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Thread: Europa Universalis: Crown of the North - Screenshots

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    Well I'm the only french guy who bought COTN I guess.I guess also that it's why I'm the only one in my country to talk about this game.
    Does exist patches or custom scenarios for this game?I don't found nothing at all...
    thanks a lot
    Bonne année

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Yngvar
    Swedish civil war huh? That will be the wars between the Eirik and Sverker dynasties...

    Is it possible to play as Norway (at civil war too) and Denmark?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akilles
    A translation of the title should be Swedish Reich III or Swedish Kingdoom III.

    It's not like EU at all, actually it's a predecessor to EU,
    The title in Norway and Denmark was (sp.) Kongekampen which would translate as either 'Battle of the Kings' or 'Battle for Kingship'.
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