Developer diaries

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Console Edition Update 11 - Fate of Iberia

Hello everybody; Today we're releasing Update 11 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and X, featuring the Fate of Iberia Flavor Pack! For a broad list of changes included in the paid DLC and the free update releasing alongside it, please check the changelog below.


Console Dev Diary #8 - The Art of Court Creation

Today we have another Dev Diary from the fine folks over at Lab42 Games, the studio porting Crusader Kings III to Consoles. We hope this helps tide you over until tomorrow when Royal Court comes to Consoles!

Hello there, Console Crusaders! I’m Michelle, the UI artist on the team...

Console Dev Diary #7 - Building a Royal Court

Building the greatest court may please your vassals and attract interesting people, but it also gives your complaining courtiers a place to find you. Make decisions that will smooth the troubled waters in your kingdom, while impressing visitors with your collection of masterpieces and relics...