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Thread: How to raise moral authority effectively and fast?

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    How to raise moral authority effectively and fast?

    iam trying to reform the north religion as denmark, i conquered the two holy places allready in the hands of other norse pagans and managed to get enough piety to reform, but there is about 20% moral authority missing. What can i do?

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    Take Zeeland or Braunschweig if/when Lotharingia and/or East Francia have a civil war, each is worth 10% MA as they're the other Holy Sites.

    If your MA is still too low, start looting temples and waging county conquests. Looting a Bishophoric or Mosque gets you 1% MA a piece and costs the religion holding that church 1% MA. Similarly, each county conquest gets you 1% MA and reduces the MA of the religion of the victim by 1%

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    Go raiding and pillage catholic or islamic temples. Each temple is 1% moral authority. The thing with it is though is when another country with norse religion LOSES a holy war, moral authority drops for ALL norse rulers.
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    i did looted a lot of temples (provices with a church as capital) but the temple looting modifier did not changed. Zeeland is an option but Holland (who owns it) is currently trying to get independent. Braunschweig is no option currently because i have no casus beli (it is no coast province).

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    You'd need to wage a few wars to get to Braunschweig. Holland is rebelling? Jump on Zeeland NOW because that means that it's comparatively easy pickings.

    And did you actually loot the temple? You need to siege the temple holding all the way (so that it gets the "looted" modifier and gets the on fire image).

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    You actually need to finish the siege, i usually do Celle, Hamburg, Trier, Koeln, Rems, and a few others.

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    Aye, completely siege down temples when looting. Don't just take the unprotected loot and bounce, that won't help MA.

    Zeeland is very easy to get. Lotharingia spends a lot of time in rebellion, and even if they aren't currently there's a good chance their levies will still be depleted from either a previous rebellion or one of the various wars the Karlings drag each other into. I took it pretty early with Norway (and now plan to make my way to Braunschweig so I don't have to conquer my Norse brothers. That, and so my reformation won't be so darn early into the game).

    If you loot enough, you can also use the money to build temples which will also raise MA. It's not a very efficient way, but if you find yourself sitting on 1.2k gold you might as well. And make sure to stomp out any holy wars started against your Norse brothers.

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