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Thread: Patchnotes 1.6

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    Lightbulb Patchnotes 1.6

    1.6.1 Hotfix
    - Harsh Treatment now lasts 15 years instead of 10 years.
    - Minimum Revolt Risk from nationalism is now 20% of the Revolt Risk given.
    - Revoltrisk increase on revoltsize scaled back to 20% of previous value.
    - Fixed the problem where some users got access to WoN without having bought it.
    - Budgetview no longer thinks you get more from vassals than you do.
    - Fixed a glitch that made it impossible to convert to Sikh religion.
    - Its now possible to finish integrating a union partner.
    - AE when force vassalising multiple vassals in the same war is no longer logaritimic.
    - Enforcing Unions now give 50% of former AE.
    - BorderDistance is now decreasing AE about 25% per step.
    - Agressive Expansion now decays 100% faster.

    Wealth of Nations:

    - Privateers
    * You can now send Light Ships on privateering missions to trade nodes
    * A fleet on a privateering mission will hoist the Jolly Roger flag
    * Privateers will generated 1.5 times their trade power for the Pirate (PIR) nation.
    * The Pirate nation will act as a collecting merchant in the node, the sending nation receives 40%
    * Nations with over 20% of trade power in a Trade Node receives a Pirate Hunt CB aginst the privateering nations
    * Several Privateer specific events added
    * With privateers in, the old Pirates are removed.

    - Trade Companies
    * Now possible to form Trade Companies by assigning provinces to the Trade Company
    * Only provinces within a Trade Company Area can be assigned to a Trade Company
    * A province in a Trade Company gives +50% tradepower, +0.5 Naval Force Limit, -100% Manpower, -50% Tax
    * Every province in a Trade Company Area gains a bonus to Goods Produced proportional to how much of the trade the company controls
    * If a single Trade Company controls >50% of the province Trade Power in an Area, the owning nation gets an extra merchant.
    * Each Trade Company gets a generated name and is listed in the Subject View.
    * Several new events for Trade Companies
    * No longer possible to westernize if you only neighbour western provinces that are in trade companies

    - Buildable Canals.
    * Now possible to build the Kiel Canal, the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal.
    * Building a Canal requires Administrative Tech 20, 50k gold and ownership of specific provinces, the project takes around 10 years.
    * The project can be affected by a number of events
    * Having a Canal will boost trade power in the province, allow the transit of ships and affects naval distance.
    * The Canals are visible on the map

    - Justify Trade Conflict-action
    A trade conflict can be justified against another nation where there is a node where you have at least 10% of the trade power and they have at least 20% of the trade power.
    Gives a Trade Conflict CB

    - Implemented the "Fervor"-feature for reformed religion.
    * Each month a Reformed country gets an amount of Fervor points
    * In the religion view there are 3 Fervor bonuses Military, Diplomatic and Trade. None to all can be activated at any one time.
    * Having a bonus active costs 5 Fervor point per month
    * Up to 100 Fervor points can be stored
    * fervor = yes activates the mechanic for a religion (there can only be one religion specific mechanic per religion).

    - Added personal dieties
    * Hindu rulers can now select their own personal diety out of 6 possible
    * Each Diety gives a specific bonus
    * A diety pick stays until the monarch dies or its removed via event
    * Added several new diety specific events
    * Added 50 unique hindu events and 41 unique event pictures

    - Request Trade Power
    * Now possible to Request Trade Power from another nation
    * You can request 0-100% of their trade power wich if accepted will be counted as yours.
    * Until the Transfer is canceled, the party recieving tradepower can not declare war on the giving party.

    - Designate Trade Port
    * You main trade collection point is now your Main Trading Port instead of your capital.
    * Main Trading Port is located in your capital by default
    * Main Trading Port can be moved for a cost of 300 Diplomatic Points

    - Inland Trading
    * Several trade nodes in the game are designated as inland trading nodes where trading nations can use their influence to gain direct power even without provinces or ships.
    * When having a merchant in inland tradenodes, you now get direct bonues from your trade efficiency as well as some ideas.
    * When having a merchant steering towards an inland Trade Node merchant republics as well as nations with Plutocratic and Trade ideas get direct bonuses.

    - New peace treaties
    * Now possible to enforce Military Access
    * Now possible to enforce Fleet Basing Rights

    - Enhanced Merchant republics
    * Merchant republics now give a bonus to Goods Produced in provinces that they do not own, proportional to how much fo the trade in the area that they control.

    - Dynamic Province Names
    * Names can now be scripted to be unique for either the province owner, the province culture or the province culture group (in that priority).
    * Activating Dynamic Province Names is now a gameplay setting

    - New Ship Models for Great Frigate, War Galley, Galiot, Brig and Trabakul

    Major Free features:
    - Rivals
    * Countries now pick rivals from a list of nearby nations that aren't too strong or too weak compared to that country. Larger nations can pick rivals further away. Picking a rival gives all the previous benefits of having a rival and also unlocks the Power Projection system.
    * You gain Power Projection by having longtime rivals and acting aggressively against those rivals by for example declaring war on them, taking provinces from them, subsiding their enemies and sending privateers against them. You lose Power Projection from having too few rivals picked and losing provinces to your rivals.
    * Power Projection gives bonuses to Trade Power, Fort Defense, Land Morale, Naval Morale, Legitimacy and Republican Tradition. Additionally, at 25 Power Projection a nation gets +1 Leader without Upkeep and at 50 Power Projection it gets +1 to monthly Administrative, Diplomatic and Military Power.

    - Policies
    * New Policy Interface under Missions and Decisions Tab
    * Completing two full Idea Groups unlocks several Policies
    * Activating a policy gives bonuses but costs 1 monarch point, type depend
    * Several old decisions now converted to policies

    - 10 New Achievments

    - New Trade Conflict CB
    * Given by Justify Trade Conflict
    * Ticking warscore from blockades

    - New Colonial Region Australia

    - Detach obsolete ships
    * Now possible to easly detach obsolete ships with one button

    - Improved Macro Build
    * Updated look of Macro Build Interface
    * Now possible to Build cores, Change Culture and do Harsh Treatment from Macro Build Interface

    - Change Role of Trade - Now possible to change role of trader without travel time
    - Added New ships, Great Frigate, War Galley, Galiot, Brig and Trabakul
    - Added the religouns Coptic and Ibadi Sikh. Coptic and Ibadi in from the start, Sikh will appear later.
    - Modifiers such as Estuary now shown on map in Trade Mapmode.
    - Now possible to form the nations Egypt and Bukhara and Courland.

    - Administrative Efficiency:
    * New country wide bonus that is unlocked at administrative technology level 23 and increases at 26 and 29, up to a total of 75%. Administrative Efficiency directly reduces the impact of province base tax on overextension and warscore cost, allowing for much larger territories to be conquered at once.
    * The scaling of core time from country size has been removed - all nations now core provinces at the same speed regardless of size (but it is still affected by factors such as culture, religion, having a claim and so on).

    - New Launcher
    * Supports all platforms.
    * Steamworks support, subscribe to the mods in steam and the launcher will update accordingly.

    - Papal Automation
    * You can now prioritise which cardinal to vote for and then let the game do the work.

    Conquest of Paradise:
    - Added new siege strip + assault and breach overlays for Native Americans
    - Added several new events for Native Americans

    (There are also quite a few major rebalances, see http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...alance-Changes)


    - admin efficiency now reduces peacecost for a province by same percentage as it reduces overextension.
    - refactored libertydesire to be 0-100 internally instead of 0-1
    - libertydesire now increases if desire is <tariffs*adm_efficiency of colony & libertty desire now increases by 1+adm_efficiency each step.
    - dutch republic is no longer +33% forcelimit, but instead +10% heavyship power
    - wining defensive wars for emperor now triggers when it should.. if an outsider had attacked OR if there is not a valid wargoal.
    - emperor no longer gets bonus IA for joining offensive wars outside the empire.
    - You can no longer guarantee your rivals.
    - Bestow imperial grace now takes improve relations modifier into account
    - If you have 25 power projection or more, you now gain +1 leader without upkeep.
    - You now gain power projection ticking up over time from having the same rival set for a long time, up to +10 for each.
    - Power projection loss from not having rivals set is now capped at -20 for each rival not set.
    - Local Autonomy now reduces minimum revolt risk
    - Annexing or Integrating another nation now costs 15 dip power per month, and takes 1 month per basetax.
    - Reworked MTTH for Agricultural Revolution to be affected by tech and economic ideas, and less by innovative ideas
    - Agricultural Revolution is now significantly less likely to fire in a province that has already had an agricultural revolution
    - Can now culture convert provinces whose primary tag exists, if that primary tag is on another continent.
    - Increased effect of estuaries/important centers of trade from +5 power to +10.
    - Increased effect of sound tolls from +10 power to +20.
    - its no longer possible to declare war on subjects of subjects.
    - Subjects can now declare independence wars, even if there is landfriede.
    - If a nation has finished westernising, its colonial subjects can now also westernise.
    - Colony with a westernised overlord only pay 20% of the cost to westernise.
    - Changed blockade mechanic
    - Nearly all HRE reforms now have benefits for HRE members.
    - HRE princes that are vassals of other HRE states will now tend to vote the same way as their overlord on reforms.
    - Player can now decide whether to support or oppose HRE reforms.
    - Fixed a bug in rebel army composition that was giving them the wrong amount of cavalry.
    - Rebels now get more artillery at higher levels of military technology.
    - Prussian_nation decision now requires a core on Ostpreussen
    - Tribal succession crisis no longer gives minus legitimacy
    - Forming Manchu, Mughal or Persian nation now requires that you are no longer Tribal Despot and will no longer change your government form
    - Tweaked some national ideas.
    - Max duration of subsidies is now 400 years.
    - Min duration of subsidies is now 10 years.
    - Duration of subsidies is now set in increments of 10 years.
    - Implemented a new system for how blockades works.
    - Implemented the Privateers-feature.
    - Effective Distance calculations for Colonies now checks inland territories for adjacent to subjects as well.
    - Conversion Zeal is now global_heretic_missionary_strength instead, but +10%.
    - When a country switched away from Catholism, there votes are no longer around ghosted.
    - Added cb_trade_conflict.
    - Added wargoal sabotage_trade.
    - Dishonoring alliances no longer gives -100 opinion, but instead is -25 that decays by 0.5 per year.
    - Emperor now only gives +1 diplomatic upkeep instead of +2.
    - Each controlled cardinal now gives +1 papal influence
    - Defender of the Faith is now +5% morale, instead of +10%.
    - Revoking a guarantee on a nation now gives you a truce. Only one way though, for the one doing the guarantee.
    - You can no longer declare war on a country you have guaranteed.
    - Removed the annoying as hell "+" shortcut for subjects/natives view.
    - War exhaustion no longer reduces morale, but instead increases cost of units.
    - Prestige now only impacts morale from -10% to +10% instead of -20 to +20.
    - Westernisation is now +10 RR instead of +5 RR.
    - Countries with high monthly income will be slower through westernisation. Maximum monthly power into westernisation is reduced by 1 for each multiple of income by 40.
    - Noble Knights no longer give 20% cheaper cavalry, but give 10% cheaper cavalry and +10% cavalry combat ability.
    - The Bonus for full aristocracy is no longer +10% cavalry combat ability, but +1 free leader.
    - Added a new modifier called 'improve_relation_modifier' that impacts how good relation improvement is.
    - Removed the diplomatic idea revolution&counter-revolution, and added in "Benign Diplomats", which gives +25% better improve relations and imperial relations.
    - Prestige, Royal Marriages & Peace impacts relation improvement now.
    - Organised Recruiting was replaced by Tolerance which gives +25% Religious Unity.
    - Land of Opportunity now gives +20 Settler growth instead of +33.
    - Finisher for Plutocracy is -5% tech cost, not -10% now.
    - French Idea Elan losts its additional morale recovery.
    - Non-steppe tribal governments & native councils now have -1 diplomatic relations.
    - Cabinet, Additional Diplomats, French Tradition, Secretaries of State, Austrian Court, Savoy Traditions, Corpus Evangelicorum, Tongues of Knights & Dual Diplomacy now only increases diplomatic relations by +1.
    - The Eight Banners are now +50% mnapower instead of +100%.
    - Impact from Piety is now reduced a bit.
    - Its no longer possible to warn a country that has more than twice your monthly income.
    - Venetian Arsenal is now a bit better.
    - It's now possible to take others trade transfer-relation through peace deals.
    - Now possible to declare an independence war while overlord is at war.
    - Great Power subjects are now very difficult to keep under control.
    - Now costs 1 Imperial Authority to Enforce Religious Unity.
    - Imperial Authority is no longer increased by member states converting to the Emperor's faith.
    - All global colonial growth modifiers are now affected by maintenance.
    - Base colonial growth is now determined by your level of diplomatic technology.
    - Wrong-religion provinces whose religion you are tolerant towards now contribute to Religious Unity. At 0 tolerance, they contribute 25% of their tax value, at 1 tolerance 50%, 2 tolerance 75% and 3+ tolerance they contribute fully towards Religious Unity.
    - Wrong religion provinces now give full naval forcelimits.
    - Protestant provinces can now flip to Reformed.
    - Provinces in countries that have switched to Protestant or Reformed religion no longer get an auto-conversion bonus.
    - Converting religion is no longer -3 stability, but instead -100 prestige.
    - Countries converting to prot, reform or catholic get +8% missionary strength for 10 years.
    - Size of your country no longer have any impact on quickly you can core a province.
    - Imperialism and Revolutionary CB's now have -50% dip power cost.
    - administrative_efficiency now impacts how much basetax impacts OE.. dip techs 23, 26, 29 now reduce them by 1 each.
    - defensive ideagroups morale boost is now +15% instead of +25%.
    - Added CB "Pirate Hunt" (cb_privateers). It's triggered when someone is privateering in a node that you trade and have some power in.
    - Reformed no longer gets +10% Trade Efficiency, but +2 tolerance to compensate for Fanatisism.
    - Trade efficiency impact on inland traders is now +50 instead of +100.
    - Negative stability is -5 inland present and steering per stability.
    - Merchant Republics now also get +20 Merchant steering to Inland.
    - Trade Steering is now also +10 Inland Steering
    - Merchant Republics now impact tradegoods produced in foreign territory they trade in, increasing it by their percentages of trade.
    - Each cardinal now gives a slight bonus to heretic missionary strength.
    - Removed impact from WE on ship/regiment costs.
    - Doubled impact of RR from WE.
    - Signing a peace where you give up stuff now reduces your WE by the warscore * max_we.
    - Claim Fabrication Idea is now -33% instead of -50%.
    - Ideas impact on technology is now 40% bigger.
    - Player handicap now reduces AE impact by 33%
    - Prestige now affects AE by +/-10%.
    - The curia controller now gets 10% less AE .
    - Changed some places where a bonus to production efficiency was given to instead use global_trade_goods_size
    - Reduced impact of positive stability on tax, and instead added small boost to global_trade_goods_size
    - Warexhaustion is now a penalty on global_trade_goods_size
    - Free Subjects now increases global_trade_goods_size by 10% instead of +20% prod efficiency.
    - Several country-specific ideas affecting production efficiency now affect global_trade_goods_size instead.
    - Privateers idea is now +33% privateer efficiency as well as +25% embargo efficiency
    - War exhaustion decreases siege_ability at same rate as defensinvenes.
    - Engineer Corps is now 20% siege ability and is placed in offensive, while improved_manuever is defensive.
    - Netherlands lost the Revenue Stamps idea (15% cheaper inflation reduciton actions), and gained Instructie voor de Amdiraliteiten which gives +2 to fire on naval leaders.
    - Army Tradition now gives up to +10% siege ability bonus.
    - Navy Tradition now gives up to +20% privateer effienciecy
    - Berber: Corsairs is now also +10% Privateer Efficiency
    - Knights: Reconquista ideas is now +25% Privateer Efficiency instead.
    - Kongo: Euro Monarchs is now also -25% envoy travel time.
    - Timurid: Unleash the Tiger is now +20% Siege Ability.
    - Netherland: Army Sappers is now +20% Siege Ability.
    - Hedjaz: Sharifs of Mecca is now -10% AE.
    - No longer possible to add provinces to the HRE if the province is outside europe
    - Guarantee Independence now lasts until canceled.
    - Added support for player voting in HRE.
    - AE from enforcing vassalage/union now scales to number of provinces.
    - Returning cores to vassals now gives AE.
    - Annexing another country no longer gets you all their lesser union partners..
    - Ships on Privateer Missions now also accumulate naval tradition like those on trademissions do.
    - Power no longer propagate for every endnode, giving sometimes 3x tradepower.
    - Ghazi is now 25% manpower recovery speed.
    - Ottoman Ambition is now +33% land Force limit.
    - Rebelsizes now scale over time instead of just being hard at start and a joke at the end of the game.
    - Rebels now get more morale from tech to compensate for lack of ideas and policies.
    - Added removal of negative opinion on others for demoting the pope when country converts from Catholic.
    - Devoutness now also gives fervor & papal influence if applicable.
    - Reworked terrain pick algoritm for combat, to have it rely on difference between manuever instead, and attacker being able to pick -1 penalties as desirable as well if -2 is more common.
    - Releasing countries no longer includes the capital province of the owner.
    - Colonial nations can no longer have rivals or be set as a rival of another nation.
    - Adjusted ship progression.
    - Reinforcements now cost money again.
    - Trader now gives +10% trade efficiency instead of +10 global trade power.
    - neighbour bonus is now -2% per level, and max at -20%.
    - ideas now reduce techcost by a bit more, while the tech over time increase is slightly larger
    - administrative ambitions now give +10% goods produced instead of +production efficienct.
    - Completely overhauled the bonuses for constitutional republic.
    - smithian_economics is now only +10% prod efficiency.
    - Nerfed all ideas giving production efficinecy above +10%
    - Added privateering efficiency to Novgorod's exploration_tradition idea.
    - 'Colonial Ties' positive opinion is now removed when a colony's liberty desire reaches 50.
    - Garrisongrowth in occupied territory is now half the time.
    - Being over forcelimit cost penalty for armies is now doubled.
    - there is no longer any tactics difference when sieging relating with rebels (as they use your tactics anyway)
    - Pirate spawning is now off when you got wealth of nations, since you get privateers then.
    - Rebalanced buildings completely.
    - Vassalizing countries while also taking provinces now discounts for this in the vassalization peace cost.
    - Can now choose which allies to call when declaring war. By default, all allies that are expected to accept are set to be called.
    - Taking provinces from large coalitions is now cheaper.
    - AE reduction for losing provinces, vassals etc is no longer global.
    - College now gives spy defence.
    - Noble Rebels now have 1.0 morale, and will introduce a noble republic if succesful.
    - Fixed a bug where AE was only being applied to countries of the same religion.
    - Now get AE for breaking truces even if you have a valid wargoal.
    - 'Wants your provinces' opinion penalty now also counts provinces owned by a country's vassals.
    - Fixed a bug where a country changing tag would result in all other countries losing it as a rival.
    - Observer mode not available in SP Release. ( AI wont be able to accept proposals when selected)
    - Opinion effect of AE now corresponds better to the actual value gained from the peace.
    - No longer lose AE for returning cores to your vassals.
    - Rebels breaking free and starting new country will apply appropriate level of technology and ideas for the time period.
    - Can no longer add rivals while at war.
    - Scoring for armies now take current amount of regiments into account. ie, no more loss of score for months for winning a large battle.
    - Western Arms Trade now requires the friendly neighbour nation to be independent and allied with you, but there is no longer a prestige penalty.
    - Removed hard-codes vassal_income 50% default.
    - Increase a few modifiers to vassal income, and added a few more sources, and made the base 10%.
    - Local Nobility now also provides +10% vassal income.
    - Diplomatic Influence now also provides +10% vassal income,
    - Basetax now have a far bigger impact on production.
    - Joining the HRE is now harder if you are different culturegroup than the current emperor.
    - Not possible to send gifts, offer loans or send subsidies while in debt.
    - Revoke electorate is now only valid if the elector has a different religion than the emperor.
    - Subjects can no longer ask others to become vassals or protectorates.
    - Subjects can no longer force other nations to become vassals or protectorates through war.
    - Rebels breaking free will create a country with ideas that is historically appropriate.
    - Formed nations such as Scandinavia will now keep their former Tag history. This is to prevent rebels from thinking ownerchange has been made. Core and ownership also shifted to previous date.
    - Fixed war goal used for final Expansion idea, added localization and changed history files
    - Recruiting Leaders and Replacing Rivals are now scaled down in cost for countries with techgroup-penalties on powergeneration.
    - The peace options Enforce Fleet Basing, Enforce Military Access and Transfer Trade Power are now disabled if selecting the Vasalisation option.
    - Slightly reduced AE from fabricating claims and justifying trade conflicts.
    - Upon being formed, colonial nations will now only get cores on provinces that are cores or are being made into cores of their home nation.
    - When a nation starts or joins an offensive war, any armies located in the territory of nations that are not their allies, enemies, subjects or overlord will be exiled.
    - Increased distance at which provinces are not counted as distant overseas to 150
    - Reduced manpower recovery speed from ideas, policies and modifiers.

    - Assign leader selection window will now update if a leader happens to die during selection.
    - Fixed an exploit where you could call allies against a foe they did not want to fight by vassalizing a country that nation was fighting
    - Added offline checksum check for ironmanmode
    - Natives can now build buildings again if WoN isn't enabled.
    - City sprawl no longer disables floating combat text and now properly works as any LOD element
    - Fixed a crashbug when having badly scripted modifiers. (modders rejoice!)
    - Navies attached to other navies should no longer detach everytime it moves.
    - Using capital as an argument in an effect now works correctly
    - Fixed a bug which showed extra mp given from every building in building mapmode.
    - Transfer Trade Power-relation is now saved/loaded correctly.
    - Fixed CTD in tech interface.
    - Fixed a bug where the transfer trade power-relation got wrong taker/giver when being enforced.
    - Fixed bug regarding wrong scope for base tax trigger in vassalize_mission
    - Fixed bug with wierd positioning of piety-stuff.
    - CB to restore personal union now lost if you become a republic
    - A newer version of messages will no longer overwrite your current saved settings.
    - Fixed a bug in sell province where it was checking coring range of seller instead of buyer.
    - Clicking GOTO button for "Advisor Dies" will now open court view.
    - When an army wants to move into a sea province, it now cancels its movement immediately when there are no transport ships to move to.
    - Fixed another bug where force-vassalizing a country could result in allies being called and dishonoring the alliance.
    - Hopefully fixed shadow bug when using Mesa drivers on Linux
    - Forcemarch is no longer +150% speed, just 50%.
    - Reduced mission cancel cooldown from 5 years to 1 year.
    - Fixed so that it is possible to recall colonists from not yet established colonies.
    - Colonies now reveal taken TI to their overlord.
    - Subject armies attached to other units now uses their overlords access rules for where they may go.
    - Unexisting countries wont stack upp on monarch points.
    - Released countries start without monarch points.
    - Supporting revolts no more cost negative amounts
    - Fixed achievement_truly_divine_ruler start conditions.
    - Fix for issue/exploit where colonies kept any increased base taxes when the colony was abandoned, and could recolonize the same province over and over and add to the base tax, because the base tax increase events resetted themselves when a colony was abandoned.
    - Siege modifiers not applied for rebels(tooltip & actual combat).
    - Fixed bug when switching startdate, the "was at war"-opinion would remain.
    - Fixed CTD in peace cost calcs.
    - Fixed opinion modifier for victim of crusade.
    - Fixed a bug where newly released countries could become the vassal of two overlords.
    - May no longer demand provinces from vassals whose overlords have set 'Do not allow leader to negotiate' unless you are negotiating with the overlord directly.
    - "Attach to this unit"-value is now saved correctly.
    - The cache values for transfer trade power in CTradeNode::CTradePower are now saved in savegame. This makes the trade node interface updated immediately after load. It also fixed a potential HotJoin-oos.
    - Ships only blockade when not moving.
    - Fixed MAC to Windows mp oos
    - Savegames no longer write 0.000 when it can just write 0
    - Fixed distorted map colors due to a memory overwrite.
    - Fixed hotjoin-oos related to border distance cache being updated for the joining client.
    - Fixed hotjoin-oos related to messed up order of discovery dates for religions in savegame.
    - Refusing military access now applies relations correctly.
    - Colonies can now properly create alliances and dissolve alliances with primitive nations.
    - Colonial nations will keep buildings and buildings under construction.
    - Annexed countries will not receive prestige, not even in peace offer view.
    - Garrison value and garrison tooltip are now properly growing when the controller is not the owner.
    - History entries related to Native Advancements are now correctly read from save game.
    - History entries related to Native Advancements are now correctly read from save game.
    - Fixed a bug where Ability Scores under 0 were resetted to 0 when loading a save game.
    - Fixed advisor crash on monthly update (still something strange so look for asserts where advisor is both in pool and in court)
    - Fixed bug with rebels being able to pick fights even though they were friendly.
    - Fixed an inconsistency in what country's technology rebels would use.
    - Fixed a bug where Japan could not declare war on its Daimyos.
    - Fixed a bug where the AI would call a country that had a truce with the enemy in an offensive war.
    - When blocking provinces with a navy, provinces controlled by rebels now have lower priority.
    - previously ships' supply range was only updated on gaining provinces. It will now also update upon losing.
    - Added read/write for capped opinion value in improve relation. (fixed hotjoin oos)
    - _bKillMonarch in country is now saved. (fixed a hotjoin-oos).
    - Revolt risk is now recalculated in provinces when troops move in/out if the revolt risk is above 0.- Revolt risk is now recalculated in provinces when troops move in/out if the revolt risk is above 0.
    - Fixed but when diploannexed->released vassals would have double overlord.
    - Subjects can no longer ask others to become vassals or protectorates.
    - Subjects can no longer force other nations to become vassals or protectorates through war.
    - Fixed bug with blocking sieged provinces. It will now be updated in Update() if update is needed.
    - Fixed bug where nontransport ships would load empty armies if stacked with transport ships.
    - Fixed bug when forming a nation the improve relations would not transfer correctly.
    - Optimised savetimes slightly.
    - AI control is now set properly after a tag-change.

    - Previousnode power is now saved, eliminating one potential hotjoin OOS.
    - It's now possible for the host to cancel the hotjoin process and kick all hotjoining players etc.

    - Fixed a bug that was causing the AI to stay and siege when it should go assist allies in nearby battles.
    - Fixed a bug where the AI would buy non-core provinces despite being heavily overextended.
    - Naval AI: Better at hunting enemy fleets
    - Will now aim for a larger monthly surplus if they do not already have substantial savings.
    - Tweaked army AI to correct issue with 'frozen' armies.
    - Changed AI potential for Mughal formation and idea group priorities for Timurids to make AI handle decision better.
    - Colonial nations will now usually accept buying provinces that are adjacent to their already owned provinces.
    - Now has its opinion of a country reduced if it desires that country's provinces.
    - Will now never go hostile against a country it has 100 or more opinion of, unless it is a large vassal desiring independence.
    - The AI will now upgrade to better units immediately after game is unpaused if starting at a later date and they are using inferior units.
    - Better at prioritizing sinking navies over blockading.
    - Improved blockading logic.
    - No longer interested in taking loans from players.
    - Less likely to want to conquer countries it is getting trade power from, relative to the amount of power given.
    - No longer always unwilling to join defensive wars against countries they have a truce with.
    - Fixed a bug that was causing the AI to call a player into an offensive war against a country they have a truce with.
    - Will no longer propose alliances to a player who is at or above their diplomatic relations cap.
    - Much better at selecting appropriate province wargoals.
    - Will now understand and try to carry out force Personal Union missions.
    - Will now make use of the excommunication action.
    - Now wary about being lured into a trap in the mountains.
    - Smarter about who to embargo.
    - Will now never sell a province which they are making into a core.
    - Less desire for conquering merchant republics when they benefit from merchant republic production bonus.
    - Better at prioritizing collector node when assigning trade fleets.
    - Fixed a bug in trade AI that was causing it to endlessly send and recall merchants when collecting downstream.
    - Taking provinces from a country now has a significant negative effect on trust.
    - Giving provinces in peace, returning cores and releasing countries now have significant positive effects on trust.
    - Fixed a bug in AI personalities where it would be checking certain attributes of the previous monarch instead of the new one (which is why Regencies could be Militarists, etc).
    - Less prone to turning hostile on trusted allies.
    - Less prone to rivalling trusted allies.
    - Less prone to desiring provinces from trusted allies.
    - Less prone to turning hostile towards its allies when it only wants one or two provinces from them.
    - Will no longer demand returning or cores, releasing of nations or releasing of vassals from defeated subjects in an independence war.
    - No longer interested in taking non-core provinces off countries they are vassalizing in the same peace.
    - AI will no longer try to tech up when not able to do so due to already being at max level.
    - Will no longer subsidise rivals under any circumstances.
    - Less willing to support independence while at war.
    - Fixed a bug where military strength calculations could get integer overflow, resulting in extremely powerful countries being considered powerless by the AI.
    - Better at managing loans and avoiding unnecessary military expenses.
    - AI vassals of players will no longer get AI bonuses if that setting is enabled.
    - AI vassals of players will now get Player bonuses if that setting is enabled.
    - Fixed a bug where the AI would not send free colonists to its own highly developed colonies.
    - Will no longer attach to units that are at war with only some of their war enemies.
    - Less prio on competing for trade with nations it has a transfer trade power deal with.
    - Will now aim for a larger monthly surplus if they do not already have substantial savings.
    - AI colonial nations will now make use of a default set of ideas scripted in the rebel country instead of picking their overlord's historical ideas.
    - Fixed a bug where AI armies would be stuck in home provinces waiting for the recruitment of troops that were a long time from being recruited.
    - Now willing to take on slightly worse odds when fighting rebels in its own nations.
    - Better at hunting down enemy units hiding in neutral countries.
    - Much better at creating and assigning leaders to armies when war breaks out.
    - More prio on attacking rivals.
    - No longer interested in returning cores to the province owner's vassal unless that vassal is being released in the peace.
    - AI will no longer diploannex if 'Start Wars' setting is off for that country.
    - Added trigger was_player = yes/no that checks if a country has been player-controlled at any point.
    - Now significantly less willing to go over forcelimits in most circumstances.

    - Clarified tooltip when units cannot attach, including the possibility that present friendly units do not allow attachment.
    - Improved display of context-switches in effects when target is displayed in effect, and multiple effects are shown.
    - Trade Routes interfaces will no longer stack up on top of each other if they try to have the same position.
    - Added icon that shows CBs on the declare war button
    - Fixed weird behavior in revolt view causing flickering text.
    - Piecharts and colonial nations now take the countries map color. This prevents created nations to display the original nations color
    - Fixed tooltip for being unable to add province to the HRE due to incompatible nation religion.
    - Changed nation colors for Adal, Kazakh and Khiva
    - Default for units is now 'Do not allow attach'.
    - Province modifier icons are now properly updated in Province view.
    - Fixed some countries showing up as peace deal vassalization entries.
    - Fixed Trade fleets protect trade button triggering go home at war.
    - Tooltip for annexation of vassals in war fixed(Japan specific).
    - Fixed tooltip for diplo annexing, no longer shows you at war when its actually the vassal
    - Province name change previously occured only when you closed the province view. It now also happens when the province name edit box loses focus.
    - Techtooltip for when lacking power now says a date where you will have enough power for it as well.
    - Reworked Macro Build interface, you can now do much more stuff with it
    - Accepted culture mapmode now just colors what you own.
    - The charts page of the Ledger (under Economy) now includes the primary culture in the Culture pie chart.
    - Detach obsolete ships button adden in naval unit view
    - Ragusa is now a Merchant Republic.
    - Added mapmode for trade company regions
    - Holding down shift when clicking duration arrows for subsidies will now set to min/max duration.
    - Implemented the new improved macro build interface. No onmap stuff yet thou.
    - Admirals are now correctly shown in history ledger.
    - Ledgerpage for Previous Rulers & Emperors now show the dynasty as well.
    - You can now see the difference in influence in a cardinal, compared to what you have invested and the country with highest votes besides you.
    - Tech view now displays bonus/penalty for ahead of time/neighbour bonus.
    - Added tooltips & hint for admin efficiency.
    - Fixed better tooltip for blockade wargoal.
    - Fixed "entered a Military Alliance with our enemy" message describing the wrong nation as enemy.
    - Renamed sabotage_trade to blockade_ports.
    - Added tooltips to active policy to explain cost.
    - Console 'stats' command now lists the most technologically advanced countries as well.
    - Added boostincome info to government tooltips where relevant (ie Merchant republics)
    - Siege Ability is displayed in military view.
    - Corrected tooltip colors in administrative/production efficiency.
    - Fixed misplaced numbers in main interface.
    - Added profit analysis to tooltips for selecting tradenode in the protectrade interface for ships.
    - Fixed missing localization in tooltip for not being able to lowering tariffs any more (DECREASE_TARRIF_MAX)
    - Player now receives notification when rebels cause a province to defect, both TO him and FROM him.
    - Factionview now works when factions are added to a country in the game.
    - Faction icon no longer hides the papacy interface.
    - Fixed issue where clicking the 'select rival' shortcut did not take you to your country's diplomacy view.
    - Fixed issue where tooltips for ships in harbours where erroneously shown as blockading.
    - Fixed issue where revolt risk tooltip did not explain the reason for the minimum revolt risk value.
    - Naval buildmacro view now updates construction properly.
    - Succession war personal union now applies the correct AE in peace view.
    - When a reform is revoked, the affected countries will now be alerted.
    - Fixed tool tip for adding provinces to trade company where trade company is already present.
    - The monarch points in advisor view now takes power projection bonus into account.
    - Fixed assorted mistakes in spelling and language from Conquest of Paradise.
    - Fixed core button tooltip.
    - Fixed bug where you could see construction queue icons on occupied provinces.
    - Fixed papacy votes textbox changing row when too looong.
    - Tooltip of mission with trade node now tells you the actual name of the trade node in the description.
    - fixed tooltip on liberty desire increases.
    - clarified siegeability modifiers in tooltip for siege days ticker.
    - The "shown as alert/popup"-setting now works as it's suppose to work and has tooltip.
    - Added "," as shortcut for natives/subject tab.
    - The score page in the ledger now has a column for the placement of all countries.
    - Fixed a bug that made the "vote for cardinal" to never appear.

    - Sect Tolerance no longer newbie trap for hindus
    - Ming events can now happen and are interesting.
    - Clarified text of HRE_DISMANTLE_ELECTORS in English localization.
    - Opinion closed_down_the_patriarchate is now removed when no longer orthodox.
    - Neo-Confucian modifier is now removed when no longer Confucian.
    - Hinduism events now check for regency when applicable.
    - Spain can no longer claim european provinces with the Inter Caetera idea.
    - Added new Austrian flavor event 'German Settlement of Hungary'.
    - Fixed some minor glitches in the polish events.
    - nieszawa_privileges no longer hurts manpower.
    - Printing press in Buda now gives +50 adm instead of +25 power.
    - Statue of Piotrkow is now happening, and also gives more mercantilism if enacted.
    - Polish Inheritance of Mazoviw can now happen at all times, and is very likely soon after integration.
    - The Horrible Plague in Lithuania can now happen when you are at war.
    - Copernicus is now a decent event, giving monarch power and prestige
    - Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth Navy now gives ships for free and gives navy tradition.
    - Sigismund's Column can now happen even if you do not have a Vasa dynasty.
    - Merkuriusz Polski Ordynaryjny is no longer a no-brainer pick #1 always.
    - Jan Brozek & Michal Sedziwój are now also giving +100 monarch power.
    - Zamojski Academy now gives mil power insteaf of adm power.
    - Poland & The Commonwealth are now an elective monarchies. (Special monarchy type for them. No special mechanics yet)
    - Reworked "Ending of Stagnation" to trigger 4 different events during the last 150 years to offer a chance to remove the Nieszawa Priviledges.
    - The Pacta Conventa and the Henrykian Articles now have a chance of happening at any new polish monarch that has 1 or 0 in a stat.
    - If you have the Pacta Conventa, you now have 3 different outcomes of the Sejm affecting each new ruler.
    - The Royal Struggle eventchain now is likely to happen after 1600, and allows the Polish King a possibility to remove the Pacta Conventa by a War on the Nobility.
    - Lowered probability modifier for "Foreign Plots?" events.
    - The Trial event for republics is now an actual choice.
    - Veerinigte Westindische Companie now triggers if netherlands have a merchant in the carribean.
    - Dutch Military Reforms are now a little bit better.
    - Rebalanced most dutch events to make them possible to happen.
    - Added a Dutch Tulip event.
    - Fixed dynasties and Staten-Generaal regents in Netherlands history database.
    - No longer possible to form bukhara as Uzbek if overlord of Sibir
    - Fixed triggers in Spanish missions to annex Inca, Aztec and Zapotec to work with colonial nations.
    - The Iberian Wedding event can no longer happen if Aragon was player controlled at any point.
    - The Burgundian Inheritance event can no longer happen if Burgundy was player controlled at any point.
    - The Commonwealth can no longer be formed if the junior union partner of Poland and Lithuania was player controlled at any point.
    - 'Form Union with Lithuania' decision can no longer be taken if Lithuania was player controlled at any point.
    - The Portuguese Crown event can no longer happen if Portugal was player controlled at any point.
    - Added Stora Kopparberget: a nice production boost of copper in Dalaskogen, while nerfing the basetax.
    - "Imperial Reconquest" event now no longer fires when taking a province that is already a core.
    - Hungarian is now in their own culturegroup called Magyar.
    - Removed monarch bonus from colonial war event in order to prevent exploit.
    - Fixed history files having Poland occupy provinces that should be occupied by Commonwealth.
    - Fixed London Stock Exchange event being impossible to trigger.
    - Added Indian trade nodes to Thalassocracy decision.
    - Changed language in Expand the Bodyguard event.
    - Habsburg heir event is now likely to happen when no current heir for !habsburg ruler.
    - Tweaked Bukhara decision to allow steppe horde reformation through it.
    - Miniter events for Austria are now useful instead of spam.
    - reichshofrat is now permanent.
    - Austrian DHE now have MTTH that makes them likely to happen during the timeperiod.
    - The Imperial Parliament at Augsburg now gives papal influence if siding with catholics.
    - The Royal Letter of Bohemia now have slightly bigger impact on opinion.
    - Reworked Austrian Revolt events.
    - Hungary no longers gets +enemy core cost as tradition, but instead gets +20 cavalry power.
    - Amsterdam Stock Exchange event is now a lasting modifier.
    - The Purge of the Archbishop of Salzburg: Now actually has an effect on basetax there, instead of a choice between +1 stab or -1 stab. Also can only happen if catholic.
    - The Protestant Rebellion in Hungary: will no longer happen if Austria is protestant.
    - The Reform of the Bureaucracy for Austria is no longer checking lots of irrelevant hungarian
    - The Meteorite of Ensisheim is now only +1 stability instead of +2 stability.
    - Lowered MTTH for Hinduism deity events.
    - libertydesire now increases again.
    - Added new event to Netherlands independence chain, allowing rivals of the country they're rebelling against to ally them.
    - Changed the roles, CB and wargoal of Anglo-Spanish war to make it more relevant to later developments.
    - Tweaked colonial mission triggers to prevent colonial nations for getting impossible missions.
    - Added revolt risk to Uzbek provinces that can break free Sibir.
    - Fixed misuses of "it's" in text, other general spelling errors.
    - Fixed missing localization in "Wine and Tariffs" event.
    - Formed nations claims now work properly.
    - Added check to Colonial Ventures events so it does not trigger for those who start in the Americas.
    - Fixed copy pasted ideas in creek & cherokee idea groups
    - Added Iqta government reformation decision.
    - Added Egypt tag and nation formation decision.
    - Added new cavalry unit types for African, North American, Mesoamerican and South American tech groups.
    - Artillery choices are now better balanced.
    - Cavalry is now better in the mid and late game.
    - Fixed many poorly balanced units who were clearly superior or inferior to their alternatives at the same technology level.
    - The different tech groups are now largely balanced in overall unit strength, but 'peak' at different times throughout the game.
    - Reduced the overall number of 'pips' on units in the mid and late game to reduce the impact of military technology of unit strength.
    - All christians can do Declaration of Indulgence now.
    - Added canal events
    - Added trade company events
    - Changed requirements for Russian missions not to require QftNW.
    - Added several mercatilism events to compensate for lost decisions
    - Balanced reward for conquer_neighbour mission.
    - Fixed effect in event flavor_hol.3513.
    - Fixed incorrect use of red text in Settler Growth increase. - Fixed id duplicate in Mercantilism events.
    - Added decision to form Courland.
    - Added 15 privateer events with localisation and modifiers.
    - Added 7 mercantilism events with localisation and modifiers.
    - theocratic_government_ruler_sunni is now Imam instead of Mufti
    - Prussian Traditions are now 10% less AE
    - Papacy-Holy Father Idea is now 10% less AE.
    - Ryukyu: Chinese Investiture is now 10% less AE.
    - Scotland: Act of Revotation is now -15% AE instead.
    - Fixed Saskatchewan unit, combat and city positions being placed in Asinnan.
    - Fixed negative decay of opinion modifiers, which caused them to decay in reverse.
    - Persian: Improved Silk Road is now +25 Steering to Inland.
    - Songhai: Trans-Sahara Trade is now +25 Steering to Inland.
    - Fixed flavor_bur.13 (Dutch Nobility demands General Estates) province targets, changing Trier (80) to Vlaanderen (90) and adding Ghent (1865).
    - 24 events for North American natives added to the game.
    - Fixed Portuguese Brazil mission reappearing after colonial nation forms.
    - Fixed Achaea and Morea having swapped capitals.
    - Decision netherlands_nation now give away provinces of Burgundy's subjects as well
    - Added events to flip provinces to a minority religion for new religions
    - Reduced frequency of random Republic events by 66%.
    - Reduced the base tax of most uncolonized provinces in Siberia to 1.
    - Fixed random_event.21 "Bible translated" triggering for countries with wrong religion.
    - The events that convert provinces to heretical faiths because of high tolerance to heretics will now fire far less frequently.
    - Added Kyrgyz culture to Mughal decision to allow it for Chagatai.
    - Added Sevilla to loading tip about end-nodes in all localizations
    - Nudged Micronesian Sea unit position
    - Fixed USA having core on Nipmuc (966) from gamestart.
    - Fixed a bug with regencies in has_new_heir trigger
    - Added Coptic religion
    - Added Ibadi religion
    - Added Dharmic religion group
    - Moved Hinduism to Dharmic religion group
    - Added Sikhism to Dharmic religion group
    - Added rebel types for Coptic, Ibadi and Sikhism
    - Changed Hinduism religious rebels to work with new religion group
    - Changed religion for Oman
    - Changed religion for Ethiopia
    - Fixed wrong name for colonial_colombia
    - Added colonial region colonial_australia
    - Added basic localisation for potential names for colonial_australia
    - Added theocratic_government_ruler_coptic: "Lord Archbishop"
    - Added theocratic_government_ruler_ibadi: "Imam"
    - Added theocratic_government_ruler_sikhism: "Guru"
    - Added heresies to Coptic and Ibadi religions
    - Fixed sometimes missing ruler title in front end
    - Added losalisation for tolerance_idea
    - Added localisation for benign_diplomats
    - Added heretics for Ibadi religion
    - Changed the wording on Core Cost Increase to make it perspective neutral.
    - Changed the wording in relation improvement to make it perspective neutral.
    - Added Great Frigate, War Galley, Galiot, Brig and Trabakul ships
    - Added in reformed/fervor events
    - Fixed Vassalization mission aborting instantly.
    - Added founding date and conversation options for Sikhism (to/from Hinduism).
    - Added 13 Sikh events with associated localisation and Guru modifiers.
    - Fixed desc_conversion_zeal missing localisation.
    - Fixed Lauenburg and Lüneburg province history.
    - Rebalanced event catholic_flavor.4.
    - Fixed trigger in flavor_tur.111.
    - Added localisation for move_capital_to_rome_title.
    - Fixed spelling in "Found the Rentekammer" decision.
    - Papal States now has Rome as their fixed capital.
    - Disabled Papal decision to move capital to Rome (made redundant by fixed capital mechanics).
    - Enddate is now 2nd of january so you load up endgame autosave and view the world.
    - Added three decisions to construct canals
    - Added three decisions to cancel canal constructions
    - Fixed event picture for event 838.
    - Added mention of terrain choice effects in maneuver description.
    - Added description for 7 remaining policies.
    - Added migration mission for native Americans.
    - Malaya is now a cultural union for the Malay group.
    - Falklands unit position fixed.
    - Fixed a bug with script flag mismatch in Burgundian inheritance event chain
    - Rewrtore and improved the Burgundian inheritance event chain
    - Fixed tooltip in spain_must_be_christian mission.
    - Tweaked trigger and MTTH modifiers for event 2031.
    - Tweaked probability modifiers for mission achive_religious_unity.
    - Fixed deity in hindu_events.12.
    - Added 4 events for Ganga.
    - Minor grammar fixes in ideagroups.
    - Events that recall merchants now instead reduce trade power of that nation in a node for 10 years.
    - Fixed some erroneous adm. efficiency tooltips.
    - Added check for Sardinia-Piedmont abort/success clause for French Annex Savoy mission.
    - Added regency council check to several mission requiring the nation to go to war.
    - Fixed text for various Agent Discovered messages.
    - Fixed spelling error in Cape Verde Approach name.
    - Fixed liberty desire references in events, decisions and other databases to use 0-100 scale rather than 0-1.
    - Swapped Ebro Estuary to Barcelona and Center of Trade to Valencia.
    - Fixed increase of liberty desire being incorrectly displayed in raise/lower tariffs tooltip.
    - Changed horde names (Mongolia, Qasim and Oirat) to be more consistent.
    - Changed Shiite to Shia and Totemism to Totemist.
    - A yellow army morale bar will be shown if the maintenance slider is below 1.0.
    - Declare war dialog will now show reasoning on why allies will or will not join your war.
    - Fixed tooltip for Revolt risk and extra description for nationalism and harsh treatment.
    - Fixed tooltip for seeing other countries provinces' base coring cost and base tax.
    - Accepting to transfer trade power diplomatically will now issue a message.
    - Peaceview and peace popup now reflects effect of aggressive expansion modifier (effects from prestige etc)
    - Offers in peaceview now use the AE calculation based on the nation receving the offer (no more tooltips that says England will get for accepting from france)
    - Tooltip for protecting trade now includes current trade value and takes steering into account.
    - You can now correctly sort by income in the trade interface.
    - Tooltip for colonial maintenance lists the each colony cost depending on current maintenance maintenance.
    - Fixed new declare war interface to work with support independence.
    - Changed speed used in Forced March tooltip: speed now matches the wording used.
    - Changed eggressive exp icon to correct one in declare war overlay
    - Colonies will no longer change capital name when clicked on(history).
    - Corrected incorrect positions of islands in the Caribbean including localization for all languages.
    - Added missing "not" to desc_professional_diplomatic_corps (from translator feedback).
    - Fix in peace deal when deselecting annexation would not make provinces reselectable.
    - Casus belli messages now has information about the actual wargoals.
    - Fixed enemy military alliance message.
    - Call to War interface now displays "allied to enemy" text correctly.
    - Added precision to army morale tooltips.
    - Tooltips when checking other countries ideas will no longer hide modifiers if they would be irrelevant to your own country.
    - Fixed tooltip for forced march when it isnt activated or researched to say +50%.
    - Fixed some inconsistencies between AE tooltip and actual AE gained.
    - Bookmarks wars that add claims will now also remove the claims when the war is over.


    - Multiple subunits of the same kind can no longer be added to the subunit database. Error is printed to the error log as well. This fixed OOS in certain mods.
    - Added a 'has_active_policy = policy' trigger.
    - Exported CORE_SAME_CULTURE_OVERSEAS to lua defines
    - Exported CORE_SAME_REGION to lua defines
    - Exported CORE_SAME_CONTINENT to lua defines
    - Exported CORE_HAD_CLAIM to lua defines
    - form_coalition_against now works with scopes as right side argument
    - Added triggers: trade_share and num_of_privateers.
    - added a 'global_heretic_missionary_strength' modifier, which is used only when target religion is heretic.
    - Fixed event 874 (Tensions between nobles and clergy) having broken options.
    - Fixed EVTNAME3114 typo, "Le Tellier and Louvios"
    - Added scriptable dynamic province names
    - controlled_by = REB should now work correctly outside of rebel_types.txt
    - sieged_by = REB should now work correctly outside of rebel_types.txt
    - Wargoals can now be scripted to have a scale on dip power cost.
    - Added modifiers: merchant_present_inland and merchant_steering_to_inland.
    - Triggered only CBs can now have a "prerequisite" trigger that causes them to dissapear if false
    - Added triggers privateer_power
    - Added triggers any_privateering_country and all_privateering_country.
    - Added effects random_privateering_country and every_privateering_country
    - Separated leader_shock & leader_fire into land/naval specific modifiers
    - added modifier 'siege_ability' : which counteracts defensiveness bonuses on enemies.
    - Added 'privateer_efficiency' modifier which impacts how efficient your ships are on privateer missions.
    - Added ' global_trade_goods_size' that impacts all trade_goods in your country.
    - Added 'envoy_travel_time' modifier that impacts diplomat and merchant travel times.
    - Added 'ae_impact' modifier that impacts how much AE you get.
    - Added has_climate trigger
    - Added has_winter trigger
    - Exported POLICY_COST to defines.lua
    - Religions now have a scriptable icon index instead of just using loading order.
    - Can now set a country to have a fixed capital. This disables moving capital away from the province and makes it free to move it back there. Countries can also ignore most restrictions for moving capital when moving to fixed capital.
    - Added a 'on_thri_yearly_pulse' and moved republics, orthodox, colonial nation & muslim piety events there to not block normal random events.
    - Console command 'revolt' now uses same size rebels as all other revolt activities.
    - Added effect cancel_construction.
    - Technologies stats in console 'stats' command now disregards nations with less than 3 provinces.. (aka no more clutter of HRE AI minors )
    - Score ranking in console 'stats' command now also show "+current score gain".
    - Ahead of Time penalty is now exported to defines.
    - Added 'ai' console command to disable AI for a specific tag or all nations.
    - Fixed tooltip scopes for every_core_country effect.
    - Added a 'add_faction = x' console command.
    - Added two sprite levels to unit sprites (now a total of six).
    - All static modifiers that affect supply efficiency now use supply_limit_modifier instead of hardcoding.
    - Added add_idea_group effect
    - Added remove_idea_group effect
    - Added add_idea effect
    - Added remove_idea effect
    - Exported war score costs for demand province, annex, vassalize, release annexed, release vassal, revoke core and return core to defines.
    - Added trigger is_random_new_world.
    - Added the option of scripting effects directly in on actions
    - Added on_religion_change on action
    - Added trigger home_trade_node.
    - Added a define ' BASE_YEARLY_INFLATION' for modders.
    - Exported distant overseas range to defines.
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    Such .. a long .. patchnotes list ...

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    thanx for patch notes.

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    I am interested in what the religion perks are for each diety within the hindu, as well as coptic and ibadi!

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    I really like that you're adding the privateers with the patch

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    Nice, very nice.
    EDIT: Though I don't see new launcher on the list. Is it not ready yet?

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    What does this mean?

    " Player handicap now reduces AE impact by 33%"


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    - Dynamic Province Names
    * Names can now be scripted to be unique for either the province owner, the province culture or the province culture group (in that priority).
    * Activating Dynamic Province Names is now a gameplay setting

    Does this mean that provinces and cities will switch names according to who is their owner as it happens in CK2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CzechKronner View Post
    What does this mean?

    " Player handicap now reduces AE impact by 33%"

    if you're playing with player handicap ("easy") - any action that incurs an Aggressive Expansion penalty will have that impact reduced by 33% (e.g. being discovered fabricating a claim will cause 6.67 AE rather than 10)
    Quote Originally Posted by lemonade View Post
    - Dynamic Province Names
    * Names can now be scripted to be unique for either the province owner, the province culture or the province culture group (in that priority).
    * Activating Dynamic Province Names is now a gameplay setting

    Does this mean that provinces and cities will switch names according to who is their owner as it happens in CK2?
    Pretty much (provinces only)
    Error in war on error on line 1.

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    "- Forming Manchu, Mughal or Persian nation now requires that you are no longer Tribal Despot and will no longer change your government form"
    Unless I'm completely missing something doesn't this just completely castrated the only decent hordes which were already underperforming compared to their historical counterparts?

    "- No longer interested in taking loans from players."
    Ouch, that's going to hurt my main way of expansion. Also makes it a dead button in SP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Besuchov View Post
    Wealth of Nations:

    - Poland & The Commonwealth are now an elective monarchies. (Special monarchy type for them. No special mechanics yet)
    Oh common! First you spoil us with this sweet change and now it`s half implemented ... Thanks anyways! (lots of great changes!)

    Furthermore, a lot of changes in DHE for Poland as you mentioned earlier. Well today`s pick of the country will be a no-brainer! Can`t wait!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warial View Post
    Nice, very nice.
    EDIT: Though I don't see new launcher on the list. Is it not ready yet?
    Its there. Ill Add it to the list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForzaA View Post
    if you're playing with player handicap ("easy") - any action that incurs an Aggressive Expansion penalty will have that impact reduced by 33% (e.g. being discovered fabricating a claim will cause 6.67 AE rather than 10)

    Pretty much (provinces only)
    Oh ok. Nothing that can be stacked in normal Ironman play then. Thanks!

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    Just a quick question.

    Will colonial nations still attack another colonial nations? If yes, will they still auto-calling his overlord and allies?

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    Patchnotes achievements section is empty. So sad.
    But the patch looking so great, so many interesting changes

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