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Greetings fellow city-builders and welcome to another Sunset Harbor Dev Diary!

This time, we look at new maps and policies as well as the new unique building, all of which are coming in Sunset Harbor. Let's start with the maps!


Sunset Harbor introduces five new maps to the game. The maps differ from each other significantly, and each one brings along new challenges into your city-building. Are you ready to take the first steps and start on this journey that will take us from serpentine river filled swamp lands all the way to something we've never done before in Cities: Skylines, a desert? Join us!

Located in a large, open bay area overlooking the vast ocean, Azure Gulf offers good outside connections by ship. With small lakes and several rivers of various sizes, Azure Gulf is an ideal place to start a booming Fishing Industry. This temperate map is also rich in ore and forests.


Azure Gulf

With its Boreal theme, Crater Falls is a large crater area surrounded by a mountain range with several trickling rivers flowing into small lakes in the middle. Cliff faces rising from the riverbeds, ever flowing rapids, deep lakes and beautiful waterfalls all invite fishers to come and seize the day and take their pick from the different types of fish the waters hold. In addition to providing good Fishing Industry possibilities, the mountains are rich in ore and there are plenty of forests and fertile land areas between the rivers.


Crater Falls

Made possible by the new Inland Water Treatment Plants and the Water Tower, Desert Oasis is a map with no flowing water. Surrounded by an endless desert hiding only a few oases, this map offers a completely unique place for a city. With so little fresh water, the Tropical Desert Oasis may not be best for fishing, but the dunes are rich in both ore and oil.


Desert Oasis

As the name suggests, Fisher Enclave is a great place to start a Fishing Industry. With huge bodies of still water surrounding it, Fisher Enclave consists of several small and a few larger islands. This European themed map filled with forests offers mainly two kinds of fish. Just be careful, as the still waters are easily polluted.


Fisher Enclave

While its defining feature are the flowing, serpentine rivers carrying every type of fish, Swamplands also offers large flat areas suitable for building. This map with a Boreal theme is rich in forests and fertile land. Take care, though, as you might accidentally make the rivers overflow, flooding large areas of land.




Sunset Harbor also includes 6 new policies, four of which are fishing related. The Fishing license policy creates residential tax income from the city selling affordable fishing licenses to its citizens. The policy unlocks at Milestone 3, and it increases crime and decreases citizen happiness by a small amount. With the Sustainable Fishing policy, the fishing industry can take steps to ensure that the fish population sizes stay at healthy levels. This increases the price of fish sold but lowers the fish yield, as fishing boats leave more fish in the ocean to minimize the environmental impact. With the Dolphin-safe Fishing policy, the fishing industry adopts new techniques to ensure minimal dolphin fatalities resulting from fishing. This increases citizen happiness but also lowers the fish yield. Sustainable and Dolphin-safe Fishing both unlock at Milestone 6. When Algae-based Water Filtering is enabled, the water service network uses algae as a natural filtering system. This policy is unlocked after an Algae Farm is built and Milestone 5 is reached. It increases the purification level of drain pipes and water treatment plants but also increases the water facility upkeep cost and decreases algae farm production.

After building an intercity station or terminal, you can increase bus-based tourism with the Tourist Travel Card policy. The city's tourism department then starts a campaign to increase tourism in the city by offering affordable intercity bus tickets to people living in the surrounding cities. This increases the upkeep costs of the Intercity Bus Station. The Airplane Tours policy is available after building the new unique building (more of which in next part of the diary). By opening its door to tourists, the building's attractiveness and entertainment are increased. The downside is higher levels of noise pollution. These two city policies unlock at Milestone 6.

Aviation Club

Now is the time to finally reveal the new unique building. Can we get a drum roll, please! Sunset Harbor's unique building is the Aviation Club! It consists of a small terminal, an air traffic control tower and a runway for light aircraft. Planes take off, fly high into the sky, circle around the city and land safely back on the runway. Local aviation hobbyists and owners of small planes can use the field as a base for recreational flying within the city's limits. The Aviation Club also attracts tourists and increases the city's attractiveness and entertainment. Once unlocked at Milestone 6, the building is found in the Unique Buildings build menu, under Level 5 Unique Buildings tab.


Light aircraft taking off from the Aviation Club.

That's all for this Dev Diary. We hope you are as excited about the new maps and the unique building as we are! Tune in again next time when we look at the upcoming free content.

Best regards,
Your Colossal Order dev team
I had wondered how the light aircraft airport would be handled.

Sounds like the hot air balloon.

Can we at least set some routes?
I'm looking forward to creating fishing communities like you find in Alaska and Maine with these maps. The desert map you could recreate Dubi or something. But sadly it's the ONLY desert map in the game to play on yet we already have a ton of temperate and boreal maps. You introduce desert map but only give us one? Uh, ok.
It's exactly what I expected from the Aviation Club; a reskinned hot air balloon. And what's all this talk about aviation hobbyists and small plane owners? Are they actually another type of citizen that lives in your city and can be seen flying around once you build the club? Or is the Aviation Club just a park that happens to spawn planes randomly?
i'm wondering where you'll dump trash water in the desert before you can build those nice new structures...
A DLC about fishing yet no new Tropical maps were added. Still looking forward to see the free patch contents tomorrow.
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A DLC about fishing yet no new Tropical maps were added.

The Philippines is a tropical country, and fishing is one of the main industry sectors. Water is everywhere.

Nah, fishing is a new feature so you a desert map. LOL

In all seriousness though, every map in the game can now be used for fishing fun. I personally would have liked to have got more than just one desert map though. But we should have also got more road types to along with the desert map. Sand roads? Or maybe regular roads that look like they have sand blown onto them for an authentic look?
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A DLC about fishing yet no new Tropical maps were added. Still looking forward to see the free patch contents tomorrow.

Nah, fishing is a new feature so you a desert map. LOL

In all seriousness though, every map in the game can now be used for fishing fun. I personally would have liked to have got more than just one desert map though.

Why not create your own?
Step 1. Buy a PC.
Step 2. Enjoy the game in the way you're meant to play it.

Well that's a lame ass response.

If it's a mod, it's not how the game was meant to be played. You know what the word mod means, right?

I'm not going to spend $1,000+ for a PC to gain access to some lazy persons half ass working mod asset for the game. Thanks for the offer but thats not a realistic solution.
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