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Thread: Processing Flags crash

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    Processing Flags crash

    Recently i edited in a new nation in the game (HOD). However whenever i launch V2 it always crashes on processing flags when loading up. I'v done everything correct to my knowledge, so i was just wondering if there was any bug that makes it so you can only enter a limited amount of new flags?

    So far to make the country iv, gone into:
    Common/countries to make a tag
    Common/countries (the folder) to make a txt with its name
    history/countries to make a txt with its name
    history/provinces to add cores etc
    and finally i used great britain's existing flags, but i saved as with the usual Tag, Tag_communist etc

    i know i don't have to go into the text file yet, as it should still come up in game but with its tag as the name

    the flag is in TGA file type and iv done everything according to the guides and my previous experience with creating nations (iv done it plenty of times before), however it doesn't seem to be working for me anymore. any ideas or hints ? greatly appreciated 3:

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    You can try the validator. Or just start it again from scratch.

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    I'm having the same problem. When I remove the text file called "countries" from the common folder, the mod loads fine but of course the nation I created has the flag of an already existing nation; in my case I tried to create the country Liege but it ends up with the Irish monarchy flag. Anyway, I know I'm not doing anything wrong because I've used the same exact process before in vanilla Victoria II. I think it may have something to do with the fact that no matter what place I put 'LIE = "countries/Liege.txt"' in the countries.txt file it still crashes, even though it is in alphabetical order in it's appropriate category and even if I put it right before the tags for dominions.

    If anyone else has a solution to this, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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    Because Vicky 2 and other paradox games, like to stupidly crash without any important cause. I have the same issue like you, I added 10 countries to game including WLS (Wales). This tag causes crash to desktop, but after removing "WLS = countries/Wales.txt." any tag i added to game provide to the same thing - crash when processing flag. If you solve this problem reply to my post.

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