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CK2 Dev Diary #112 - Wonderful News

Good afternoon

It has been a while since we wrote one of these and I am sure you are all dying to know what we have been working on, because of course, we have been working away on the next exciting thing. Our next update will be free and will focus on a brand new feature: Wonders.

Cathedrals, Fortresses, Pyramids and many many more wonders are planned for the next update. By investing a significant amount of gold and time you will be able to build a wondrous building. These will be built in stages meaning that even if you cannot finish it in your lifetime, your descendants will be able to finish what you started.


Wonders and their stages

Now even though many Cathedrals or Great Libraries may be built, we want to ensure they are not all the same, so it will be possible to add upgrades to your wonders, everything from spikes to gargoyles, to gardens, each of these giving unique modifiers and sometimes unlocks new content.


Upgrade Icons

We will also be adding some prebuilt historical wonders to the game, to represent already existing buildings, such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Colosseum of Rome. (Maybe you can even add an upgrade or two)

If you have fun ideas for any of this please let us know. I can’t promise it will get in, but it just might.

We hope you’re as excited about this as we are and please remember that all the art is work in progress.
Sounds like a great way to add points of interest to the map, something I think CKII really needs!
Pyramids will just be one of many wonders and will be available to build only in specific circumstances.
I'm guessing the Egyptian Pagan religion will make a comeback... Still weird though, Cleopatra's lived closer to the present day than to the construction of pyramids, to picture how old those really are...
For fun ideas - perhaps some upgrades that are reliant on having access to specific other features of the game? Stuff like placing the skull you dug out of your rival's grave on top of the Colosseum's gates; using your influence as a Hermetic Grandmaster to fill a dedicated section of your Great Library with esoteric works; as a religion that sacrifices people, installing a blood altar at the top of the Pyramids.