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Thread: Crown Authority and laws in a republic.

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    Crown Authority and laws in a republic.

    Do any of these geniunely change anything? I noticed that I could max out my taxation and levies laws and no doubt the doge has risen his 'crown authority' in Venice. Do these actually have an effect on you as a player? as a nation? Would it require the buildup of several settlements and counties first or what? I've only played the first 100 years and I'm liking it so far but I'm not quite sure if these have an effect or not.

    Additionally, is there no factions in republics? I have yet to see one form (even if its just the independance one).

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    I have no idea about changing the crown laws or crown authority, but factions do form in republics.

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    Republics are locked to a max of Low CA so that rival familes can still fight trade and other wars. I've found that most of my patrician vassals hate me no matter what (I steal all their trade posts, so duh), thus city tax and levy laws only really affect my family, who tend to like me on account of all the land I give them, so I max out taxes to keep the family cash in my hands vs the AI's. Minimize city levies because they tend to be crap troops anyway and I'd rather not have *everyone* trying to kill me.
    What other franchise could make a player nostalgic for consanguinity inheiritance law?

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