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Crusader Kings II, DD10: Looking at Laws

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m going show you a little more of an interface we spoiled part of in the dev diary from two weeks ago.
We’ve reworked the law view and instead of cramming everything into a single screen, it’s now divided into several tabs.

Stellaris Dev Diary #11 - Research & Technology

Hi folks!

It’s Monday and you all know what that means! Today I am going to talk about the technology system in Stellaris. If you have stayed up-to-date with the information flow, you probably know the basics already: there are three types of technology: Physics, Society and Engineering. Each one has its own research track, and each department is headed by a scientist character. You thus normally research three technologies in parallel.

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Contribute to the Wiki!

Greetings everyone!
With the upcoming release of Europa Universalis IV: Cossacks, Meneth, our eminent Wiki manager, will be running a contest with some awesome prizes!

For complete rules head on over to the Wiki and read all you need to know to participate. Oh, and best of all, you don't need to create a new account, you use your Paradox account credentials to contribute!

If there are questions related to the contest please use this thread instead of creating new ones.

EU4 - Dev Diary - November 26th 2015

Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another development diary for Europa Universalis 4. The release of the Cossacks and patch 1.14 is almost on us, so I thought I'd use the last dev diary before then to revisit the Random New World rework coming in 1.14 and explaining what exactly you'll be getting out of all the possibilities we discussed back in July.

New Video Dev Diary Released For EU4: Cossacks

Paradox Walks You Through Major Improvements
Just when you think you’ve mastered the grandest of grand strategy games, the developers come along and change everything again – for the better!

With Europa Universalis IV: Cossacks one week away, Project Lead Martin Anward thought you all should get a quick rundown of the major changes coming your way in this, the sixth major expansion to Paradox Development Studio’s hit historical strategy game.

Anward runs through the improvements we’ve made to domestic politics, diplomacy, culture, nomadic steppe nations and more. If you’ve missed our written developer diaries over the last few months, this six minute video will get you and all other Europa Universalis IV fans up to speed.


Stellaris Dev Diary #10 - The Spaceport and rare resources

Good news everyone! We are back with another dev diary! This time we’ll look at the spaceport.

Spaceports are permanent off-world installations that, depending on size, may support thousands of crew and inhabitants, acting almost as a city in itself. As the main hub for anything moving planetside it becomes a natural focus for interstellar trade and production as well as a vital strategic point in any conflict. All types of ships are built and serviced in the spaceport, from smaller vessels like science ships to enormous battleships. As it is too large for a construction ship to build, the spaceport is instead constructed by an established colony. When finished, the spaceport orbits the planet offering basic off-world defenses and the ability to construct and repair ships. The spaceport starts out small and can be upgraded in steps, a total of five times, where each upgrade adds additional toughness, damage output, the ability to build larger ships and most importantly additional module slots.

Hearts of Iron IV - 34th Development Diary - 20th of November 2015

Welcome back to the development diaries of Hearts of Iron IV. This week's diary is about the new system for civil wars and comes from the scripting side of the team, since this feature is closely tied to the political system and its events. I'm Rufus, scripter and content designer on Hearts of Iron IV, and have worked on many of the political events affecting the process you'll see a bit of today.

Rather than limiting the possibility of civil wars to a few predetermined countries such as Spain and China, the new system allows for any country to become divided over political differences if the conditions are right — or wrong, depending on which side of things you're standing when the war breaks out.

Stellaris Dev Diary #9 - Planets & Resources

Greetings Earthlings!

We have spoken earlier about how the galaxy is generated, and today I aim to expand on that somewhat by telling you about the planets and how they differ from each other.

Planet Tiles
Each habitable planet has a number of tiles on its surface, representing the planet’s size. Some tiles might be blocked by natural barriers, such as mountains, and can be cleared to open up new space. When the galaxy is generated, each tile generates a random number and checks if a deposit will be spawned there. A tile can be worked by having a Pop placed in it.

Buildings can also be constructed in tiles, and they often have adjacency bonuses for the resource they are producing. Therefore it will be advantageous to construct your power plants in proximity to each other, to achieve optimal efficiency.

Hearts of Iron IV - 33rd Development Diary - Supply

Another Friday, another diary! Today we will be talking about something a lot of you have been asking about for a long time: The Supply System. This is going to be a big one!

The HOI3 supply system had a lot of problems. It was hard to understand how it worked, and it was hard to know what to do to solve supply problems for the player because it was usually due to missing something some time ago. We even made a separate Arcade Mode for supply which of course nobody used (what self respecting player would pick something called "Arcade Mode"?).

Dev Diary #8 - The Situation Log and Special Projects

Fellow sentients!

Do not be alarmed. I have been summoned to your pitiful quaint planet to tell you a little bit about Special Projects and the Situation Log.

As you play the game and venture out into the galaxy, you will eventually come upon Special Projects. These projects are sometimes spawned by the Anomalies that were discussed in last week’s Dev Diary, but they can also be triggered by other events. They typically represent a specific action that can be performed by the player, and in that respect they function a bit like the decisions you might find in some of our other games.

Hearts of Iron IV - 32nd Development Diary - 6th of November 2015

Hello everyone and welcome back to another development diary for Hearts of Iron IV. This week have been rather focused as we are closing in on the beta milestone. Today we’ll take a deep look at USA.

The United States is one of the largest countries in the world in 1936, but the only major power outside eurasia. They control several islands in the pacific, and the Philippines is a puppet. All of the americas is guaranteed by USA at the start as well. Obviously the USA's states don't fit 1 to 1 on a game-mechanic-concept, so some lesser states have been merged.

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