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Thread: An Anatolian AAR: An AAR for Georgia

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    An Anatolian AAR: An AAR for Georgia

    Hello, this is an AAR for Georgia. Now you may be wondering what usually becomes of Georgia. Well, usually they are ripped apart of the Golden Horde and their allies! Well not today my friends, in this AAR we attempt to succeed as Georgia! Georgia is REALLY unlucky, they are bordering THREE hordes, and the AI is typically too stupid to peace out immediately, however, a human is more than capable of handling Georgia, and here is where we will begin!

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    Red face

    From Humble Beginnings...

    Here I am, Georgia. Five provinces, but doomed to be sandwiched between three hordes. The mongols spared us, but not for long. Our enemies are great, I can only hope that they will show me mercy if I offer them a tribute, but that is for later. One look at my ruler, and I see that his skills are nonexistent. He is a 3/4/3.
    His son is not much better.

    Even so, I have high hopes for my little nation of Georgia, let me check up on my decisions, and sliders.

    Currently, I have a need to move my sliders safely, as an instability could be very bad for Georgia at the start, but I am going to move towards free subjects, as serfdom is a very bad thing to have too much of. Moving, my slider, I have indeed lost one stability, but ah well, not much can be done about that.

    Georgian decisions are a close relative of byzantine ones. I can adopt imperial adminstration, westernise, and institute liberum veto. As I already have 5/6 provinces, Liberum Veto is the only one that is going to impact me in the near future.

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    ...To A Very Precarious Perch

    The next thing I have to do is peace out with the hordes, easy peasy!

    ...Or not! This looks bad, I am going to be squashed by all three hordes as none of them will take peace! Oh what have I done! Noting my troubles, there is an OPM trebizond which borders me, maybe if I take it, I can institute liberum veto and beat back the hordes!

    Ugh...Scratch that as well, the Timurids are there now and that boat has sailed WAY away. On the bright side, however, Muscowy offered us an alliance!

    Genoa also appears to have offered us an alliance, unfortunately that will not salvage our situation.

    Shoot! We've engaged! And our standing army is outnumbered ten to 1...
    No! We will make our stand HERE AND NOW!!! THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or...just Georgia

    I sure hope things are going better elsewhere in the world

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    Moved this to the EU3 AARs forum, since you posted it in the global one.

    Good luck with Georgia.
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    Looks like it's time to take only army ideas. Crush those hordes!
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    Good luck! I played a Georgia game through 1600, and managed to take over a huge chunk of GH, Qara Koyunlu, and even conquered the entirety of the Balkans, but by then, inflation was at 20% and I was lagging horribly behind in tech everywhere. I should pick that back up, though...I was starting to make a foothold in trade after reaching max free trade...

    Ouch, hope you can bounce back from that battle. Did you at least get the chance to scorch the earth?
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    good luck wqith this one!
    I usually found that timurids would accept peace immediately , but not the other two hordes!
    no more unfinished IN AAR's

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    Good luck! Georgia is horribly difficult in vanilla because of the hordes.
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    Finally a Georgia AAR! You better last 20 more updates...

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