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Thread: a login problem I evidently created

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    a login problem I evidently created

    I bought Vicky 2 a while back and registered it. Later I bought EU3 and HOI3 and registered them under a different username, forgetting the old name! I'm pretty sure all are registered with the same email address. Now I cannot log in using the old username (so I can't get onto the V2 tech support forums.) I seem to recall being able to do so last year, but now, I get a message saying invalid username or password. I thought about just requesting a new password, but it might reset the good one, you know? And I couldn't read the two words on the reset-password page anyway.

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    You cannot have 2 accounts with the same e-mail, the system will not allow it, because the terms of service prohibit having more than one account.
    One of the main reasons of which is to prevent this exact problem.
    Go to your other account and have the forum send you a password reminder then look through your alternate e-mail addresses to find which one you used.
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    Thanks, Castellon. It WAS a different email address. duh-oh.

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