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Thread: Why can't I train units?

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    Why can't I train units?

    I've been having this issue for a while and I can't figure it out. Searching here and on google have gotten me lots of results, but nothing close to the problem I'm having. Anyway, here's what my issue is. First I was playing as Texas and ended up losing most of my initial military units in a battle with Mexico. I scored some good blows in the fight though, and weakened their army. I went to train new units.... but every unit type was greyed out. Now I'm playing a slightly modded game, where I added in Wales and gave them a single territory. the oop file I made must have had a mistake in it because I didn't start with a military. That's fine, I'll just train my own now! That's what I thought, but I click on build army and all unit types are greyed out. Hovering over the unit tabs doesn't give me any info I can understand that is the problem. I just want to have some military units built up. The other thing I can't figure out is why I can't recruit generals. I like playing us smaller nations or as underdogs. The only one where I was able to recruit a general was in Texas. The underdog games, none start with generals and I can't recruit any. Says I need leadership points but I have no idea how to get leadership points and I have no idea how to see how many I even have!

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    To recruit soldiers, you need to get enough soldier POPs in a province, which you can do by setting the national focus in a state to "encourage soldiers". 1000 soldiers from one culture = 1 brigade. Leadership points are acquired in a similar way, you set the NF to "encourage officers" (according to the tooltips, 0,2% of the country's population is the optimal percentage of officers).

    Edit: Grommile explained it better.
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    Every land unit you build is connected to a province. Each province can provide a single brigade at 1000 Soldiers of a single culture and religion, plus a further brigade for each additional 3000 Soldiers of that culture and religion. Replacement of losses (due to attrition or combat) will reduce the size of the soldier POP the damaged brigades were drawn from. If all the tabs in the Build Army window are greyed out, then either none of your provinces have at least 1000 Soldiers POPs of a single culture and religion, or all of your provinces are supporting at least as many brigades as their Soldier POPs will allow.

    Your number of leadership points is one of the values displayed in the Military box at the top of the screen. You gain leadership points monthly based on what percentage of your POPs are Officers; some technologies will provide an additional bonus.

    The Military box at the top of the screen has a number of values with handy explanatory tooltips. You can see your Mobilization size, the total number of brigades you have in the field vs. the total number of brigades your POPs can support, the size of your navy, and your current quantity of Leadership points.
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