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Thread: 1936DR AAR very hard with WW2-Mod

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    1936DR AAR very hard with WW2-Mod


    The target of this AAR is to show the logic of WW2 in combination with the real cool historical game frame of Hoi3FTM.
    The Beta-versions of this mod was downloaded more than 1000 times - many thanks to all they helped to doing that mod.

    With kindly bloody regards
    Your General

    At first I make a new structure for my units. The 1st Army I create in Koenigsberg - it will contain the 1st and 2nd Armykorps. The 2nd Armykorps will be strengthen with a few infantery divisions. The 2nd Army save the border to the Czech. The 3rd Army to France. The 4th Army to Belgie and Danmark. The 5th Army I create out of the light tanks I already have.
    The Luftwaffe will be based in Kassel and restructured.
    The Baltic Fleet will be stationed in Stettin.
    The old submurines are going to scrap metall.
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    The science is very important. The USA we want to influence, that they will not support the Allies - but it I think it will not fit (with that Mod).
    Officers I will build, when the war is starting shortly.

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    We sell everything we can - but is does not fit for 100% of our Industry.

    We want to have a "Big Fleet"(bonus) in 1938.
    The "Bid Luftwaffe"(bonus) we will have earlier, maybe in end of 1937.

    I ordered 5 light mobile infantry divisions. Every contains 2 infantrybrigades with cars/motorcycles and 2 brigades with armoured cars. The 5th Division will be with the KorpsHQ with 2 infantrybrigades with cars/motorcycles and 1 brigade with armoured cars. 1 armoured cars brigade will be support the PanzerkorpsHQ.
    Motorized Infantry have the advantage of heavy weapons. Light motorized infantry with cars/motorcycles does not have heavy weapons, is sheaper, faster and with not so much mens.

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    The USA will not go into the Axis. But the Allies will be going more and more in a short time.

    To buy metall is going good, but oil is still expensive on the market.

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    We are doing all for real tanks, buts it's a hard way.
    The self propelled artillery will be used as Korps-artillery. This will guaranty that this expensive brigades will be hit the enemys as often as we can.

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    The glory German Army.

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    Austria is comming home.

    Edit: I wrote this AAR funny and a little bit cynically. Please understand me also in that way.

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    We do not want Italia in the Axis. They want to fight for deserts - we have other targets!

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    The Sudetenland is coming home.

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    The new heaviier tanks have old names, and worthy as srap metall - there is a lot to do.

    EDIT: This pics are removed since version 1.0, also the main gun.

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    Wit the "Big Fleet" and the "Big Airforce" we have more advanteges in science.
    This boni are to demonstrate the innovations and proud out of this demonstration of power.

    EDIT: since version 1.0 is it reduced to 1.5 points.

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    The new tanks are looking smarter, but I really don't know for what I can use them.

    EDIT: The name of the main gun change in version 1.0 of this mod.

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    The complete Czech are coming home.

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    We are building 3 carrier. If we finishing them we can sunk the Roayl Fleet at any time and england has to accept our power not to loose there last colonies.

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    I'm sure, there will be war.

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    We are doing all for better tanks, at any price.

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    Aufmarschplan Fall Weiss

    1st Army
    3 HQ
    30 Inf
    10 Ari

    2nd Army
    3 HQ
    18 Inf
    4 Ari

    5th Army
    4 HQ
    8 LPz
    20 Light Mot Inf
    5 Mot Inf
    21 PW
    2 sfAri

    6th Army
    3 HQ
    8 Pz
    4 PzGr
    4 Mot Inf
    24 sfAri

    7th Army
    2 HQ
    9 FJ

    Reserve 4th Army
    9 Inf

    800 light tanks Typ Pz35(t)
    800 tanks Typ NbFzVI
    1'050 armoured car Typ SdKfz221
    1'300 self propelled artillery sfAri Typ Wespe
    3'950 sum

    Artillery guns:
    1'400 guns 10.5cm lFH
    1'300 sfAri Typ Wespe

    3'700 Interceptor Typ Bf109E
    800 Tactical bomber Typ He111
    100 Transp Typ Ju52
    600 CAG Typ Bf109T/Ju87C/Fi167

    5 Battle Cruiser
    4 Heavy Cruiser
    16 Light Cruiser
    3 Destroyer
    75 Transport

    So we have approx 500'000 mans ready for Poland - including mobolizsation for war it will be arround 600'000 plus the Army's in the West and North.

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    War for a train connection between two german city's!

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    First step of attack:
    We are attacking on for hole front.
    The 6th Army have the order to capture Warschau.
    The 5th have to encircle 1/4 of the Polish Army in North-West.

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    Our first heavy tanks were only ready on 30.08.. But we had to test them in battle. Five other heavy tank divisions are under construction - this means, every 2 mounths we will have a new one. It's a division of only 1'500 mans - but they are deadly armed. They can not hold alone or cannot attack alone without many losses, so we had to support them with other divisions that the enemy can not concetrate the fire on our tanks. They can kill a lot of enemies with there heavy guns.

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