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Thread: Mods for Victoria 2- HoD?

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    Talking Mods for Victoria 2- HoD?

    Are there any mods for V2 HoD that are compatible with steam that are any good?

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    PoD is really good. If you want a good alternate history mod, there's the Divergences mod that I'm currently trying to make compatible with HoD.
    Divergences of Darkness: What if the Plantagenet won the HYM and merged England and France into a powerful state ? What if Burgundy survived and have to face a powerful Bohemian emperor ? What if the Kalmar Union led to a unitary state ? What if the Chinese Empire continued it explorations ? Answers and much more in Divergences of Darkness, for Heart of Darkness !
    Community Made Countries: A community-based mod project for Victoria II, where every user can post its own nations. Map amazingly fullfilled, but feel free to propose your revolter nations or union ! (currently not the creator of the mod, but I've took over developement for now)
    I'm doing a few french translations of mods for Crusader Kings II, feel free to ask if you need one, I'm very available.

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    Pops of Darkness (which trades accuracy and economic logic for computing speed), New Nations Mod (tons of historical flavor), Paint the World Red (just graphical, but great if you want a mod pack you can make tweaks to) and synthetic factories (might need updating though).

    Synthetic factories- silk, rubber, tropical wood

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