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Thread: A Vicky2 Question.

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    A Vicky2 Question.

    Hey guys, i recently purchased Vicky 2. I have not yet played it as I've still been toying around with EU3, but I figured I would start a campaign sometime this week. I've found that Paradox games tend to lose vigor quickly when you play only to world conquer or to dominate the world , so I prefer to kind of role play in my games with strict house rules.

    One such game I was interested in playing with Vicky 2 for my first game would be an inter-mediating Great Britain. I want the traditional large, untouchable navy with a small ground force that can interfere in wars and keep the world balanced as it sees fit. That said, to keep the empire safe, having land masses really wouldn't work for me in a role play setting. I was curious if there was a way in Vicky 2 to remove said land masses from the Empire. British Canada and India for example. I want to stick to strictly islands where my fleet has the advantage.

    Thanks for the information ahead of time! ^.^

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    You could just release all that... no idea why you would though. Without India, you won't have that massive resource/consumer base to fuel your industry.

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    You can release Canada as a dominion from the get-go. In the politics tab there's a sub-tab for releasing puppets. Canada should be in there somewhere. Though, they won't control all their core provinces and the United States/Russia will probably colonise them.

    You can't release India, however, because India is a Union Tag for the Indian culture group. I think there are mods out there that make British India into a semi-independent substate.
    Alternatively, you could set your taxes to 100%, loose a couple of wars, and hope that the Indian pan-nationalists rebel...

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    Mm..I was hoping there was something easier like in EU3. In EU3 you can simply sell territory you don't want. ^.^ I guess I'll just have to live with the colonies...or play as someone smaller and steal Britain from the Brits and exile them to Canada. >.>

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    Interestingly I am playing my first game as Great Britain now and I took a simiular approach and released as many countries as I could at the start.

    I was able to release Ireland, Scotland, and Canada; plus Quebec, Newfoundland, New England, and Columbia separately (this is optional). Also I released Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. As mentioned above, you cannot release India, but you can release two small parts of India...then refuse to annex further pieces of India via the "Bah! More useless territory" decision.

    Unfortunately, the nations you release are not truly independent, but remain satellites of Great Britain...I don't know all the implications of this in the game exactly (actually Scotland's become a Great Power), but I would've liked to see how they fared for themselves as truly independent nations.

    The starting Navy is pretty big and strong, the ability to easily blockade enemies helps a lot to persuade would-be warmongering countries to forgo their conquests, which fits in with your Status Quo agenda.

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