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Thread: Why You Should Play As Any Particular Character in CK2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thure View Post
    The father of Ragnar (Sigurd right?). The reason? Because Ragnar will be his heir
    Huh? Are we talking Ragnar Lothbrok here? Because he was dead before 867 (although may be playable in the Charlemagne expansion!) The clue is that all the Vikings marauding around Britain are there to get revenge for his death.

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    I've read the first page and I am trying to find a character to play from ToG bookmark. Basically I am looking for one that would later can form a kingdome and convert to christianity. Any suggestions? Right now I am thinking to start like a Polish noble and try to form Poland.

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    I just thought to mention the amount of effort put into the dynasties of Georgia and Armenia. I was looking through their dynasty trees, as well as the history of some counties in the area, and it is really interesting.

    One family of a playable count in 867, Count Smbat Arranshahik of Aghvank has its ancestry dating back in game to 50 A.D., with their oldest descendant shown in game being Vonon Arsacid, a Kurdish Zoroastrian.

    Smbat is also related to Ardeshir I, the first Sassanid Emperor.. And, it seems he is also related to the Parthian Emperors, as the Arsacid dynasty was apparently the ruling dynasty of Parthia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthian_Empire

    Best lineage in the game, I think. I'm considering making Smbat a Kurdish Zoroastrian through the console, and renaming his dynasty to Arsacid.
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