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Thread: No other way to mend the schism?

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    No other way to mend the schism?

    I get that the Byzantines would declare Catholicism heresy if they get the Pentarchy seats, (even though it is RIDICULOUSLY overpowered, all of the Catholic nobles turn Orthodox? Really paradox? That isn't a bit questionable?) But is there no way to Merge the Churches from the Catholic side? I've never really seen it done before other then say, conquering every single Orthodox province and then converting it, shouldn't there be an Event, if say the respective moral authorities of the Patriarch and the Pope are high, or low or what have you the Papacy should be enable to hold an ecumenical council to mend the schism from the Catholic side, or even vice versa (for a more realistic and, peaceful unification of the Churches from the Orthodox side, this is reflective of real life attempts to unite the Churches to boot), or do you indeed, as a Catholic Lord have to unite the Pentarchy under Catholicism and then Unite the Churches that way? It would be a more flavourful way to do it and balance out the ridiculous advantage of the Byzantines as of the recent DLC. If there's been a mod that actually addresses this can someone point me in its direction? I'd very much like to play it.
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    I've heard that a way for Catholics to mend the schism will be featured in a later DLC, though this might have just been speculation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cybrxkhan View Post
    I've heard that a way for Catholics to mend the schism will be featured in a later DLC, though this might have just been speculation.
    No, you're right.

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