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Thread: Mod Help? Number of Provinces linked to infamy?

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    Mod Help? Number of Provinces linked to infamy?

    Hey all,

    I'm new to this forum and to modding but not to the game. It has always irritated me that it costs the same amount of infamy to take a meaningless one province state as it does to demand a highly valuable 5 province state. Is it possible to link the number of provinces in a state to the infamy gained?

    For example a one province state may cost 2 infamy, a two (or less) province state costs 4 infamy etc?

    This would probably require at least 5 new 'justify war' goals (i.e. 'acquire one province state, acquire 2 province state, acquire 3 province state, acquire 4 province state, acquire 5+ province state) but after that surely the propose peace mechanism could work out the rest, merely allocating the level of infany in the same way that it allocates required warscore?

    I've got loads of interesting ideas that I'd love to try but its kinda daunting looking through the files


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    There's no way to count the number of provinces in a state, unless the target country has only one state.

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