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Thread: Infantry vs Cavalry

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    Infantry vs Cavalry

    So, how much "better" is cavalry compared to Infantry?

    How does a Free Shooter Infantry (tech 12) stand up against a Chevauchée (tech 2)?

    There is a long gap where you get frequent Infantry, but no Cavalry upgrade - So I wonder if it would be worth it to just skip Cavalry all together for a few decades until you invent Caracole Cavalry (at tech 14)?

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    cavalry can flank (two squares away instead of one square away for infantry) so you want them on each side (left and right). also, cavalry shock is amazing. i tend to keep them.
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    I'd like to know as well.

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    Even if their unit type doesn't get upgraded they get some shock bonuses from tech, so they do stay stronger it's just the gaps gets a bit smaller. I played an Horde game where i used the horde cavalry in the 1700s and i fought evenly with full infantry armies from the same age. (I had same military tech.)

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    There are two things to consider: the Offensive/ Defensive Shock/Fire/Morale stats and the shock and fire multipliers.

    This is roughly how combat works: every phase, both sides throw a die. To that result, a bunch of modifiers are added, such as terrain and leadership. What is also added is offensive and defensive stats of units. So if unit A and B battle each other, A's offensive stat is added to A's die roll while B's defensive stat is subtracted from A's die roll. The same thing around for B's roll.

    This modified roll is then multiplied by the shock or fire multiplier. So if the battle is in the shock phase, all the modified rolls are multiplied by the shock multiplier. This final resul determines casualties.

    Okay, that's the theory. In practice, you'll see that cavalry has a huge shock multiplier compared to infantry and is even higher than infantry's shock+fire multipliers. So with even fire/shock stats, cavalry will do much more damage. Even if infantry has a bit better stats, cavalry will probably come on top in term of dealing damage.

    What complicates this, are other factors. Ottomans have an NI that improve cavalry, for example, so for them cavalry is relatively good. If you have Ideas that improve general's shock value, cavalry will benefit more. Fire bonusses are basically worthless for cavalry, but will help late-game infantry and artillery.

    So the short answer is: it depends. I hope this information will help you decide for yourself.
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