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Thread: Steam Problem

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    Steam Problem

    I downloaded 1.03 RC1 and 2, for a while I've been playing it just fine but today, I started up DH, and I think steam reverted DH back to 1.02, however, the version on DH launcher still says it's 1.03
    evidence is that, I started up WIF2, but something's wrong with db/units/divisions/infantry line 50 equipments
    I compared the WIF file with the same file in DH full, it's not there, all of the equipment lines aren't there
    I can't play DH like this, and steam just killed it. There's no telling that it will happen again, so I will just leave DH alone for now

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    From the patch 1.03 RCx thread:

    Installation notes - Steam users

    1. Make sure you have unmodified version of the game. Re-install if needed.
    2. Create a new folder on place that is not protected by Windows (Vista, 7) - "C:\Games\Darkest Hour" is a good location
    3. Copy ALL Darkest Hour game files and folders from your Steam install into the folder created on step (2). If you did it right you should have Darkest Hour.exe into "C:\Games\Darkest Hour" folder
    4. Install the patch to the folder created on step (2)
    5. Go to the folder created on step (2) and start the game using "Darkest Hour Launcher.exe". Optionally you can make a short-cut to this file on your Desktop
    6. Check if you have correct checksums (see above)

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    did not read that, thanks martin

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