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Thread: UK air superiority

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    UK air superiority

    In air combat the british (my enemy) has this combat modifier
    Mission efficiency +40%

    its 1940 and they should have 15% actualy if you look at their tech
    while I dont get even the 15% from my tech

    this is how a air battle looks like

    UK Germany
    experience +15% experience +25%
    intercept +20% intercept +20%
    mission efficiency +40%
    radio +10% radio +10%
    stacking penalty -20% stacking penalty -20%
    leader skill +20% leader skill +15%

    should they have this?

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    UK gets a decision after the fall of france that gives them +25% mission efficiency.

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    Ok. thanks

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    Finest Hour decision means fighting UK on the air is a pain. Either invade them or leave them alone, it´s pointless wasting IC on air reinforcements.

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    It's a secret, obviously.
    The decision is not permanent, though. You can wait it out if you want. It's 6 months, I think. And it only applies to air combat and strategic bombing, so if you want to convoy raid away from land, knock yourself out.
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