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Thread: Tech Tab flickering in Black Ice 3.0

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    Cool Tech Tab flickering in Black Ice 3.0


    I have a wierd problem with Black Ice. After playing for a couple of minutes the menu-tabs (Tech, Production, etc.) starts flickering and messing up the graphics... It doesn't happen in Vanilla, so it must be the mod. The mod seems to be installed correct and working otherwise (using PODCATS TFH EXE). Checksum is HRKJ.

    Here's a screenshot from the tech screen

    Any suggestions, tips or even sollutions would be most welcome, as the mod is kinda unplayable with this graphical bug (CTD's tend to follow up sometimes that seems related to the graphical bug)

    I posted in the bug reports post, but I guess the issue either was forgotten or flooded with all the other stuff posted there, so I hope it's ok I post it here :-)

    Edit: Sorry about the smiley in the subject. Guess I screwed up with the smileys there... :-)

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    I would bump it in the ICE subfolder bug reports instead. And, of course, be patient. This is a volunteer service, after all. They'll get to you. I can only say that I have not seen this in my BI.
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