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Thread: Patch Notes, Dungeons & Daemons (2012-10-11)

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    Thumbs up Patch Notes, Dungeons & Daemons (2012-10-11)

    Hey all! These are the patch notes for the freshly juiced patch and the upcoming DLC, Dungeons & Daemons! ...and with upcoming, I mean extremely soon! Like, I'll hardly finish my coffee! ...my rather large cup of coffee!

    Added the new Dungeons & Daemons DLC

    We are a continuing our ongoing effort to improve your experience by casting the spells below that we learned in our forum.
    Added some missing characters to certain fonts. Continuing our commitment to offering characters to all fonts everywhere.
    Fixed a pathfinding crash. Took us a bit, but we found it.
    Fixed disappearing boss Vlad. Turns out he was just at the bar up the street.
    Fixed a crash when killing frozen Khan (and possibly other bosses). KHAAAAAAN!
    Fixed camera issue when being revived by the fairy. Fairies weren’t previously aware of auto-focus.
    Fixed NPC spellcaster AI sometimes freezing up. After taking some public speaking classes, though, the NPC finally warmed up.
    Mobs are now able to spawn their own kind upon death. That sounds kinda gross, actually.
    Added some new functionality to scene scripts. Scene scripts run. Run, scripts, run!
    Reduced the physical damage resistance of Enraged Goblin Warlocks. Let’s face it, Warlocks sound all-powerful but they’re really just a bunch of pansies.
    Fixed a localization crash. Que haya sido reparado.
    Fixed a crash with the Performance Enchantment magick. Talk to your doctor first.
    Fixed a crash that occurred when firing a water projectile during a level transition. That’ll show those pesky levels who’s boss around here.
    Fixed an issue with collision checks that resulted in multiple fall damage. Large Hadron Collider consulted, collisions now in check.
    Fixed certain lights being removed when restarting a scene. Disco disco, good good.
    Fixed scores being inconsistent between client and host in challenges. Issues resolved with just a couple trust falls.
    Fixed script delays being reset when restarting a challenge level. No more delays, the movie will finally be coming out soon.
    Fixed element icons getting stuck highlighted when disabled (as in Elemental Roulette). Now if we could only get our car’s dome light to turn off.
    Fixed a crash where players were gripped during level transition. Now they’ll just be gripped in anticipation, amirite?!
    General stability improvements.

    EDIT: A little bug dressed in stealthy garbs snuck in, making the game crash when the list of Magicks is accessed within the game. Please use this site for information about Magicks until this is fixed!

    Happy beaming!

    Karma @ Magicka Steam Hub
    KarmaSlave @ Magicka Steam's old forums
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    Excellent. It's nice to see that just when the game/forums seemed abandoned by officials, the game gets some care.
    This is a great list, and the new challenge campaign seems nice so far too.

    Enjoy your coffee

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