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Thread: List of player made tutorials and other useful videos!

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    Lightbulb List of player made tutorials and other useful videos!


    It seems a bunch of you already taken to making your own tutorials and explanatory videos. That is great and much appreciated as it seems difficulties understanding certain aspects of the game is causing some people to not enjoy the game as they could. Please feel free to post in this thread when you make/find a good video and I will do my best to keep the list updated. Any help from other people with moderation powers is also welcome!

    giladteller presents: Video tutorials
    Mariina from Colossal Order together with A_spec and MalinS presents: Cities in Motion 2 - Basic Tutorial
    VMPSaberwolf presents: Cities in Motion 2 - DGA Play Session #1 and DGA Play Session #2
    Butelka64 presents: Cities in Motion 2 - Junction underpass tutorial
    northshore line presents: Pre-metro tutorial

    Map Editor
    OlaHaldor presents: CiM 2 Map Editor Video Tutorials

    German videos
    Youtube user tomdotio presents: Checkliste: Cities in Motion 2
    Geekminers presents: [CiM2-01] Cities in Motion 2 - GeekMiners auf Abwegen (Deutsch HD)
    Gadarol mmoinfos presents: Let's Play Cities in Motion 2 (playlist)
    PlayzCold presents: Basic tutorial German

    Keep them coming! Thank you in advance
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    You can always check out my reborn twitter attempt: @BjornB_pdx - it kind of sucks though. But sometimes there is interesting/useful info there

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    Thanks to all the community members that are going to such effort to help ease people into this wonderful title

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    Extensive introduction to CiM2 in German: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkFW15awbe0

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    Good work guys!

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    Let´s play CiM2 in GERMAN with Tips+Hints from Gadarol | MMOinfos.de (not me!)

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    We've just published a german language Video where we play in Coop Mode as beginners for beginners - we're trying to give an idea how the game works in a learning by doing way - kind of "extended length"

    May you want to add it to the list http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJvK3owCLEg

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    I created these videos for my review. Some may find them helpful and some might not. The first video is an overview of the game and a look at building metros while the second focuses on my strategies for making money.




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    Thank you so much -- those who have provided these videos. Excellent work. I didn't know you could start a Tram station out in the "grass" as it were. In CIM 1, I always found it very hard to make metro lines, especially underground. Now it looks like a snap. I am excited to play this version.

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    Just in case somebody missed this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiEETVPK7vs - a tutorial on how to create an underpass for trams/buses/trolleys under an intersection.

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    Exclamation Basic tutorial German

    Part 1: The basics for the construction of bus and tram lines.
    Die Grundlagen zum Bau von Bus und Straßenbahn Linien.

    Running time: 22 min., Language: German

    Part 2: The function of the schedules and financial system.
    Die Funktion der Fahrpläne und des Finanzsystems.

    Running time: 11 min., Language: German

    Part 3: Expand existing lines. End of the line at the depot, or at least at the first stop?
    Bestehende Linien erweitern. Ende der Linie im Depot oder doch an der ersten Haltestelle?

    Running time: 18 min., Language: German

    Maybe it will help some beginners.
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