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CK2 Dev Diary #43: An Expansion Should Not Travel Alone


As was announced last week, Monk and Mystics will be released on March 7th. Which is only a week away! If you haven’t already, mark the date in your calendars. But to make the wait easier for you, I thought I’d share the details of the accompanying Content Pack.

The Monks and Mystics Content Pack includes two sets of portraits (which you may have seen already in the CK2 Monday Streams), along with fitting Unit Packs. First is the German Portraits. While named German, they will apply to the entire Central Germanic culture group.

The German Unit Pack:

Next up is the English Portraits. Since English is only present in the later bookmarks of the game, we made the portraits also apply for Normans, to make sure that you can play with them without having to start very late.

And the English Unit Pack:

An important note is that the Content Pack will be bundled with Monks and Mystics and automatically included when you buy the expansion.

I’ll also provide you with the remainder of the changelog that I didn’t give you in the dev diary of last week. There are a few AI improvements in there, to accompany the new AI Orders, along with a huge list of new modding stuff for all the new features and mechanics. And of course, the usual bug fixing.

# AI Improvements
- Fixed the AI sometimes cancelling its movements due to not realizing that doing so would mean that there are now fewer troops on the way to the target province
- Fixed the AI only considering the main settlement of a province for figuring out whether it is hostile, rather than all settlements
- The AI now accounts for how far it has walked towards a province when figuring out how "distant" it is
- Fixed the AI sometimes getting horribly confused when merging a lot of armies at once
- Fixed the AI sometimes getting horribly confused by islands when merging armies
- Fixed an issue where the AI would keep sieging despite being outnumbered by the garrison
- Fixed an issue where the army AI would overestimate its troops in any given province by a factor of two, leading to erratic movement
- The AI will now use their best non-viceroyalty title when making marriage calculations, meaning they'll no longer accept matrilineal marriages to their heirs just because their heir won't succeed them to the viceroyalty
- Fixed the logic for the AI being willing to move to your court based on you being able to press their claim(s) sometimes being wrong

# User modding
- Added COURTIER_EVENT_PROCESS_OFFSET define, which determines how often courtiers check MTTH events. Set to 50, as compared to 20 for rulers
- Plots now support "join_allow", with the target as ROOT, the person potentially joining as FROM, and the plot leader as FROMFROM
- Added a "portrait_tier" trigger, which can be used in portrait GFX files. Equivalent to "tier", except works in this context
- Added day_of_birth, month_of_birth and year_of_birth triggers (as well as some scripted triggers, such as "is_born_in_january_trigger = yes")
- Added GetWesternZodiacSign custom loc
- Added on_quest_success and on_quest_failure on_actions
- Notification type events can now have options. If options are added, one will be chosen by the AI using the ai weights defined for the options. This also means that "after" can be used for notification events
- Added set_creation_date effect for artifacts. Dates at or before 1.1.1 will be shown as "Unknown Date"
- tribal_opinion and unreformed_tribal_opinion now work as character modifiers as well, not just as a province, hospital, and focus modifier
- The "charinfo" command will now also show character variables
- Added "global_levy_size" and "global_garrison_size" so that one can apply levy size modifiers to characters
- Fixed the holding-specific levy size modifiers being localised as regular numbers rather than percentages
- The game will now log any instance of custom_tooltip that doesn't have a text key defined, or where the defined key isn't defined in localisation (use the -debugscripts launch parameter to get this kind of logging)
- The game will now log references to cultures and religions (and groups) that don't exist for the following triggers and effects: culture, culture_group, religion, religion_group
- The game will now log references to non-existent traits in add_trait, remove_trait, and create_character
- The game will now log character and dynasty IDs equal or less than 0
- The game will now log characters with a dynasty that isn't defined
- The game will now log event IDs that are too big for being in a namespace (there's 100k event IDs per namespace)
- The game will now log references to static dynasties that haven't been defined for the "dynasty" trigger and effect
- The game will now log references to non-existent traits in character history
- The game will now log if character history tries to remove a trait not present, or add one the character already has, or add one the character has the opposite of
- random_list entries now support a trigger. Equivalent to using a modifier with a factor = 0 but doesn't require you to use inverted logic to achieve your blocking of the random entry.
- The game will now in most cases log references to undefined titles in triggers and effects
- The game will now log whenever undefined localisation is invoked
- Hidden modifiers will now no longer show up in attribute tooltips and the like, now stating "Unknown Sources" rather than revealing that the character is in a specific secret society or similar
- Fixed it not being possible to select characters controlling a religion with investiture on the character selection screen, even if they're feudal
- custom_tooltip now ignores newlines at the end/start of the tooltip, instead adding one of its own
- Made the event flag list shown by "charinfo" far more compact
- Fixed the same random seed being used for all sub-effects within any_ scopes and the while effect; before this would cause all randomness to have identical results for the targets
- The game will report events with no options defined (unless they're notification events or hidden)
- The game will now report loc keys that haven't been defined for event options, descriptions, and titles
- The "abdicate" effect can now take a "move = no" parameter. This will ensure that the character keeps the same liege if they end up unlanded
- The game will now report loc keys that haven't been defined for opinion modifiers
- Fixed "END" not being a valid shortcut key
- Added "scaled_by_influence" parameter for the "change_society_currency" effect and "society_currency" trigger. It will reduce the amount of currency consumed (or given, but is intended for the former) by 70% when the society is at 100% influence, going linearly from 0% at 0%
- Added an on_focus_selected on_action
- Added tooltip_info_modifier for event options. Works like "tooltip_info = trait", except it takes an event modifier instead of a trait
- "tooltip_info = yes" will now highlight the event option without adding to the tooltip, allowing a more specific explanation to be added using custom_tooltip instead
- Added a new_artifact scope
- Added artifact_owner and original_artifact_owner scopes
- Added set_artifact_original_owner effect
- The error log will no longer complain about missing titles for hidden narrative events
- Fixed the AI selecting the first event option if all options have an ai_chance of 0, and the trigger for the option is invalid; it will now select the first option where the trigger is met instead. It'll only fall back to the very first option if there's no valid option whatsoever
- Fixed tag switching via the console sometimes resulting in the game being impossible to unpause
- "dynasty = none" now works as a way to make someone lowborn. Before it only worked in "create_character"
- Fixed council members being unable to back the Elective succession faction even if the council was discontent or the realm lacked the law that prevents councilors from joining factions
- IMPORTANT: Moved custom_localisation to the "localisation" folder. It no longer affects the game's checksum
- custom localisation can now reference loc strings that themselves contain custom localisation
- added artifact_type_owned_by trigger (see game/common/artifacts/artifacts_script.info for more info)
- <religion>_opinion now works for all character modifiers, not just traits
- <religion>_opinion now works for all religions and religion groups rather than those hardcoded in
- Added <culture>_opinion effect. Works in all character modifiers. Also works for culture groups
- Added "society_decisions". These will only be evaluated for characters in societies
- Added "is_in_society" quick-trigger for targeted decisions. This ensures evaluation will quickly stop for characters not in a society
- Fixed "aggression" for ambitions not working. Note that it needs to be a non-negative number
- Added error logging for events that reference GFX or SFX that hasn't been defined
- Added a "murder_plot_power_modifier" modifier. Defaults to 1, and is multiplied with a character's plot power when it comes to murder plots
- The "realm" decision filter can now target the character taking the decision, and the top liege
- Added an "obedient" option for opinion modifiers. The AI will accept all diplomatic interactions from the other character. Also makes the trigger with the same name return true
- Added a "non-interfering" option for opinion modifiers. The AI will not take hostile action against the other character. Also makes the trigger with the same name return true. Non-interference is considered a subset of "obedient", so any obedient character is automatically non-interfering as well
- Added global variables. Any variable prefixed with "global_" will be stored globally rather than in a character/province/landed title
- Added an "easter_egg" history effect for characters. Currently all it does is prevent the character from being assigned to a society at game start
- Added targetted decision filter 'society'
- Added effect 'clear_education_trait'
- Added new modifier definitions:
- added is_in_society = yes/no as an event quicktrigger
- is_in_society = yes will restrict the event to people who are in a society
- is_in_society = no will restrict the event to people who are not part of a society
- added has_quest_target = yes/no as an event quicktrigger
- has_quest_target = yes will restrict the event to people who have a quest with an actual target
- has_quest_target = no will restrict the event to people who either don't have a quest or with a quest that doesn't have an actual target
- Added On Action 'on_society_bi_yearly_pulse'
- Added character text variable 'GetBrotherSister'
- Changing between the unreformed and reformed version of a religion will no longer invalidate religious traits, though the trait "potential" will still be rechecked
- The listed events for job actions is now filtered by has_dlc and lacks_dlc in the event's pre-triggers; events that can't trigger due to the DLC pre-triggers will not be listed
- Societies can be used in localisation, and have the promotions GrandMaster, NextGrandMaster, and Player. They have the properties GetName, GetTitledGrandMasterName, GetTitledNextGrandMasterName, GetCurrency, and GetNameCap
- society_currency can be exported to variables using export_to_variable
- Added console commands join_society, leave_society, society_rank_up, society_rank_down, show_all_societies, society_currency, and set_society_grandmaster
- Added console commands add_artifact and destroy_artifact
- Added event effect 'show_portrait'
- Added set_artifact_flag / clr_artifact_flag effect (see game/common/artifacts/artifacts_script.info for more info)
- added artifact_type trigger (see game/common/artifacts/artifacts_script.info for more info)
- added is_artifact_same_type_as trigger (see game/common/artifacts/artifacts_script.info for more info)
- Added the "feminist = yes" parameter for cultures. It functions identically as for religions
- WARNING: "filter" in decisions now actually restricts who the player can use the filter against, just like "ai_filter" does for the AI
- The scopes random_playable_character and any_playable_character are now considerably less resource intensive
- added is_indestructible trigger. Scope is an artifact, returns true if an artifact is indestructible, returns false otherwise
- Added copy_name effect.
- Added unit_is_in_combat trigger.
- Added is_navy trigger.
- Troop and relative troop (ie light_infantry, heavy_infantry, etc) triggers should now work in the unit scope.
- Added any_controlled_unit effect.
- Added random_controlled_unit effect.
- Added any_controlled_unit trigger.
- Fixed trait icons not showing on event options when caused by trigger_switch effects
- Added damage_unit effect.
- Added damage_unit_morale effect.
- Added flank_has_tactic trigger.
- Added set_flank_tactic effect.
- added realm_character_percent trigger:
- scope is a character
- retursn true if the percentage of character in scoped character's realm fulfilling the condition is higher or equal than the target:
if = {
limit = {
character_realm_percent = {
target = 0.05
has_trait = genius
event = 1234
- Added support for specific portrait properties to hide specific portrait property layers. Conditions for hiding can be scripted. Example:
1 = { # prisoner
factor = 100
modifier = {
factor = 0
prisoner = no
hide_layers = {
# Shave all prisoners and confiscate headgear
1 = { always = yes }
4 = { always = yes }
5 = { always = yes }
- Added a has_portrait_property trigger. Example: has_portrait_property = { layer = 6 index = 1 }. This would check if the character has the "prison" overlay. This can be used anywhere, but should be especially useful for portrait modders
- combat scope change should now properly scope to a combating flank from a flank leader scope in addition to the functionality to scope to the flank from a subunit leader.
- Added is_visible effect for traits and modifiers. This determines who will be able to see the effect of the trait/modifier and its presence
- Added society_plot plot-filter. When the conditions within are met, the plotter will be able to invite members of their society to the plot
- The realm_characters_plus plot filter now includes the character's society mission target character, if one is available
- Added effects set_discovered_society and clr_discovered_society, check common\societies\societies.info for more information
- Added triggers is_society_discovered and is_society_discovered_real, check common\societies\societies.info for more information
- Added scope switch quest_target, check common\societies\quests_script.info for more information
- The game will now log the ID of events with no options in error.log
- Added DynastyTree_ZoomedInCharacterOffset, DynastyTree_ZoomedOutCharacterOffset, DynastyTree_ZoomedInBranchOffset, DynastyTree_ZoomedOutBranchOffset positions for the dynasty tree gui.
- Added add_society_modifier effect, check common\societies\societies.info for more information
- Added support for timed modifiers in societies
- Added support for putting a cap on static modifiers that get stacked such as timed modifiers in societies, check common\static_modifiers.txt for more information
- Added 'religious_head' filter to Targetted Decisions
- Added custom tooltip support for society rank modifier and added it to the tooltip for rank icons in societies view
- Added power desc to tooltip for rank icons societies view
- Added effects for artifacts
- Added triggers for artifacts
- Added effects for quest (secret societies missions):
any_quester_targeting_this : takes the current scope and finds all characters with a quest targeting it.
- the scope for the effect being executed is the character having the quest
set_quest_target = { # scope is the entity being targeted (can be a character, a title or a province). if the quest exists, the target is changed, otherwise the quest is created
id = quest_id
society = optional_society_name
holder = quester
clr_quest_target = { # scope must be character having the quest, target of the quest is cleared but quest still exists
id = quest_id
society = optional_society_name
set_quest = { # scope is the character who gets the quest
id = quest_id
society = optional_society_name
clr_quest = { # scope is the character who has the quest. will remove any quest with that name (and from that society, if the society name is present)
id = quest_id
society = optional_society_name
any_quester_targeting_this = { # scope must be a character, landed title or province. will apply the effect to all characters who have a quest targeting the current scope, and who fulfill the limit
limit = { # the scope in the limit and applied effect will be the character who is targeting
is_landed = yes # example
wealth = 100 # example
random_quester_targeting_this = { # scope must be a character, landed title or province. will apply the effect to a random character who has a quest targeting the current scope, and who fulfills the limit
limit = { # the scope in the limit and applied effect will be the character who is targeting
is_landed = yes # example
wealth = 100 # example
any_quester = { # will apply the effect to all characters with a quest, who fulfill the limit
limit = { # the scope in the limit and applied effect will be the character who is targeting
is_landed = yes # example
wealth = 100 # example
random_quester = { # will apply the effect to one random character with a quest, who fulfills the limit
limit = { # the scope in the limit and applied effect will be the character who is targeting
is_landed = yes # example
wealth = 100 # example
- Added triggers for quest (secret societies missions):
any_quester_targeting_this # scope must be a character, landed title or province, returns true if any character with a quest targeting the current scope fulfills the condition
any_quester # returns true if a character with a quest fulfills the condition
is_quest_target = yes # scope must be a character, landed title or province, and returns true if the current scope is targetted by any quest
is_quest_target_of = character # scope must be a character, landed title or province, and returns true if the current scope is targetted by any quest the character has
has_any_quest = yes # scope must be a character, return true if scoped character has one or more quests
has_quest = quest_name # scope must be a character, return true if scoped character has a quest with the given quest_name
num_of_quests = 3 # scope must be a character, return true if scoped chararacter has at least (in this example) 3 quests

# Database
- Added more female names for the Sindhi culture

# Bugfixes
- An educator will no longer get the option to teach their student about their area of expertise if the student is dead
- Fixed crash due to vassal opinions being read and modified in parallel
- Fixed one case where the game could crash while observing
- Fixed the tax modifier for holding a tribal settlement of the wrong religion and/or culture being an absolute modifier rather than a relative one (E.G., -0.25 instead of -25%)
- Fixed the title interactions in the title right-click menu in some cases causing out of syncs
- Fixed a crash that could occur if the AI had no standing army raised, but had a standing navy raised
- Changed the name of the Jain holy scripture to "the Angas Sutras", which used to be "the Mahabharata"
- Fixed the cooldown on a law change as a result of the council rejecting it persisting longer than stated
- Fixed it being possible to bypass the carousing cooldown at the end of carousing by starting a new round of carousing before interacting with the "end" event
- You can no longer create the kingdom of Hungary more than once
- Feudal elective succession should no longer disappear on succession just becuase you as a Muslim/Indian revoked Full Council Authority
- Fixed the game crashing if a quote-sign made it into a save, for example via a player name. Won't fix old crashing saves
- Fixed the game not being properly seeded in single player, leading to some outcomes on game start always being identical
- Reduced (but did not eliminate) the size of the small lag spike on the daily tick
- Fixed the opinion bonus from Business Focus and Theology Focus getting applied twice
- Fixed a cross-platform OOS caused by newborn characters ending up with different names on different operating systems
- Fixed some buildings being incorrectly removed at game-start (E.G., Constantinople's fancy walls)
- Fixed War Elephants not having an on-map icon if the person raising the troops isn't of an Indian culture
- Fixed the "usurp" console command crashing the game if no arguments were provided. Now it'll simply state that the wrong number of arguments were provided
- Fixed one way on-map holdings (provinces/baronies) could end up with no holder
- Fixed grammar errors in one of the War focus events
- Fixed winning a tyranny liege as the liege not resulting in vassals that joined the revolter getting imprisoned
- Removed a number of conflicting traits from character history.
- Removed invalid buildings from Värend province history.
- The Spymaster can no longer perform the "Sabotage Province" job while in seclusion
- On player inheritance, the concubines of the previous character are no longer automatically purged
- Fixed an issue with some refresh rates at some resolutions
- Fixed characters in some cases ending up your direct vassal upon granting them a title when there's still an appropriate intermediary vassal to serve as their liege
- Fixed units sometimes not being able to move after having "retreated" from a won battle
- Fixed sieges sometimes continuing to tick down during combat
- Fixed the succession for the Fraticelli Papacy sometimes not giving the Papacy to the Preferatus
- Fixed unit numbers in some cases ending up negative
- Fixed it not being possible to ask the Pope for a Crusade if he's your vassal and you've got full King's Peace
- Fixed rulers sometimes ending up with no AI
- Fixed patricians sometimes losing their house as a result of losing their capital county
- Fixed patricians sometimes becoming feudal upon gaining a county in war
- Fixed it being possible to inherit a coalition in such a way that you end up with two entirely separate coalitions against you, only one of which actually functions
- Fixed that sometimes when you pushed someone's claim on your liege, they'd become a vassal of an unrelated realm
- Fixed the "heir is infatuated with vassal's spouse" event sometimes picking characters who aren't married to one another
- Fixed some pilgrimage related event flags not being cleared upon finishing the pilgrimage
- Fixed an event allowing you to call your liege into your war
- Fixed prisoners sometimes being reassigned to other characters' prison as a result of gaining a title
- Fixed subjugation destroying your own titles if done on the liege you're rebelling against
- Concubines should now correctly change courts together with their men
- Enforce Peace will now end if you inherit a title where the council can't vote on Enforce Peace, and it becomes your primary title
- Fixed nomads sometimes ending up with no nomad capital due to having no free holding slots. They'll now replace an existing holding instead; a tribal one if possible
- Fixed the game crashing in rare cases as a result of dynamic titles not quite being properly cleared out upon resigning
- Fixed wars invalidating sometimes resulting in rebelling vassals becoming independent rather than becoming regular vassals once more
- Fixed some cases where wars could end inconclusively upon someone usurping the target title even if there was no apparent need for it to end
- Fixed the "dynasty member asks for kingdom" event sometimes resulting in them becoming a vassal of a different realm rather than independent or your vassal
- Fixed dynasty members sometimes asking you to push their claim against someone in your own realm
- Fixed it being possible to spawn to Carousing chains at the same time by starting a new one when receiving the event starting the party
- Fixed so that a regent would stop being a councilor when the regency ended
- Fixed landless religious heads being able to declare non-Crusade wars
- Fixed gender succession laws not being available to Muslims when the Gender Equality rule is set to "All"
- Fixed nomad relations sometimes not loading correctly in saves
- Fixed the daughters of Muslims being automatically assigned guardians with Conclave enabled. Now only happens without Conclave
- Fixed several events (RIP.4300-RIP.4305) concerning Prosperity, which would always select the same county
- Improved tooltip for councillor job entries
- Fixed it sometimes being impossible to raise a liege levy for no apparent reason
- Fixed the ultimatums for some of the Overthrow factions being impossible to send
- Added a settlement decision for when a holding is held by a dead character, which gives it to the county owner instead
- Fixed it sometimes taking far too long to progress with the "plot" part of the learning scenario
- Fixed the learning scenario bugging out if you acquire the "Bedridden" modifier
- Fixed the "max_tech" console command affecting wastelands
- Fixed characters with no titles sometimes ending up not belonging to any court
- Fixed it sometimes being possible to siege your own provinces, which would result in repeated sieges as you wouldn't end up as the controller
- Fixed it sometimes being possible for nomads to end up hostile to their own vassals for other reasons than looting
- Fixed it sometimes not being possible to join a war due to the target also being at war with someone you're hostile to
- Fixed council voting positions sometimes changing upon saving and reloading
- Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to raise a vassal's liege levies if their capital was occupied yet they still had unoccupied provinces
- land for hospital decision require player to own Reaper's Due
- Fixed Viking traits being lost upon reforming the Norse faith
- Fixed usurping a vassal's title sometimes causing some of their vassals to become independent
- Fixed the "vassal limit" game rule having no effect, as it would use the option of the "demesne limit" game rule instead
- Fixed the Seize Trade Post CB being unusable if the target republic isn't independent
- Fixed game rules in saves sometimes not being applied. Especially common if a previously enabled mod was disabled
- Fixed prestige and piety province modifiers causing tech to be applied multiple times to characters
- Fixed some instances of traits being placed in the wrong scope for a few Prosperity events
- Fixed issues with you not getting an heir correctly to your patrician family as a Muslim Merchant Republic
- Marshal will no longer complain about losing an arm when he has in fact lost another limb.
- Fixed it not being possible to grant honorary titles to children, even in the case of the few titles where this is supposed to be possible (E.G., Despot)
- Tribal reformed pagans are now able to change to gavelkind
- Feudal characters should now never regress to being Tribal if they convert to Islam
- Dead children should no longer be treated for being sickly
- Court Physicians should no longer ask you to punish them when they mistreat themselves
- New Friends/Rivals in the 'last laugh' event are now required to be alive
- Made some fixes to the 'Meddling Mother' events - No longer will she dislike herself if she is your spouse or councillor, or try to seduce herself
- If a law is added by event with a cooldown, it will cancel any ongoing law vote of the same type (normal law/dejure law)
- Fixed patricians in revolt against their merchant republic ceasing to be patricians if they end any unrelated war
- Fixed a crash caused by having many thousand living dynasty members
- Viceroyalites can no longer use the decision to create the Kingdom of Léon, to prevent them from becoming feudal
- leads_faction trigger should now properly handle yes/no on as a parameter (right-hand-side value).
- Targetted Decisions: the filter is now checked for the player's potential Decisions too
- Added missing localisation for the "declared_independence_nomad" opinion modifier
- Removed a few cases of leave_court_effect, to avoid having courtiers end up in the player's court only to be killed immediately
- Norse characters will not get the special event were they encounter the Aztecs (TOG.403), if the Aztecs already arrived in Europe
- Updated event ZE.12024 slightly, so the targeted courtier won't become your rival if you step up in the last minute
- Removed Dull as an opposite of Quick
- Added the missing text for the option in event WoL.10207
- Fixed an issue with Malcontents voting yes on increasing the Vassal Declaration War laws
- Fixed an issue in event RIP.20012, being tortured by cold exposure, were the victim could get a permanent cough
- Fixed two invalid death reasons in the gamebook events
- Blocked event 1030 (remove temperate) and 1037 (remove envious) for prisoners, as the text didn't make sense in the context
- Added a missing martial trigger for your friend in event 100400
- Ai no longer risks getting an infinite event loop when choosing minor deity
- Fixed a possible crash in the Wars page of the ledger
- Fixed some modifiers appearing blank in tooltips
- Fixed wealth transfer effects not having the gold icon in tooltips
- Fixed dead people's age being off by one year if they were born later in the year than they died
- Fixed a missing colon in the nomad population tooltip
- Fixed army names sometimes ending up as "Norwegian Norwegian Company" or similar
- Fixed the tooltip of the "Publish Findings" opinion in the "Breakthrough" event sometimes being larger than the screen
- Fixed on-map CoAs in some cases not updating correctly upon winning a revolt, leaving you with the revolt CoA rather than your new primary title's CoA
- Fixed "threat decay speed" modifiers having an extra colon
- Fixed the Declare War interaction not telling you when realm peace is stopping you from declaring war; instead being grayed out with no explanation
- Fixed the sea being somewhat dark in the Defensive Pact map-mode, and being the same color as unaligned land if you saved the map using F10
- Fixed the title history not saying "Installed by Faction Demand" if a ruler gave into Overthrow Ruler
- Fixed title rank not being localised by language in a few cases
- Fixed having the intrigue tab open in some cases drastically slowing the game down
- Fixed "dynastic_refused_title" lacking localisation
- Fixed renaming the adjective of titles named after dynasties not working
- Fixed people eligible to be advisors sometimes not showing up in the advisor selection window
- Fixed the "next song" button not showing the currently playing song if the song was already playing from a previous campaign rather than having started in the current campaign
- Fixed retinues in getting split apart into sub-units upon succession if the dynastic successor and the successor for the primary title aren't the same person
- Fixed scrollbars not being visible in some cases where they should be
- Fixed the tooltip when hovering over the cost of a settlement you can't afford flickering if you hover over the cost icon rather than the cost text
- Fixed some instances of missing localisation
- Fixed the tooltip for special units not showing what bonuses (E.G., tech bonuses) apply to them
- Fixed "grant title" incorrectly claiming you'd get reduced tyranny if it would result in the vassal becoming your liege's vassal instead
- Fixed the "confirm law change" window sometimes not being big enough to contain all the text on it
- Fixed the "pause" message setting having no effect for the close family and special interest characters
- Fixed the "pause" message setting not working for low priority and log alerts. It will still do nothing for disabled alerts
- Fixed there sometimes being a mismatch between the vassal limit in the top-bar and the one in the tooltip when hovering over it
- Fixed councillor actions continuing to be greyed out if the reassignment cooldown expires while the council screen is open
- Fixed fort level tooltips and similar not always showing the source of each modifier
- Fixed terrain modifiers not showing up properly in tooltips
- Fixed the predicted morale gain for units almost always being slightly wrong
- Fixed Merchant Republics sometimes using gold overlays in the UI for religions that use a different UI
- Fixed the "Raise Fleet" button in some cases flashing when selecting a province
- Fixed the "fort" icon briefly showing in the "build settlement" view even when no fort is present
- Fixed people sometimes ending up with titles such as " of Title Name" rather than "Duke of Title Name"
- Fixed the Hospital buildings showing up in the tech tooltips even without Reaper's Due
- Fixed the tech tooltip occasionally showing an empty "Buildings unlocked" section
- Fixed inconsistent use of newlines in the tech tooltips
- Fixed the outliner having mismatched borders for Indians
- Fixed some events using the default event image rather than the image that'd originally been intended
- Fixed one way on-map realms and borders could lag a day behind actual realms/borders
Very nice. I guess next will be Frankish portraits.
What about next Monday (a day before the release)?
Since English is only present in the later bookmarks of the game, we made the portraits also apply for Normans, to make sure that you can play with them without having to start very late.
Why not Anglo-Saxons too?
Does this mean that this bug also got fixed?
No. You can still do this by granting a the vassal of a vassal a title of the same rank or higher than his liege. What the fix means is that sometimes you could grant, say a count under a king (with you being the emperor), a duchy and instead of remaining a vassal to the king, he would become your vassal.

Why not Anglo-Saxons too?
It was something we discussed, but it ended up not being done for now. More due to no one having the time to do so than anything else (portrait can easily get messy when there are a lot of other portraits to consider for compatibility).
No. You can still do this by granting a the vassal of a vassal a title of the same rank or higher than his liege. What the fix means is that sometimes you could grant, say a count under a king (with you being the emperor), a duchy and instead of remaining a vassal to the king, he would become your vassal.

Understood. I was hoping it'd get fixed, but maybe another time...
An important note is that the Content Pack will be bundled with Monks and Mystics and automatically included when you buy the expansion.

This explains why the expansion is so expensive while being smal.. Nice!
- Added support for specific portrait properties to hide specific portrait property layers. Conditions for hiding can be scripted. Example:
1 = { # prisoner
factor = 100
modifier = {
factor = 0
prisoner = no
hide_layers = {
# Shave all prisoners and confiscate headgear
1 = { always = yes }
4 = { always = yes }
5 = { always = yes }

Nudist Adamit religion here you come!
Not too thrilled myself with all of the mystical fantasy mumbo-jumbo myself (but, as always, I'll defer my final opinion until I've actually played with it to see how it pans out), but based on previous dev diaries about all of the QoL improvements that are going to be in this expansion as part of the free patch, I'll be buying it as soon as I can lay my hands on it, no matter what.

Or, to put it another way, I would have paid full price for those improvements alone.

Consider me on the hype train. Oh, and any and all expansions to portraits are welcomed by me. I love variety!

(Now, if only we could get some variety in the kids' portraits as well. It has always jarred me that kids look the same from infant to teenager, and then magically get a personality. But that's really very minor).
So, who are left with standard european protraits? French, Anglo-Saxons, West Slavs, South Slavs, and ...?

West Germanic: Anglo-Saxon, Saxon and Frisian.
Latin: French and Occitan.
Iberian: Basque.
West Slavic: Pomeranian, Bohemian and Polish.
Magyar: Hungarian.
South Slavic: Croatian, Serbian, Vlach and Bulgarian.
I'm glad that the content pack is being bundled with the expansion. I never really liked the separation of graphical DLCs. I understand that the point was to offer us the option of not buying something we might now want, but it kind of felt like it increased the overall price if you buy everything. In addition, it creates far too many individual DLCs, which can be confusing to new players. I hope you guys bundle these from now on for CK2, as well as with the other Paradox games (particularly EU4).