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    Europa Universalis IV Interviews & Previews

    Hey everyone!

    Below I am gathering all previews & interviews for Europa Universalis IV!

    The newest previews are hands-on previews from a multiplayer event for media in Stockholm,
    so you can see different reporters experience from playing different countries in a 20 person MP game

    The empire building game Europa Universalis IV is now available for pre-order,
    get the game here:


    Europa Universalis IV and the Border Between Complex and Complicated at Gamespot
    EUIV project lead Thomas "Besuchov" Johansson explains how this strategy series avoids buckling under the weight of its own ambitions.
    Feature article by Shaun McInnis, Gamespot
    "I think one of the strengths of the Civilization series of games is that it is a very easy ride to start the game--it is initially limited in what you can do, and you have the time to learn the features one at a time. When you play the Europa Universalis series, you begin in the middle of history and you immediately have all these tools and choices at your disposal--but you don't have to learn them all at once. Our games are sandboxes; it's up to you as a player to set your own goals and choose your own destiny."

    Europa Universalis IV Preview at Capsule Computers (August)
    For Europa Universalis fans, this entrant is looking to be the best yet, bar none.

    Europa Universalis IV preview at Gamegrin (July)
    “Truth is, I want to just shout to the world how good this game is shaping up to be.”

    Europa Universalis IV Hands-on preview at IncGamers (July)
    "If you’ve approached some of Paradox’s more recent offerings, Europa Universalis IV should have a certain familiarity about it. Interface navigation and style (sliders are out, buttons are in) are very Crusader Kings II in their execution, as is the prettier-than-ever Clausewitz Engine powered map. But even those without prior knowledge of CKII should be able to find their way around. If you’ve not dabbled with a Paradox grand strategy game before, there may be no friendlier time to try.”

    Europa Universalis IV Hands-on gameplay videos by Quill18:

    Europa Universalis IV - England - Part 1

    Europa Universalis IV - England - Part 2

    Europa Universalis IV - England - Part 3

    Europa Universalis IV - England - Part 4

    Europa Universalis IV - England - Part 5

    Europa Universalis IV - England - Part 6

    Europa Universalis IV Nations - Native Americans: Aztecs

    Europa Universalis IV Nations - Far East: Japan & China (Ming)

    Europa Universalis IV Nations - Less-Far East: Bahmanis & Timurids

    Music And Maps: Europa Universal IV at Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    "We are approaching the historical strategy event horizon. I’ve been playing Civ V all weekend, exploring the Brave New World expansion, which has sucked me back with all the effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner in a black hole, triggering a late night Michael Corleone impression that left my flatmate concerned for my wellbeing. Then there’s Rome War: Total: The Second, which threatens to march into my life on September 3rd and conquer all of the free time that remains. There won’t be a great deal of free time because on August 13th, Europa Universalis IV arrives. I might as well say goodbye to the world for the rest of the year."

    Europa Universalis IV Hands-on Previews from the Multiplayer Event in Stockholm

    NEW! The End Of Days: Europa Universalis IV Diary Part One - France
    "A few weeks ago, Paradox invited a group of journalists to Stockholm in order to see how much violence we could do to one another in a massive two-day multiplayer session of Europa Universalis IV. I packed my bags, steeled my nerves and prepared to present Rock, Paper, Shotgun the only way I know how – with fruitless acts of violence and a burning desire to reduce France to ashes. Inevitably, it transpired that I would be playing as France but I wasn’t going to let that petty detail shake my resolve. Europe was about to meet its maker."

    New! The End Of Days: Europa Universalis IV Diary Part Two - France
    “Seriously, what are you doing?” He was looking at my screen now.
    I looked at the chat window sheepishly and the hundreds of English ships gathering in the channel, ready to invade.“What are they doing?”
    I sent the message.

    Europa Universalis IV: Rule, Britannia!- Building the British Empire in two days
    NEW! "I had been given control over England, as lead developer Johan Andersson thought it would be hilarious to force a Scot to play as his hated enemies. Thus, I had one goal in mind when the game began: I would unite the British Isles and create Great Britain. But that was a dream that would take a long time to make a reality -- as England needed to conquer much of the Isles and have a high level of administrative power to pull such a thing off -- and I had much more pressing issues pushing their way to the front of my mind. England is in the unfortunate position where it starts at war with its traditional nemesis, France. "

    NEW!Not here to make friends - Europa Universalis IV with 20 people/PCGamesN
    “There is a lesson here. About the power of creation over destruction, about seeing the big picture, about holding yourself to your own standards and not measuring yourself against others. The rest of us clawed in the dirt to win a few patches of land while Joe won a continent. It makes me think.
    Someone should have killed him.”

    New! Not here to make friends - The dark side of historical strategy /PCGamesN
    "There’s a romanticism to this place, and it’s one that Europa Universalis and many games about history share. They tell stories of how nations rise to power, how they struggle with their neighbors and conquer new, unknown lands. It’s right there in the name: the Europa Universalis series is the story of how the West conquered the world and came to dominate the modern era.
    That story can be glorious, but it is just as often squalid and vicious, and sometimes I wonder at what our love of these games says about those of us who play them."

    New! Europa Universalis IV Preview / Strategy Informer
    “Europa Universalis isn’t due out until the autumn, but it’s already an incredibly polished game, even more so than perhaps Crusader Kings II was at a similar point in its development.”

    Quill18: Europa Universalis IV – Multiplayer Hands-on Preview Videos – Complete list

    A Newbie's First Steps into Europa Universalis IV/RTS Guru
    As a novice, I was relieved to be assigned the relatively easy country of Portugal. The player of my immediate geographical neighbor—Castile—also happened to be my seat neighbor so right away I began with the friendly overtures. “Would you like a cup of coffee? A pastry? Military access to all of my ports?”

    Europa Universalis IV Hands-On Preview/The Average Gamer
    “Europa Universalis IV could well follow the surprise success of Crusader Kings II, giving Paradox a deep, complex and yet far more accessible strategy game than those that have come before.
    It’s certainly one to watch out for.”


    5 Strategy Games We Want Now/Europa Universalis IV / RTS Guru
    “Our top five most anticipated strategy games. The latter half of 2013 is offering some solid RTS releases and my god, they look good.”
    Europa Universalis IV : “Paradox Development Studio's Europa Universalis 4 is a hardcore Grand Strategy game. Engage in exploration, trade, warfare, and diplomacy as you build your nation into an empire. With the ability to play any nation, anywhere, the game is a true sandbox game with customization and an attitude which expects you, as the player, to be willing to learn. EU IV will not be for the faint-hearted and offers gameplay like no other. In addition, EU IV will be introducing a new multiplayer mode which is set to open a new set of doors.”

    Quill18: Europa Universalis IV – Multiplayer Hands-on Preview Videos – Complete list

    Europa Universalis IV - Preview #1 – Introduction

    Europa Universalis IV - Preview #2 - Press Multiplayer Event in Stockholm

    Europa Universalis IV - Preview #3 - Technology & Power Points

    Europa Universalis IV - Preview #4 - National Ideas

    Europa Universalis IV - Preview #5 – Agents

    Europa Universalis IV - Preview #6 – Trade

    Europa Universalis IV - Preview #7 - FAQ 1

    Article: Not here to make friends - A day in Stockholm with Paradox Interactive /PCGamesN
    “By either standard I’m a bit of a frenemy. I tend to like Paradox games, but with significant reservations. I’m also here in Stockholm to place Europe under my iron-shod heel in a massive multiplayer game of Europa Universalis IV. By geography and by the cutthroat nature of a twenty-person multiplayer session, we are bound to find ourselves at war.”

    Europa Universalis IV: Johan Andersson Interview
    MMORPGITALIA: Let's break the ice: would you tell us something about Europa Universalis IV which you haven't told anybody yet?
    Johan Andersson: Well, since you asked - let’s talk a little about hordes for the first time We have taken the horde system from the Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind expansion and brought it into the Europa Universalis IV age. So firstly we have added in a custom idea group for horde countries. This idea group is customised towards horde game play and will assist player and AI a like in being a good horde. We’ve removed the need to colonise provinces and put the hordes back into the standard diplomatic system, but hordes get special Casus Belli to wage war on other hordes, making life so much easier if you wish to fight your horde brothers. The final question is of course how do I stop becoming a horde. We’ve kept the same idea of a decision, which you need to meet technology requirements in order to enact. Then instead of requiring a good monarch (which is down to luck) you need to spend a certain amount of power points (which is down to skill). Although we should not forget that gaining power points is quicker if you have a good monarch.

    The Least Serene Republic: Impressions: Europa Universalis IV at Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    “They say history is written by the victors and they quite often go on to say that Churchill said that, but they don’t appear to have any proof of the latter. I’m here to prove the former wrong as well. This is a Europa Universalis IV tale of betrayal and bellicose bastards, in which the losers have the final word, and that word is an obscenity, bellowed across a field of the dead.”

    Europa Universalis 4 - Bridging the Gap – Preview at RTS Guru
    “So while "refinement" might be the bogey man of the gaming world, Paradox are merely bridging the gap between accessibility, and the unique flavour of grand strategy they produce. Set for a Q3 release later this year, Europa Unversalis IV sets to carry on the hallmark intrigue of the series.

    Europa Universalis IV: The betrayal of Venice at Destructoid
    A tale of greed, rebellion, and lost glory
    “Being a gentleman (the worst trait for an EU player), I said I'd be happy to team up with someone and share responsibility for whatever mess we found ourselves in. So I had joint command of wealthy Venice with Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Adam Smith. Our plan was a simple one: drown in gold. That we actually ended up drowning in blood and rebellions just goes to show that no plan survives the first five minutes in EUIV, especially when other human players are thrown into the mix. “

    Preview: Europa Universalis IV's Million Tiny Steps Forward
    “But Europa Universalis IV, in the two or three hours I spent with it, seems like exactly what a sequel should be. It's as if for every nagging issue I have in EU3, everything that never quite made sense, never worked in a fun or interesting fashion, or was just plain annoying, there was someone at Paradox who had the same problem and figured out how to fix it. And when you make those kind of comprehensive tweaks and adjustments across the board, what you have is a bunch of smaller tweaks and improvements that add up to a leap forward. I was reminded of when I traded in my beaten-up old 1997 Toyota Camry for a new sedan. I didn't know how creaky the old model had been, or how good driving could be, until I sat down with the new one.”

    A battle royale in Europa Universalis IV: two routes to power
    “EU IV is the newest edition of Paradox Development Studio’s flagship strategy game. It’s an open-ended grand strategy game covering the end of the Middle Ages up to the end of the Napoleonic wars and the dawn of the Industrial Era.But Joe and I took very different approaches to EU IV, which meant we explored different aspects of the game. We thought we’d compare war stories and see what we learned during the session.”

    GRTV: Paradox on Europa Universalis IV
    Lengthy video chat on Europa Universalis IV with Thomas "Besuchov" Johansson, project lead! Hope you like it!
    "We sat down with project lead Thomas Johansson during the Paradox Convention on Iceland to learn more about how work on Europa Universalis IV is progressing.
    We spoke of storytelling in grand strategy games, multiplayer, and more as Paradox Development Studio enters the final leg of the development."

    Hands-On with Europa Universalis IV multiplayer: The Some Years War at PC Gamer
    "It’s 1444, and King Henry VI is having a very bad day. What came to be known historically as the Hundred Years War is being micromanaged by a Yankee with only a meager grasp of the political and economic situation of the time. A person who typically plays grand strategy games by pausing every 12 seconds to consider his options, but is denied this luxury as the multiplayer clock in Europa Universalis IV ticks on, leaving him at its mercy. Things aren’t looking up for merry old England."

    Europa Universalis IV Early Look Video at Reviews on the Run
    "Jose gets an early look at the new complex strategy game Europa Universalis IV"

    Reconquering Europa Universalis IV: An Interview With Game Designer Chris King

    Europa Universalis 4 preview: The whole world in your hands? at Eurogamer
    "I've no doubt that fans of the series will be delighted by both the additions and the improvements. "

    Europa Universalis IV: Kill Your Darlings & Find A New Love –Interview at Gamingbolt
    What features to keep and what to let go off in a sequal?
    Thomas "Besuchov" Johansson, projectlead at Europa Universalis IV developer journal:

    Europa Universalis IV Preview at The Escapist: Multiplayer in Europa Universalis 4 Is Actually Fun
    “Multiplayer in Europa Universalis is cutthroat, vicious, and deliciously engaging.”

    Reconquering Europa Universalis IV: An Interview With Game Designer Chris King

    Europa Universalis IV Interview / GameReactor
    Gamereactor caught up with Paradox Development Studios' Chris King at Gamex to find out how the work on Europa Universalis IV is progressing.

    Top 15 PC Games of 2013: Europa Universalis IV made the list
    "Like its predecessors, the game is all about politics and war on a grand scale."

    Europa Universalis IV Interview: ‘Our Goal is to make it the best PC experience we can’/Gamingbolt

    Paradox Strategy Tour - Presenting Europa Universalis IV / Avault
    "Most interesting moment: Tracing the trade routes from India to Europe, and realizing that all that lucrative trade could be diverted to someone else if they were able to open the trade routes around Africa, just like Portugal did."

    Europa Universalis IV preview at PC Gamer
    “Over the course of my Crusader Kings Chronicle, I built up a dynasty that jockeyed for power across the middle ages. Paradox Development Studio’s sister series, Europa Universalis, picks up in the late 1400s where Crusader Kings leaves off and gives you the entire world (instead of just the medieval Eurosphere), the Renaissance, and the Age of Exploration to play with.”

    Europa Universalis IV Preview at The Escapist
    "We're actually trying to look at the features and the interface, and ask, 'What do you need to make decisions?'" Johansson said.

    The Jekyll and Hyde of Strategy Gaming – Feature at Gamespot
    “Nowhere is that difference more apparent than in two of its upcoming games: the diplomacy-heavy Europa Universalis IV and the straightforward war game March of the Eagles.”

    Europa Universalis IV - Developer Walkthrough live at Gamespot!

    King for an hour – Europa Universalis IV preview at Destructoid
    “If any grand strategy title is going to make me feel like a Machiavellian genius one minute, and a gibbering idiot who couldn't take care of a bank account -- let alone the economy of an entire nation -- the next, it's one of the Europa Universalis games. Just when I think I've got things under control, a vast army of rebels pops up, or a civil war begins, or three countries declare war on me in quick succession, or the worst possible thing happens: inflation.”

    Paradox: Past, present, and future / Destructoid
    "The Paradox Development Studio has been keeping me ruling over peasants, fighting holy wars, and forging empires for over a decade. Their latest game, Crusader Kings II, was recently on Metacritic's "best games of 2012 so far" list, and I certainly had plenty of lovely things to say about it when I reviewed it back at the start of the year.
    Now they are going back to the series that, for many people, defines the studio -- Europa Universalis."

    The Grandest PC Strategy Game of All Returns in 2013 / Kotaku
    "Civilization and Total War are often seen as the big fish in the field of PC strategy games, but for those who are a little more serious about the nuts and bolts of managing an empire, one series often stands above all others: Paradox's Europa Universalis."

    Europa Universalis 4: behind the scenes with strategy superpower Paradox / PC Gamer
    “With a year to go before this colossal grand strategic flagship sets sail, the shipwrights have plenty of time to ensure the timbers are well caulked, crews well drilled, and that one of gaming’s most passionate and knowledgeable communities end up well satisfied.”

    Gamescom 2012 - Europa Universalis IV by Yogscast Sips
    “We managed to get a sneak peek at Europa Universalis IV during our time with Paradox and it looks pretty good!”

    Learning From The Past: Europa Universalis IV at Rock,Paper,Shotgun:

    Europa Universalis IV: The Original Grand Strategy Game / Gamespot

    Getting to Know: Europa Universalis 4 / RTS Guru

    GG INTERVIEW: Paradox Development Studio

    Gamescom: Massive Paradox Preview: Impire, Europa Universalis IV and Cities in Motion 2 examined / Games.On.Net

    Europa Universalis IV Interview / Oyun Fest

    Europa Universalis IV Preview: History by the handful / PCGamesN
    "What we tried to do was keep the things we loved and enjoyed because we can’t guess what every gamer in the world will like. We went for what we liked and tried to improve things that we felt were weak.”

    Europa Universalis IV preview / Electronic Theatre
    “…the truth of the matter is that until a product with in excess of one hundred hours worth of gameplay is presented,
    anything else will feel insignificant in scale next to the impending release of Europa Universalis IV.”

    Gamescom2012: Europa Universalis IV - Interview by Gamereactor
    "At the back of the recent announcement of Europa Universalis IV,
    we caught up with project lead Thomas Johansson to learn how the team plans on outdoing the predecessor and its four subsequent expansions."

    Europa Universalis IV Preview / GameReactor

    Europa Universalis IV preview / Hooked Gamers

    First Looks// Europa Universalis IV / Spong

    Gamescom: Europa Universalis IV Preview / Strategy Informer

    Europa Universalis IV Preview at Gamescom / Gamegrin
    “Given the quality and the passion we have seen so far this is already shaping up to be an exciting title for fans of grand strategy gaming.”

    History Repeats Itself: Europa Universalis IV Details / Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    Paradox reveals Europa Universalis IV for Q3 2013 / Strategy Informer

    Europa Universalis IV Interview Live / Strategy Informer:

    Johan Andersson : "Europa IV : faites passer le message!"

    The Strategy Gamer: Five Reasons You Should Be Excited About Europa Universalis IV

    NEW! At a glance... Europa Universalis IV preview / AllAboutGames

    View the Europa Universalis IV announcement trailer here:

    View "Behind the scenes at Paradox Development Studio":

    A Paradox Development Studio Feature - Europa Universalis IV - Part 1

    A Paradox Development Studio Feature - Europa Universalis IV - Part 2

    NEW! GC : Preview Europa Universalis 4 : pour refaire le monde... encore une fois !

    Sign up at the Europa Universalis IV: Call to Arms webpage here:

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