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All hail Blorg! #1 Space Friends! First Extraterrestrial Thursday Stream tonight - 20:00CET

View attachment 164385

So tonight will be the grand premiere of the Stellaris gameplay streams! We will continue doing these every week on Thursday's from now on. In the future, they will be aired mid-day in Europe however.

Tune in at 20:00CET - http://www.twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive

As usual, the stream will be available in the Twitch VOD archive afterwards, and be uploaded to Youtube as soon as possible.

EDIT: It's on Youtube now!

EU4 - Development Diary - 17th March 2016

Hi everyone and welcome to another development diary for Europa Univeralis IV.

Today we will be covering a much-anticipated mechanic. For times where a nation you love is being attacked and you are unable or unwilling to sign an alliance or when you simply want to make your idle standing army work for their bread, we introduce Condottieri.

View attachment 164354

Condottieri are armies which you have rented out to other nations in exchange for money. Condottieri armies will remain in control of the nation who has offered them but they will fight and die for their recipient country marking their recipient’s enemies as their own.

Stellaris set to begin the voyage on May 9th 2016

It has been a long voyage, most of it cloaked in darkness. But planetfall is in sight – a new franchise will establish itself on Planet Paradox. Stellaris will be released on May 9, 2016.

Stellaris is the new science fiction strategy game from Paradox Development Studio, the creators of Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron. This will be the first strategy game from PDS that is rooted not in the past, but the future, as you guide a species of your design to power and glory in the depths of space. With randomly created opponents and procedurally generated star systems, no two games can even play out the same way.Our new trailer has never before seen game footage including starships massed for combat, the galaxy map and some of the most beautiful stars in the universe.


Hearts of Iron IV to release on D-Day, June 6th 2016

This week at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, Paradox Development Studio announced that its eagerly awaited World War II grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV is going to be released June 6th 2016.

Hearts of Iron IV will be the newest version of one of Paradox’s best selling series. Players can guide any nation in the world through the trials and terrors of war. Draft elaborate battle plans as you hop across the Pacific or push deep into the Eurasian steppes. Build diplomatic coalitions that will turn into an iron wall of tanks and aircraft. Research cutting edge weaponry and industrial technology, and give your army an edge in the destructive conflict to come.In a video introduction to the series, the development team behind Hearts of Iron IV explains their vision for the game.

Hearts of Iron IV is designed to be the most complete grand strategy game about World War II yet made, and dares players around the world to take the reins of power in humanity’s darkest hour.

Tyranny is announced!

Paradox and Obsidian Announce Tyranny at GDC
New Role-playing Game is Set within an Original World Ruled by a Despotic Overlord

IRVINE, Calif. and STOCKHOLM - Mar. 15, 2016 — Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive today announced Tyranny, a brand-new role-playing game (RPG) coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. Tyranny, designed and developed by the studio behind award-winning titles such as Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas, andStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, introduces players to an original fantasy world where a brutal clash between good and evil has taken place – and evil emerged triumphant. A nonlinear story challenges players to find their role within the dominant empire and live with the outcomes of difficult, morally unclear decisions.

Get a First Look at the World of Tyranny by watching the announcement trailer here:


So many streams and other stuff this week!

This week:

Tuesday March 15th:
- 5pm PST - Press Conference from GDC live on Twitch! (March 16th 1am CET) - Watch it here!

Wednesday March 16th:
- World War Wednesday @14:30CET - On Twitch! (HoI 4 - This week will be single player and a slower pace)
- Worst Wedding Wednesday @16:00CET - On Twitch! (CK 2 - A not so serious stream aimed at roplaying and goofing around)
- Stellaris gameplay video on our ParadoxExtra Youtube channel

Thursday March 17th:
- The Stellaris grand premiere Stream - @20:00CET - On Twitch!

Friday March 18th:
- Paradox Plays Cities: Skylines - @15:00CET - On Twitch!

If you are waiting for Stellaris gameplay (and of course you do!), this should be a great week.

Stellaris Dev Diary #25 - Reverse Engineering and Unique Technologies

Greetings scavengers and fellow interstellar gangsters!

Today I will be talking about debris and reverse-engineering. Whenever you defeat hostile creatures or ships in Stellaris, there is a possibility that they leave some debris behind. By studying the debris you may gain new insights into technologies unfamiliar to you.

Hearts of Iron IV - 48th Development Diary - 11th of March 2016

Hi everybody, the topic for today is Naval Invasions.

The main design goal for naval invasions has been to make invasions something that requires a lot of preparation to make it possible to pull off, combat "gamey" tactics of sneaking troops in when others are not looking and make it clear how you go about defending yourself, something that requires both navy, air and land.


Let's start with what is required to do a naval invasion:
  • You need to position troops at a starting naval base and draw up an invasion plan for where you want them to go.
  • Before the invasion can be launched you need to prepare the invasion. This is first a matter of needing a certain amount of convoys available (which the invasion plan will grab) and a time. Both these depends on just how big this invasion is. Small invasions can be planned and executed quickly but large amount of divisions will require plenty of preparation time.
  • For each strategic area you pass through with the invasion plan you must have sufficient Naval Supremacy. You get that by having sufficient amount of ships on patrol and by controlling the skies (air superiority). If you do not control these things you won't be able to invade (no sending your whole army to suicide). This makes it pretty clear now to defend as well. For example as UK - as long as your fleet is strong and stationed around the island and your air force is up and about you can feel safe from naval invasions.

EU4 - Development Diary - 10th March 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to another development diary for Europa Univeralis IV. Today, we focus on many of the core aspects of Mare Nostrum, our next expansion.

First, we have completely changed how naval missions work, introducing a unified system that includes settings for when your ships should return to port for repairs and how aggressive the fleets should be.

Naval Missions are selected from the new mission interface, and each mission targets either a sea/coastal region or a trade node. The old missions to Protect Trade, privateer, Hunt Pirates and Explore are available (depending on which expansions you currently own), just as before, but Mare Nostrum adds three new naval missions.
  • Hunt Enemy Fleets - Your ships will automatically try to hunt down weaker enemy fleets in the region to sink them.
  • Blockade Enemy Ports - This divides your fleet, and attempts to blockade as many ports as possible in the region.
  • Intercept Transports - Your ships will protect coastlines in region and prioritize attacks on any transport fleet.

World War Wednesday today (9th) @14:30CET - Twitch.tv

The world as it looks now

March 1944 - The German war machine looks unstoppable. The Allied invasion of Spain has been repulsed and the invasion of Italy has stalled just outside of Rome. The Chinese United Front is close to surrendering, meaning yet more resources in the hands of the Germans. While the Japanese look to establish a new home in Australia. The Allies are running out of options.

For I have become death, destroyer of worlds..

Crusader Kings II - Development Diary #1: The team

Hi all!

I want to present our new team for the upcoming CK2 expansion. It changed quite a lot since the last expansion so it might be interesting for you to hear a bit about who are currently working on the project. You might recognize some people while others are completely new.

Stellaris Dev Diary #24 - AI

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another development diary for Stellaris! Today, I'll be talking about AI, and not of the robotic kind. I'm talking of course, of the game AI, which is currently being developed by myself and @merni who is the dedicated Stellaris AI programmer, while I'm just temporarily on the project to flesh out certain aspects of the AI before launch.

Hearts of Iron IV - 47th Development Diary - 4th of March 2016

China is always a rather difficult beast for Hearts of Iron games, still we have put on our thinking cap and seen what we can do to at least make things better. So as the game opens we have the Chinas at peace but hostile to each other.

The Kuomintang government will get the option launch an offensive against the communist insurgents, which will eventually end up in the possibility of a border war between Mao and Chiang. There will be no actual fighting, but units in border states will start to suffer attrition.

Maybe not 100% accurate but we are much more interested in what happens when Japan attacks and the peace afterwards. Should a Nationalist player chose to go for a real war, we’ve given Mao the ‘Cornered Fox’ trait which will help him defend.

EU4 Development Diary - 3rd March 2016

Welcome to another development diary for Europa Universalis. We finally announced Mare Nostrum earlier this week, and today we’ll talk about a few more features for it.

First of all. We’re adding Trade Leagues to the game. There existed a feature with the same name in EU3, but this is radically different.

Any Merchant Republic can create a Trade League by inviting other countries to it. However, only countries with 1 province can be a member of a trade league, excluding the leader.. Only a merchant republic can lead a trade league, and if the leader is annexed, another merchant republic in the league takes over leadership, if no new leader exists the league is disbanded.

World War Wednesday - Today (March 2nd) @14:30CET - twitch.tv

January 1943 - The war has been raging on 4 years now, and at last the Axis success slowed down. A successful invasion in the south of Italy advanced north through the country, and most of Italy is now in the hands of British and American troops. News of Allied success has also reached us from the Greek front, where British forces are advancing into Bulgaria. In Asia; Japan, supported by German troops, have regained most of the mainland territory they previously lost in the former Soviet Union. The Japanese Isles and the East Coast is still under American control however. If the Americans are driven off into the sea, and the Germans once more can direct most of their focus to the heart of Europe, what then? The world holds its breath.

View attachment 161506

The next Europa Universalis IV expansion: Mare Nostrum!

New Europa Universalis IV Expansion Pulls Into Port Master the Sea in Mare Nostrum[/I]

The grandest of grand strategy games will soon get even larger with Mare Nostrum, a new expansion for Europa Universalis IV. Ever since its 2013 release, Paradox Development Studio has labored to fill in the romantic and turbulent history of the early modern world. Now, with Mare Nostrum, we turn our eyes to the seas.

Among the many changes coming in Mare Nostrum is the idea of "sailors". Similar to the manpower statistic you are already familiar with, sailors will be required if you want to build or repair your ships. Your navy can also be sent out on missions with instructions on when to return home, reducing your need to babysit your fleets that are far from home.

1st March DD - Patching continues

Hello all! I promise I will go back to writing more interesting Dev Diaries soon, but there is not much to talk about this week. Currently we are gathering feedback from the 2.5.2 beta (go try it if you haven't yet!) and working to fix some outstanding issues before finalizing the patch.

Other than that, I can reveal we have started planning a new DLC, so you can expect to start hearing details about that in the coming weeks. That's really all I can say at the moment!

Stellaris Dev Diary #23 - Multiplayer

Good news everyone!

Today’s Dev Diary will be about Multiplayer and what makes it so great in Stellaris.

Let's start with the basics. Players are able to host games with 32 player designed empires and optionally, several extra randomized AI empires. If you have a new person who would like to join an ongoing campaign they can hotjoin into an already existing empire. This also allows the players to leave or take a break from the ongoing multiplayer campaign and leave their empire in the capable hands of the AI. The host may also choose to host a multiplayer game from a save game allowing players to play grand campaigns lasting several weeks.

Hearts of Iron IV - 46th Development Diary - 26th of February 2016

Welcome to a new development diary. This time *takes a sip of earl grey* we are going to look at United Kingdom. They start as the leader of the allies (who at this point is basically the commonwealth) and what really sets them apart is their sprawling colonial empire and the Royal Navy - the strongest fleet in the world at this time at 35 capital ships and around 200 smaller vessels.

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