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Thread: How can i install Victoria 2 a house divided?

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    Question How can i install Victoria 2 a house divided?

    I bought 'Victoria 2 complete Edition' yesterday and now i just found out that i played the normal Victoria 2 and not a house divided can someone explain to me how i can install it? (maybe I have to unpack something with winrar?)

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    That happened to me too. I posted in the QQ/QA thread, but no answer yet.
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    I dont think Victoria 2 complete includes AHD since the "complete" edition came out before AHD.

    " The Complete edition features Victoria II, Victoria II: Interwar Spritepack, Victoria II: Interwar Artillery Sprite Pack, Victoria II: Interwar Planes Sprite Pack, Victoria II: Old Vic, and Victoria I Complete."

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    Hello alkls1234 I hope Im not too late for this answer) I got actually the same problem and I resolved it!

    U have to install it separetly, I mean that after u had installed Victoria 2 put the disc again in to your computer and open it manually dont let the launch start..after u go to the Ordner "VictoriaII_AHouseDivided" than to "MainGame" than "Installer" than click twice on the "ahd_gm_setup2_31" and the installation of A house divided will begin after some seconds

    Greeting from Marcel

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    I got the same problem, I installed victoria collection, but I cant play any of the games. It sais "heart of darkness" under
    the victoria II title and register, check for uploads and play victoria II. theres also choose a mod that is blank. if I press play
    Victoria II it brings me to a picture of a train then it closes! I really need some help with this!

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