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Anniversary Maintenance Patch - 2.0.4 (Open Beta)



First, I’d like to introduce myself, I am not one of the previous Game Directors, Johan or Peter, but I am Niels Uiterwijk, the original tech lead on the project. Today my role at paradox has changed as I am the Technical Director in studio green (studio working Stellaris). But still, from outer space I look back at earth and think of Imperator sometimes and decided to make a small maintenance patch, fixing some of the issues that modders & other people ran into.

Without further ado, the patch notes:

# Bugfixes

# Notes
- This patch should be save compatible, however not all fixes might be applied to your current save.

# Stablity & Performance
- Improved overall memory consumption & performance
- Improved monthly tick performance by performing some more calculations in parallel (state modifiers)
- Portrait editor no longer crashes on open
- Updated SDL to 2.0.20 from 2.0.10
- Updated Nakama to 2.4.1 from 2.2.4

# Game Mechanic
- Upped the maximum number of tags (countries) from 2048 to 8192
- Fixed levy calculations being inversed
- Fixed a bug where when annexing a country, their abroad prisoners, that were in your prison, would also be counted as an abroad prisoners for you, even though they are local prisoners.
- default pop right is now correctly working & added proper logging of pop rights
- Fixed bug where unused modifiers were still being rewarded for specific missions (local & global cohort recruitment speed)
- Fixed bug where integrated cultures were still treated differently when they were converting to your primary religion
- Raised levies will select the best tactic for it's composition.
- Civil Wars will no longer just pick 1 character, but instead take far more disloyal characters.
- Fixed bug where released nations during a peace deal would have no proper pantheon.
- Fixed bug where you would never see battle results from battles against pirates, barbarians or rebels.
- Diplomatic range is now calculated between border territories. This should make it easier to hire mercenaries as a large empire. Default diplo range has been tweaked based on this change.
- Fixed bug where pops could be promoted above what they were allowed to.

# Other
- Updated default message settings
- Enabled script profiling (available with -debug_mode startup command, 'print_event_timings` is the console command)
- Added option to run multiple commands at the same time (ExecuteConsoleCommands & ExecuteConsoleCommandsForced)
- Achievements now only require that the game is in ironman mode and you achieve them within the timelimit (ingame years)
Note: This means that mods that are affecting the checksums, no longer will prohibit you from getting the achievements, neither does multiplayer.
- Added four new defines to balance the game (2 related to combat overruns, 2 related to civil war & dissenters)

Integrated fixes from the "Unofficial Patch" mod.
(Thanks Umgssda!)

# Fixes

## Missions

- Fixed mission trigger to ignore city territories in generic mission "Growth of ..." or "Pearl of .." step "Fruits of ..."
- Fix check for mission goal in Seleucid mission "Syrian Ambition" step "A Mediterranean capital" to really check for the building number as shown in the tooltip
- Fix mission availability for Cartage mission "Iberian Investments" to be selectable after finishing "The Iberian Struggle" with "Hispanic Overlord"

## Events

- Fix "There are other options..." option to actually show other territories for "Babarian Bartering" event for greek Missions in western Mediterranean and Pontus areas
- Fix party approval target in event for pop integration agenda for roman boni party
- Fix "No confidence" random event to target three distinct characters
- Fix "Demodamas the Explorer" event to select a sea harbor with enough population according to the existing check
- Fix "Fall of the [Family]" event to select the family to remove with lowest instead of highest prestige

## Gameplay

- Fix Governors selecting religious conversion policy when it is pointless (thanks to Lewa263)

## Texts

- Fixed reference from Argos to Korinthos in tooltip for spartan mission "The Second Peloponnesian League" step "Eastern Capitals"
- Corrected event text for the time passed since Alexanders death in initial Alexander the Great event. (english only)
- Fix territory names in event Options for Roman Mission "The pillars of Hercules"

As you can see, this is a minor patch, and for now it will be released as an open beta on steam & windows only. The plan is to release this on all platforms at some point in the undetermined future. Please leave feedback (or links to bug reports that you want to see fixed) in the comments section, I am quite bad at replying, but I will read them.

Thanks to all the people that helped me with this!

Available now on the steam beta branch: 2.0.4 - open beta

I also have to stress that this is not a revival of Imperator: Rome! Do not expect new content or patches going forward.
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Reserved for Developer Replies

Torshon said:
Amazing news!, thank you!. Do you know if the achievement "The Great Destroyer" has been fixed?
PDXKatten: The only parts currently fixed are the ones listed in the patch notes ^^

Comrade Jiggy said:
Am I the only one who thinks it is @Johan who is masquerading as Niels Uiterwijk?
Nice alias by the way, if that is the case ;)
Johan: its not :p i did help with the support for more tags, but he did 99% of the work for this patch

Snowlet said:
We've identified another issue, armies no longer replenish food. This can easily be tested by playing as Macedon and looking at the food amount of the legion.
This unfortunately does make the game a bit unplayable.
PDX_Gorion: Thanks! I'll look into this asap!

I've pushed a new update to the 2.0.4 beta branch fixing a bug where food was no longer properly calculated. This should work again (this also broke revolts among other things)

Please don't shy away from reporting other issues or bugs you'd like to see solved before the proper release!

Sanny said:
Thank you for this! Always great to see you guys supporting the modding community. They are the only thing keeping this game alive.
PDX_Gorion: We have some truly amazing imperator mods! They are doing a great job :D

San troy said:
Please fix this:


and achievements like "Great Destroyer" (or delete broken ones from Steam database)

What exactly counts as a "conquered Great Wonder"?

The "Great Destroyer" achievement requires you to destroy 10 Wonders not build by you. Does anybody know what exactly counts as "destroying a wonder" for the purpose of this achievement? Looking through the code I found the following: Which...
PDX_Gorion: I have fixed this now, however the fix for this needs to wait for the full release, which I am not sure when that will be, but hopefully before the summer..
Note: That is the achievement that I fixed

MathyM said:
Since the game will only stay alive through mods from now on, would it be possible to enable earning achievements on a modded game? Victoria 3 did that, and I absolutely love it.
PDX_Gorion: Yes I agree, I will make the same change. In the past we decided to disable it as it would trivialize getting the achievements.

PDX_Gorion: Well, don't expect anything different, but these changes were in the code only, 'the full release' would also contain the 'content' update (in this case, the achievement script is in the content part) It's due to the way I set up on steam back in 2019.

Diskianterezh said:
Is it possible to quickly check why civil wars bug? I know that civil war code might be a complicated mess, but right now, there is a lot of cases where when several governors, characters and even generals are disloyal, the civil war will only form with only one of these characters. Hence making a very exploitable and small civil war (only one governorship of a huge empire). Considering the central identity of civil wars on the game, it is quite game breaking. You can reproduce it by making several governor unloyal and wait for the civil war.
Johan: since the amount of dev time to fix anything is limited, i’d recommend getting a save just before the civil war starts that would cause the issue guaranteed.

TwiddleFactor said:
Thank you so much for spending the time to work on Imperator. This news has got me wanting to get back into Imperator and start modding again!
PDXKatten: That is awesome to hear! Hope this might be able to assist you in your modding adventures: https://imperator.paradoxwikis.com/Modding

New changes to the Open Beta:

# Bugfixes

# Notes
- This patch should be save compatible, however not all fixes might be applied to your current save.

# Stablity & Performance
- Updated Nakama to 2.4.1 from 2.2.4

# Game Mechanic
- Fixed bug where integrated cultures were still treated differently when they were converting to your primary religion
- Raised levies will select the best tactic for it's composition.

# Other
- Enabled script profiling (available with -debug_mode startup command, 'print_event_timings` is the console command)

Diskianterezh said:
Thank you for the anwer,
i submitted a complete bug report with the save just here : https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/foru...one-of-the-disloyal-character-revolt.1579953/

Thank you very much
Johan: Thanks.

I've fixed it today, so whenever Niels updates the patch, that fix should be in.

Elite said:
Thank you devs for this update! I wish that this game could be revived one day. Though, if I understand correctly, the achievement system is being redone? If this is the case, I think allowing achievements with mods, like Victoria 3 would be a really nice thing, as many players like myself love the game and wish to finish our achievement list but also like to use mods.
Johan: no it will not change

Herennius said:
Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but didn't @PDX_Gorion said here

Anniversary Maintenance Patch - 2.0.4 (Open Beta)

Avē! First, I’d like to introduce myself, I am not one of the previous Game Directors, Johan or Peter, but I am Niels Uiterwijk, the original tech lead on the project. Today my role at paradox has changed as I am the Technical Director in studio...
that enabling Achievements with modded games for IR will be done?
Johan: Ah, didnt read it.

PDX_Gorion: Thanks everyone for your bug reports! I am doing my best to get through it, and I will likely make another patch on friday with some more updates.

Johan fixed an issue with civil wars being very small and I fixed an issue with nations not getting their pantheon.

Some stuff is just difficult to fix, because of the passage of time (hard to figure out why it's broken or what the goal was of a piece of code). Keep reports incoming though, I do go through them, but with the upcoming Galactic Paragon release, I might be busy with supporting the team with that instead.

shocky27 said:
Thank you so much for all of your help! You've already done so much to help us to continue working on mods for the game we love!

There is one major issue with map modding at the moment. When working with the map editor I have run into issues making roads for anything larger than the vanilla map dimensions. The spline tool will not generate roads between anchor points on a map larger than the original dimensions of the vanilla map, it just crashes the game. For making larger overhaul mods like Terra Indomita it would be great if we could generate roads using the spline tool in the map editor on larger map sizes, so i coukd make a larger map instead of sizing everything down to vanilla dimensions.

Other than that, it would be nice to have more options for terrain editing in Imperator like CK3 has in their map editor.

Thanks again!
PDX_Gorion: Yeah, anything we have in CK3 will likely never find its way back, especially something like the map editor updates. I could take a look at the crash if you send me everything I need to reproduce, but I am not sure if I can fix it, just so you know
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On behalf of the entire Imperator: Invictus team, thank you!
This is such a great game and to see it receive one final patch that will expand our abilities to mod it, is all we had been asking for.
Thank you for making this great game.
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You came back with the milk!!!
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Thank you Niels! You will forever be worshiped by the Imperator community.

By releasing this patch Paradox are giving us modders the motivation to keep going with our mods, and by doing so are keeping this game alive.
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This tag limits to 8192 is a breath of fresh air for Timeline Extender, thank you !

I think some more complex bugs like in civil wars will need incredibly more work than you can offer, but a thousand thanks for this patch.
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It lives! A miracle!
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