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Thread: WotR Forum Theme Issues

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    WotR Forum Theme Issues

    Hello, there are some issues with the new WotR theme that make it rather unpleasent to use. The first thing being the colour of post option text - options such as 'Reply' 'Reply with Quote' 'Multiquote' and 'Blog This Post' are in grey (#A8A8A8) and this colour blends in with the background making it almost impossible to see. I suggest changing to black. Secondly the colour of the text in the navigation bar almost matches the colour of the nav button background (grey again), making it hard to see when the button is selected or rolled over. Finally, links are black and the black colour doesn't go well with the dark theme (the vBulletin link in the footer is invisible due to the colour etc).


    EDIT: There is also no distinction between stickied and unstickied threads. Both threads are the same colour in the index with only the small 'Sticky' text notifying you that it is infact stickied. Perhaps make the stickied threads slightly darker.

    EDIT 2: Also realised that game icons do not show in the postbit on this theme.

    EDIT 3 (Major): When the WotR theme is selected, the My Games section disappears - it no longer shows in the navigation bar.
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    Yeah, the WotR skin is under construction. I made it public for the sake of having a colleague helping me out. It will be worked on a bit more before I "announce" it. Thanks for the feedback and let me know what else you find
    You can always check out my reborn twitter attempt: @BjornB_pdx - it kind of sucks though. But sometimes there is interesting/useful info there

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