out, I'l be unable to play :(

I asked it a bit back without an answer and I can't really see it in the notes, so I'll ask again: Is the Confucian government type moddable to be made playable, or is it just plain unplayable?
Good ol' Decadence rework.