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CK2 Dev Diary #70: The Art of the East

Hi everyone!

Today I thought I’d talk a bit about the new art and music in Jade Dragon. If you’ve been following the development, you’ve probably noticed some of it already. Obviously, there are a lot of new icons, window frames and other interface bling. Most of this is the work of the inestimable Bjarne Hallberg, our main artist on Crusader Kings II.


Tibetan Holdings


A selection of Chinese Coats of Arms

As usual, there are also 15 new event pictures. This time, they were created by two external studios; “5518” and “Volta”. If you look carefully, you should be able to notice that the style is slightly different.




Then there are, of course, the fantastic new portraits by Deric “Crackdtoothgrin” North, and it’s not just one set, but two! Included in Jade Dragon are both his Tibetan and Chinese portraits, and I’ve got to say I think it’s some of his finest work.


Tibetan Portraits

Chinese Portraits.png

Chinese Portraits

Also included in the expansion is 10 minutes of Chinese themed music from Studio Audinity (composed by Yannick Süß and Robin Birner.) The music sounds great; check out our livestreams for a listen!

That’ll have to do it for today, stay safe!
Looks very nice.
All looking very good! Kudos to the art team.

Though I still wonder about the new wastelands, and if we'll be able to change them back to good ol' grey. :D
I dont want to be rude, but it's kinda too short for a dev diary. And I thought you would introduce the decision of Chinese Administration today.

Although I too thought it might be about that, this isn't that surprising.

And not all dev diaries are or have been large they don't come with a minimum amount of new information.

It's fairly typical that at the beginning of a dev diary cycle or the end of a dev diary cycle that that they start to get skinnier.
We will be getting Chinese unit models and Tibetan holding models. If a dlc is made in the aftermath adding Tibetan units and Chinese holding models, I would be willing to pay for it as a stand-alone DLC (Regardless of whether or not they should have been included from the get-go).

But the most glaring need for new art, in all of CK2 is the desperate need for NEW Arab portraits and units (I have been wanting to use the Persian ones for Arabs since that dlc was released. The Pretty Units mod fixes the units at least.)

Middle-East 2.0 expansion next? (New Arab portraits, Berber portraits, Sufi society, new Crusader mechanics, Knights of Lazarus, Templars as joinable society, Ghazi holy order, 5th Crusade bookmark w possible Crusader Kingdom of Egypt forming or Francis of Assisi converting Sultan al-Kamil as special event.) Yes, please!

Edit: Idea for a temporary mod for new arab portraits

New mod.jpg

Edit nr.2: The actual mod, all complete:

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