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Thread: A solid EU3/EU4 YouTube channel?

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    A solid EU3/EU4 YouTube channel?

    Hello, i have subscribed to Heir of Carthage for my solid Total War channel and im looking for a similar channel but for Europa Universalis/Paradox games, you know, with tips/tricks and playthroughs of different factions.

    Do you guys know any?

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    ThePrussianPrice is the best one
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    Quote Originally Posted by asamy View Post
    ThePrussianPrice is the best one
    Hes good, im already subscribed to him, but im looking for a more tips and tricks orented channel.

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    Quill18, Arumba, Shenryyr2 are all good
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    Check out quill and shen! Shen's the better player, but I find Quill to be more pleasant to listen to.

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    quill18 and arumba are amazing for tips and tricks.

    Also, thanks asamy.

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    Shen is spectacular. Quills voice tends to annoy me. In fact Shen is one of the few peoples voices I can stand on the internet.

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    Shenrryr, arumba, frewd, kailvin, quill18.

    Arumba, kailvin and shenrryr definitely crank out a ton of content.

    Shenrryr has 4 EUIV let's plays going right now - Japan, Aragon, ceylon and saxony
    Kailvin is doing Moscovy
    Quill castille
    Frewd is doing Milan
    And arumba is doing Portugal and England

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    I like flyingmacguffin for his megacampaign, kailvin and quill. Shenrryr is good but oddly I don't really enjoy watching him.

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    The problem with mega campaigns is that if you are good at ck2 you end ck2 as a superpower and eu4 is easy. See arumba's carpathian ck2 to eu4 carpathia covers the Europe

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    The ones I'm currently watching are Alfapiomega playing Crimea and Marbozir playing Poland. Both are very good and well commentated and I recommend them highly

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