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CK2 Dev Diary #108 - Achievements & Appearances


There are only a few days left until the release of Holy Fury, with this being the last DD before you’ll get to unleash divine wrath upon your enemies! What better way to end a DD cycle than with an achievement showcase? This time we’ve got more of them than we usually do, and some extra on top of that specifically for alternate starts! Also stay tuned for the end of this post, as we’ll be showing off some of the new portrait packs and the patch notes.

Let’s get right to it!

Baptism of Rus’
As an East Slavic Pagan King or Emperor with your capital in the Eastern Europe region, successfully ask the ruler of Byzantium for a mass conversion.

L'Eglise, c'est Moi!
As an Emperor, grab the crown out of the Pope's hands and crown yourself.

History is in my Blood
Have 5 Historical Bloodlines on your character.

Zero to Hero
Found a Legendary Bloodline while part of a Warrior Lodge.

I Do Not Play Chess
Have 100 kills in your Kill List.

Heathenous Ways
Starting as Erik the Heathen in 1066, rule the Kingdom of Sweden with the reformed Germanic Faith.

By Jupiter!
Reform the Hellenic faith.

Bloody Line
As a religion worshipping Bloodthirsty Gods, sacrifice enough people to found a Bloodline.

Pagan Fury
As a ruler with any Pagan religion, win a Christian Crusade targeting you.

Under the Power of the Eternal Heaven
As a member of the Ashina clan, solidify your divinity by ruling as Religious Head of the Reformed Tengri religion.

From Servant to Saint
Have a character you used to play be proclaimed a saint and have their Saintly Bloodline running in your veins.

Love is a Battlefield
Find love after a duel.

Found a Bloodline as a particularly cunning, ruthless and skilled Duelist.

Family First
As a character with a religion that practice Divine Marriages, have one of your siblings, parents and children as spouses/consorts at the same time.

Defender of the Holy Sepulchre
Starting as Eustache de Boulogne (the Count of Boulogne in France) in 1066, choose to play as your beneficiary after they are made King or Queen in Jerusalem after a Crusade.

Venetian Guile
Win a Crusade targeting Byzantium.

Over Your Dead Body
As a Tribal ruler, gain a title you have a claim on by dueling the holder.

Deus Vult
Create the Empire of the Outremer.

Bless my Reign down in Africa.png
Bless my Reign down in Africa
As a King or Emperor, have one of your domain Counties under the influence of a successful Rain Dance.

Lech, Czech, and Rus.png
Lech, Czech, and Rus
Unite the Kingdoms of the three brothers, Lech, Czech and Rus, into one Slavic Union.

And here’s a few ones specifically made for alternate start (note that no other achievements can be taken while in alternate start):

From the Ashes
Starting in a Shattered World, rule an Empire.

What Could Have Been
Start a Random World with all possible settings set to ‘Random’ and play for 200 years.

Not so Great
Starting in a Shattered World, defeat a Great Conqueror in a war.

Lord of the Flies
Start a Random World as a 0-year-old Count, with the maximum character age set to 0, become King or Emperor within 16 years.

Rise of Civilization
In a Shattered World with ‘Holding Types’ set to ‘Tribal’ or ‘Tribal & Nomadic’, adopt Feudalism or Republicanism.

And now for some art! With Holy Fury you’ll get new portraits for the French, Arabic, West Slavic and Italian cultures - without further ado, here are some pictures:


This is a sample from the West/South Slavic portraits. All west and South Slavic cultures are covered, with most of them having a few unique clothing variants. In these pictures, I’m mostly showing off pagan-themed Polish and Bohemian characters.


Here are a few examples of French portraits - with this pack almost every area of the game that used the vanilla western portraits should be covered. Worth noting is that the female headgear is exceedingly well researched, with them consisting of several separate layers making up over a hundred unique combinations! Though I personally prefer the second-from-the-right the most, as it looks like she has a raincoat on.


With the old western portraits almost all having been replaced, we thought it was high time for a new Arabic/Muslim portrait pack! These portraits will apply to all cultures that currently use the vanilla Muslim portraits. Expect a lot of exceedingly opulent turbans and exquisite silken veils. Note that several of the portraits I chose use the Early Clothing set, which is part of an older DLC, the rightmost ones should use the newer clothes though!


And finally, we have new portraits for the Italian culture, which previously used a variant of the Iberian portraits. A personal favorite here is the clothes of the man second-from-the-left, and the new look of Matilda of Tuscany who is first from the left! There might even exist a roman-themes version of this portrait set, for those who dare bring back the old ways…

And finally, the patch notes:

###### 3.0 Holy Fury #####################################

# Expansion Features
- Added Shattered World system, where the world is initially populated by small realms, with a large variety of configuration options, including randomized cultures, religions, and dejure kingdoms and empires
- Added Random World system, where the world is initially populated by various randomly generated realms, with randomly generated cultures, religions, and dejure structures
- Added Warrior Lodge Societies:
- Join rowdy pagan societies, such as the Wolf Warriors, the Followers of Otso, and others.
- Members of a Warrior Lodge may enjoy the benefit of increased Martial, Personal Combat Skill, and more!
- Quests include the following:
- Raid and loot barony
- Lose weak focus
- Duel someone for honor
- Duel someone to the death
- Wage war against someone
- Recruit your child into the lodge
- Powers include the ability to:
- Duel
- Appoint Shieldmaidens
- Be more resilient in battle
- Summon a great commander
- Call special soldiers to join your war
- And more!
- Added tiered-scar system with randomized portrait visuals.
- Added temporary warpaint and permanent tattoo visuals for Warrior Lodge members.
- Added a Strong Claim Duel decision, which allows tribal characters to duel for titles they have a Strong Claim to.
- Added Kill List for all characters, tracking who they are known to have killed
- Expanded the Pagan Reformation system, letting the reformer choose from a variety of different features in order to create a religion more reflective of their playstyle or role-playing
- Pagans are playable even without The Old Gods. The 867 start is still based on ownership of The Old Gods
- Added reformed versions for the Bon and Hellenic religions
- Added possibility to access special effects and flavor by combining synergic Doctrines when customizing a religion.
- Added a bloodline system, in which your famous ancestors can affect how people see you
- Added a large number of historical bloodlines such as Charlemagne's, Genghis Khan's, and various nation builders
- Added ways to gain bloodlines for heroic deeds
- Added Sainthood, which posthumously grants a character beloved by the Pope with a bloodline
- Added Forge Bloodline Ambition, allowing Prestigious high tier rulers to create their own custom Bloodline.
- Crusade Events
- Fourth Crusade / Crusade for Constantinople
- Children's Crusade
- Northern Crusade
- Reconquista
- Added Coronation decision for Catholic Kings and Emperors, requiring them to seek their religious head or a powerful Bishop in their realm in order to receive legitimacy to rule.
- Added option for powerful Christian rulers to have their heir baptized by a powerful theocrat or religious head, granting them a special trait.
- Added Sway and Antagonize decisions and events, allowing rulers to increase or reduce another character's opinion by focusing for an extended period of time on him.
- Added Mass Conversion decision for powerful unreformed pagan tribal rulers, allowing them to seek a sponsor from an organized religion in order to convert their subjects and provinces, as well as receive special advantages.
- Added Great Tribal Festival decision, giving additional flavor to tribal rulers in general and allowing tribal unreformed pagans with a non-violent way to increase Moral Authority.
- Added Create Great Pillar decision, allowing unreformed tribal pagans to erect great pillars in their capital to increase their Moral Authority.
- Added Destroy Great Pillar decision, allowing non-pagans and reformed pagans to destroy great pillars.
- Added a Saints View that can be opened from the Religion View.
- Added Eldership Succession, available on start for Slavic Tribals, but also accessible to other Pagans through the Ancestor Worship Doctrine.
- Added a weather system and related flavor events, in the Sub-Saharan African regions
- You can now rename your artifacts
- You can now rename members of your dynasty in your realm that are under the age of 10
- Added Hellenic Restoration mechanics
- A Christian Emperor of Greek, Italian or Roman culture that restores the Roman Empire has now the chance to restore Hellenism.
- Christian Greek, Italian or Roman rulers owning an Hellenic holy site and fulfilling some special requirements have now access to the Delve into Classics decision, whose event chain allows them to secretly convert to Hellenism.
- Hellenics can no longer use the Pagan Subjugation cb, but have instead be given access to all Byzantine and Roman-related mechanics of LoR (Imperial Reconquest cb included).
- Reformed Hellenics can create their own Monastic Order (Stoics), Satanist Society (Bacchants), holy order (Myrmidons) and have access to the Hermetic Society.
- Non-tribal, non-nomadic Hellenics have access to the Dedicate Temple decision, allowing them to dedicate their temple holding to a specific god to receive special boons.
- Added a number of new councilor models:
- Female Norse Pagan councilors, and male Norse Pagan Seer
- Female Indian councilors
- Female Muslim councilors
- Female Rabbi councilor

# Free Features
- Added army movement lock system. When a unit has progressed 50% with its movement into a County, the order cannot be canceled. While movement locked, further moves may be canceled or queued up. Army movement lock can be disabled via the game rules
- Redesigned the character screen to provide more space for traits and modifiers, as well as opening up space for a handful of new interface elements, including personal combat skill and a more distinct artifact modifier entry
- Elector window added to the law view for elective succession laws
- Added artifact history, keeping track of who has owned any given artifact
- Added region-based pilgrimage event pictures on old pilgrimage events.
- Added Religion Head Actions, letting you easily interact with the Religious Head to Request Claims, Request
Money, Request Divorce, Request Invasions, and Request Excommunications. Which of these are available depends on your religion
- Scripted granular AI behavior for religious heads when determining willingness to engage in special actions such as Request Claim, Request Money, Request Divorce, Request Invasion, Request Excommunication, and Lift Excommunication.
- Most organized religions will now attempt to defend their religious head if attacked by someone of a different religion
- Added Groomed/Uncouth traits to work as non-inheritable equivalents of Fair/Ugly.
- Added Harelip portrait effect.
- Added special crown artifacts tied to famous titles (Persia, Roman Empire, Holy Roman Empire) that show on portrait when worn.
- Added genetic lefthanded trait, increasing character's combat_rating.
- Added genetic freckles portrait effect (with variations) for some graphical_cultures (Norse, Celtic, Saxon and Uyghur)
- Added non-genetic sturdy trait (opposite of Robust and Frail), giving special portrait visual.
- Added fat and malnourished traits (with portrait graphics), that can be gained or lost depending on a character's lifestyle.
- Added extensive flavor events tied to pregnancy and pregnancy complications (mothers no longer suddenly die of childbirth out of nowhere), as well as some post-birth flavor.
- Revamped Issue Declaration of Repentance decision, resulting in the Pope asking one of several possible requests in exchange for lifting a ruler's excommunication.
- Desert portrait background frame tied to location rather than religion. Martial headgear visual tied to in_command status.
- All elective successions (Feudal Elective, Elective Gavelkind, Tanistry) have been unhardcoded and the AI behavior for them has been completely revamped, allowing electors to select their candidate in a clearer and more rational fashion.
- Added Imperial elective succession and government for the Byzantines and Romans. The Imperial Court and Commanders receive a variable voter strength, with the Emperor's close relatives and Commanders being all potential candidates.
- Added more mercenary bands for Africa
- Updated Game Rules:
- Split the 'Supernatural' game rule into two: 'Supernatural' which controls events such as the Demon Child, and 'Absurd' which controls events such as Chancellor Glitterhoof
- Added the 'Generate Families' Game Rule, with the purpose of filling in historical blanks when it comes to historical families. When set to 'on' (default) most characters who start without any recorded historical family will have a spouse and a few kids generated. This prevents early game-overs and kickstarts the marriage game to initiate earlier.
- Added an extra setting to the 'Chinese Interactions' game rule: Restricted, which restricts the diplomatic range of China to the eastern portion of the map permanently.
- Removed the "Restricted" setting from the 'Dueling' game rule, so it now only has two modes:
- "Default", requiring your target to be a logical one, and penalties are applied for dueling "unsuitable" targets (such as priests or non-warrior women).
- "Unrestriced", allowing you to duel almost anyone, while the heavier penalties for unsuitable targets are removed.
- Added the ‘Exclave Independence’ Game Rule, with the purpose of eliminating disconnected land on succession. As long as the new ruler during a succession isn’t at war, their exclaves should be set independent according to the setting. If the AI is at war during succession, they will try to remove exclaves once every year until such a time they are no longer at war (does not apply to Players). Settings:
- Off - The default option, no removal.
- Limited - Exclaves of Independent Rulers at peace will be removed on succession unless they are connected to the Capital area with gaps no larger than one County, via a naval path or part of the characters primary De Jure territory.
- Limited (Naval) - Exclaves of Independent Rulers at peace will be removed on succession unless they are connected to the Capital area with gaps no larger than one County, via a limited naval path (1000 distance units) or part of the characters primary De Jure territory.
- Significant - Exclaves of Independent Rulers at peace will be removed on succession unless they are connected via a naval path or part of the characters primary De Jure territory.
- Harsh - Exclaves of Independent Rulers at peace will be removed on succession unless as they are connected via a limited naval path (1000 distance units) or part of the characters primary De Jure.
- Total - Exclaves of Independent Rulers at peace will be removed on succession unless as they are connected via a limited naval path (1000 distance units). Disables Achievements.
- Revamped Crusades for Catholics and Fraticelli
- A new preparation phase added before the Crusades launch, where characters pledge to join the Crusade and the Pope try to gather as many Catholics/Fraticellis as possible to support the Crusade
- Added a new "pot" mechanic to the Crusades, which will spread out prestige, piety, gold and artifacts after a successful campaign, to all the most participating members of the Crusade
- A player can now have a dynasty member as their Beneficiary for the Crusades, which will be their recipient if the Crusade is successful
- The Crusade Titles will be split between the beneficiaries of all the most participating members of the Crusade, and the "Crusader King/Queen"
- The Crusader King/Queen is decided by the most participating member of the Crusade, it can either be the participating Crusader, their beneficiary or the official papal Crusade recipient
- If the player is the most participating Crusader and give away the titles to their Beneficiary, they get an event which will let them start playing as their Beneficiary, the new Crusader King/Queen
- Added new Crusade events
- A chance for Crusader States to appear
- The Shepherds Crusade has been reworked
- Holy Orders
- Holy Orders have their own government form to make them more distinct from normal Feudal characters
- Holy Orders will no longer stick around if they feel their liege is unfit to rule
- The Knights Hospitaller really wants an island
- Rebalanced the money borrowing from Holy Orders
- Revamped Dueling
- Personal Combat Rating now ranges roughly between 1-100 instead of the old 1-5.
- The outcomes of duels are calculated more carefully.
- Duel events have been completely rewritten.
- High enough Intrigue unlocks a special option that can be used to affect the outcome.
- Revamped Battle events
- Personally leading a flank of your army now gives the army a 10% morale boost
- Old battle events have been remade and rewritten.
- New battle events have been added, often to allow dueling on the battlefield.
- Outcomes are better calculated.
- Added blood and mud splatter portrait effects.
- Map Update to Africa
- 63 new provinces spread across the continent
- Reshaped all existing provinces for increased geographical and historical accuracy
- Updated the names of a large number of provinces and titles for increased historical accuracy
- 6 new cultures: Daju, Kanuri, Zaghawa, Hausa, Songhay, and Soninke
- Reworked North Africa
- New empire of Maghreb, consisting of the kingdoms of Maghreb (Mauretania) and Africa
- 5 new duchies
- Reworked West Africa
- 2 new kingdoms, Ghana and Songhay
- 4 new duchies
- Added the region of Central Africa
- New empire of Kanem-Bornu
- 2 new kingdoms, Kanem and Hausaland
- 7 new duchies
- Adjusted rivers to accomodate for the newly added Lake Chad
- Map Update to Poland
- General overhaul to the DeJure territory of the Kingdom of Poland
- Vistula (major) river tweaked to be more geographically accurate
- (Minor) river Oder tweaked for more geographical accuracy. (Minor) rivers Warta and Bug added
- 6 new provinces, mostly improving granularity in Mazovia and Lesser Poland
- All old provinces moved and reshaped for more consistency
- Some updated provincial Coats of Arms
- Map Update to Pomerania & Eastern Germany
- (Major) river Elbe tweaked to be more geographically accurate
- Province of Bytow added to the Duchy of Pomeralia and province of Neumark added to the Duchy of Pomerania (both now at 3 provinces each)
- Bohemian / Czech provinces moved down south a bit to be more geographically accurate
- New province of Lausitz in the Duchy of Meissen
- Reshaping of provinces neighbouring reshaped Elbe (especially Brandenbourg which is a bit less blobby now)
- Map Update to the Baltics
- Major overhaul to the Baltic region (mostly encompassing the Kingdom of Lithuania's DeJure territory)
- (Major) river Daugava moved and reshaped a bit for more accuracy
- Minor river crossings in Lithuania reshaped for more accuracy
- 7 provinces added to enhance pre-Livonian Order flavour
- New duchy of Latgale added
- All old provinces in the DeJure Lithuanian Kingdom's territory have been reshaped for more historical & cultural accuracy
- New kingdom of Estonia, formable by holding the duchies of Estonia and the new duchy of Kalava
- Map Update to Finland
- 8 new provinces in Finland, improving mobility and spread noticeably in the area
- 2 new duchies in Finland (Ostrobothnia and Savonia)
- 1 new province in Lapland, in the duchy of Kola
- Map Update to Upper Burgundy and the Swiss area
- 7 New Provinces added
- 2 New Duchies added
- County of Bourgogne split into 5 parts (Varais, Portois, Amous, Escuens and Montbeliard), all five moved into the new Duchy of Franche Comté
- Schwyz (old Grisons), Zurichgau (old Schwyz) and Thurgau (old St. Gallen) moved into new Duchy of Upper Swabia
- A part of the County of Lombardia has been cut off to make the new province Bellinzona
- A part of Montferrat and Savoy has been cut off to make the new province Aosta
- Map Update to Norway
- 6 New Provinces added
- 2 New Duchies added
- The new province Gudbrandsdal opens up a new pathway across the mountains to make it easier to get between the western and eastern parts of the country
- Map Update to Denmark
- 5 New Provinces added
- 2 New Duchies added
- New pathways across the Duchy of Sjælland
- Map Update to Sweden
- 6 New Provinces added
- 1 New Duchy added
- Map Update to Bavaria/Austria/Carinthia
- 13 New Provinces added
- 5 New Duchies added
- 1 New Kingdom added
- Brenner's Pass opened between Trent and Tyrol
- Map Update to Wallachia
- Overhaul to the Wallachian/Moldovian region
- Dniester major river moved to a more geographically accurate location
- 7 new provinces added to the DeJure kingdom of Wallachia
- 2 new duchies added to the DuJure kingdom of Wallachia (Oltenia & Bessarabia)
- Duchy of Wallachia renamed to "Muntenia"
- Duchy of Moldau renameed to "Moldovia"
- Map Update to the Pontic Steppe
- New empire of "Pontic Steppe" added in the eponymous geographical region
- Kingdoms of Khazaria, Alania and the new kingdom of Crimea make this DeJure empire
- New duchy (Wild Fields) added to k_crimea
- 3 new provinces added to the region
- Map Update to Russia
- Major overhaul of the whole russian sphere
- All major & minor rivers reshaped
- e_russia is now created through 5 kingdoms (Ruthenia, Novgorod, Vladimir, Chernigov & Galicia-Volhynia)
- 3 new kingdoms : Vladimir, Chernigov, Galicia-Volhynia
- k_rus renamed from "Rus" to "Novgorod"
- 4 new duchies (Cherven Cities, Karachev, Novosil, Murom)
- 37 new provinces added to the general area
- A few titular russian-tribes-themed duchies added for earlier startdates
- Map Update to Italy
- 9 New Provinces Added
- 1 New Duchy Added
- 1 New Kingdom Added
- Map Update to Volga Bulgaria
- 6 New Provinces Added
- 1 New Duchy Added
- Map Update to Iceland
- 2 New Provinces Added
- In 769 Iceland now starts populated by Irish theocracies, representing the papars. Norse characters will during the Viking Age get the opportunity to take it over.
- Map Update to the Steppes
- Major Overhaul of the Steppes and Permya
- 112 New Provinces Added
- 38 New Duchies Added
- 2 New Kingdoms Added
- 2 New Empires Added
- Map Update Anatolia & Georgia
- 11 New Provinces Added
- 5 New Duchies Added
- Map Update British Isles
- 18 New Provinces Added
- 3 New Duchies Added
- Map Update France
- 13 New Provinces Added
- 2 New Duchies Added
- Reworked Major Rivers in France
- Map Update to Iceland
- 2 new provinces
- Reworked the sea zones around iceland
- Updates to Icelandic history
- New titles
- Principality of Antioch, available for Catholic rulers in charge of Antioch
- The Hansa is now available for players through a decision
- A kingdom tier Swiss Confederacy is available through a decision
- New cultures
- Crimean Gothic
- Dalmatian
- Carantanian
- Coptic

- Added call in favor for succession support character interaction for elective succession laws.

# Balance
- Prestige-based retinues are now unaffected by retinue reinforce rate; they always reinforce at full speed
- Your dynastic muslim vassals will no longer affect your Decadence through lost/won Holy Wars, as this caused your decadence to increase/decrease seemingly at random with no chance of affecting the outcome
- Book-type artifacts can no longer be stacked indefinitely, characters can now have max 4 books active at once (Library equipment slot)
- The titular Kingdom titles in Iberia (Galicia, Aragon, Castille and Portugal) are now only formable through decisions.
- The decisions to form the Kingdom titles in Iberia (Galicia, Aragon, Castille and Portugal) can now be done at any time, rather than only after the year 1000.
- The titular Kingdom title Moravia is no longer createable as a titular title.
- The titular Kingdom title Cyprus is now only formable through a decision (independent Catholic duke of Cyprus).
- The titular Duchy title Powys is now only formable through a decision.
- Vastly reduced the cost of Prestige buildings in Tribal holdings
- Added culture-specific buildings to Tribal holdings, when upgraded to Castles these buildings will become the castle variant of the appropriate culture building (Rank 2 Tribal building becomes Rank 1 Castle building, Rank 4 Tribal building becomes Rank 2 Castle building)
- Added a small tribal building chain for defensive pagans, built with Piety rather than prestige
- Added retinue size modifiers to several tribal buildings, allowing Tribal rulers to field much larger retinue stacks than they were able to previously
- Disabled the Decisions for Tribal realms to hire temporary troops for prestige/piety, they caused too much confusion for players (where did those 5000 troops come from?) and allowed for a much too rapid conquest (declaring multiple wars to avoid having them despawn), this is only in effect if Legacy of Rome is active
- Added several tribal-only retinues that are available to be recruited for Prestige (and Piety, for Defensive Pagans), intended to fill the niche decision-spawned troops had (prestige-based armies) without causing confusion/uncertainty
- Disabled all standard gold-costing retinues for Tribals, except for their cultural one
- The AI will no longer spawn random troops from Build Legend or Build Zeal as long as they're not at war (they often let the troops expire without using them, losing prestige/piety)
- Jizya tax is now based on any liege or the holding owner having a religion that uses Jizya, rather than just the holding owner
- When a new merchant republic house is generated from thin air, the new patrician comes with a family so that they can't as easily go extinct shortly after due to a single unfortunate death
- New patrician houses no longer love to name themselves after the ruler of the republic
- Harbor and Fishing Village buildings in Nomad holdings now provide a nominal amount of Galleys
- Rebalanced sex_appeal_opinion for several illness traits.
- Unified all gender triggers for minor titles, they should now make more sense
- Removed society influence.
- Improved religion tooltips, now also list: the scripture, evil gods, high god and gods
- The religion and culture line on the character select screen now gives the normal religion/culture desc and feature tooltips
- Added the name and icon of a religion to the religion top bar screen, applied the normal religion tooltip to both
- The Caspian Sea is now functionally like an ocean. With boats and merchant republics and stuff
- The Nestorian Patriarch has moved to Baghdad, he feels more at home there
- The Miaphysites and Monophysites don't really care about Pentarchy anymore
- The Tribal Invasion and Pagan Subjugation CB's now require the actor to either have the Tribal government form or Elective Gavelkind succession form
- Upon looting a holding, the loot protected by fort level is now immediately updated, rather than only on the next monthly tick
- Only bishops of Count level or above can be made into anti-Popes
- Most of the religious head actions now have a Piety cost that scales with either your size, or your tier and that of the target
- The real Pope can now grant claims and invasions on/within the realms of people who have an anti-Pope
- Donating money to holy orders is no longer incredibly overpowered: it now only gives 100 piety, and has a cooldown of a year between donations
- Successful Decadence invasions now destroy the primary titles of the one being invaded, which should help with muslim blobs becoming stronger after suffering a decadence revolt, as the new dynasty has 0 decadence
- Nomad troops have now been rebalanced to promote buying something but the first tier horde, also added piety based 'auxiliary' hordes
- Slight cost/effect rebalance of the Corrupt Priest decision.
- Barons can no longer take ambitions such as Become Exalted and Paragon of Virtue.
- The ambitions Paragon of Virtue, Exalted among Men and Paragon of Enlightenment have been rebalanced to reflect the higher values of Piety and Prestige present in the game.
- Corrupting Magic for Satanists is now a stacking modifier, and instead of removing health it actually provides a small health boost in the same way treatments do (it doesn't actually increase your health, it only offsets negative health). To compensate it has been given much heavier stat penalties. Major soul corruption effects will add two stacks of the modifier rather than one.
- Controlled Realm Inheritance now affects your realm instead of the DeJure region for the title. And it is now in effect as long as any title above the title being inherited has set Controlled Realm Inheritance to Illegal.

# AI Improvements
- Fixed an issue where ai rulers would not go raiding
- We have informed the AI that prestige-based retinues do in fact not cost any money, so it shouldn't refrain from buying them just because it is broke
- The Pope is no longer likely to personally excommunicate you just because he slightly dislikes the look of your face
- Told the AI that when it is the primary participant in one war that they should actually ignore wars where they aren't a primary participant
- Told the AI it might as well not bother to loot if it can't even muster 500 men
- The AI now, having decided it should send its retinues home, won't simultaneously decide leave them just sitting in the county of some random dude in the same realm, leading to the AI keeping its military AI alive indefinitely
- When the AI's council just absolutely refuses to let it grant a title to *anyone*, the AI now goes "well if one of you bastards want it, you can damn well have it" in order to get rid of the title
- When one AI tells another "please go over there so we can gather our forces", the AI won't go "meh, I don't really like that spot" and get stuck just alternating between staying somewhere it likes and walking towards where the other AI tells it to be, just because it previously hasn't considered the existence of that province
- The AI no longer thinks it is a brilliant idea to betroth its underage heir to a woman so old they'll be infertile by the time the betrothal can be turned into a marriage
- Told the AI that maybe it should consider that their liege has a ton of tribal vassals when their liege asks them to end a plot
- The AI now takes into account the cost you had to pay in order to send the interaction when evaluating if they should accept or decline.

# Interface
- Fixed the law view refreshing a lot more than it needed to, causing buttons to sometimes flicker
- Fixed it not being clear that negative command modifiers end up at 0 due to martial. Now shows "Martial Influence: x 0.00"
- When the Pope decides to excommunicate someone without someone asking them to, the notification now leaves out that it was "at Pope whatever's behest"
- The character finder now shows the effects of the characters' active artifacts
- Added an indicator on the "Play" button in the lobby for ironman saves showing whether achievements are available or not
- You can now edit your user-name in the multiplayer lobby to be different from your Steam name. Note that when restarting the game, it will still default to your Steam name
- The unit morale bar now shows the morale boosts and penalties being applied on a unit level
- Independent tributaries now show their suzerain where a liege would normally be shown
- Fixed the levy tooltip leaving out many sources of levy size
- The garrison tooltip now shows all sources of garrison size
- Fixed units that cannot be disbanded right now (E.G., due to shattered retreat) being included in the Confirm Disband pop-up
- Fixed title items when viewing a title in some cases being unclickable
- When you cannot pick a new plot due to your current plot being in motion, the game now properly informs you rather than just saying you don't have any plots available
- The rel head succession notification now uses the Pope's new name rather than their old name
- Trade post locations now show up in the Economy map mode as well, not just the Trade Zones map mode
- The levies tooltip in the character view now also lists how many troops they could potentially call to arms from tribal vassals
- Fixed missing space in "TribalVassal" and "NomadicVassal" in the "Pacts" list on the character screen
- When you are in regency and the council does not approve of a diplomatic action, you are now allowed to click the button, just not send it. This means you'll now be able to see why the council is voting against the action
- "Request Claim" is now visible on characters with requestable titles, not just in the title view
- Added sound to right-clicking a province on the map.
- Added experimental UI scaling. Changeable in the the video settings.
- The in-game barbershop is no longer enabled for characters that have neither hair nor beard-styles to choose from. And both hair and beard switch buttons will be hidden now if you don't have at least 2 styles to choose from
- Religious head title shield in religious view now shows its tooltip.
- Clicking the crusade banner while the crusade window is open will now close the window.

# User modding
- Fixed there being a strange scrollbar in the middle of the screen if you used the "-start_date" launch parameter with a title at the end
- Eliminated the "province_setup" folder. Now based purely on province history instead, meaning you no longer have to duplicate script
- Added is_connected_to trigger. Checks if two provinces are connected via some realm's territory. Used in province or county scope. Can be somewhat performance intensive, so use sparingly. Example:
is_connected_to = {
target = realm_capital # What province to find a connection to. Takes "capital" (province owner's capital), "realm_capital" (top liege's capital), or a scope that can be resolved to a province. Must be set
sea_gap = yes # Whether to allow pathing through gaps of a single sea province (E.G., between Genoa and Corsica). Defaults to "no". Can't path through lakes
land_gap = yes # Whether to allow pathing through gaps of a single land province (E.G., a realm split in two by another realm a single province wide). Defaults to "no". Can't path through wastelands
sub_realm = no # Which realm to allow pathing through. "yes" for the sub-realm of the province owner. "no" for the realm of the top-liege. Alternatively takes a scope that can be resolved to a character (E.G., ROOT, e_hre, or owner). Defaults to "yes"
naval_distance = yes # Whether to allow pathing by sea (any number of provinces). Can take a number instead to use a max distance from already found ports
- Added any_connected_province, any_disconnected_province, and random versions of both. Takes same parameters as is_connected_to, except for "target". The disconnected version scopes to every province in the sub realm that isn't connected, while the connected version scopes to every province that is. Example:
any_connected_province = {
sub_realm = ROOT
limit = { some_trigger = no }
some_effect = yes
- Added can_naval_path_to trigger. Checks if it is possible to travel by sea between two provinces. Both provinces have to be sea or coastal. Example: "can_naval_path_to = c_london". Can take scopes and similar. Can be expanded to also take a distance: "can_naval_path_to = { target = c_london distance < 100 }"
- Added "persistent_event_target". Works like regular event targets, except are not saved in event chains. Instead they're saved in provinces, characters, titles, artifacts, societies, or offmap powers. They thus persist until cleared. Syntax is as follows:
save_persistent_event_target = { name = name_of_target scope = event_target:my_character } # Scope is the scope to save. It'll be saved in whatever the current scope is scoped to, assuming it supports persistent event targets. Relative scoping like ROOT, liege, and similar work as well
clear_persistent_event_target = name_of_target # Removes the given target
persistent_event_target:name_of_target = { } # Scopes to the given target
[name_of_target.SomeLocCommand] # Scopes to the given target in loc. In the case of collision with a regular event target, the persistent target takes precedence
- Variables now work in artifacts, societies, and offmap powers as well, not just characters, titles, and provinces
- Added console command print_holding_numbers. It prints the number of holdings defined for each county, sorted by # of holdings. Useful if you want to ensure all counties can support up to 7 slots
- Creating a holding in script when the province is already at its holding slot limit now adds another holding slot
- Added optional ai_acceptance section for decisions. This can be used to indicate to the player whether the target will accept a given decision. See 00_decisions.info for documentation
- Renamed the "decisions" section in societies to "powers" (though the old name still works). Now supports loc keys too, not just decisions. Will then use the key for the name, and the key + "_power_desc" for the extended description
- Added "society_influence = no" parameter for societies, which turns off the display of society influence
- You can now scope to landed titles in loc using their name. E.G., [k_norway.GetName]
- Fixed any_realm_lord not fetching the character's employer's sub-realm if used on an unlanded character
- For modifiers like those for council position choice, you can now specify a "localisation_key". When specified, that will make the condition show up as "Localisation: +xy" rather than as a regular trigger. This can be used to create much cleaner modifier lists. Especially useful for the "ai_acceptance" section of decisions, as that will make the display mimic normal interactions. Note that this does *not* work with multiplicative modifiers; only additive ones. This is for memory saving reasons, as applying it to mult modifiers would mean every single event MTTH and similar would need to store a loc key
- Stacking character modifiers now only show a single entry in the user interface
- Added "effect" parameter for on-actions, making it possible to fire effects directly off of on-actions. Useful for when you'd normally just use a hidden event. Highly recommended that you use scripted effects so as to not bloat the on actions file
- Wrote documentation for on-actions. Can be found in _on_actions.info in the on-actions folder
- Now possible to have several separate random event lists within an on-action, which are checked separately when the on-action happens (meaning several random events can occur; 0 or 1 per list). See _on_actions.info for documentation
- Made it clear that on_(major_)battle_lost/won do not fire for the actual army leader
- Checking "holding_type" in county (as opposed to province) scope should now work
- Added in_command pre-trigger for events. Takes yes or no. Example: in_command = no will make the event only trigger for people not commanding troops
- For custom loc purposes, notifications now provide FROMFROM as well. We won't pretend there's any real rhyme or reason to what character is FROMFROM
- It is now possible to specify characters' opinions of specific traits, and specify their opinion effect on people with specific traits. "lustful_opinion = 10" for example will now make Lustful characters like you more. "opinion_of_lustful = -10" will make you dislike lustful characters. Works in any modifier (E.G., traits, artifacts, event modifiers). Has to be defined in the modifier definitions folder, just like religion and culture opinion
- You can now define an opinion explanation for custom opinion modifiers like religion, culture, and trait opinion. Simply take the modifier key (E.G., "norse_opinion") and add "_EXPLANATION" to it, and write some loc. It gets post-fixed to the line in the opinion-breakdown. Defining one for Lustful for example might show something like "Attractice (effect on Lustful): +10"
- It is now possible to specify icons for objectives, decisions, and hardcoded interactions to show up in the diplomacy list (like how "plot to kill" has a dagger). For objectives and decisions, simply put "diplomacy_icon = GFX_gfx_name" and define that piece of GFX. For hardcoded interactions, the GFX name is pre-determined, using the format "GFX_<something>_icon", where "<something>" is the same as is used for offer descriptions, defines, and so on (E.G:, "DECLARE_WAR_INTERACTION"). By defining that GFX (in the case of war declaration, GFX_DECLARE_WAR_INTERACTION_icon), the icon will then show up
- Added effects add_special_interest and remove_special_interest. This will modify the special interests list in the outliner. Examples:
add_special_interest = { who = k_france key = some_loc_key }
remove_special_interest = ROOT
- Added triggers num_culture_provinces and num_religion_provinces. They check how many provinces there are of the given culture/religion. Should work in virtually any scope that has an associated culture. Takes comparisons. Example: num_culture_provinces > 10
- When debug_mode (AKA "charinfo") is active, the script tags of traits, modifiers, artifacts, cultures, religions, societies, and governments now get shown in their tooltip for use in console commands, script effects, and similar
- Added trigger society_has_active_progress = <yes/no>
- Added trigger society_progress = <value>
- Added effect start_society_progress
- Added effect stop_society_progress
- Added effect add_society_progress = <value>
- Added effect set_society_progress = <value>
- Added trigger holy_site_distance. Checks the distance to the nearest holy site of the target religion. Example: holy_site_distance = { target = FROM value < 200 }. Works with provinces, characters, and similar as targets as well, not just religions
- Added trigger religion_distance. Checks the distance to the nearest province of the target religion. Example: religion_distance = { target = FROM value < 200 }. Works with provinces, characters, and similar as targets as well, not just religions. Use with care, as it can get a bit expensive as it has to check distance to all provinces of the given religion
- Added console command "save_without_ironman" to save the current game-state without ironman
- The "version" console command now also puts the version info in your clipboard so you can paste it elsewhere
- Added "log_missing_adjectives" console command, which logs any title that has no adjective loc key defined (E.G., if the title "k_title" is defined, but no loc "k_title_adj" is defined)
- It is now possible for a religion to have autocephaly without having a pentarchy (though not the other way around). "autocephaly = yes" now only provides autocephaly, while "pentarchy = yes" provides both
- Added trigger "has_pentarchy". Works in anything that has a religion (religion, character, province, etc.)
- Added religion parameter male_temple_holders (default "yes") and trigger religion_allows_male_temple_holders
- Added the following effects, which change religion features. Works in religion scope, or a scope from which a religion can be gotten (character, province, county/barony title, title with religion defined, society with associated religion):
set_religion_head # When used in religion scope, sets the title that controls the religion. Use "none" to set the religion as not having any controller. If a title already controls the religion when this is called, it will cease to control the religion. Example: set_religion_head = k_norway/ROOT/none
- set_divine_blood effect now works on religions, not just characters
- Cultures and religions can now store flags, event targets, and variables
- Added effects set_flag and clr_flag, and triggers has_flag and had_flag, which work on anything that can store flags. Note as a result there are no culture/religion specific versions
- Event options can now take the parameter "tooltip_info_custom". Example: "tooltip_info_custom = REASON_IS_A_HORSE" will highlight the option and state that it is due to them being a horse
- Be aware that "reformer_head_of_religion" now has to be defined in the reformed version of the religion, *not* the original version
- Added a file with documentation in common/modifier_definitions
- Added triggers "trigger_if", "trigger_else_if", and "trigger_else". trigger_if is just an alias for conditional_tooltip. The latter two can be combined with trigger_if to handle complex display logic. If a trigger_if is immediately followed by a trigger_else_if or trigger_else, that trigger will be used instead if the limit/trigger of the trigger_if fails. They can be chained to virtually any extent. You can now also use "limit" instead of "trigger", to match how the effect functions. Example:
trigger_if = {
limit = { wealth = 3000 }
piety = 1000
trigger_else_if = {
limit = { wealth = 2000 }
piety = 2000
trigger_else = {
piety = 3000
- Now possible to reference religions and their groups statically in loc. E.G., [catholic.GetName] or [christian.GetGroupName]. Note that referencing the group is really just a different way to reference the first member of the group, so "GetName" will return the first religion's name, not "Christian"
- Now possible to reference cultures statically and their groups in loc. E.G., [norwegian.GetName] or [north_germanic.GetGroupName]. Note that referencing the group is really just a different way to reference the first member of the group, so "GetName" will return the first religion's name, not "Christian"
- Buildings can now use "piety_cost" in order to cost piety. Mutually exclusive with gold and prestige costs
- Retinue subunits now support the parameter "costs_piety = yes". Mutually exclusive with gold and prestige costs
- Added parameter "sort_priority" for CBs, which can be used to decide the order in which CBs show up in the UI. Example: sort_priority = 1000
- Added parameter "diplo_view_region" for CBs, which can be used override which provinces are highlighted when the CB is selected in the diplomacy view. Example: diplo_view_region = custom_leon
- Fixed the presence of decadent dynasty members being based on the religion being Muslim rather than the religion using decadence
- Added command modifiers "light_cavalry", "knights", "archers", "pikemen", "actual_light_infantry", and "actual_heavy_infantry", which boost those specific units
- Event pictures can now have triggers, allowing you to define multiple pictures without having to go via event descriptions. Note that event description pictures will still take precedence
- Event pictures now always match the description if the description specifies a picture, rather than taking the picture from the first valid description. Example:
picture = {
trigger = { wealth = 1000 }
picture = "GFX_evt_feast"
- conditional_tooltip/trigger_if now returns "false" when it does not get displayed immediately inside an OR or NOR, as this gives a more sensible tooltip
- Added support for all of the effect any_<scopes> for a selection_score = { } - triggered score field that only executes the effect on the top scorers of selection. Example:
any_society_member = {
score_value = {
value = 1
additive_modifier = {
society_rank == 4
value = 1000
additive_modifier = {
society_rank == 3
value = 100
count = 3
add_trait = maimed
- Added effects clear_prison_reasons, clear_banish_reasons, clear_revoke_reasons, clear_execute_reasons. These remove all opinion modifiers allowing the given action. Example: clear_prison_reasons = FROM will cause the currently scoped character to no longer be able to imprison FROM (unless allowed due to excommunication or being an enemy)
- "additive_modifier" in MTTHs and similar now works with decimal numbers rather than just integers
- Nicknames can now be set to prefix the ruler name with the is_prefix = yes attribute in the nickname database.
- Fixed the "succession" effect not immediately causing succession to recalculate
- Modifier definitions now support "show_value = no", which will cause no number to be shown. Can be useful for showing a modifier unlocks some sort of feature
- Dynasties are now generated for the senior party in a marriage to someone who has a dynasty, rather than always being generated for men if the woman has a dynasty
- Event options can now take "tooltip_info = combat_rating", much like they can take "tooltip_info = diplomacy" and similar
- Religions can now have a "full" name defined by adding the loc key with "_full" appended. Will be shown on the map, and in most UIs. Useful if you want a longer name on the map that does not work in all contexts. [Religion.GetName] will still get the old name, while [Religion.GetFullName] will get the longer version
- Virtually all triggers and effects that before only supported simple relative scopes (ROOT/PREV/FROM/etc) now support fancier ones (liege/top_liege/employer/capital/etc)
- Added Scripted score values similar to scripted triggers and effects. Can be utilized in ai_chance, ai_will_do, random list weighting and anything that utilizes the triggered modifiers to calculate a value.
- The "adjective" effect now supports custom loc. Like set_name, it uses the current scopes available
- Added effect "set_short_name = yes/no". Can be used in title scope. Equivalent to putting "short_name = yes/no" in the title's definition. Useful when renaming titles in script
- Added "preferred_limit" parameter for "random_" effects like "random_character". Should work for all "random_" effects except "random_quest_target", which is a bit of a mess. Multiple preferred limits can be defined, in addition to the regular "limit". When preferred limits are used, the first one that at least one target fulfills will be used in addition to the limit. If no preferred limit is fulfilled, only the base limit gets used. Very useful for when you want to pick a better target when one is available. Example:
random_independent_ruler = {
limit = { wealth < 1000 }
preferred_limit = { culture = norwegian }
preferred_limit = { culture_group = north_germanic }
wealth = 1000 # This would give 1000 gold to a random independent Norwegian with less than 1k gold, if one exists. If none exists, it'll give it to a random independent North Germanic with less than 1k gold. If none exists, it'll give it to a random independent ruler of any culture with less than 1k gold
- Societies "monthly_currency_gain" can now take "triggered_gain", making it possible to define any arbitrary reason to get currency. See societies.info for more info
- If you run grant_title on a barony that has not been built, now a castle will be built there
- Added character loc property GetLastWordInDynastyName. It will split the character's dynasty names on spaces and apostrophes, and return the last word. E.G., d'Anjou -> Anjou and "de Hauteville" -> Hauteville
- Added interface_skins = { } list in religion and religion groups. Determines the order a religion will use interface elements, taking them from the first listed to the last. The default interface is an implicit backup for all elements of all religions. If a republic then they will only use the republic interface if they have no interface_skin defined in their religion of religion group or have been set to merge the republic interface. The definition in the religion overrides that of the religion group
- Added merge_republic_interface = yes/no to religion and religion groups. Determines if a religion will try to merge their interface with the republic interface. If yes then when a republic and searching for a texture for their religion's interface they will look for <texture_name>_republic and use that version of the texture instead of the religion's normal one. The bool defaults to no and as with interface_skins the definition in a religion overrides that of the religion group
- Added triggers society_has_members, society_is_active, and is_society. Checks if the scoped to society has members, if the society's "active" trigger is true, and whether the society is the same as the right-hand-side. Examples:
the_satanists = { society_has_members = yes society_is_active = yes is_society = ROOT/the_satanists/event_target:some_society }
- Women can now take consorts. Be aware that this may in some cases break your existing script
- "add_consort" will now cause the person scoped to to be the senior party, rather than the woman. Same goes when adding one in history. "remove_consort" will still work on either party. The scopes remain the same, and will work regardless of who is the senior party
- The trigger "is_senior_consort_party" has been added, which simply checks that the character has consorts rather than being someone's consort. Example: "is_senior_consort_party = yes"
- is_consort now checks that you're the junior party, rather than female and having a consort
- num_of_consorts now returns 0 for the junior party
- title_male_consort also needs to exist in minor titles
- A religion can be defined to allow women to take consorts using "women_can_take_consorts = yes" in the religion definition, or be enabled for the religion by event/similar using the new effect "set_women_can_take_consorts = yes". It can also be set in government definitions (but not dynamically) in the same manner.
- Also added is "men_can_take_consorts" in religion and government definitions (defaults to yes), and a "set_men_can_take_consorts" effect for religions. If a religion/government's max consorts is 0, men/women_can_take_consorts has no effect
- Society ranks can now also define max_consorts, men_can_take_consorts, and women_can_take_consorts. Works as with religion and governments. You'll need to put a description of the effect in the rank manually, using the "powers" section or the "custom_tooltip" key
- LOOTER_SHIP_MAINT_MULT is now based on "seafaring" rather than being allowed to loot
- Added scopes "previous_artifact_owner" and "any/random_artifact_owner". These only work on artifacts that track history (don't have the "history = no" parameter). The first simply scopes to the previous holder. The any/random one scopes to anyone who has ever owned the given artifact (including the current owner)
- Added effect copy_artifact_history
- Multiple wives now take precedence over the ability to have concubines
- Added effect "show_trait". All this does is make the given trait show up on an event option, much like "show_portrait". It does not affect the gamestate, nor cause a tooltip. Example: "show_trait = genius"
- Variables, flags, and event targets can now be saved to societies. Example: the_satanists = { set_flag = test_flag }
- Fixed custom loc in some cases almost always returning the same "random" value when used repeatedly in a block of script
- Fixed the "new_artifact" scope not persisting past save-reload
- Added set_picture effect for artifacts
- When debug mode is enabled (AKA "charinfo"), you can now CTRL+right-click an event option to open it in a text editor. To specify what text editor to use, you will need to edit your settings file. "text_editor" needs to point to your text editor's executable, while "text_editor_postfix" needs to use whatever syntax that editor uses to specify what line to open on. The $ sign will be replaced with the line number
text_editor="C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe"
- Added loc promotion ParentReligion, which changes the scope to the scoped religion's parent religion. Example: [Root.Religion.ParentReligion.GetName]
- Added scope parent_religion
- Added parameter full_hostility = yes for CBs. If set in addition to hostile_against_others, will cause anyone targeting a realm with a CB with the flag to be hostile towards one another. They will also be hostile to anyone targeting the defender's primary title
- Equipping an artifact now triggers a portrait refresh in case the artifact affects how the character looks/dresses
- Added on-actions on_command_unit, on_command_sub_unit, and on_unit_entering_province
- Added pre-trigger has_job_title. Takes yes or no
- Scripted value calculations such as ai_chance, ai_will_do, selection_score etc. now supports adding a trigger field effectively nullifying the field.
- You can now use command_modifier in event modifiers
- random_list now supports defining a fallback, which will be run if nothing else has a chance above 0
- random_list now leaves out "one out of x options will happen" if only one option is valid
- WARNING: The religion/religion_group/culture/culture_group event pre-triggers now only take actual keys (E.G., "norse"). Scopes and the like will no longer work, for performance reasons
- Fixed counties with no holder whatsoever in history getting all their barons set as independent
- Hovering over the tooltip for effects involving a lot of characters should now cause less game slowdown
- e_rebels and e_pirates no longer check decisions, plot invitations, etc.
- Fixed FROMFROM not being present most of the time in on_combat_pulse
- Added new Crusade system:
- See crusade.info in common/religion for documentation
- Now possible to have more than once Crusade CB. Use "is_crusade = yes" in the CB to mark it as a Crusade CB. Individual religions can also specify their Crusade CB, overriding what's defined on the group level
- Added effects set_crusade_target, pledge_crusade_participation, lock_crusade_target, set_crusade_beneficiary, set_official_crusade_recipient, set_crusade_pot_multiplier, cancel_crusade
- Added triggers is_preparing_crusade, crusade_preparation_strength, crusade_preparation_time_elapsed, crusade_preparation_time_remaining, has_pledged_crusade_participation, crusade_war_has_started
- Added scopes crusade_beneficiary, crusade_target_title, crusade_target_char, any/random_crusade_participant, official_crusade_recipient
- Added on-actions on_crusade_preparation_starts, on_crusade_launches, on_crusade_canceled, on_crusade_monthly, on_crusade_target_changes
- Added scope any/random_unit_leader. It scopes to any leader (flank or subunit) in a unit. It can be used in unit or character scope; in character scope it uses the unit that character is in. If the unit is in combat, every unit on the same side in the battle is included
- Added triggers is_sub_unit_leader = yes/no and is_in_same_unit_as = scope. The latter checks if two characters are in the same unit. Does NOT check every unit on a side of a combat, unlike any/random_unit_leader
- Warning: Identical names in cultures are now assumed to always be tied to the same base name. This means that having something like Name_BaseOne in one culture, and Name_BaseTwo in a different culture is no longer possible. This would already cause issues with regnal naming anyway
- Now impossible to fire delayed events (E.G., via laws automatically being passed) until the campaign has actually started, as this could lead to CTDs
- Added dynasty modifiers, which apply to all (living) members of a dynasty. Add with "add_dynasty_modifier = key" in character scope. Remove with "remove_dynasty_modifier = key". Check for their presence with "has_dynasty_modifier = key". Does not support timed modifiers
- Added triggers holding_garrison_percent, holding_raisable_levy_percent, and holding_total_levy_percent. They check how full the garrison, the raisable levy, and the total levy (garrison + raisable) is. Example: holding_total_levy_percent < 1 would check that the overall levy is not capped. 1 represents 100%, 0 is 0%
- Added variable exports holding_garrison_percent, holding_raisable_levy_percent, holding_total_levy_percent, holding_garrison, holding_raisable_levy, holding_total_levy
- Added effect set_player_character, which makes the player controlling the current character control the target character instead. Example: "set_player_character = player_heir" would result in the player taking over as their heir. Be careful, as it is entirely possible to cause an instant game over using this effect. The effect does *not* enforce remaining within the same dynasty. This effect works even in multiplayer, hence the need to be scoped to the player's character
- on_siege_over_winner, on_siege_over_loc_chars, on_siege_won_leader, and on_siege_lost_leader no longer fire for forts (they never fired at all for trade posts); these now fire the same on-action with "_fort" or "_trade_post" appended, with FROM as the province. This is because FROM was undefined for these two types of holdings as they have no associated title, leading to strange issues
- The names of interactions now go through custom localisation, just like their descriptions, providing the standard set of promotions and properties for interactions
- Intermarrying AI logic no longer assumes religions in the same group are fine to marry unless they've actually been specified to allow intermarrying. Before, only Pagans could refuse on religious grounds within the group
- The "add_building" effect now also adds the building it upgrades from. E.G., add_building = some_building_3 would add some_building_1 and some_building_2 first if they're not already present (based on upgrades_from, not names)
- Fixed religious titles not being considered minor titles for some purposes, such as "has_minor_title"
- Major rivers now use the position of the councilor for moving ships, to make it easier to place them in such a way that they're not on land
- Fixed the "adjective" effect not always working
- When a province is selected in debug mode, hovering over another province will show the naval distance if a naval path exists
- It is now possible to specify the religion head's response AI for all the religion head interactions. See 01_rel_head_actions.txt for more info
- You can now specify religion-specific character names on the religion level, not just the religion group level. If defined, it will be used instead of the religion-level names. It is now also possible to have one named defined in more than one group/religion (E.G., in both the Christian group and the Jewish group), while before this would lead to no one being able to use the name at all
- Added "prompt_name" effect, which can be used to let the player rename characters, provinces, landed titles, artifacts, and bloodlines. Example:
prompt_name = {
player = ROOT # What player should get the prompt
type = NEWBORN # What message type to use, as defined in messagetypes.txt. This is what defines the text and picture. The text uses the current scopes
portrait = e_hre # Optional. What portrait to show on the right. If not defined, the scoped character (if scope is a character) will be used
name_list = LOC_KEY # Optional. What name list to use. Can also use "religion" for religious names of the scoped character's religion, or "culture" for cultural names. If not specified, there will be no "randomize name" button (except for characters, that'll use the standard buttons for newborns). The loc key should contain a list of names separated by pipes. E.G., "LOC_KEY;Name|Name2|Name3;;;;;;x". When the name list is specified, a name from the list will be chosen at random, and hitting "randomize name" will cause the name to change to another random name in the list. When using a loc key rather than culture/religion, custom loc is supported, using the current scopes
- Added on-actions on_character_renamed, on_title_renamed, on_province_renamed, on_artifact_renamed, and on_bloodline_renamed. These fire when a player renames such an object
- Added on-action on_excommunicate_interaction
- Added religion parameter rel_head_defense. If set to "yes", people of that religion are likely to join in defense of their rel head when attacked by a different religion. It can also be set in script using "set_rel_head_defense = yes/no"
- Added CB effects on_invalidation_title and on_invalidation_posttitle
- Fixed holding build triggers not working for regular holdings
- Added can_land_path_to trigger
- Fixed the exportable value monthly_income actually returning the yearly income
- Added localisation modifier 'U' to uppercase first letter
- Province history renaming now supports taking a localisation tag
- Added any/random_eldership_title scopes
- Added any/random_elector_character scopes
- Added any/random_pretender scopes
- succession and succession_w_cooldown effects can now be complex and use base_type and voting_rules as parameter, example:
succession = {
base_type = feudal_elective # One of the hard-coded types feudal_elective, elective_gavelkind, tanistry
voting_rules = my_elective_voting_rules # Elective rules defined in common/succession_voting
- Added extra script validation that tries to detect if a curly bracket or equal sign is missing or in the wrong location.
- christian_church_opinion can now be used outside of traits and there is now a version for each religion group.
- Added two on_actions; "on_employer_change" and "on_host_change" which are triggered whenever a character changes their employer (home court) or host (current location).
- Added a scripted trigger "valid_exile_court_trigger" which makes it possible to limit which courts the game considers when deciding where to move a character.
- Fixed "spawn_disease" not working in events due to load order shenanigans. Now also logs during game load if a referenced disease does not exist
- Added 'add_god_names' effect which makes it possible to add new god names to the scoped religion
- Added 'remove_god_names' effect which makes it possible to remove all god names from the scoped religion
- Added 'set_high_god_name' effect which makes it possible to set the name of the high god for the scoped religion
- Added 'add_evil_god_names' effectwhich makes it possible to add new evil god names to the scoped religion

# Database
- Fixed the province of Ratanpur having more holdings than holding slots; increased the holding slots by one
- Iceland is now inhabited by Irish Papars in 769. A decision has been added for the Norse to settle Iceland after the Viking age starts.

# Bugfixes
- Ducal County Claim CB can no longer be used on your liege
- Fixed siege leaders in flanks other than the center not working after loading a save, but instead only for new battles or if reassigned
- It's no longer possible to ready up in the multiplayer lobby when two players have selected the same character.
- Apsara/Ghandarva now rarely visits Indian feasts.
- AI Rulers should no longer switch their kids to Faith/Heritage focus just because their educator is another religion/culture from the kid, the educator now also needs to be of the RULERS religion/culture for the AI to consider the decision.
- Fixed some issues with the potential conditions for the Elective Faction
- Fixed an issue where you could end up playing a relative with temporary titles if you became unlanded
- Fixed an issue where the game would in some instances reset your custom rulers beard at game start
- Fixed imprisonment reasons in some cases persisting until unpausing
- No longer possible for a Pagan religion to get reformed more than once
- Imperial Reconquest now includes Sardinia
- Fixed Peasant and Heretic revolt triggers not taking into account one of the fail-conditions that prevent a National revolt from happening, thus resulting into no revolt starting at all in some instances
- Fixed Ramadan event targeting your own Decadent relatives and setting them free
- Fixed Mother/Father-in-Laws being called "Acquaintances" on Notification events upon death
- Prosperity event and Settle Tribe Job action now do not result in a successful culture conversion when Culture Conversion is set to Restricted and the province that they target is not a port and has no neighboring provinces of the owner's culture
- Fixed Raiding China modifier persisting after having successfully conquered China.
- Fixed slightly misleading tooltip on Tributary breaking condition.
- Fixed Gain Land for Landless Son ambition being fulfilled by assembling a mercenary band.
- Fixed Council outliner being referred to as "Court".
- Fixed translation event firing for rulers of the same culture as the ruling Chinese dynasty
- Jeanne of Arc is now historical=yes so she doesn't get pruned.
- Fixed old claim event not having gendered loc keys.
- Added death_date_desc to death_missing and death_vanished.
- Improved secret religion scripted trigger to use religion scopes rather than random_character scopes.
- Fixed some old tooltips on event 61212.
- Fixed education event prompting to secretly convert ward to a religion that he is already openly a part of.
- Fixed database religion of Chinese Suy dynasty.
- Fixed other_claim not transferring a claimant's family to his new court after victory.
- Fixed liege's court physician treating vassals within the liege's court as if he were their personal Court Physician.
- Fixed death reason for a few old Chinese courtiers.
- Fixed jailor_torture_effect scripted effect resulting in multiple No effect entries in some instances.
- Fixes to Tafkir modifier being given to the wrong person
- Safety triggers on ZE.2020 to prevent it from firing when the ruler has no Chancellor.
- Fixed scoping issue with Ask for Pardon decision.
- Religion view title will now properly get the updated description from the religion for it's tooltip.
- Fixed alignment issue with norse beard_behind layers.
- No longer double "the" when you win an invasion against China
- Fixed scoping issues in the Satanists recruitment events.
- Made the Demon Child from Demonic Impregnation use the SoA flags and effects rather than the Old Gods ones, as those are not compatible with the child not having a father.
- Fixed an issue where a pregnancy conceived before marriage didn't always adhere to the marriage rules when the child was born.
- Fixed a Linux crash in the law screen if opened before patrician families are created.
- If the one who invites you to carousing dies before the party starts, the do_not_disturb flag will now be cleared from all their potential guests
- Removed an old invalidation of delayed events if FROM/FROMFROM-scope was a character that had been dead for a year
- Fixed the Prepared Invasion troop spawning being improperly randomized, making being ridiculously lucky or unlucky far more likely than intended
- Fixed saving and reloading within a month of an AI launching a Prepared Invasion sometimes leading to them not launching it at all, instead letting the CB expire
- Fixed Nomad provinces with a lot of holdings not being considered part of their realm for some purposes, leading to a variety of issues
- Fixed a councilor becoming independent leading to them considering themselves to have been fired from the council
- Ensured that in multiplayer, only one player gets to name a newborn. Precedence goes to the actual parent if only one is a parent. If both are parents, it goes to the person with the child's dynasty. If both are of the child's dynasty, precedence goes to the mother
- Fixed Crusades in rare cases switching defender or invalidating when the defender loses an unrelated war, despite them still being a completely valid target
- Previous owners levies should no longer block the current owner from raising levies from a holding.
- The Pope will no longer be incredibly rude when granting you claims.
- Made Smiths stop trying to make body builders out of babies or toddlers
- Fixed rare case of RIP event causing mourning character to become friend with himself after death of his father.
- Fixed help liege manage title decision being available only once per character.
- Fixed trunkated text in monastic letter event.
- Fixed broken Seversky dynasty.
- Fixed issue with legitimate children gaining the bastard trait when their father died before they were born.
- Fixed Embargo and Seize Trade Post cbs not using proper icons.
- Added specific decision icon for Kali Puja feast.
- Balanced option on event ZE.12082 childhood rivalry event.
- Fixed confusing portraits in tooltips of ZE.12110.
- Tweaked and expanded nickname assignment for RIP.12053 tunnel sneaker.
- Fixed independent Aztec rulers being appalled when one of their courtiers is sacrified to the gods by another Aztec ruler.
- Fixed Smith thiefs accidentally giving the artifact to your rival heir or another easily imprisoned courtier, effectively fulfilling their task.
- Fixed Pechenegs still owning some titles in central Asia by 1066.
- Estonian dynasty prefix changed to "of".
- Fixed MNM.10045 friendship event firing for characters who are lovers already (or in prison).
- Imprisoning a Satanist recruiter will now result in the event chain properly stopping.
- Legitimized bastards can now properly inherit under nomad succession laws.
- Fixed double price in Attempt to Abduct decision when dealing with landless rulers.
- Tweaked some historical german names.
- A pilgrimage will now stop if the character is imprisoned for whatever reason.
- Several childhood events stopped from firing for the educator if he is traveling somewhere (pilgrimage, kowtow, etc.).
- The Conduct Secret Ceremony mission will no longer fire for characters who have no one else in their society to actually conduct said ceremony *with*.
- Fixed it so that players without the Reaper's Due DLC also can get rid of vomiting symptoms acquired from drinking poison while trying to write a book.
- CBs with on_demand_reverse_title now *actually* removes claim(s) from the losing attacker.
- No longer kills off patrician families after the 5th family on daily update and rather checks for the DEFINES max limit of patrician families before going on a killing spree
- If a prepared invasion target becomes invalidated the character now gets another try at launching a prepared invasion instead of being blocked by the once per lifetime rule.
- Fixed instances of being able to Shut the Gates to your capital, when your character is in fact out traveling
- Made the childhood event where your ward becomes Fussy actually inform you of that happening
- Fixed multiple issues with the Assassin mission to train a protege.
- Fixed an issue with historical province renaming
- Fixed an issue where event HL.5005 would provide no Grace reward
- Fixed how moving your Chancellor to a different county, while they are presenting you with a fabricated claim, would swap the target claim.
- Fixed issue with the Hashshashins holy order not spawning correctly in start dates before 1090
- Clarified outcome of yet another childhood event
- Fixed so that you get a message alert when an artifact is removed/destroyed via scripted events
- The effects from the following console commands are now reset when resigning: "noai", "show_all_societies", "real_fathers", and "discover_plots".
- Ruler Designer will no longer crash when being opened if a character for some reason has no hair- or no eye-colors to choose from.
- A non-player dying and giving their artifacts to a player through inheritance will no longer unequip some or all of the player's equipped artifacts.
- Marriages will now break consort relation between the two characters marrying instead of clearing out all consorts from one of the marrying characters.
- Fixed issue where removing a consort would only break the link from ruler to consort and not the one from the consort to the ruler.
- Creating a close kin consort now only requires the religion of one of the characters to have a religion that allows close kin marriage (so that it matches how it works for marriages)
- Fixed issue were females were disinherited for having consorts instead of being disinherited for being one.
- Fixed a rare crash when resigning.
- Fixed the Demon Child event chain firing when the child does not have a mother, leading to empty references in text
- Removed most restrictions on employing a smith
- Fixed issue where the AI would list the wrong reason for not wanting to take their parent as a consort, complaining about their parent being their child.
- Fixed an issue causing the event where you could run into your rival during a hunt to never fire.
- Fixed China never resorting to simply demanding money when you urge them to reopen the Silk Road for trade.

Unmentioned in the patch notes is that we've also implemented experimental UI scaling, for those of us who play the game using a 4k monitor!

Thank you!
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So excited for this dlc.
Oh my god, the new portraits look amazing. You said most of the original portraits are now replaced - who's left, after this?
Oh, day of woe. Alas, 'tis the terrible Fall of the Western Gfx:
western falls.jpg
So much awesome! I understand that the portraits are a part of Holy Fury DLC.
With all these portraits I will probably even stop playing with anime portraits mod.

Empire of the Outremer - is it actual title formed by decision? What about Outremer culture?
I noticed from stream that Hungarian use Finno-Ugric face,it‘s a good work.
But I also noticed that Hungarian of Feudal kingdom still use steppe-style hair and beard,will this be changed later?
You still got that saved? Glorious :D
Of course, I was just waiting for this DD to upload it.

With all these portraits I will probably even stop playing with anime portraits mod.

Empire of the Outremer - is it actual title formed by decision? What about Outremer culture?
Yes, it's a mix of French and Arabic portraits.
Will Outremer culture be called Palestinian, or am I way off? I might be mistaken, but I heard many Crusaders especially their descendants in the holy Land began referring to themselves as such.
What about Vlach, Saxon, and Basque characters? Do they remain as the last holdouts of old western portraits?