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Thread: Why You Should Play As Any Particular Character in CK2

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    Prince Charles of France, Count of La Marche and Lusignan, December 1314: Starting in the very first days of Louis X's reign, play as the youngest son of the glorious Philip IV, the Fair, and see how far you can reach. France? Navarre? Aquitaine(Louis will create this title as soon as he can)? Or just the timid county of Artois, which will be passed to your unfaithful wife at the death of the old Mahaut D'Artois? Can you repeat history, becoming Charles IV, or contradict it, keeping the Capets on the throne?
    "No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy."

    -Lord Horatio Nelson

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    "History is a fickle muse and fame her unfair offspring."

    -Bernard Cornwell

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    Mauregato, Count of Astorga in Charlemagne start 769.
    You are the son of a king of Asturias, but also of a Moorish serf. You are consistently passed over for succession by the nobles, who look down at your corrupted breeding. You will be remembered by history as Mauregatus the Usurper, and your legacy will be eagerly swept aside on your death as the succession moves back to a more noble lineage. Can you outdo the real Mauregatus, leading this half-Moorish bastard son of a king to the crown of Asturias, securing his dynasty and bringing glory to your name?
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