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Thread: Why You Should Play As Any Particular Character in CK2

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    Your dynasty has the name Antigonos, which while probably not really related to at all, was also the name of an ancient Macedonian general and successor of Alexander the Great. The kingdom Antigonos received after Alexanders death included the Levant, Anatolia and parts of Greece, and he waged an epic war for the empire against the other diadochi, only to have his successors confined to rule Macedonia instead until the Romans annexed it. Can you rise from a lowly count to the status of your namesake as the king of Asia? Or could you even achieve what the first Antigonos did not restoring the empire of Alexander the Great?

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    In my last 2 games, Harold won pretty quickly (against AIs, no player influence). Is this normal now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vindogo View Post
    In my last 2 games, Harold won pretty quickly (against AIs, no player influence). Is this normal now?
    It's pretty hard for William to win now that landing armies takes half of their morale.

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    Strangely enough, I tried to play as William yesterday. While I could muster around 10000 troops, Harold threw 15000 and more at me, after defeating the Norwegians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolin View Post
    -Radboud Folcwalding of Holland

    Listed a few times here. He is incredibly hard to play. Your Nord liege will try to revoke your title as soon as possible to make it the capital of the Duchy of Holland. It's quite interesting tho, because it really is a challenge to improve your situation as a simple count, with a rich historical family.
    A rich historical family indeed. He is a descendant from the old Kings of Frisia and related to the both the Gerulfings (what is now known as the House of Holland) and the Karlings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterrmelonn View Post
    Has anyone found this guy? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wimund He was a bishop who became a SEAFARING WARLORD ADVENTURER after 1147. It'd be really cool to find him unlanded somewhere in the isle of man or Scotland.
    Yeah, it'd be great!
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    Count Godfrey of Mann, 1066 start
    The last descendant of King Ivar the Boneless. Fittingly, his dynasty is named Ivaring. A bit of a hard start, though.
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    Have already failed two times with the following challenge - start as Count of Krakow (many baronies in this county) in 867 and become catholic King at least (in ironmode)... It is easy to convert to Catholicism, but immediately there is a pressure from Slavic countries around. If you don't convert early - then you have a strong pressure from your liege...
    Can't say this is impossible task, but still hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zireael View Post
    Count Godfrey of Mann, 1066 start
    The last descendant of King Ivar the Boneless. Fittingly, his dynasty is named Ivaring. A bit of a hard start, though.
    He is a good character to play with, however he is not the last Ivar. His son owns Galloway a d his Grandson Carrack so two nice allies for that part of the world early on. You can swear fealty to scottland or just take Ireland.

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    France, kingdom of:
    ---Guilhem de Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine, 25 September 1086:
    You've played as a great conqueror, or three, and achieved greatness from nothing... so why not look into cultural achievements, instead? Duke Guilhem IX of Aquitaine is, while of some importance as a historical figure, better known for being the first recorded troubadour, with several of his works of bawdy Occitan poetry about love, sex and feudal politics - some of which are still hilarious - surviving to this day. Furthermore, he was an extremely renowned womaniser for his day, significantly involved in struggles for dominance within France in his efforts to take over other duchies, and alternately promoted and went against the Catholic Church. To top it all, he was also a Crusader in 1101, even though an unsuccessful one - and Eleanor of Aquitaine's grandfather, to boot. History also records that he declined to kill an enemy bishop, quipping that "I don't love you enough to send you to paradise!". What more is to be said, other than that his start as a powerful duke is not particularly difficult, and that you are free to take this great, womanising poet wherever you want into the history books. Maybe just try not to be quite as horrible to his wife as he was, this time.
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    - Count Yavdi Kuertsitsur of Khopyor, January 867:

    Manicheanism once competed against Christianity for dominance. It's influence spread from Britain to China. Now, it's dying. You are one of the two rulers still clinging to it's teachings. Your poor realm is surrounded by hostile Jews and pagans but for the time being, you are protected by Khan of Pechenegs. All is not lost however, as you already have an heir and your wife is set to inherit the lands of your brother-in-law (and only ally), if he should have an unfortunate "accident".

    Can you establish a new realm for "Religion of Light" in these unforgiving lands or is Mani's light destined to die out?
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