I started a game as Rurik and want to reform the Slavic religion ASAP. I thought one of the dev diaries said that, as a pagan, you can convert to the religion of your wife or concubine, so I immediately started pillaging Slavic lands to gather Slavic pagan women. However, even after marrying one and having 3 as my concubines, I still couldn't find a way to decide to convert -- haven't gotten any events, either. Can you only convert like that if your wife/concubine is Christian or Muslim? Are you telling me that I kidnapped all of those Russian women for nothing?

My heir turned Slavic for some reason at one point, but unfortunately, he just randomly died, leaving me with a Norse heir. I had already reloaded once or twice when my king randomly died, so I didn't want to game the system again. More's the pity.