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Thread: Patch 8.8 live!

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    Patch 8.8 live!

    Patch 8.8 is now live!

    It includes the following updates:
    -Added HD Mode. Check the options menu.
    You will be able to choose between 1x, 2x and 3x the default resolution.
    -You can now zoom the map using mouse wheel.
    -Fixed missing module names in level4b
    -Upgraded to SDL2. This should fix most of the weirdness with the game window.
    -You no longer have to restart the game to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode.
    -Levels are now more randomized (inspired by one of the Xangi's mods)
    -Fixed a minor bug that allowed you to reload when you had no ammo.

    For players who haven't dared to try the game yet, we will also release a demo version on Steam shortly.
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    The scroll menu box has been extended down one pixel, making it clip into the text of the items below it. It also appears scrunched at the top of the list. Neither of these things happened before the update and I can't seem to alter them with the lua so I think it's probably something hardcoded. Aside from that everything works great.

    EDIT: Yeah, it's the exe. I restored one of my older backups and the issue was fixed, though nothing much else worked.
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