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CK2 Dev Diary #39 - As you wish...

Hello everyone, I’m Gwenael Tranvouez, the Tech Lead on CK2, and I’m here to introduce a new feature for this Dev Diary.

Don’t you hate it when you’re start a war against a neighbour, counting on your allies to come and help and they all decide the best idea is to attach to your army so that you’ll take attrition? So do we!

So we’ve taken another leaf from EU4’s big book of tricks and we’ve added Ally Orders. When you lead a war, you can tell other participants what to do:
  • Hunt down enemy armies
  • Or focus on sieging provinces.
  • Attach to a specific army
  • Siege a specific province
The first two orders are given through a new tab in the military screen, which also summarizes what orders all your allies have:


The last two are given through a new button on the unit or province screen:



As long as they’re in the war, your allies will try their best to fulfill your wishes, reverting to their default behavior when unable to comply. Unless, of course, they got bigger fish to fry, such as a big revolt in their own territory, or their own war to focus on.

The tooltip for AI units also mention what orders their owners have:


We’ve also improved the AI’s goal selection in wars, and general pathing so they’re more useful to have around in general.

That's it for this week.
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Surprised features like this and 'ask to leave court' took so long to implement. Seem like common sense additions. Happy they are finally being added though. Hopefully more of this to come, assassination icon linking to assassination target etc
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Amazing changes! Are there any new Game Rules coming next patch, like the much waited Education system rule?

Give us a teaser for next diary!
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It reminded me of Red Alert 3...
So I'm assuming all the information about the latest expansion has already been released? When are we getting a release date?
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Regarding other priorities, has anything been done to make the AI focus on important wars and ignore tiny raider armies, peasant revolts, and other minor irritants?
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Just to be clear, @Moah, since you didn't say: is this patch content or part of the DLC?

Otherwise, extremely tickled to get this. Thank you.
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When you lead a war, you can tell other participants what to do
Then, when the leader is an AI, would it give orders to a player?
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