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Crusader Kings II - Post Mortem Dev Diary

The game is released, the reviews are in, and the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. It's been a long road, and a few of you might be interested to know the dirty secrets of the development process here at Paradox... Also, what we have in store for you in the future. So don't get...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 23 - Christmas Q&A

Well folks, we're coming up on the Holiday season and you already know almost everything about Crusader Kings II. So instead of a regular dev diary, let's run a little Q&A session. So, let's hear those questions and Santa Claus might just answer them. :)

Crusader Kings Dev Diary #21 - Usermodding

Hello, and welcome to another development diary about Crusader Kings II.

This time there are two subjects I want to talk in detail about, both related to something popular in this community, ie usermodding.

New file-system for Mods.

We have implemented a system in the...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 18 - The Council

Folks, prepare yourself for another monologue by yours truly!

Last time, I promised to talk about Crusader Pandas, but that would be silly, so I won't. Instead, I'll inform you about the workings of the Council. Just like in Crusader Kings, the Council consists of five characters who...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 17 - The Message System

Hello again folks!

It's Thursday, and... well, you know the drill by now. The subject for today is the message system. Basically, we have been trying to find ways of making messages less intrusive. In a single player environment, a steady stream of pop-ups is not that bad, but when you run a...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 16 - Technology

Greetings, fellow medievalists!

'Tis Thursday, and time for another entry in my ongoing chronicle of fabulousness. You have asked of technology, so today, being the just and kind ruler that I am, I shall speak of technological advancements.

The technology system is, in fact, quite similar...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 15 - Buildings

It's time again, to fan the flames of speculation, chagrin and wonderment!

This week, I'll speak of buildings. In Crusader Kings, as you probably remember, you could build improvements in your counties; things like a library, a road network or money lenders. These would unlock as...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 14 - Plots

Hello folks!

It's Thursday, and you all know what that means... pea soup, pancakes and warm Punsch! Also, a Crusader Kings II dev diary. Today's topic is Plots. Like in EU:Rome, characters can have a specific...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 13 - Don't Mess with the Pope!

Hello again folks, I do believe it is time for another dev diary!

We've basically covered most of the features in the game by now, so I thought I'd change tack and talk a bit about what we've been up to in the last week. Much of the focus lately has been on war and peace, both the rules and...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 12 - *Bonus*


I'm Johan, the Manager of the Internal Studio here at Paradox. I'm here to give you a little bonus development diary on a monday afternoon.

We've added in a few new betas in the last weeks, and I thought I'd share some of their posts here with you, and giving you a little screenshot...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 11 - War

War, what is it good for?

In Crusader Kings II, hopefully you'll gain some titles and in the best of worlds, imprison or behead your enemy. In order to declare a war you'll first need a valid Casus Belli against your enemy(a CB held by a vassal or courtier will of course do as well). You...

Video Dev Diary #3 - Portrait System

Here's the latest Video Dev Diary with Game Designer Chris King. This one emphasizes the portrait system of the game. Enjoy!

Check out the latest Crusader Kings II developments:
Web page...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 10 - Combat

Time again for my monthly (well, roughly) pastime of developer diary writing! Last month, I might have mentioned plots and intrigue, but I think I'll hold off on that a bit more... Instead, let's talk about units and the combat system.

Like in the first Crusader Kings, military units...

Video Dev Diary 2 - Character database

Listen to our very own Chris King discuss the Character Database in upcoming Crusader Kings II in more detail. Enjoy!

Read more about the game...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 9 - Mercenaries and Holy Orders

Greetings friends, 'tis I, Doomdark, your faithful purveyor of hopes and dreams!

This month, I shall speak of those who know no loyalties and would shamelessly sell their services for money. No, I don't mean prostitutes. No, not politicians either. I am speaking, of course, of mercenaries...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 8 - Religion

It's the first Thursday of a new month, and the stars just happen to be exactly right for a new entry in the Crusader Kings II developer diary! God willing, it will be an enlightening one. Yes, my friends, it is time to get serious and talk about religion, and, being a game about medieval...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 7 - Character Portraits and Modding

Since there was some discussions and curious people in the last dev diary thread I thought I should take a break from HOI3: For the Motherland and describe how the character portrait system works. If there are any art questions perhaps Danevang who is doing the actual art can answer those for...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 6 - Events

New month, new dev diary! This time, let's talk about events. Does anyone remember the first Crusader Kings? Raise your hands, kiddies. Now, think back to the events in that game. There were loads and loads (and loads) of them, though they were not exactly verbose. CK was, in fact...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 5 - The map

Hello everyone, I'm Tegus, one of the programmers working on Crusader
Kings II. Welcome to the fifth dev diary for CK2 and the first one written
by me. In today's dev diary I'm going to talk a bit about the map and why
we've chosen to implement a new one in CK2.

As you all know, in our...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 4 - Regnal Numbers

Hello again folks!

This diary will be a bit on the short side due to the frenzy at the office this week, but since it recently came up on the forum, I thought I'd say a little bit about regnal numbers. One of the nice little touches in Europa Universalis III (and its predecessors) is...

Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 3 - Laws

Winter is here and the ice-fear is very cold (now there's an obscure reference for you). For today's diary, I thought that we might immerse ourselves in medieval jurisprudence. In practice, the laws function in much the same way as in Rome: Vae Victis, but in Crusader Kings II...

Dev Diary 2 - Barons and Settlements

Hello again folks!

It's a new month and high time for another development diary. This time, let's talk about barons. In the original Crusader Kings, characters could only hold titles of three ranks; count, duke and king (though these could be called different things in different...

Crusader Kings - Dev Diary 1

Hello folks, and welcome to the first entry in the development diary for Crusader Kings II!

I am Henrik Fåhraeus, project lead on this sequel to the original Crusader Kings (on which I worked as co-designer.) Crusader Kings was a game quite different from our other franchises, in that the focus...