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Thread: CONTEST! Invade Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods with your very own in-game event

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    CONTEST! Invade Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods with your very own in-game event

    Dare to go berserk and create a pagan event – the winners will have their events put into the game.

    The heathens are coming, prepare for the wrath of Odin! Here is your very own chance to invade the game yourself and create your own event for Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods.
    Go forth to loot and pillage history in search of creative ideas for events and ravage the internet for ideas that garner gold, prestige or the means to conquer. Above all, destroy and sacrifice to the Old Gods.

    We will pick three winners and add their events into Crusader Kings II. No prior scripting knowledge is needed, we're only looking for a basic design and the event text. Just send over your ideas and we'll take care of the rest.

    The Rules:
    1. It has to be a simple, one-shot event. No follow-ups, no event series.
    2. It can be historical, humorous, serious, or any combination of those - as long as it fits the period.
    3. We prefer character events, but you can also create a narrative event if you want to include more text.
    4. The event will be restricted to pagans (and Zoroastrians). It's up to you whether it should be generic enough to be available to all of them, or if it should be limited to Norse Pagans, Zoroastrians, Tengri or another specific group.
    5. Unless you have an event picture in mind, we'll pick an appropriate artwork for the event.
    6. The event needs both a trigger and an effect. The trigger can be as simple as being an adult and having a certain religion, or something more restrictive. The effect shouldn't be too severe or impact the game too much, as this will be more of a flavor event.
    7. The event can have multiple options with different effects, or just one. (Having additional options that only show up if the character has a certain trait can be a nice touch, but it isn't required.)
    8. Take care not to write too much, as the text needs to fit inside the event window. If it's too long, we'll shorten it as needed if your event is picked as one of the winners.

    How to participate?
    Submit your event in this thread!

    If the developers like more events than the three winners selected,
    there is a chance that additional contestant entries will be included in the game.

    Here are a few basic event trigger suggestions:
    An event that is triggered upon looting a holding. Can have additional triggers, like a certain trait.
    An event that is triggered if the character has taken part in a victorious battle.
    An event that is triggered if the character has taken part in a losing battle.

    Here is an example of what an event submission could look like:

    A holding has been looted by a raiding army belonging to the character.

    Event Text:
    As they loot and pillage the holding, your men recover a beautiful golden candelabrum.
    Fighting breaks out among them as they argue over who should get to keep this prize.

    Option A: Give it here. I shall keep it.
    +50 gold
    -50 prestige

    Option B: Melt it down and divide the gold evenly among the men.
    +100 prestige

    Keep in mind:
    - Dare to be brassy, bold and brave in your narrative; the heathens are roaming the lands.
    - Wicked writing with finesse, flair and flamboyant flavor is highly encouraged.
    - Dare to go berserk, read the rune stones, call curses upon thy enemies and try to interpret the omens. And remember, some heathens just want to watch the world burn...

    Ravishing Rewards:
    Three lucky winners will receive Crusader Kings II Bundle, with all previously released DLCs to either keep or gift to a friend, as well as the war game March of the Eagles AND each winner gets their event added to the game!
    The daring developers will pick out their personal favorites by May 31st and the events will be added as soon as possible after the winners have been selected.

    May the best pagan win. And, of course, don’t forget to subscribe to this thread to enjoy the event stories from your fellow heathens!

    Paradox Development Studio & Paradox Interactive

    P.S. May your enemies beards grow inwards.

    Click image for larger version

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    ****** UPDATE 31/5 -2013 ********
    Dear pagans!

    So we are all extremely happy that so many went berserk and posted events for our contest!
    But by Odin's flaming eye! To be perfectly honest, we were also a tiny bit unprepared for this huge and wonderful invasion of heathens.
    I know we promised to announce the winners today, and I deeply apologize for the fact that we won´t be able to do that.

    With 28 pages of bearded events, we hope that you can understand that we really need more time to read all your events carefully, before we announce the winners…
    Therefore the winners will be announced on the 17th of June.

    While waiting, please enjoy looting and pillaging your way through Europe as a pagan ruler in The Old Gods!

    I apologize for the delay.
    Please do not sacrifice me at the great Blot because of this.

    May the old gods watch over you!

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    I noticed a shocking lack* (*or really nothing) of African Pagan events and decisions. However, this isn't a decision contest so I'm going to try to get us some African Pagan events to give some more immersion as my campaign was lacking. I did some research, hopefully these will make the cut. Due to the religions in that region mainly being local though it would be difficult to get a primary god name... but my research has concluded it is most likely the peoples would be the Soninke peoples.

    The Rainmaker (West African):

    Trigger: Month is between: May-August. 5% of firing per listed months. Only fires once per 5 years.

    Event Text: A terrible drought has swept across <primary title>. The crops are wilting, people are starving and lying dead about the streets of <Town under ruler>. You are preparing a sacrifice for the Gods...

    Option A: How about this mouse here?
    Gain: "Cruel" opinion modifier -5 vassal opinion for 5 years, -10 prestige, -10 piety.

    Option B: A fox shall please them surely.
    -15 gold, (And, if we're able to add traits: [15% chance for: "Rainmaker" trait. Gives +2 diplomacy, +0.1/2 prestige and piety per month, +5 opinion modifier with all other West Africans {Pagan}]) If not then Rainmaker modifier giving same benefits as above for five years.

    Option C (Not available if Slothful trait): An elephant will bring upon a new great harvest for my peoples!
    -80 gold, +30 prestige, +30 piety, 35% chance of Rainmaker trait/modifier.

    Option D (has trait Diligent or Ambitious): All the creatures in my sight shall be offerings! The Gods will reward me eternally for this great task.
    -120 gold, +30 prestigem +30 piety, 55% chance of Rainmaker trait/modifier.

    The Birou (West African):

    Trigger: First son and heir turns 6 years old.

    Event Text: Your son, _____, has come of age. It is time to organize the Birou! (Circumcision)

    Option A: A grand event it will be! (Son) will be a grand <current title>.
    +25 prestige, +25 piety, 20% chance for Proud trait

    Option B: How am I to know he is fit to take my stead?
    -10 prestige, 30% chance to grain Cynical trait.

    Option C (requires trait: Paranoid): We shall hold it in the safety of <location of reign>. (Replaces option A)
    +5% revolt in capital region, +5 prestige, +5 piety

    Title: A Great Vision!

    Trigger (Any Pagan): A battle has just begun. 1-5% chance of firing as battles are frequent. I'd say 1/2%. Requirements: Army Morale is at least 70%. Character must be in army. Must be independent.

    Important Note
    : This event pauses the game.

    The Battle of (Province name) has just begun. Our armies stare across the land at the armies of (Opposing ruler name). As you stand there, you gaze across in the distance, towards the sky, and see (Primary God name). He must be calling out to me...

    If has trait: Cynical. Trait: Cynical removed. Can only fire once in life time.

    Option A: (Primary God name) is with us this day! The battle is ours!
    +30 prestige, +10 piety, -1 martial, +X morale to army.

    Option B: We are being watched by (Primary God name) himself!... We must win this battle.
    50% chance to gain trait: Zealous, 35% chance to gain trait: Stressed

    Option C: I need not (Primary God name)'s assistance! This battle has been won before it began...
    Gain 1 martial, 30% gain random military trait (e.g.: Flanker, organizer), 25% chance to gain Proud (if character does not already have the trait) -30piety, -20 prestige

    My first shot... are we allowed to try more than one?

    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    Title (Norse): Paranoid Whale Bones!

    Trigger: Character has heir AND Heir has fallen sick.

    Text: Your son, ________, has fallen ill! His health could be in danger; I should do something...

    Option A: I shall carve some runes into a whale bone!
    Gain 30 piety.

    Option B: We need to arrange an offering for the elves... only their magic can save us now. (Horrible Histories, lol)
    Lose 30 prestige, 25% chance to gain "Patient" trait.

    Option C: (Requires trait: Wroth or Cruel) I shall beat the sickness out of him! 10% heir dies, 20% heir maimed, 50% heir wounded. (Option B removed if Wroth trait is present)


    Title (Mongol): Mongol Hunting:

    Trigger: Requirements: Going on grand hunt with army. 15% chance of firing.

    Text: Your foolish (Vassal/Courtier) _____________ has mistakenly shot you in the back with an arrow! Your vassal pleads for forgiveness while you stare him

    Ruler gains trait: Wounded.

    Option A: Now, let's see how you like it!
    Lose 15 prestige, "Wroth" opinion modifier (-5 relation with vassals), 100% chance vassal is wounded, 20% chance vassal/courtier dies.

    Option B: It was not intended, I'm sure.
    15% chance to gaining trait: Patient, 35% chance to gaining trait: Trusting, 50% chance of gaining trait: Craven

    __________________________________________________ _____
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    *still reserved*
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    (This event would seem fitting as a random event that could happen either while looting an enemy holding or as a passive event that can trigger in your own lands)

    Ancient Tomb

    "While patrolling the countryside, your men stumble upon what appears to be an ancient burial site. Markings seem to indicate a wealthy and powerful chieftain is laid to rest within along with many of his past life riches."

    - Order the men to raid the tomb for valuables. (Lose piety but gain prestige and gold)

    - Call for a priest/shaman (Whatever the appropriate religious title is for the player) to study the markings on the tomb (Minor stat increase to learning?)

    - Travel to and personally pay your respects at the tomb and leave it behind and undisturbed. (Gain large amount of piety?)
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    Shall I code it or just make a description of it?
    For now, just a description. I don't have an idea of what the image might be.

    1. Is NOT the year 900 or after
    2. Character is Ásatrú or Reformed Ásatrú
    3. Charater is a ruler
    4. Character is older than 20
    5. Character's location is somewhere on Iceland
    Event Text:
    While roaming across your lands, you come across a man at a secluded farm. He looks quite surprising, with a black robe and a small cross strung from his neck. As you approach him, his sheep alert him of your presence. You recall hearing stories of monks that had been on the island even before the Icelanders came.
    • Option A: "Tell me, old man, everything you know..."
    Limit: you have Learning of over 15 OR have the "Scholar" trait
    Random chance:
    1. 75% chance of Learning + 1, lose Piety - 25
    2. 25% chance of Learning + 1, conversion to Catholicism, lose Piety - 100
    Lose Prestige - 50
    • Option B: Let the man live in peace
    Limit: you have the trait "Kind"
    Effect: gain Prestige + 10
    • Option C: Imprison the papar!
    Gain an Irish-cultured, Catholic, celibate, dutiful clerk courtier in your prison.
    Gain Piety + 10
    25% chance of getting the "Cruel" trait
    • Option D: Slay the monk!
    Gain Prestige + 10
    25% chance of getting the "Cruel" trait
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    Reserved. Also. How many can we submit?

    (EDIT 1)

    First idea of many: A Mongol specific narrative event involving the reformation and centralization of the one Mongol Empire, doing away with all of the Khaganates it split into.

    Trigger: A Mongol character of the Tengriist religion controls both the Il-Khanate and the Golden Horde for a period of 20 years, as well as all De Jure territory in the Empires of Tataria and Persia. (I don't really care how long it is, only what paradox feels is appropriate should they grant me the blessing of having my event added)

    Event Text: "The Great Khan [x] has united the two mighty Khaganates of the west under his banner, this is a momentous day for all Mongols across the world. At the moment, the Great Khan is rallying his troops to push back to the east and unify the struggling Khagans of the Empire's hereditary lands. It will be a hard task for our hordes to reunite the east with the west, especially with the now prominent religious differences, but once the task is done we can again focus on the task we set out to complete so long ago. World domination! With the Empire under the banner of a single Great Khan once more it will be an unstoppable force once again, we will not stop until our banners are planted firmly in all four corners of the earth!"

    Effect: The character who controls both Empires will have them both destroyed, and create the new, Mongol Empire. It's de jure lands will encompass all of Tataria and the Persian Empire, and those two titles will become Titular. The character will also get a significant stat boost and the nickname "The Restorer", as well as another full set of doomstacks in their capital, attrition free of course. (That last part I'm not too hooked on, so if that's the only thing holding it back from being added then by all means don't include it, whatever it takes to get this event in!)

    Side note: If this event is added the flag for the Empire should be this or something akin to it


    Second idea: An event for Norsemen raiding Constantinople concerning the formation of the Varangian Guard

    Trigger: A Norse ruler leads a successful raid against Constantinople, meaning all of the gold possible is looted, and the ruler has the Viking trait.

    Event text. "The Emperor of the Greeks is impressed by our fighting skills, and has offered us much more gold than we could have ever looted and stored on our ships if we stay and protect his palace and family. We would not be required to abandon the gods and he would keep us well paid for our services, additionally, he is willing to grant us a degree of autonomy. Saying that we may keep our current holdings in the North so long as a portion of us stay in Greece and all of us answer his call if he summons us to arms. A good deal of the men say we would be foolish to turn down such an opportunity.

    Option A: We will agree to fight for the Greeks, but only as long as they pay us well when we fight for them.

    Character gains the title Commander of the Varangian Guard, character receive 200 gold and automatically receives the plundered amount without having to take it back to his land. Character becomes a vassal of the Byzantine Empire and is given a baron or county, his lands pass to the closest living relative or relatives based on the system of succession. If no relatives exist a courtier gets the land.

    Option B: We do not trust the Greeks, but their gold is good. We will fight for them but retain our holdings and also fight for whoever else can afford us.

    Character gains title Commander of the Varangian Guard, character receives 150 gold and automatically receives the plundered amount, character does not become a vassal of the Byzantine Empire. Varangian Guard is a norse pagan mercenary group that can be hired for a large sum of money by lord north of Africa and the middle east, and west of the Cumans.

    Option C: This Greek Emperor will face me in single combat, if he wins, I agree, if I win, he pays me and we keep our loot.

    (I highly doubt Paradox doesn't already have an event for the Varangians, but I thought it might be cool to allow players to hold the title without the console commands.)


    Third Idea: This one speaks for itself.

    Trigger: A Norse ruler is at war with his neighbor and is not the holder of a (non petty) Kingdom and has at least one daughter of marrying age

    Event Text: "A strange man has come to our lands speaking a language we do not understand, but he seems to understand ours, after his capture by our warriors he was released. We thought nothing of it, considering him nothing but a raving madman in strange dress. But now he has returned with a beast from the forest, we watched in horror as it killed a dozen of our warriors who sallied out to meet and slay it. The strange man claims he can trap and kill the beast. But he needs our help to do it. And even worse, your daughter [x]has fallen for this man. She will not abandon him if we send him out.

    Option A: We will aid this strange man in trapping this creature, it took the lives of our warriors. We will string it's head high in our hall fall the glory of the allfather!

    5% chance the character dies. 15% chance the character gains maimed 30% chance the character is wounded 50% chance the character gains 150 prestige, 100 piety, and 125 gold. The character also receives the personality modifier (the ones under traits I forget their actual names) "The head of a monster" which gives ticking prestige piety and cash, also never expires.

    Option B: We will not help this man, if he wishes to fight a monster only the gods could slay he may do so, but no more of our warriors will die to the horrid beast's wicked tail and maw.

    Character loses 50 prestige and piety, no gold, and the eldest daughter of the character is banished to another, random norse realm with no word of what happened to her or the strange man.

    (Obviously only fires once. And for those of you who get the reference you're awesome!)


    Fourth (and most likely final) idea: A God Among Men (Rarely happens)

    Trigger: Norse pagan character with the trait possessed.

    Event Text: "In your dreams you see fire spewing from the earth's cracks and the scenes of a great battle, you recognize the figures in the battle as gods and their enemies as those in the prophecies of the volva who guide Odin himself, what you are seeing is clear, you are seeing Ragnarok. Something disturbs you though, in your dreams you see yourself, you see yourself getting killed in the great battle and resurrected after a great victory. Could it be that you are one of the immortal Aesir?

    Option A: I am Falkyi, God of Dreams and Foresight!

    Character gains 3 learning, 3 intrigue. Gains the personality trait "Aesir". Aesir says "This character believes that they are one of the immortal gods of the norse religion walking on earth, while few worship them, few doubt their divinity." Which gives opinion +20 for all Norse rulers, gives a HUGE amount of piety tick, small prestige tick, and small gold tick, as well as +1 to every stat.

    Option B: I am Khorman, God of Blood and Pillaging!

    Character gains trait impaler, character gains 5 martial. Gains personality trait Aesir.

    Option C: I am Baldr, but strangely I have lost my memory until now.

    Character gains 3 diplomacy, 3 stewardship. Gains +15 general opinion. Gains trait Aesir.

    (Please forgive me for the horrible names of the two made up gods.)
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    Now here it is:

    Can trigger when a norse character with the "dwarf" trait leads a looting army.

    Event text:
    By the almighty gods, your troops refuse to follow their leader! There of course has been some mumbling when you assigned (dwarfs name) as the leader of your raiding party, but now that your men have arrived at their destination and shall follow him into battle, they begin to openly question his abilities. "How will he be able to prevail in combat when he's barely taller than my sword?", one of the warriors questions. "There is no pride in following someone who looks like a kid from afar. Our enemies will laugh at us when we follow his charge!", another one complains angrily! The situation is tense and if the raid shall continue, you must act quickly!

    Option 1:
    I brought him here for fun! Tie him up and use him as a projectile!

    30% chance of: (dwarfs name) will die and looting progresses a bit
    70% chance of: (dwarfs name) will be "wounded" and gains -50 opinion of you, looting progresses a bit

    Option 2:
    If he promises to grow a long beard, will you follow him?

    50% chance of: Army morale decreases a bit, (dwarfs name) will gain +20 opinion of you
    50% chance of: Army morale increases a bit, (dwarfs name) will gain -20 opinion of you

    Option 3:
    He is one of the dvergar! It's an honor to have him around!

    50% chance of: You gain +50 prestige
    50% chance of: You gain +50 piety

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    Norse-pagan, prior holding owner slain in combat.

    Event text
    Funeral for the Gods

    Your (Father/relative) was slain in combat and celebrates with the Gods in Valhalla, a most glorious death indeed, but the way he will be remembered amongst the living is up to you. You cannot think of anyone who is more deserving than your (Father/relative) of an exalted funeral and whatever you bestow upon him is surely to be remembered. Then again, if we haven't gotten enough loot from your (fathers/relatives) raids then how could we afford it?

    Option A [Only avaliable with trait "Proud"]
    My (father/relative) was the greatest viking that ever sailed and he will be remembered as such!

    +10 Relations with all Vassals, "Grand Funeral" for one year
    - 100 Gold
    + 150 Prestige
    If you have prisoners in your dungeon, one of them (chosen randomly) will be slain as "Blood sacrifice".

    Option B
    My father fought well and deserves a good funeral.

    - 50 Gold
    + 100 Prestige

    Option C
    We shouldn't anger the dead or the Gods...

    - 25 Gold
    + 50 Prestige

    Option D

    What good does honors do to a dead man?

    - 5 Gold
    - 25 Prestige
    75% chance to get the trait "Greedy"

    Alternative costs could be scaling depending upon yearly income. It is really up to how you want to balance it.
    As for a picture, I imagine you being able to draw something epic like a viking ship being sent out into a river, lighting up the dark night with the fires blazing.
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    Norse specific

    A holding is looted by your character.

    Event Text:
    As your men race through the weakling settlement, you come across across your courtier clutching his leg. Upon closer examination, you find he has taken an arrow to the knee.

    Option A: I have no use for a cripple.
    {Male courtier dies}
    {50% chance of character gaining cruel trait}

    Option B: You there! Get this man a poultice!
    {Male courtier becomes maimed}
    {30% chance of Character gaining kind trait}

    I was trying to figure out how to tie this into a marriage event but then I thought not everyone would know what I was talking about so I just stuck with the good old worn out Skyrim reference.

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    The most dangerous place to which a young man can be sent.
    Trigger: Character has just looted a holding

    Event Text: As you run past the burning buildings, and your men carry off anything that was not nailed down, and many objects which were anyway, you notice a glint on the ground. You stoop to pick it up, and notice it is a ring. Faint lettering, some form of runes you do not recognise, is fading before your eyes. It seems unnaturally heavy - can it really just be a plain gold band, a pointless piece of treasure, not fit for a warrior of your stature?

    Option A: Throw it away, there's better treasure to be had here! Who needs such a petty ring anyway?
    Nothing happens

    Option B, available to those with the Greedy trait: It's MINE! MY PRECIOUS!
    +5 gold
    -10 piety
    10% change of gaining the trait "Possessed"

    Option C, only for those already Possessed: The ring whispers to you, promising you riches and empire beyond even your most vivid of dreams, if only you bring the ring far to the East
    +5 gold
    Gain the trait Mystic
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    If I'm speaking in Gold, it means I'm speaking in my capacity as a Demi-Mod.
    Any other colour, it's your choice whether to pay attention or not

    For the cities which were formerly great have most of them become insignificant; and such as are at present powerful, were weak in the olden time. I shall therefore discourse equally of both, convinced that human happiness never continues long in one stay.
    Herodotus of Halicarnassus

    "Why are so many rowers atheists? Because anyone who has done a 2K knows that there is no god."

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    Your character is on a ship in the atlantic/norwegian/north sea, not baltic or mediterrenian. norse only.

    Event Text:
    Your ship strays off course, lost in the middle of the ocean. Your men resist, but you adamantly refuse to give up. After three weeks you end up meeting a giant iceberg sitting in the middle of the ocean. Your exhausted men disembark and start to climb it, when after a while they discover a secret entrance. Inside they find many gnomes working on expensive gifts and mysterious machinery, with a bearded old man overseeing them. Your men, eager for loot and food, charges in with their eyes glowing red. The old man pleads to you for mercy, should you spare his kind soul?

    Option A: Off with his head!
    +50 gold
    -25 piety
    -1 opinion modifier with all
    Option B: Spare his kind heart.
    +50 prestige
    +25 piety
    Poor santa.
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    This is the only real option for a paradox title. :P

    Trigger: A very small chance of happening at anytime of all characters of the rank of duke or above.

    Event Text
    We look to the heavens for divine guidance, the appearance of a great comet in the sky has caused a great furor among our people. Some believe that the end of times are upon whilst others believe it is an omen of conquest.

    Option A: The end is nigh!
    -10 prestige

    Option B: The gods are calling us to battle!
    -10 Prestige

    Option C: Let us turn to the wisdom of [chaplain].
    -10 Prestige

    Option D: (for characters with the cynical trait): Its probably nothing
    -10 Prestige
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    Blood for the Blood God!

    For any Pagan. Triggered in battle when leading troops and another leader has lunatic/possesed/berserker

    'As you come on to the field, the mist clears, bodies are strewen all around, you see what looks like a man, covered in blood and gore. He looks at you and you recoginse him, "It's (charactername)!" 'He stares at you for a second and screams "Blood for the Blood God!" and runs towards the enemy.'

    Your options
    A) "Feast on thier souls!" - You rush into battle with him (Gives opinion boost and prestige, chance to gain berserk/brave/wounded/maimed/death, AI likes to do this when brave/wroth/lunatic/possesed, not an option for craven)

    B) "Which one is the Blood God?" - You stand confused for a minute and eventually join the battle (chance to gain patient/cynical, AI likes to do this when cynical)

    C) "Oh Gods! The blood..." - You stand frozen in fear while your men rush in without you (opinion malus and lose prestige, chance to gain craven, AI likes to do this when craven, not an option for brave)

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    Mmmm.... Here's one I quickly thought up:

    Trigger: A chance on raiding/capturing the enemy capital of a King or Emperor tier character as a Norse/Tengri (the 2 "warlike" pagan religions), while leading the raiding party/army. Only works against civilized (Abrahamic) religions. Higher chance if your character is greedy/ambitious/cruel. Even higher chance if the character has a high martial score.

    "You and your brave company of warriors storm your enemies fortress and make it to the throne room, where [enemy king/emperor name] is waiting for you, dressed in his/her best garments and brightest gold. As you prepare to strike him down, he makes you an offer... to cover you in riches untold if you spare his life and accept his surrender.... this may not be the way of [Random god name], but it is a sure way to go back home with your pouch full..."

    Option A: "I accept your surrender" (+100 gold, or a scaled amount of gold according to the enemy's cash if you wish)

    Option B (Ony for Greedy chars): "I accept your gold.... and your life as well" (Take the gold, same as A, and make him prisoner)

    Option C (Only for cruel/impaler characters): "This gold will make for a nice crown... for a king!!" (You take his gold, as in A, and kill him by pouring part of it on his head)

    Option D (Only for Lustful and if the enemy ruler is female/has daughters/is married): "I'll take your gold... and your women" (Take gold, just like A, and enemy female ruler/daughter/spouse as concubine)

    That's all I can think. I hope the Devs like it!

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    Sweet ambrosia...
    I'm calling dibs for this prestigious spot at the high table in Asgard, until Odin in his great wisdom chooses to send upon me a breath of creation, by raven, preferably.
    Ah. Thank you for being amazing, and giving us a spotlight!
    'Ello there Gov', my love and dove.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragovit View Post
    P.P.S. @ChocolateMuss

    Omg, post your event, bro! But please don't call it "Postrizhyny", there's no way a westie could read that Just call it the "First Haircut" or something. It does add some uniqueness. There were remnants of that ritual in Ukraine and, to a lesser extent - in Russia.
    +1 first haircut FTW

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    any pagan ruler
    able to lead troops (capable adult male)
    not leading troops (if vassal, also not in liege's council)
    army has won a battle (large enough would be good, if such triggers existed)
    ambitious AI vassal/courtier was a leader in the battle

    Event Text:
    After leading troops to yet another victory, tales spread of [vassal name]'s bravery.
    [He] calls you a coward and sows doubt about your power to rule [realm name].

    give the vassal the brave trait

    Option A: I will get [him], one day...
    add trait craven
    -50 prestige
    -20 opinion towards the vassal (opinion_insulted)

    Option B: [He] is a fool! I will show [him] in the holmgång.
    Trigger: norse pagan, prerequisites for holmgång fulfilled

    Option C: [God] take [him], off with [his] head!
    Trigger: wroth OR envious
    50% chance the vassal rebels/escapes
    -20 tyranny with all vassals (if successful)

    (Yeah, this is probably disqualified under the "too severe effect" clause, but that's how I'd write it.)
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    My Event would be about Romuva pagans, but of course it could be extendet to other pagans. When Algirdas the Grand Duke of Lithuania died - he was burnt acording to pagan traditions of lithuanians. In game terms he was very prestigeous person - in some Byzantine corespondence after he won Battle of Blue Lakes against golden horde - he was named Bazileus of Lithuania. So when he died people of all around Europe (also christians of western europe and Byzantium were amongst them) flocked to his funeral. I think to Romuva pagans maybe if ruler dies peaceful and not in the battle all his acumullated prestige is converted to gold (gained from piligrims), of course then Ruler dies in the battle these money is lost because there is ongoing war and no tourists will go to war willingly. So:

    Text: <title> <name> died after <years> years of Glorious rule. All free people of surrounding lands flocking in to the capital for the greatest fire of the century.
    Trigers: Ruler Dies (not in the battle), prestige > 500 (it can be changed to lower amount of minimum prestige needed to fire this event)
    Effect: All prestige is converted to gold.

    I think text could be changed, as my english is very poor.

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    Reseved for now. I´ll write one, as soon i´m back from school
    I can forgive, but i can´t forget.

    And luckily the reality has no advertising budget...

    Commander of the 1st South German Jäger-Regiment, in the Victoria II forum jacobin revolt.

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    Trigger: Any pagan or Zoroastrian that has room for a concubine
    Battle just ended successfully
    Leading Army
    Diplomacy must be at 8 or higher
    Event Text: As you head home after a wonderfully executed raid in foreign lands, your Chief Marshal and Chancellor start to argue over a particularly beautiful thrall. As the words turn into threats, and threats turn into swords being drawn, you get to your feet and command them to stand down. Everyone quiets and looks to you to pass judgement.

    Choice A Your Chancellor is awarded the beautiful girl
    +20 opinion with Chancellor
    -20 opinion with Chief Marshal
    +50 prestige
    Choice B Your Chief Marshal is awarded the beautiful girl
    +20 opinion with Chief Marshal
    -20 opinion with Chancellor
    +50 prestige
    Choice C You take the girl and make her your concubine
    -10 opinion with Chancellor
    -10 opinion with Chief Marshal
    50% chance of Arbitrary
    60% chance of Lustful
    +100 prestige
    Choice D You take your sword and slice the girl in half
    Gain Cruel
    Gain Arbitrary
    -75 for Both Councillors
    -100 Prestige
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