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Thread: How to get early access?

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    How to get early access?


    I signed up over a month ago through steam and i was under the impression there would be early access.

    How do we get in?



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    Please define "signed up". If you mean that you bought the game over a month ago then yes absolutely, you should have early access to the game. Pls confirm. Thanks

    Kind regards

    Quote Originally Posted by jdeb8 View Post

    I signed up over a month ago through steam and i was under the impression there would be early access.

    How do we get in?



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    if steam is not letting you downlaod it, close steam off and start it up again..

    At least thats what i had to do.

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    I bought it too.
    But i cant play.
    I bought it over Steam.
    Any Ideas?

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    Hi susana,

    Yes I purchased the game over a month ago. How do i get early access?

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    Have you guys tried doing what i said..

    Does it show in your steam list?

    Also remember just pressing the X in the top right to close steam is not actually closing it down.

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    do you still access the game through the beta client?

    All i have in mine is "War of the roses beta" (the beta client) and "War of the roses pre-order" which just says "Information is coming soon"

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    I bought the game on steam about a week or two ago. I downloaded the beta and I played it for a while. Now I can purchase the beta, but download the game?

    Please help

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    If you pre-ordered the game than you need to turn off steam, close it out completely and then restart steam, you should see a new single "war of the roses" entry.

    I am not sure how this is complicated, just restart steam, it is that simple.

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